Episode 81: Teen Mom of 4 Turned Big Dreams Millionaire with Jana Kingsford

Jana Kingsford is a 7-figure Big Dreams & Business Mentor for free spirits of the internet. She is creating the energetic elixir for entrepreneurial dreams.

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Jana: Once you look at 6 million, you're like, there's an instant abundance that you tap into cuz it's not a, it's like real. It's like I actually did that. Yeah. And it can feel surreal sometimes, but unless you know that you're walking around thinking sometimes that like having a bad mouth or I'm having a this or a that, and then you look at that number and you're like, It's undeniable. And then you can get into that abundance mindset like literally straight away, and you don't feel like you're faking it to make it. It's like this is facts.

Emily: You legit need the evidence because I'm here to tell you, even with the evidence, you're gonna be like, exactly how the F. Is that really real?

Did my Excel spreadsheet have the wrong formula here? So hard for our

brains to wrap around it that Yeah, you do. You need the hard cold facts because even with it, I'm like, really? 6 million.

Hey, hey. Welcome back to the show. I'm super excited for today's episode, and before I dive in, I have to say I'm blown away that listeners like you have downloaded this podcast more than 10,000 times. Unbelievable. As a way to give back and provide insane value for free. I'd like to invite you to take my Money Wounds quiz in just six questions.

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Hey, hey. Welcome to the show. Oh my gosh, you are gonna love the interview today, but before I dive into that, I wanna just share a little bit of what's on top and what's happening over here in my world.

You guys, I just joined a Pilates gym. It's so great. It's something that I've been wanting to do for a while, but I've had all kinds of stories and excuses mainly around schedule. And I do believe that there's a divine in like aligned timing for everything. So I'm not trying to make myself wrong for that, but I was feeling a little crunchy about it.

I used to go to a CrossFit gym all the time, and once I got used to working out at home, it actually felt really nice to have the flexibility of not having to work out at a super specific time and just being able to let the workout meld into my schedule a little bit more. However, I've lately been feeling the pull to some group fitness again, and I've really been feeling pulled to Pilates.

I did some physical therapy at the beginning of the year and it helped so much with learning how to isolate and activate certain muscles that were being neglected. For me specifically, it was like my transverse abdominus and my loots. And so one of the things that I would say after PT to my husband was like, I really like it, but I wish it was more of a workout.

And I had the feeling that Pilates would kind of be that bridge. And sure enough, it has been, and it's just been really feeling good. Stretch myself with fitness, you know, like it's a great workout and I'm getting so many downloads while I'm there because it's so different than the way that I used to work out.

CrossFit is always like heavier, harder, faster, more reps. And today there was like a movement that we were doing in Pilates and the instructor was like, really go as slow as possible. See if you can slow it down even more because there's so much. There in terms of fitness and strength and mind-body connection, really isolating those muscles and going slow and controlled because sometimes when we go fast, we actually break tension and so the muscles not being forced to stay tight as much.

So it's like by go trying to go faster, I actually would've missed the purpose and the reward from that part of the workout, which is so fascinating and has so many parallels to the way that we try to rush to the finish line with all of our goal setting and achievements and wealth and blah, blah, blah.

All the things. , right? And then it's like we actually missed the point anyhow, feeling really happy about it. And it's one of those things, you've heard me now coach a few different clients about dreaming into that next level version of themselves, right? And kind of journaling out, like what does she do?

How does she take care of herself? What does her schedule look like? So for me, when I journal into like the next-level wealthy version of me, she is going to group fitness classes. So it's part of the reason that this feels like an important milestone because it's like me stepping into an embodying this next-level version of me.

So, yay. Patting myself on the back. Freaking humble bragging over here because it's a big deal. I had resistance too, like it's an unfamiliar place. I don't know the people there. Am I really gonna be able to work it into my schedule? Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But I'm there and I'm doing it and it feels good.

So yay me. And here's what I wanna say in terms of my business and more importantly, your business. 2023 for you to step into the next level wealthy version of you, for you to lean back more in your feminine energy, you need support. Okay? When we try to go it alone, that is a very masculine energy and we can go it alone.

