Episode 82: November 2022 Celebrations and Stretches

 Join Emily as she unpacks the good stuff and shares all the interesting lessons, stretches and celebrations in November.

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I'm grateful for business and the ways in which we're gifted the opportunity to heal, but it doesn't mean that it's comfortable and that absolutely was a stretch for me in November and it continues to be a stretch. It's something where I've communicated in I what I think is a very kind and loving way. But also seeking to collaborate, seeking to work together to fix things. And what I've been met with has been very kind of like cold buttoned up business communication. And that's unfortunate. It's not the way that I wanna do business.

Hi, welcome to the show, and thank you so much for being here. I wanted to share an incredible free resource with you. That's been a money game changer for more than a thousand women and a few men too. My money wounds quiz will quickly diagnose your top money wound, and then you'll get access to a free masterclass on how to heal them.

I get comments all the time sharing how life-changing this resource is and no one can believe it's free. Just go to moneywoundsquiz.com to get started. Hello, welcome back to the EM Makes Money Show. I am here to share November and my celebrations and stretches and oh my gosh, so much happened in this month.

So much good stuff to unpack and before I dive into, I do just wanna share kind of a time-sensitive invitation, so I've been in an absolute creative vortex of reimagining my Mastermind for 2023. And I actually don't even wanna call this container a mastermind exactly, because it really is kind of a mastermind slash one-on-one hybrid.

It's a very unique model, and it's unique in the way that the container is structured. It's unique in the way that the investment is structured. And it really solves so many problems, so to speak, and really elevates us into new levels of transformation, community, ways to plug in and really receive so much support, fun depth intimacy in 2023.

So if you are interested in getting new levels of support for yourself and your business in 2020 and you don't just wanna buy a program where it's up to you to kind of figure out how to implement it, but you actually want customized, tailored personal coaching. This could be a really great opportunity and a really good container for you to explore.

So what you need to do is let me. You can send an email, you can slide into the dms, but let me know that you're interested and I will give you the link to the landing page, and that really explains the name of the container, the vibe, what it's gonna look like, what the investment is, what's included, all the bonuses, et cetera.

and the call to action there is then to book an alignment call. So my goal is transparency, to give you all the details, to really let you energetically plug into this container. And then you're gonna book a call with me and we're just gonna spend 15, 20 minutes together making sure that it's a good fit for you, that it's a good fit for me, for us to be working together and answering any questions that you have about.

So my intention is to be doing that throughout December, perhaps into the early parts of January, and then really closing the door as concealing that container for the first six months of the year. So if you are interested in learning more, let me know and I will get you the link so that you can check it out.

All right, so let's talk November. Let's talk celebrations and stretches. And I think I'm gonna start with the stretches again. So there was definitely a big and interesting one, which is that Jeff was hospitalized in November. The way it all went down, it was the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and I actually can see so many ways in which the Divine was there and guiding this experience and.

I really believe that often we have to go through hard things because we're supposed to learn lessons, and yet when we are living our lives in flow, the lessons can be dampened and we can receive so much grace and so much support through the lessons. And that's really how I felt during. So both of my kids were at a play date at a friend's house where I had dropped them off, which that in and of itself is pretty wild.

I can't tell you the last time that both kids have been at a drop-off play date together. We're talking six-plus months since that's happened. So they were both taken care of at a different house. I had just gotten back to our house and I was working on some Christmas shopping. and I get a call from Jeff and he was out on a four-mile walk, which is not uncommon for him.

He does that multiple times a week for exercise and he was like, I need you to come get me. My side is really hurting. I'm like, do I need to call an ambulance? No, no, just come get me. So I jump in the car right away and go drive to where he's told me he is and like pick him up off the side of the. The moment he gets in the car, he is like, we need to go to the hospital.

I'm like, again, do I need to call an ambulance? No, no, just take me to the hospital. So I start driving towards the nearest emergency room and Jeff is telling me that he thinks it's his appendix because he's experiencing extreme pain and his right abdomen. So we have a good friend who is very, very high up in operations for this hospital.

So I give her a call. She answers, I let her know that Jeff and I are on our way to the emergency room, and she makes a few calls to let the staff there know that we're coming. . So on the drive, Jeff is in like a 10 outta 10 pain. And so I don't know if you've ever experienced witnessing a loved one in that kind of pain, but it's scary and it's very discomforting.

