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This week on The Em Makes Money Show I'm joined by author and six-figure coach Pandora Paloma for an incredible interview talking about all things money, money wounds, using your voice, and what it really takes to step into being a thought leader.

Pandora sees her role as guiding spirited visionaries into multi-dimensional wealth at the place where strategy meets spirituality, and you know I love the intersection of strategy and woo-woo, so this conversation really dives into that space.

Here are a few key takeaways from this conversation:

1.) When it comes to visibility, it's all about discovering what works for you and refining things as you go.

Pandora supports women through different stages of building and growing their businesses
from early-stage to scaling to six figures and then six to multi-six figures. And what comes up for people as they build their visibility at those different stages of a business is different depending on the stage.

As Pandora explains it, in the beginning, there is often fear about what others will think of you and how you will be judged. You worry about how your friends, your family, and others will view you and your business.

Once you move through that, it's really about refining that message and becoming a thought leader. Putting yourself out there in ways that work for you.

And as you grow into six to multi-six figures, you begin to think even more expansively and consider things like building a legacy piece, like a book.

It's a beautiful journey, but it does look different at every stage. And this is 100% normal!

2.) Noticing your money patterns can help you identify your money stories and begin to shift your relationship with money.

As Pandora moved from the corporate world into freelance work and then into running her own business, there were patterns that emerged in her relationship to money.

One of the most predominant was how there was never enough money to cover things in advance, but things always worked out just in the nick of time (a classic symptom of the Disappearing Money Wound). There were times when she was worried that she would not be able to pay my mortgage... and then something would come in and land.

For her, this was a journey of building trust in the Universe.

But it also brought up stories about spending before the money had even arrived. Earmarking the money for things before she had even been paid.

And over time, as she identified these stories, she was able to shift things and create an intentional relationship with money.

She started building towards overflow versus spending right away. And she allowed herself to experience what it felt like to hold onto money which in turn enabled her to feel much safer.

This is money work at its finest. Noticing patterns like this opens the door and helps you identify your money wounds. From there, you can begin to shift your relationship with money and HEAL those wounds.

3.) You can use payment notifications as a reminder to pour into your relationship with money.

Pandora has such a simple yet powerful way to celebrate how she receives money in her business.

She gets daily notifications from Stripe each morning. And whether it's $1 or $1000, she takes time to really connect and savor the energy of money coming in and being in gratitude.

How fun is that? It's such an easy way to get into the feeling of receiving and circulating gratitude in your body.

This is an essential part of my practice as well. Giving myself the time and space to feel into the satisfaction, joy, excitement, or gratitude of a payment.

3) No matter what level of wealth you are at, there will still be times when money feels scary.

Similar to building your visibility, the challenges and blocks you encounter along the way are different at different levels. But they ARE STILL THERE.

For Pandora, she is no longer in the space of having just enough in the nick of time. But money still feels hard for her when she navigates the bigger stuff.

And the truth is, it just doesn't matter what level we're at. Each level can unlock different things, trigger different things, or make us feel a different way about money.

The important thing is knowing this doesn't mean that there's something wrong with you or that you haven't done the money work. It's all part of the journey.

And finally, it is ALL interconnected.

Pandora is just an incredible human, and our discussion really was such a great example of how it is all interconnected.

Visibility, power, wealth, and identity work are interlaced, and when you work on one, they all get better.

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