Episode 87: December 2022 Celebrations & Stretches

Emily shares the behind-the-scenes of her December: chill holiday celebrations and some stretches that turned out back to celebrations.

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Episode 86: Harnessing Astrology to Become Magnetic with Tara Kinden

In this episode, Emily interviews Tara Kinder, a business mentor, leader, CEO & founder of Worth Camp™ a transformational women’s program. Her one-of-a-kind DFF (Divine Feminine Frequency) Trifecta teachings help women unleash their fullest potential.

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Episode 85: Pivoting in Business with Ashley Vincent

In this episode, Emily interviews Ashley Vincent, CEO of the cosmically conscious business Ashley's Light that offers magnetic gift boxes, signature eco-luxe creations, and statement crystals.

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Episode 84: Reading Akashic Records with Natasha Nicole Harris

In this episode, Emily interviews Natasha Nicole Harris, an intuitive business mentor and Akashic Activator, guiding 6-figure Soul-Led Entrepreneurs to leap into next-level impact, success, wealth, leadership, love & magic. Natasha works with the ancient wisdom of the Akashic Records to guide her clients to overcome whatever is standing in their way.

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Episode 83: Manifesting with Arabian Horses with Nadia Boersch

In this episode, Emily interviews Nadia Boersch. Nadia trains leaders on Leadership, Business and Emotional Intelligence. She has made it her mission to create powerful female leaders, that are magnetic, full of energy, empowered, conscious and confident and for this purpose she often uses her powerful co-coaches: the horses.

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Episode 82: November 2022 Celebrations and Stretches

 Join Emily as she unpacks the good stuff and shares all the interesting lessons, stretches and celebrations in November.

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Episode 81: Teen Mom of 4 Turned Big Dreams Millionaire with Jana Kingsford

Jana Kingsford is a 7-figure Big Dreams & Business Mentor for free spirits of the internet. She is creating the energetic elixir for entrepreneurial dreams.


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Episode 80: Mastering the Law of Attraction with Constance Arnold

In this episode, Emily interviews Constance Arnold, one of the world's most popular international radio talk show hosts. She has a platform that has reached and served over 15 million people. She's a renowned motivational speaker, author, leadership trainer, and success coach.

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Episode 79: Healing Sister Wounds & Mother Wounds

In this episode, Emily shares an excerpt from inside her EMERGE Mastermind so you see how she sets expectations and opens group spaces.

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Episode 78: October Celebrations and Stretches

In this episode, Emily shares how she aligned to the wealthier version of herself with her October stretches and celebrations

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