There were times when he would like cry out in pain and there's nothing that I could do about it, and I'm kind of questioning, are we making the right decision here? By me driving him, like, I hope that nothing else is wrong. and the entire time the G P S is showing our arrival time at the hospital as 1111 and angel numbers are one of the ways that my guides and spirit communicates with me and lets me know that I'm getting nonphysical support, that they're here, that they're supporting in this experience.

And so I actually felt so much comfort and we get to the hospital, we get to the emergency room, and of course in the er, in a way, nothing's an emergency, right? I'm like, my husband, he's in 10 out of 10 pain, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And they're like, okay, cool. You know, fill out this form. And then the lady behind me, she's like, think my husband's having a stroke.

He's in the car. And it's like, oh wow, okay. Really puts everything in perspective and. Thankfully it wasn't too busy and I think we got a little v i p treatment as well. And so they got Jeff back pretty quickly and gave him morphine and that really helped take the edge off the pain and made it feel less like an absolute emergency.

And the staff were asking questions and they're palpating his abdomen and all of this kind of stuff and you know, eventually, they bring him back to get a ct. . And later, even later, you know, nothing happens that fast. An hour later, we get the result. It turns out that he had a blood clot that went to his kidney and was blocking blood supply to about 20% of his kidney, which was causing the tissue to die, in essence, and it was causing this like super severe and apparently this is quite rare. And so it really brought up a lot more questions than answers, which was why is there a blood clot and are there more, and what do we need to do about this? And so, They made the decision to admit him into the hospital and I was able to call another mom friend who was already planning on having Faye for an overnight and asked her if she could pick up Faye and JJ from this play date, bring them both to her house and that I would come by later and bring phase, overnight stuff and pick up jj.

I also had another friend who was already planning on staying the night at our house that night. So again, divine orchestration to really have a lot of community and support around us during this time, because we don't have any family that live in Southern California or in California at all for that matter.

So I felt really grateful that I was able to receive so much help and support and that the community really rose up. Our friend who works at the hospital came in, even though she knows she doesn't work on the weekends. She came in and brought me lunch and checked in on us, and we just felt so, so, so cared for during this.

And ultimately it ended up being about 24 hours in total that he was at the hospital. They gave him blood thinners. They ran every test under the sun on his heart and his blood and everything came back good. So they basically speculate that it was covid or the vaccine that caused the blood clot and essentially, we'll never know, but he was able to get released and needed to really have extreme rest.

And so that's what we had going into our Hawaiian vacation. So he was cleared to fly. We were able to still go as scheduled, and we're so grateful that for the first four days of our vacation in Hawaii, we really didn't have much planned. We were staying with friends and. So Jeff was able to take it super easy and he and his buddy were able to just sit on the couch and watch sports and he was just able to recuperate and he definitely had some bouts of significant pain because, He didn't want any opioids and so he was trying to just manage it with Ibuprofen and Tylenol, which works to a degree.

And also his body really was letting him know if he overdid it at all with any sort of activity. So I will say we came out of the month of November, just more thankful for our health than ever before, and thankful for the ways in. Our community was able to support us during a health challenge. So other stretches in November.

Well, I started working with a new agency to help me with TikTok. So my reasoning for doing this has far less to do with TikTok and far more to do with visibility. So one of my desires is that my message, my energy, my money wounds quiz reaches more humans, and that that happens more effortlessly and with more support.

And so I really was viewing TikTok as just this burgeoning channel where you can reach more people, it's easier to have content that goes viral, et cetera, et cetera. And someone who was in my social network announced that she was partnering with another person and that they were starting a done for you TikTok agency.

And so I signed up for that and then pretty early on proceeded to have some issues. and so it was challenging in November and triggering, and frankly, even at the time of this recording, it does not feel resolved to me. And I'm an agency owner, and I'm also learning to really own the part of myself that's quote unquote high maintenance.

But frankly, I don't think that my standards and expectations are that. I do think that if you're taking my money and you're telling me you're going to do something, that you need to do it when you're going to do it, and if there's a delay that you let me know in advance that there's going to be a delay and that you have solid communication, that you keep me in the loop on what's happening.