Of course, if you choose that, you go for it. But for so many women in my world, they're saying like, Emily, I want to make million. And I care very much about who I'm being on my way to the millions, and I wanna do it with support. I don't wanna feel like I'm doing it all myself. I don't wanna feel like the pressure of the world is on my shoulders.

And so putting yourself in a space where you get to receive support, Receiving is the feminine energy. So whether that's in one-on-one coaching, whether that is in a mastermind where you're receiving support and coaching from me, but you're also receiving support in cheerleading and sisterhood from other women, it makes all the difference.

It is not like a nice to have like a cute little fringe benefit. It is actually very good business strategy that carries an R o roi. , I believe so strongly in the return on investment that I've gotten every single time I've invested in myself by hiring coaches, hiring mentors, putting myself in masterminds, going on retreats.

It is a business investment and it does have an R o roi. So if you're looking at 2023, and there's a little part of you that feels resistance, like, uh, can I really do it or am I gonna have to sacrifice too much time? Or am I not gonna have enough of me available for my family? Whatever those limiting beliefs are, it can often be traced back to feeling like you don't have the right support.

So I just invite you if it feels like I might be the person that can provide that to you, slide into my dms and let's have a conversation and. All right. Now I cannot wait for you to listen to today's interview with the incredible Jana Kingsford. First of all, she's Australian, and I've yet to meet someone from the United States that doesn't just love listening to an Australian accent.

But beyond the way that Jana sounds, she is just an incredible human. She has hit the milestone of generating a million dollars cash in eight months through her business. She calls herself the big dreams genie, and she made it her business literally to help clients achieve their big dreams online and otherwise.

And then to dream even bigger, she's a business coach, an energy worker, and her next big dream is hitting eight figures. So without further ado, let's dive right into the interview.

Jana Kingsford, welcome to the show.

Jana: Thank you so much for having me. I'm so excited to be here.

Emily: Jana in the house.  And everyone who's watching on YouTube will see that Jonna has this like gorgeous background, like ocean views. And I love this about you because you live the nomad life for, I don't know, quite a while, right? You just lived in a van traveling around Australia.

Jana: Yes. I became a millionaire in a caravan. I traveled for five years around Australia from 2016 until basically this year, and we got the beach house and so we've been here nearly a year, so it feels like crazy for this nomadic situation.

Emily: Yeah, but, and then you're doing another year at the beach house.

Jana: Well, we are here until January, which is technically 2023. So we're here until January, but we're manifesting longer. Okay. I'll be here as long as they'll have us.

Emily: Yeah, you're like, actually this is quite great. I think. We'll, we'll stay.

Jana: I don't wanna move. I love being here. It's so co. I walk to the restaurants. I can walk to restaurants this way. This way. Oh my God.

Best coffee just behind us. It's amazing. It's perfect. I love it. It's a dream. It's like we're traveling, but we're not.

Emily: Yeah. Well and I think like the travel for you, I mean, my sense of your energetic signature and why people are so interested in working with you is because it's like life's an adventure. You wanna be on adventure with me, come beyond my adventure.

Jana: A hundred percent. It's always like a Jo, like I live my lives in big dreams. I go, here's my next big dream. Let's go. We're all doing this together. Yeah. And so I document the whole process and it's like, come with if you wanna come, like this is my next adventure, let's go.

Emily: So what's your next dream?

Jana: All on it. Eight figures. It's crazy because I was like, I crashed seven and then I was just like, I was sort of so bored at the thought of 3 million. I was like, that feels very incremental. It feels like very logical. It feels like very next step. It feels like a goal and I don't enjoy.

I'm their big dreamer. I don't enjoy things that feel like a goal. They feel almost like probable, like this makes most logical sense. I like to dream bigger and shoot for the moon. As long as I feel like I'm shooting for the moon, I feel like I'm shooting for something impossible and I can't put a deadline.

There's no way I'm like, oh yes, I can hit eight figures this year. I don't have that. I can, it's like there is a possibility in me that I think that I could do that in. But there's also this big feeling in me like there is no way you're gonna be able to do eight figures. It's like seven figures to eight figures is like such a big jump.

Like why do you even think you could do it? But it's not logical, which is why I love it. It feels exciting. 

Emily: Like I just have to add a zero. That's all right.

