The Importance of Masculine & Feminine Energetics in Business

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This week on The Em Makes Money Show, I'm sharing a little live mini-training on masculine and feminine energy in business that is just 🔥.

You'll walk away knowing:

  • What the four types of energy are
  • How to recognize EACH of these energies
  • Why we NEED both the feminine and the masculine 
  • What BALANCE looks like and how it applies in a business environment

And, of course, you'll learn how it ALL CONNECTS to us walking the JOYOUS PATH TO MILLIONS in our business.

Masculine and Feminine energy is a topic that comes up very regularly as I'm coaching six and seven-figure women entrepreneurs.

Although we don't always have the vernacular for it, at the heart of many, many issues that happen in our business leadership; delegation, hiring, firing, having boundaries, and enjoying life, it all comes down to balanced masculine and feminine energy.

Whether you're a man, a woman, or non-binary, you will have masculine and feminine energy (a non-gendered way to look at it is yin and yang energy).

We all have and need both of these energies. And often, we will find a natural balance. Although genders do not determine this balance, it does tend to fall along traditional cisgender guidelines. Women typically do a little better with a little more feminine energy, and men typically do better with a little more masculine energy, even though we both need and want both.

So what are these energies? Here's a high-level overview:

The Sacred Masculine Energy: the divine Masculine is very present, very aware, and structured. It's the energy of holding space, of discerning. It's a very decisive energy. It has a clear purpose. This energy is so beautiful, and it's so critical because when we think about a river, the divine masculine energy is the banks of the river, and without that, we wouldn't have a way, a way for the water to flow.

The Sacred Feminine Energy: the divine Feminine is very expressive, very intuitive, and very free-flowing. It is connected with love, compassion, creativity, and radiance. So again, for this river to be free-flowing, it has to have the banks of the sacred Masculine for it to work.

Both sacred/divine energies are equally important in order to create a healthy and thriving ecosystem.

Now, there are also unhealthy or shadow side or wounded sides of each of these energies.

The Wounded Feminine Energy: is repressed. Her truth feels unworthy; she has shame, guilt, weak boundaries, and is codependent. She often is over-apologetic or over-explains.

The Wounded Masculine Energy: has trouble delegating, won't let go of the responsibility, micromanages, and often feels like we're in charge everywhere.

We are all already playing in these four different energies to some degree or another, and everyone is going to have a different balance.

But, when you can name something, it's incredibly empowering because all of a sudden, the thing that you don't like or the thing that you feel is limiting you is not you.

This is why it's important to recognize the energies.

If you're spending a bunch of time in the wounded masculine, and you're very domineering and controlling, and you're just overdoing all the time. You may think that it's just you and the way that you are. You may even think that you're broken, or it would be difficult for you to change because it's part of your identity.

The same thing holds true if you're spending a lot of time in your wounded feminine. Perhaps you just feel like you have no boundaries, and you are doing things you don't want to do, apologizing for other people's mistakes, overexplaining your position, and not really speaking your truth. You may very well think that there's something wrong with you. There's something wrong with your identity, and you are broken.

When you can name it and acknowledge that you went into the wounded feminine:
"When I'm in the wounded feminine, that version of me doesn't have boundaries."
"That version of me is always apologizing."
"That version of me is, doesn't feel worthy, doesn't feel like she can speak her truth."

It feels different when we speak about it that way and name it as the energy versus just making it us and ourselves. In turn, this helps us diagnose where we need a little more energy from one or another.

And the good news is this does not always have to be sourced within ourselves. 

  • This can be sourced through hiring. 
  • This can be sourced through our spouse or partner. 
  • This can be sourced even through software and systems, and SOPs. 

There are many, many ways we can leverage the type of energy that we desire, but first, we need to understand what it is and name it.

So let's tap back into the river analogy.

If the river doesn't have banks, all of a sudden, what is it? It's a bunch of water that's pooled, like a swamp. It's stagnant, with no flow or movement. There's no guidance. There's no direction for the water to flow.

The fix for this is more sacred masculine. We need those river banks.

We need that structure that's providing the support, that's holding the space, that's giving a clear direction, that's giving a clear purpose to the river and the water. Only then can the water start flowing again. Meaning the sacred feminine can be in creation, in flow, can be expressive, can be more connected, can be more intuitive.

If we are only in the feminine, it doesn't work.

Now, what if the river banks get pushed closer and closer and closer together? You can feel how much pressure that creates and how much lack of free flow there is. It feels almost claustrophobic and highly pressurized. It feels very forced. Now we're in the wounded masculine.

The fix for this is more sacred feminine. We need the flow. 

If we are only in the masculine, it doesn't work either.

So understanding and being able to name these energies, being able to name what you want and name what you need, is key.

All of this translates into our businesses. When we are in our wounded masculine, we will have trouble delegating. We won't let go of the responsibility. We will micromanage, and we often will feel like we're in charge everywhere.