And unfortunately, none of that has been the case and there's been a lack of accountability on their part and willing to just own the fact that there are issues. And so very likely I will be exiting this relationship after the three months. But here's what I wanna say about that. Two things. Number one, I will take the wrong action or messy action over inaction any day of the week.

And I think often we overthink things and we want to make sure that we're making the right move. And because of that, we waste a lot of. Making the wrong move is not the end of the world. Wasting money is not the end of the world because what you get out of it is the results, and you get to decide like, okay, am I still into TikTok?

Am I still into, do I still desire support? Is it just the wrong person? And then I can hire somebody new, or I can decide that, oh, you know what, actually this isn't the right platform for me. But I can't make any of those decisions just in. I can only make them by taking an action, seeing the result of that action, and then pivoting from there.

Here's the other thing. Our triggers will find us in any which way, and I think often these types of relationships can be triggering. And one of the triggers that came up for me is I only had one point of contact at this company, and it was one of the co-founders. So she was the one who was in my DMS sending voice notes back and forth on Facebook messenger.

She booked my onboarding call. She did my onboarding call. She was just kind of letting me know next steps, blah, blah, blah, all this. and then all of a sudden it was like they were behind schedule on something and the day that she was supposed to do it, she's like, oh, actually I can't move forward. I can't do anything with you because you haven't signed the contract.

Mind you, they sent the contract the day before, 18 days into working together, and they had never even told me there was going to be a contract. So I find that, I think in their case, I don't think it was unethical. I think it was just they're building something new and they're building it as they go. But I do think it's pretty unethical.

If you want someone to sign a contract, you need to do it before you enter the relationship. Don't take my money and we work together for 18 days. And then you're like, oh, sorry. And now I can't do anything else until you sign this contract. It's like, then I can't actually consent to it or. . And so all of a sudden in the contract it was like there were all kinds of discrepancies and they wanted a six month commitment and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

So as soon as I was like, I don't feel comfortable with this, it doesn't feel good to me at all, that you guys are behind on schedule and now you're pausing work because I'm not signing something that I only just learned about yesterday. From that point on, I've not had one word of communication from the co-founder, not one.

Everything had to go in writing via email to their hello at email address. Where it's a virtual assistant essentially who's communicating with me, and that has been all of the me communication now moving forward. And I found this very triggering. And when I actually tapped into like, what is it? , like, what's going on below this situation?

That's triggering me. What it is is that my mom, her way of handling things when she's upset or upset with you is the silent treatment. It's getting the cold shoulder and what that feels like as a kid is a withholding of love, and so having an adult. Exhibiting that same behavior triggered my inner child who felt like there was withholding of love.

And so what I witnessed in myself was all kinds of different trauma responses. The part of me that wanted to just pull the plug and be like, well, F you guys. and the part of me that wanted to have a fond trauma response and try to smooth it over and make it okay so that we could all talk again and blah, blah, blah.

And so in that sense, I'm grateful for business and the ways in which we're gifted the opportunity to heal. , but it doesn't mean that it's comfortable. And that absolutely was a stretch for me in November. And it continues to be a stretch. It's something where I've communicated and I what I think is a very kind and loving way, but also seeking to collaborate, seeking to work together to fix things.

And what I've been met with has been very kind of like cold-buttoned up business community and that's unfortunate. It's not the way that I wanna do business, but then it's up to me to just leave and find a different provider who does wanna do business that way. And then there's the disappointment and the grief of thinking that something was gonna work out with someone and it doesn't.

And that's just part of it. So big learnings there for me in November. And then the last stretch, which I'll share more about perhaps next month, was really struggling with making a decision. And the decision was around whether or not. And if yes, which provider to work with to go on a tour of Egypt? So Egypt is something that I've been feeling called to ever since.

We were in Mexico City in the spring, and I got to go to the pyramids there and I just really felt like the power of these ancient sites. And it made me feel really excited about going to Egypt in a way that I hadn't, Egypt hadn't even been on my. And so Egypt has been in my field and I knew a couple of providers who are planning tours, and so I had been in communication with them and was really having trouble discerning why it was that it didn't really just feel like a yes to me.

And I'm sure many of you can relate to that because I tend to be a pretty decisive person. But of course I also have my wounds and my triggers and my traumas, and sometimes it can be difficult to discern what's really happening in this situation. And so what I was experiencing was that there were two different tours kind of on the table, and neither one really felt like a yes, but part of it was that they were pretty pricey compared to what I would say is more like an average or standard price for an Egyptian tour.