Jana: Just, that's all. No big deal. It's like, but then when I thought about it, relativity, right? Six figures to seven is the same jump percentage-wise, like relativity. So that's basically what I thought. Not so much.

Emily: And I think it's always harder to hit the earlier milestones anyway.

Jana: I agree.

Emily: Well, and I think your seven figure celebrations have been pretty recent in your career. Yeah. Cuz we sort of celebrated a few different cuts of it, like the fiscal year and the 12 months and then like the calendar year. So just walk us through like how those have played out in your world.

Jana: I

love that because I'll look for whatever nut that I can crack. Cause that gets me excited. Like cuz I'm a big dreamer so I don't get very many times that I can like get excited about it, like a dream come true. Because a big dream like takes like five, my big dreams that I do them so big that they're a journey.

I can't do that in a year. So eight figures is like this next three years or whatever. But then the million was a five-year journey going round and round Australia like four times. We did four laps of Australia. I'm like, I'm not stopping until I have a million-dollar business.

Emily: And P.S for all the American listening, like Australia is the land mass of the United States. It's a big freaking country.

Jana: It's massive. It's crazy. So we did that with five of us, family of five living in a caravan, 19 foot. We did that and we just like, yeah, we just kept on lapping around Australia. But, so we cracked the, in the caravan, I cracked 12 a million in 12 months. That was my first one, because that's what I love to do.

As a big dreamer, there's these big things, so you've gotta wait like five years. But it's not like I'm not gonna celebrate on it. Yeah. In the meantime. So I look at what's my next celebration point? That's my new guidance. It's like, what's the next celebration point? And that'll help you. Like if you are having a really crappy month, it's like, what's my year to date then?

Or if you're having like a, a crappy, like quarter, you're like, what's the amount of my brand that I've made in like three years. So if you find like, I look like I search for like my nearest celebration point. So this gives me like energy and fuel along the way. So I think the first one was the 12. I cracked a million in 12 months and it was like, not calendar year, but it was in 12 months.

And I did that in 2021. In May, 2021. I cracked that, which was super amazing. And then we cracked this year in July is is the fiscal financial year goes from June to July or July to June. Can't. And so we cracked the million for the financial year, but then just soon after that, we cracked the million in eight months for this year. And so it was a million dollars in eight months, and so I celebrated that. So it was just like a million-dollar celebrations. How many ways can you have a million?

Emily: Yeah. It's like whatever way you do the math, it's all good. It's all worthy of celebration.

Jana: Yeah. I figure out which one will be. Exactly. It's just like, where could my next celebration be?

Emily: Yeah. Well I love that you talked about that, like framing the timelines differently too, because that's something I really learned from Melanie. Like I was never tracking lifetime revenue. And then when I started doing that and like for each business and then all the businesses added together, it was like, holy.

Oh, so we've created 5 million in lifetime cash. Yeah. And then in May I realized we crossed 6 million. I'm like, Oh my gosh. And I never would've even known that. Yeah. If I hadn't had the idea from her to even be looking for it or tracking it. So it's amazing how sometimes otherwise these milestones will just go by un celebrated if we're not actually like looking for the things to celebrate.

Jana: Exactly. And you think like people walk around, they're like, fake it till you make it. I'm like, you don't need to fake it. You can actually look at what you already have done and you can use that. And so it hits different, right? Like once you look at 6 million, like there's an instant abundance that you tap into because it's not a, it's like real.

It's like I actually did that. Yeah. And it can feel surreal sometimes, but unless you know that you are walking around thinking sometimes that like having a bad month or I'm having a this or that, and then you look at that number and you. . It's undeniable. Yeah. And then you can get into that abundance mindset like literally straight away. And you don't feel like you're faking it to make it. It's like, this is facts.

Emily: You legit need the evidence because I'm here to tell you, even with the evidence, you're gonna be like, exactly how the F. Is that really real? Did my Excel spreadsheet have the wrong formula here? So hard for our brains to wrap around it that Yeah, you do.

You need the hard cold facts because even with it, I'm like, "Really? 6 million?"

