Hi, I’m Emily. Money Magnetizer. World Expander. Connection Deepener. Limitation Buster. Recovered Workaholic. Mother of two fantastic little humans. Crossfit lover. Living my dream in Sunny SoCal.


I built two 7-figure businesses from wounded masculine energy. I needed those businesses to succeed because I thought that meant something about me and my inherent worth in the world. I felt busy all the time. Growth felt hard. Without even knowing I was doing it, I was always waiting for my world to come crashing down. I deeply desired freedom, yet felt anxious if I took a day off.

When I finally realized that I was the problem, I began doing the deep, inner work to rewire my brain for easy success. I learned what my divine feminine energy felt like, and I began receiving help, support, time, freedom, and more money with ease. Now I help other women do the same.

If you’re ready to receive more and to allow it to be easy, then send me a message.

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