Episode 94: Honoring the Unfolding with Elvy Perez

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This week on The Em Makes Money show, I'm joined by Elvy Perez, a bespoke coach who tailors her approach to her clients based on their needs, helping them remove internal blocks to access their inner wisdom, joy, and freedom.

And I just love the idea that we have this inner mentor inside of us, that we already have all the wisdom, and that we just get to trust it and learn how to communicate with it and how to embody it more fully. And I think Elvy 💯% embodies this in our discussion.

So, here are the key lessons I took away from my conversation with Elvy:

1.) Your business gets to age gracefully as you age gracefully. 

It was so beautiful hearing about Elvy's journey. With so many iterations that reflected where and who she was at different points in her life, she went from a career in finance to beginning her own business as a Pilates instructor while her children were young. And then, she expanded into health and wellness coaching because it complimented Pilates so well, and using that health background, she eventually shifted her focus to supporting women transitioning into menopause because she understood what they were experiencing. Now she often works with empty nesters or women who are burnt out from the corporate world and ready to try something new. 

She is such a great example that your coaching practice and your business get to evolve as you evolve. And you can serve women that are going through similar life stages... no matter what that stage is.

2. Money will flow through the path of least resistance. Sometimes this may be your spouse, and that's okay.

It turns out Elvy's husband is also a business owner, and one of the ways that she feels she manifests is actually through his business!

I love this topic because often, women diminish themselves if their story is that most of the money from their household flows in through the spouse's business or the spouse's paycheck.

But it is really beautiful when we can reclaim our role in this. When we can recognize that having feminine energy helps amplify! 

The two energies can work beautifully TOGETHER.

Often in our own business, we have more stories around what it's going to take for a client to say yes, or a sale to happen. But for someone else, especially a partner you believe in and support, it's easier to feel as though they could just drop it out of the sky. 

This means your partner can become the path of least resistance for 💵.

How beautiful is that?

3. Sometimes, you need to examine your beliefs and just call bullshit on them in order for things to shift. 

Noticing and examining those things that are holding you back is the first step. 

And once you do that, you may be able to shift by simply figuring out what is true and what isn't.

For Elvy, she overcame some of her limiting beliefs around money by learning more, beginning to embody all that she learned, and surrounding herself with people with expansive mindsets, 

And eventually, she reached the point where she KNEW, "this is just bullshit. This is not true."

Elvy really was a blast to talk to and is just an amazing example of what can happen when we evolve as a person and business owner and are really ready to claim all that we are in ways that can light us up.

Give the full episode a listen.

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