And we're talking like double the. . And so I was having a little bit of a hard time discerning whether it was just the part of me that didn't wanna spend that much money, or was it really something else, and that the tour actually wasn't aligned. And so I was just sitting with that and kind of wrestling with it, frankly.

And I wanna share it because I think we need to normalize this, that it really is okay. It doesn't mean that there's something wrong with our intuition, and doesn't mean that we're not being divinely guided, but we're also sometimes meant to just sit in the uncertainty for a while. And what I do know is that I won't move from a place of unc.

And so it's like I will continue to make myself receptive and seeking to gain clarity, but I won't be moved by some sort of external deadline. So in the case of one of the tours, they wanted a decision and a deposit by December 1st, and it was like, well, unless I feel an absolute clear yes, by then, then fine.

The deadline will come and go, and that will be my decision, right? I am not going to be moved by fo. and so it took some time and I wouldn't really say it was like a struggle in November. I'm just sharing like the places where there was some stretchiness or some opportunities to just put my own tools and practice, and I'm happy to say that a couple weeks later I did get a lot of clarity, so I'll be sharing that on my December.

So those were the stretches for November. There was lots of great stuff too. Lots of exciting things to celebrate. First and foremost, we had an awesome end of season softball party, followed by an end of season soccer party. , and I just can't even fully put into words how beautiful it is to be so involved with my kids' sports and in the community and meeting so many amazing families and just feeling like we're continuing to put down roots and continuing to enjoy our home like we hosted both of those parties.

And what a gift that we have a beautiful home and that we have a pool and that we're able to do. As soon as softball ended, we also started going to the park and practicing baseball and softball as a family. And that brought me so much joy and it's something that we've been trying to continue weekly since then.

I also sent in the form to dissolve the L L C that's associated with our baby clothing company, our e-commerce business. And that wasn't on the stretch list cuz it actually feels like a celebration. I don't know, like maybe there's all the feels there, but it just feels right and you guys have heard me talk about it for months on the podcast that we're winding it down and that kind of thing, and that is part of my human design as a manifesting generator and having a defined throat chakra, is that I speak things into existence.

And so by speaking about something that's going to happen, it helps for it to land in my body and for me to get used to the feeling of it and trust that it is happen. And so the speaking about it was actually part of the process of dissolving this company, and so sending in the form was sort of like the formality, but it feels good to be doing all of the necessary legal and administrative things to wrap up that beautiful chapter of our business as well.

I decided to run some special sales on 1111, and oh my gosh, they were so well received. I had so much fun doing it. I had back to back five figure sales days and I sold four spots. At my 2023 retreats immediately, which feels like such a dream come true. Committing to being in person together and traveling and making that a priority.

That can feel like a big thing sometimes, and that's not lost on me. And I feel so honored when women say like, yep, this is me. I'm in, I'm doing it, and here's my money and I'm paying my installments. So there are still still spots available for both the spring and fall retreat. So if you're someone who wants to explore that as well, I highly encourage it.

You can see both retreats on my website or you can shoot me a dm and there's some really beautiful payment plans in place too. I also started playing with a practice of manifesting while sleeping and really reading through and visualizing and feeling into a future state right before bed, and then allowing my subconscious to kind of chew on that, so to speak while I was sleeping, and immediately started feeling some really beautiful results of that in November.

I am loving the way that I have been taking care of my body physically. I've been going to Pilates now for, I don't know, I guess about a month and like loving it. I've probably been going at least four days a week, maybe even five days a week on average. and I just, I love everything about it. I love the strength training.

I love the cues. I love the focus on correct posture and recruiting the correct muscles. One of the instructors said the mind trains the body. I love that. There's a cardio sculpt class a couple times a week. That's like a complete ass kicker. I love that. Like it's just been such a gift and it's totally what I needed.

I was just kind of feeling a little blah about my current fitness routine, and Pilates has been such a gift. We also had our first Airbnb booking in November, and I actually recorded a whole podcast episode about that and how it went, but that's a celebration and it was such a gift to be able to receive money while we were in Hawaii.