Jana: I know, right? When I was doing my own figures, I'd be, I'd always be a little bit like, I don't know if I've calculated it right, so I'm just like, I'm maybe at this, I'm maybe at that. I'm pretty much like if I, I just need an extra 10 to give me a buffer of like if I've calculated wrong and so then I'd make myself like an extra 10 to add onto it just to make sure I accounted for me miscalculating.

So probably I'd made way more and I'd cracked it earlier. But now that I've got my C o O, she's really good with numbers and so when she gives me, and I'm like, really? We cracked that shit, and then I know because I know that she's so particular with the numbers. I was like, because when I was doing it, I wasn't that particular.

It was kind of like, hmm, it's about that. It's about around that. Now with the coo, it's like, oh, she gives me the numbers. It's like, this is what it is. Like this is what's going to the government. The government will know this. This is the, that's the number.

Emily: It's the legit thing. And your COO is your bestie, right?

Jana: Yes. It was a dream. I love it. We had an interview the other day. I was like, we were doing a debrief, you know, like when you just want a sounding board. So instead of me talking for an hour about my birthday, I'm like, let's just sit and let's talk. You were there and we were having this conversation. Like I said to her 10 years ago when I first started this business, this particular one where I said, you're gonna be in my COO one day before, it's like an even a thing.

And she's like, she just laughed at me. She thought it was hilarious cuz like, yeah, right. And then I just kept on saying it, you are going to be my c e o. And then she still didn't see it. And then three years ago I remember having a conversation with her and I could tell that I'm like, this is getting closer, like 10 years, I'm going for this big dream.

And then recently she's like, you know what it was cuz she's like, I laughed it off. And then it was just like a, oh, I'm gonna work for like, let's go. I mean, and it was very quick. Once it happened, it. Never, never, never, never, never. Okay, let's go. And she's like, that's just another one of your big dreams, manifestations, cuz you've been sure about it for 10 years.

You've not re you've not wiggled. You're not wobbled. And you're like, I've always like laughed off because she's pretty high up in what she was doing. Yeah. And so I just saw that role for her and it's been amazing just having my bestie as my COO because she takes care of all the back. So now I get to just like focus on all the creativity and she protects my energy and she has my back, and it's like the best feeling.

And I said to her like, the only reason I hit, I set the goal to have eight figures, like the big dream for eight figures, making dreams come true is because I have you. Because without it, I'm not gonna run an eight-figure business by myself or with somebody that I don't really trust that much. So

Emily: I love it so much and to me, this is part of like the feminine energy and business paradigm that gets to benefit all of us is just this re-imagining of what it looks like and feels like to run a business.

And I think in the old paradigm, if you were like, I hired my best friend as my coo o well, someone would be like, oh, okay, so you're like not a real business and you just gave your friend like a C-level title. What's wrong with you? And you're like, actually this is the real deal.

Jana: This is real. And we know like because we're very emotionally intelligent around this space, so we are really checking ourselves.

We know we can do that. We know that we can hire our best friends or we can hire people that we love and we wanna actually like pass on the abundance. Because like for me, obviously we have amazing profit, but I love, like yesterday I saw a photo, we had the meeting and I had three women on the phone with like, so there's four of us on this team meeting.

And I'm like looking at these women and the lives that have changed there, like directly, and I'm looking at them going. Oh my God, that this is my team. Like I have this team of like empowered women. Some are 20, some are mothers of three single moms of three. Some are my best friend. They're 20 years with three kids and now entering a new stage of her life where she's not going to a job every day and she's having to get used to like go being flexible with her work as in you can go to the cafe.

It's like really, like I've had to actually enforce it. It's like you have to go to a cafe on Tuesdays and Wednesdays now. Cause she's like not used to the flexibility of not having to go to the workplace. And so she's at home. I'm like, you need to go out.

Emily: Yeah. You're like clocking in is not the vibe. That's not what we do.

Jana: I had to force it. I'm like, basically this is now protocol. Tuesdays and Wednesdays, you go to the cafe and I love it like being your best friend and then like being able to tell your best friends what to do. Totally. That's where they're good. You get to go to a cafe.

Emily: Totally. So I'm guessing that you didn't just like come out the womb knowing that you were going to be a millionaire and you're like, okay, husband and children, we're gonna just caravan around Australia so that I can become a millionaire.

