Hi, I'm Emily. 👋 I'm a coach and mentor to 6 and 7-figure women entrepreneurs.

When we work together, we'll quickly identify and heal your money wounds so you can step into feminine energy wealth. From there, we'll focus on scaling up the parts of the business you love and delegating or eliminating the rest so you can feel more freedom, joy, ease, and flow. As you step into your full power and expression, you'll grow your impact and income. And as you do, we'll dive into fun things like legacy planning and building generational wealth.

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There are literally trillions of dollars floating around us right now. 🤯

🤔 So why is it that money seems finite, even scarce at times?

🤔 Why does money seem to flow effortlessly to some people and not others?

🤔 And why are some business owners taking a few calls per day from the yacht, while others are chained to the desk working harder than they ever did as an employee?

Discovering and embodying the answers to these questions holds the potentiality to completely & permanently change your life, your relationship with money, and your family legacy.


I work with women entrepreneurs who are ready to claim their big vision, step into new levels of wealth, and build their fempires with more ease & flow than they ever thought possible.

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Work With Emily