Definitely, a celebration as well to spend eight days on a beautiful tropical island and to be in a place. When extreme rest was what was required and what the doctor ordered, that we were able to do it in such a beautiful place and surrounded by friends and then spending four nights at Disney's Alani Resort and just getting to experience that, you know, this is stuff that like dreams are made of, and it's not lost on me that for so many people, this is on their vision board and they might have to save the whole year to gu a trip like this, or they might have to save for two.

And the fact that we were able to do this trip on the back of so much other travel this year, and knowing that we have more travel in December for the holidays, just it's not lost on me. It really isn't. And it was such a beautiful trip and the highlight for me was getting to swim with a sea turtle. Oh my gosh, I'm such a dream come true.

Such a dream come true. And this was not like one of those like dolphin experiences where you pay and you get to go into a tank and the sea creatures there for you. This was spontaneous, this was natural. We went to a natural lagoon that you could walk to from the Alani resort, and sure enough, there was a sea turtle hanging out in the water swimming.

Just like got to have a little energetic exchange with it and it felt so magical. I wish I could say that like, you know, the turtle swam right up to me and was just like drawn in by my magnetizing energy and we just like swam there together for an indefinite period of time. But it was not that like the sea turtle was kind of doing its own thing and I was just got to be in its orbit, which felt like a gift in and of.

I was part of a book club a few years ago where we read this book now, I can't remember what it's called, but it was all about this woman who lives on Cumberland Island, which is like a coastal island off the coast of Georgia in the United States. And she has really been a pioneer in sea turtle research and understanding why they were washing up to the shores dead and.

Getting some of the legislation and the laws changed around shrimping boats and making sure that turtles aren't getting caught in their net. And I learned so much about sea turtles from that book. And they're just absolutely incredible creatures. Like they, they're born, they hatch, they go into the water, and then they spend like 30 years swimming like 10,000 miles.

Like they'll swim from the United States all the way over to off the coast of China. And they're just hanging out. They're maturing, they're eating, they're doing their. And as soon as they're ready to lay eggs, they will swim back to the exact beach where they were hatched and lay their. That's it. They won't lay em anywhere else.

Like how? How does that happen? Mother nature is so incredible and there is so much divine intelligence. Like if you look at a turtle's head, it's probably like the size of a golf ball. So we're not talking about a massive brain in there, and yet there's just this incredible g p s system. and something about this like circle of life, that they go back and lay their eggs exactly where they were born.

I don't know, it just gives me chills. So I got to swim with a Z Turtle, omg. And then while I was in Hawaii, of course it was also Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and so I had really given myself a huge gift in November. Setting all of that stuff up in advance, so building all the sales pages, writing all the emails, setting everything up so that I could be on vacation and just receiving money in sales and new clients, and just be in the fun of it and not having to do all of the heavy lifting and backend work that's associated with running multiple offers and multiple sales across a five day selling window.

So thank you Emily, who set everything up in advance because the Thanksgiving, Hawaii version of me very much got to benefit from it. So lastly are the numbers for the month. The agency did $62,668 in cash collected just lower than normal for us, but there were a couple payments that just didn't hit until beginning of December, and then my coaching business did 15,000 $181 cash for a total of about $77,000 in some odd change.

So that was November. I hope that the month was full of beauty and surprise and delight, or everyone listening, and I hope that in me sharing my celebrations and stretches that you see something of yourself in there. Either something that you wanna aspire to. or something that you can learn from, where you can extract the lesson and apply it in your own life without having to go through a painful experience.

Or perhaps you're like me with wanting to run some special sales, but needing to set it up further in advance. And that was something that I really had to vision into because there were definitely some selling weekends or selling special days, I guess you would. Over the past year where I saw other providers offering their specials and I realized geez, I really would like to get my act together so that I can do it, but I don't have to do it on the fly.

And now this was the fruition of that. And maybe that's something that you wanna take away too. So I hope I've inspired you. I hope I've encouraged you. I hope you've learned something from this episode, and I will talk to you soon. Bye, listeners, like you make this show what it is. So thank you for tuning in.

Please subscribe, leave a review and share this show with someone you love. I always appreciate listener feedback, so feel free to slide into my DMs on Instagram at m Makes money as well. And if you wanna explore hiring me as your money healer and business mentor, head to emilywilcox.com to explore.

Until next time, I'm sending you all the magic money vibes.


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