So like just tell me about some of the shifting beliefs and identity work that you've done along the way.

Jana: Oh my gosh, so many, so much. So before we traveled, I already had a six-figure business, so I was already like supporting the family with six-figure business. But could you imagine? It's like it's five people.

So as much it was like, oh my God, I hit this milestone. It didn't feel like it. Cuz I'm running a business, the expenses that come with the business and running a family, but they had that flexibility. And so I think the biggest shift that made me move is like I have this flexibility with my business, a six figure business, but I'm acting like not so much.

I have a nine to five because I really worked about 10 to 15 hours. But I was acting like a regular mom that does the school run and has a fence, white pick fence kind of vibe, has a house goes and does the school run, goes home, put the kids to bed, bath, bed books, put them to. Watch tv. Wake up the next day, do it all again.

Drop the kids off, get the kids ready for school, drop the kids off, come go for a walk to romanticize my life just a tiny bit before it was a thing. Go for a walk along the river and then write a post. Put my boy to bed, give him a nap, whatever it was. And so I was just in this like groundhog, dage going like, I have had this feeling before.

Because I remember when I had that feeling for the first time in 2006 when I was working. And then I was pregnant with my second, I was like 22 or something, and I was pregnant with my second baby. And I was like driving to work, going like, well, we're gonna have a second baby. I hate going to work. I was such a good worker when I was there, but it was like, until I'm 65, I've gotta do this.

I can't even, and I used to cry, drive into work, pull myself together, get there, have the best time, be a great worker, great work, work ethic. And then I drive home crying. I'm like, I don't think you're supposed to do this at 22. I don't think you need to. I don't think you should be feeling. The longevity of this situation of like, you are doing this every day.

Let me get this straight. I do this till I'm 65 every single day, and then I'm gonna go on the pension. Like, oh, I just couldn't even feather it. So I remember just had like a magical moment one day where I signed up to university, I quit my job, I somehow got this other job that I had running a business.

So I ran it, started running a business, and then I just started like running businesses, starting businesses. Anything that I could do so I could be a stay at home mom and. Money coming in, and so I remembered this ground hoggy feeling when this second phase in 2016, so we're talking 10 years later, like one of those decade things, the next decade.

, it's 2016. I'm like getting that ground-hoggy vibe again. I'm like, ah, every day's the same. It's the school and it's a this, it's a that. And then I have this flexibility and so that's, then I wrote a book and then straight away I just had this random idea, which is both times it just came to me as this random idea.

"Jana, why don't you take the kids outta school, homeschool them, travel around Australia and sell your house?" I went, And so I asked my husband, he is like, yeah, I'm keen. And then three months later we were out of the house and we were traveling. And I think my family, we've always been pretty adventurous, so we've always been like pretty adventurous souls.

So it was killing us a little bit on the inside, like we were dying a little on the inside. Just even being in a house for like nine years at that point. Before that, we were like an out. You know, like a year. And so my biggest shifts have come after I've made big life moves, and then the beliefs come.

I have to basically build my belief on the way, because we are in the middle of starting to travel, and then I'm like, I don't have the belief to do this, but I'm here. I'm already, the car is parked, the house is getting sold. We're in it. I almost like, then that's when I start to have to do the belief stuff of like, okay, now I've gotta build my beliefs. And it's like I'm in.

Emily: So you just like shake shit up and then sort of rebuild your identity? What as way, like the new puzzle pieces settle and you start to see what the new picture looks like. .

Jana: Exactly. It's just like, I get the inspired idea the first time is like, quit your job, start a business.

Okay. And sign up to university. That was the first one. And I just do it. I don't have the belief for it. It's the big dream hits me before all of the logistics, big dream hits me, and if I don't just act from that place, then nothing would've happened in my life. I just would've still been doing that. But if I act from the big dream and I just go like, here's the big dream, and then I just go and I put things in place, then I do catch myself up. And I understand that's not the way that everybody works, but for me, that's been where I build the belief on the way. So like as we traveled around Australia, every day it was very much a day-to-day thing. Like, okay, I gotta build my belief for this because I'm in this right now.

And it just like before, it wasn't like an active volcano. I wasn't seeing all this unconscious stuff. It wasn't being brought up. And I think that's one of the things, I think that's why it's so good for us, for some of us, that our psyche and we can regulate it and we have the emotional intelligence to work through it.

