Episode 95: February 2023 Celebrations & Stretches (Plus BONUS Content & Free Gift)

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This episode of The Em Makes Money Show is so, so good! I'm doing something a bit different and sharing a hybrid episode that features my February celebrations and stretches, followed by a recent live stream that talks through the five problems that come from a lack of structure AND a new program that will help you solve them!

Now the month of February certainly had some great things to celebrate:

  • Jeff and I celebrated our anniversary in such a beautiful and luxurious way— it was just a full-on celebration of love! 
  • I fell in love, for the first time, with networking on LinkedIn.
  • We put some plans in motion for me to exit our agency, freeing me energetically to do more in my coaching business.
  • The peer mastermind I'm in started up again, and it felt so good to be in sisterhood again.
  • And I discovered that I gained 169 new email subscribers in February!

And, of course, it also held some stretches for me to navigate:

  • I'm noticing a bit of sadness, grief, and loss when it comes to leaving the agency. 
  • After a great tax appointment with our CPA, Jeff and I got in a fight... a reminder that our money wounds can still get triggered even when the money situation is okay or even better than okay.
  • We're trying to find the right Airbnb house, but with the current financial climate, were are discovering that right now, it's harder to find properties that will cash flow the way that we want them to.
  • As Jeff is taking over more responsibilities with the agency, I'm trying to find the right balance of showing love and compassion but not trying to step in and fix it. 

And to round things out, the weather here in California was a celebration AND a stretch. While we are grateful for the rain that was so needed, my mood is greatly enhanced by sunshine, so having this much cold, rainy, wet, windy weather was a bit challenging.

That said, February really was a great month.

Now, let's talk about the lack of structure and the five key problems that are created when we lack structure. These problems aren't just true in business but are also true in our lives. 

In order to truly step into our power and leadership and build our fempire, which includes so much money and wealth coming to us, we have to balance our masculine and feminine energy.

Without this balance, we're in overdoing, overthinking, overgiving mode, OR we're in go-it-alone or the damsel in distress mode (hoping that someone's going to save us). None of these serve us.

Structure is a key part of masculine energy, especially the divine masculine. And when we don't have structure in place, there are some major problems that arise. 

These are the five problems that occur when we lack structure:

1.) A lack of structure creates stagnancy. 

This is the freeze trauma response. Because we don't have structure, there are so many things swirling around, so much that we could focus on and do, that we get overwhelmed. We end up in inaction that results in stagnancy.

With stagnancy, we're not able to keep a consistent or steady momentum movement in our business.

2.) A lack of structure can lead to burnout.

Without structure, we end up doing too much and feeling pressure to do all of the things all of the time. We then burnt out because of it.

If you think of it like a fight or flight trauma response, burnout is the fight where you go down swinging and doing all the things.

This is especially true if you have undefined root chakra in human design. You can really feel pressure or urgency to do all the things and to do them all at once, and you have trouble just measuring it out and keeping consistent.

3.) A lack of structure creates force and fatigue.

This means not honoring our energy cycles, not honoring our menstrual cycle, and not honoring mama moon's cycle.

Instead just forcing ourselves to do things even when it doesn't feel good because we don't have a structure in place to support us and to tell us what we could be doing when.

4.) Lack of structure leads to mistakes and errors.

Without structure, there's so much room for human error in our business.

We have to do a process over and over again, but we forget a step. Or maybe it's a process that we don't have to do very often, and so we totally forget how to do it, and we screw it up or miss something.

5.) Lack of structure leads to overworking.

Without some structure in place that helps define a role, what you're meant to be doing, and what enough looks like, it's very difficult to turn off or delegate.

In fact, without structure, you can't delegate because you don't know what or who to delegate to!

This leaves everything up to you and results in overworking.

Without structure, you can't give yourself the support that you need so that you can be the visionary and the creative in your business.

Now the good news is ALL FIVE of these are solvable, and it's easier than you may think!

The structure in our business is always in service to our vision and our desires, so we get to be flexible on how much structure feels good to us.

Everyone's balance is going to look different, and yet everyone needs structure in their life and in their business.

This is where my newest program, Sacred Structure, comes in.

Sacred Structure is for you if: 

🔥 You want more time freedom

🔥 You want to know how to turn off at the end of the day

🔥 You want to build systems and processes and hire the right people 

🔥 You want to be more efficient with your time.

🔥 You want to have more mental bandwidth for new and creative things.

And so much more.

It's coming in April of 2023, and if you want to join, grab the free- time sensitive offer HERE.

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