Hi, I'm Emily. 👋 I'm a coach and mentor to 6 and 7-figure women entrepreneurs.

When we work together, we'll quickly identify and heal your money wounds so you can step into feminine energy wealth. From there, we'll focus on scaling up the parts of the business you love and delegating or eliminating the rest so you can feel more freedom, joy, ease, and flow. As you step into your full power and expression, you'll grow your impact and income. Then we can dive into fun things like legacy planning and building generational wealth.

Work With Emily

Are you tired of the hustle & grind, "hard" money?

Do you know how to get shit done, but end up feeling like you're doing all the work?

Have you built a successful business that also feels like a high pressure j.o.b.?


Are you ready to start calling in easy money?

Can you imagine how it would feel to be truly supported in your business?

What if your income could grow from desire, pleasure, and joy...instead of strategy and spreadsheets?


Claim it. Say aloud "I'm ready for Feminine Energy Wealth."



Work With Emily