That it's really good to throw ourselves in because there's no other way for us to activate the volcanoes. There's no other way for us to make the unconscious conscious. Mm-hmm. And so we're basically just living that surface level. Mm-hmm. Like not going that really that depth. But for me, I've gotta throw myself in to see it come up like, ah, now I see that, but before I can't.

When I'm comfortable it doesn't, the unconscious doesn't come to the surface when I'm uncomfortable, but when I'm uncomfortable, it comes and I can see it. I'm like, now I see you. Yeah. And then, , which can be very confronting for some. But then if we understand what we're doing, we're making the unconscious conscious and that's gonna help, like with every big dream, it's, that's required.

We've gotta know what's unconsciously existing inside of us and creating chaos and volatility in our life that in this next phase. Yeah, it works for me

doing that.

Emily: Okay. So it feels like you must have some belief in the big dream in order to make the bold move before the rest of the belief and identity work comes.


Jana: a hundred percent. I feel like, yeah, there's, I guess for me, that first time that I followed it, it's like my life before then and then after, then gave me so much trust. because like the first one in 2006 when I followed that voice of like, quit your job. Like just quit it and quit the job, sign up to university in the same day.

I quit my job, signed up to university and started running a business on the same day. And from that like four months later into the studying and going like, I'm never gonna go and work for somebody else ever again. Like just that after that four months of this, four months, like I'm never doing this again.

I'm never working for anybody else again. But why am I doing this university? And I heard a voice. So that for me is like, I recognize the voice and I guess some people might not hear it right or even take it seriously cuz it actually, for me, it's quite subtle. It's not like you must do the, it's just like Jana,, you're here to help people achieve their big dreams.

It sounds simple. It sounds like you could miss that. Like you could really easily miss that. Yeah. But I'm like, I don't hear voices every day, so it's like Right. A little different. Right. So then once I trusted that and I moved from that, my whole life changed after that cuz it was before and then after and I was alive and I was like, yeah, it was like I was doing university, raising kids and, but I felt like so alive.

And so there was a part of me on like, when I get that intuition, that voice comes in and tells you to do something that big. It happens rarely. It's not huge all the time when that happens, like only good things come from it, but it does rattle everything up. And so for me, I've got that anchoring of 2006 when I first did it, of like my whole life changed and it was quantum leaped and I would have nothing of what I have now unless I listened to that voice and I made those things move.

So for me, life doesn't change unless I do follow those crazy big dreams because yeah, it's just gonna stay the same. You get to activate your free will. You can, if you wanna have it stay the same, you can do that. You can choose not to listen. It's fine.

Emily: Well, and I'm curious too, because you started having babies young and it feels like you sort of defied the odds, right?

It was like you and your husband are still together like you had kids young and you've created an incredible amount of wealth and happiness, joy in all of these things. Was that an identity that was built along the way, or did you always feel like there was this like little rebellious part of you that was like, You don't think this is gonna work?

Well, I'll show you. We're gonna be married this long and have the best time.

Jana: I could say

no, definitely not. But totally a hundred percent. Being, wanting to disprove people is such a huge motivator. And I think we get to like really embrace some motivators that we like, we coin them as bad and I'm just.

We can alchemize it into like, okay, let me take what this does to my body and let me alchemize this trigger or this feeling and let me alchemize it to like a driver. Like, let me make this make sense. So having babies young, it's such a blessing because everybody underestimated me and it's such a beautiful feeling to be underestimated and to exceed people's expectations.

But not only that, like completely eradicate and erase programming that society has around a person who is young, drops outta school, goes, has babies really young and has. A high, like not so much a high school cuz he wasn't even in school. Like having that young love and everybody just missing it as like young love and me going, no, this is real and I know it.

And they're like, no, you don't know anything. You're so young and you're just like, I know. I know what, I know what I know. Yeah. And so I feel like dad is a huge driver, but then essentially eventually you can actually start to alchemize like, okay, yeah, I did like do it. To prove a point. I went to university, prove point.