If you're spending too much time in the wounded masculine, you're putting a very low cap on what you're able to achieve in your business without burnout.

When you're always overthinking, overdoing, and needing to be in control of everything, then your business can only grow to a certain extent before you are the bottleneck, people don't want to work for you, or you just feel completely burnt out.

On the other side, if you're spending too much time in the wounded feminine in your business, you have trouble showing up in your confidence. You have trouble stepping into thought leadership. And you're going to be on an uncomfortable emotional rollercoaster where clients are walking all over you, your employees are walking all over you, and you don't feel worthy on your own.

Again, you won't be able to grow your business to the same degree because you're so caught up in this emotional rollercoaster that takes such an energetic toll that you're not able to take on more.

These issues absolutely show up in our business, in our leadership, in what our schedule looks like, in our ability to leverage team leverage systems, leverage SOPs.

So if we want more time freedom, more healthy and sustainable business growth, plus the ability to be able to turn off at the end of the workday without feeling like we have to do everything, we need to understand BOTH masculine and feminine energy and how to balance it.

This is an absolutely crucial skill and something that will change every aspect of your life AND your business.

These are things that we cover inside of Fempire, my program on balancing masculine and feminine energy while truly embodying the feminine energy CEO. 

I teach you how to identify where you're out of balance and how to get into balance and specific tactics to apply across the board: your business, your schedule, your boundaries, your leadership, and even your hiring.

All of a sudden, explosive results can happen in the business where the business can double, and before, it was just trickling with a little month-over-month growth, and every other aspect of life gets so much better as well.

Learn more or sign up here.

In this episode of The Em Makes Money Show, I'm talking about what happens when the math stops making sense. 

We'll talk about:

💥 What it looks like to hit your energetic capacity in business

💥 Why energy leaks and energy drains can limit your businesses growth

💥 What happens when we don't want to trade more time and energy for more money 

💥 Why balancing your masculine and feminine energy is NOT optional

💥 How you can tap into masculine energy that is not sourced from YOU. 

When we open our business, we imagine that we will trade our time, energy, and expertise for money, and we want that to be a relatively balanced exchange. So we come up with a pricing strategy that considers our time, energy, knowledge, and how much money we want for that.

We create a pricing strategy that considers our time, energy, knowledge, and how much money we want for that. Yet we get to this point where if we have to do more to make more money, either physically or in our wisdom and in caring about other things in our life, we choose not to because we know that trade will be detrimental. 

Now the point where it stops making sense happens at different places for different businesses. How it plays out and when it shows up depends greatly on how you run your business and what your desires are for your life and your business.

I have a solopreneur client who is already hitting this point, and she's at about $10k months, while for me, it happened as we approached seven figures in annual cash at our agency. And for one of my other clients, it happened around the $20,000 monthly mark. 

Let's talk about why this happened. And what we can do about it. 

As I explained, when we begin our business, we enter into what we believe will be a balanced trade of time and energy. But we didn't consider masculine and feminine energy, our inner child wounds, and how that would all play out in our business.

When we look at the things that tend to exhaust us the most and feel the most draining, it is rarely part of our business where we take our zone of genius, our real expertise, and our deep knowledge on a subject and transfer it in exchange for money. 

That is rarely the place where the math stops making sense. The math almost always stops making sense around something else. 

For example:

If I've been doing sales calls to get more clients and going against the energetic exchange that actually feels good because I can tell that the client has a money issue, and I have an unhealed mothering issue.

So I am trying to mother them out of it and do something that makes it work for them, even if it's self-sacrificing for me. 

And then some of those clients still say no. And then, I feel personally rejected in my business, and it feels like I want to give up. I'm not worthy. I'm no good at this. This business sucks.


Do you see how different that part of the equation is versus what we put on paper? Where it is simply: I have this thing, and you want this thing. Here's the amount of money for the trade. 

Let me give you another example. 

I am running my business. I am the CEO. Everyone comes to me when there's a problem.

Anytime someone is out sick, I'm the one that has to fill in. Anytime someone's on vacation, I'm the glue that has to fill in all the pieces. I've got the knowledge up here on how to run everything in my business. Whenever there's a question or a problem, everyone's always coming to me.

Even if I'm giving them the answer or setting them off to do the work, I still feel responsible for the outcome. I still worry if they'll get the work done properly or if they'll do it in the right amount of time, and it's draining. It's exhausting. I'm getting pulled in a thousand different directions all the time.

That's an energy drain, and it's an energy drain that we definitely didn't capture on paper! 

So, when we get to this point that the math stops making sense, it is ALMOST ALWAYS because there's something else going on in the way we run our business where there's a MAJOR ENERGY LEAK AND ENERGY DRAIN. 

When we think about giving more time and energy to make more money, it just doesn't feel good. 

And the part of us that is wise and doesn't want to sacrifice our health, well-being, time with our family, and doing other things that light us up says, "If that's what I have to do to make more money, my answer is NO!"