I can be a high school dropout in a teenage month and the university graduate with, now I've created, It's like a hierarchy cuz they hit like I had a lower IQ and then I did university and I got distinction as I was like

F you, this is

right. Then eventually you can like alchemize it into like, okay, let's put some more intentions, like some deeper intentions.

But knowing that energy. It had to be divine will anyway like that. Divine like knows how, like the universe almost figure you out. Like you say what you want, what you desire. Let me pull your strings because we know how you move and this makes me move. And like sometimes with money, people like the universe does that for some people with money.

If t hey don't move unless their money's lower and they're like, go take action. They're like, well now she's doing a purpose and she's moving towards and then she's got all this money and now she's sort of leans back, okay, let's pull those strings again. I feel like it also works that way as well, so we can totally obviously rearrange that, but I find like you can always alchemize, it can start with a not so beautiful intention.

And it can start with like a reaction. And that's perfect as long as like, here's the big dream. I'm going for the big dream. I get to Alchemize and rearrange the intention on why I started and I get to repurposify,

Emily: at the end. Did you just say repurposify??

Jana: Yeah,

Emily: I love it.

Jana: I just came

up with a word right here, right there.

Emily: Trademark Jana KIngsford. Amazing.

Well, as we discussed, we're definitely gonna have a part two of this podcast cuz I'm not ready to wrap this up yet. And yet that's what the situation is with our schedule. Anyone who's about you by the. Yeah, sorry, Jana screwed up the schedule, but we'll cricket her. It happens.

Well see. There you go. If anyone needed proof that you can be a seven figure entrepreneur and you can still F up your schedule, like

Jana: sometimes I don't even know how to use Zoom and I'm like, how does this thing work

Emily: exactly. You can be tech challenged and still make a lot of money. Okay. Where do you hang out on socials?

How can people find you?

Jana: I feel like just at Jana

Kingsford, I'm on YouTube, on Instagram, I'm on Facebook. Whichever language you best like to speak. You know, Instagram language, Facebook language, YouTube language podcast. Oh my god. I have a podcast now. So just come find me at Jana Kingsford everywhere.

All over the internet. But just come say hi. Yeah, anywhere in the comments.

It's always fun.

Emily: Go hang out with Jana and we will have her back on the show for a part two. So everyone listening, thank you so much. If you had an aha moment, screenshot this episode, tag me, tag Jonna, let us know so we can celebrate you, and we will talk to you soon.

Thanks for tuning in.

Okay. I feel like I say this every time, but is it not true that Jana  is the bees knees? So please make sure that you connect with her. She's on Instagram at Jana Kingsford. I would love it if you tagged both of us and let us know that you listened to the episode because then it's so fun to be able to celebrate you and to hear your takeaways.


Here are mine.

Number one, when you start to feel Groundhogs Day in your life, it's time to shake shit up.

Number two, you can believe just enough to make one bold move and then build the rest of the belief along the.

Number three, let your big dreams guide you and find milestones to celebrate as you go.

Number four, there's always something worth celebrating if we look for it and we get creative.

And number five, we can alchemize any part of ourselves like using that rebellious streak that we have to our advantage, and we can let God pull our puppet strings with whatever will drive us to take the aligned action.

As always, thank you so much for tuning in.

The next interview that I'm doing, it's actually not even an interview. I'm gonna be doing some coaching, but it's with Nadia Borsche and she is an Arabian horse breeder, and I probably don't talk about this that much on the podcast, but I grew up with Arabian horses.

I've trained them. I've worked as an Arabian horse trainer, gone to Arabian Horse. Ranked top 10 in the country at horse shows. So we're just going to geek out about horses and coaching and life and all of the things, so make sure you tune in for that.

If you've been loving the show, please leave a review. Please share it with a friend or family member. It really helps. We love seeing the tags. We love seeing it shared. It really makes my day personally, so thank you so much in advance. You guys have made this show, one that has been downloaded more than 10,000 times. So thank you, thank you, thank you, and I will talk to you soon.

You guys are the best. Thank you so much for listening today. When you subscribe, review and share this show. It's an important and free way to show your support. I'd also love to stay connected on Instagram. You can follow me at and makes money, and if you're curious about working together, head to emilywilcox.com to explore.

Until next time, I'm sending you all the magic money vibes.


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