But then we also look around, other people are making a lot more money and having a high quality of life, and it seems they don't have the same math problems.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day, and we all have some sort of energetic capacity. It's not like one person has 50 times the energy of a normal human, and that's why their business grows more. 

So why is it that for some people, the math seems different? 

This is where masculine and feminine energy comes into play because the things we bring into our business allow us to run it in a certain way.

When we talk about masculine and feminine energy in business, essentially, what we're talking about is: 

  1. What's my balance of healthy giving and unhealthy giving? 
  2. And what's my balance of healthy receiving and unhealthy receiving?

And when those balances are off, we are much more energetically drained. Often to the extent that we don't want to trade more time and energy for more money. 

So in the earlier example where my client was undercharging and mothering her clients, undercharging is a wounded feminine energy while mothering is a wounded masculine energy.

I'm going to give and overgive, and I'm going to take care of you and be helicoptering around trying to satisfy your needs instead of allowing you to rise up or have your own experience.

Here both the wounded feminine and the wounded masculine have turned into a massive energy drain.

The wounded feminine also doesn't respect her own boundaries. She's a doormat. She let people walk all over her. She doesn't honor her own energetic needs or desire. She allows other people to be more important. Again, a massive energy drain. 

In the other example where everyone's coming to you whenever they have questions, whenever something comes up, whenever anybody's on your team is out, you're the one who's stepping in with more doing that's wounded, masculine.

You're doing all of the thinking. You're stepping in on all of the doing. Your natural response is to lean in, do more, and give more. So in that wounded masculine, your energetic capacity for more business and for more money is low. 

This isn't because you don't have a zone of genius and you don't have an incredible skill set that other people want to pay for; that's not the problem. The problem is the way you've structured your business and your role within is operating too much in the wounded masculine, creating a massive energy drain and energy leak. 

Until that's patched up, you're not going to want to grow your business more. Because when you imagine it, if you imagine 5Xing or 10Xing your business, it feels like the weight of 10 elephants on your shoulders.

Why? Because you're constantly overthinking and overdoing, and there's only so far you can do that before you get burnt out, you have a health crisis, or you just want to close up shop and combust. 

So again, the math stops making sense. 

My client, who had this happen when she was around $20,000 per month, was mothering everyone.

She was hiring people that needed rescuing, and then she was the rescuer. She had clients that wanted to be rescued, and she was doing the rescuing with them. 

There's only so much rescuing you can do before you feel completely drained and like you have nothing left to give. It's not because her business was at $20,000 months and couldn't scale beyond.

It was because, energetically, there were things that needed to be cleaned up and rebalanced in order for it to feel good to scale. 

When you get to the point where you imagine your business quadrupling, or you imagine taking on more clients, and it feels heavy, hard, tiring, and draining, that's a natural resistance point. It's going to be harder for those clients to come in because there's a part of you that does NOT want it. 

Yes, you want the money, but you don't want everything else that has to come along with it. 

So when I talk about balancing masculine and feminine energy, often it can sound very philosophical, almost like a mind exercise, but it is remarkably practical. 

When you want to grow your revenue and build your business sustainably in terms of time, energy, and money, you must balance masculine and feminine energy.

It's not optional. If we don't balance it, we are not sustainable.

When we start to feel like the math isn't making sense, it can be an invitation from our higher self to look at it and say, "Is there another way?"

And sometimes, it's a practical thing where you are too much in masculine, but you need the masculine. So it's figuring out how to get you out of the masculine but still have masculine energy. 

That could look like this:

  • Hiring someone else on the team
  • Putting in place an s o p
  • Putting in place a system, software
  • Or creating some sort of structure

All of these hold masculine energy. So that energy still gets to be there in the business, but you get to be more in the sacred feminine. Where you get to be receiving, relaxed, surrendered, trusting, open, expressive, flowing, creative, all of that is now available to you because you've got some masculine energy in your business in a form other than YOU.

This is one of my favorite things to teach, and it comes up time and time and time again in my private coaching, in my mastermind containers. 

And so once a year, I bring all of it, both the intellectual concepts and the practical hands-on strategies and tactics, into a live program.

If you want to scale and you feel like you're bumping up against that energetic ceiling. 

If you want to bring in more money, and you can tell you're blocking it, but you don't know how.

If you imagine yourself truly having so many ways that money flows to you without you being the day laborer who's out there toiling for it. 

This is for you. 

This work has been the most incredible piece of my own journey, my own growth, not only in building the agency into seven figures but also then creating the energetic capacity in the time capacity to build a multi-six figure coaching business and to do all of that in 20 hours.

Because I want to be really present for my kids, and the only way that can happen is if I'm in my balanced masculine and feminine energy so that my businesses are set up in a way that allows for it and allows for time freedom.

I feel like I'm a living testimonial of this balance, and I invite you into it. Join me for Sacred Structure.


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