Episode 91: January Celebrations and Stretches

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This week on The Em Makes Money Show, I'm popping in to share my January recap!


I don't know about you, but I felt January just flew by. But, when I actually sat back and took a look at some of the highlights and lowlights, it definitely held a lot in one month.

In this episode, I talk about:

  • Rolling into January as a bit of a rag-tag, sick crew family -- with a 10-day stretch of Jeff and I not sleeping well and feeling our best
  • How I tried to end my relationship with an agency where I had a bad client experience... and how they chose to react. This one is so juicy I may just record a full episode to spill the tea completely!
  • How things went after I returned home from a retreat in Miami with no voice and some BIG insights that I was actually afraid to share with my husband
  • What it's like to navigate disappointment as a coach and business owner when someone expresses interest and then they don't join
  • How I fell in LOVE with TikTok and how my overall content creation process has felt super supportive lately
  • My commitment to myself and my willingness to try something new and how that led to hair extensions and, thanks to pilates, a bigger booty!
  • How I got to see Abraham Hicks in person, and that led me to go viral on TikTok, leading to thousands of new followers!

And, of course, I also dig into all the money details! January was a $92,000 cash month for the agency and my coaching business combined!

Truthfully, I think January can be a tricky month because we often put a lot of expectations on it by setting new resolutions or hoping to see a big energy shift. And if it doesn't happen or if we don't hit our financial goal in month one, then it's easy to start renegotiating with ourselves or feeling disappointed about the year.

And, if you resonate with that, try to remember, it was only the first 31 days. There are still 334 days to go! It's okay. There are going to be up months and down months, low months, and high months in any rolling 12-month period.

We just have to zoom out because when the snapshot looks too small, then we make meaning where there doesn't need to be meaning.

But, for this episode, we are zooming in and looking just at the month of January.

To start things off from a stretchy perspective, we rolled into the month as a rag-tag, sick crew family. We just were passing around this crud that was pretty relentless. It never got horrible, but it also just wouldn't go away. And there was about a 10-day stretch where Jeff and I would feel fine during the day, and then we'd get a sore throat at night, and we wouldn't get a great night's sleep. Talk about an energy depleter!

I had entered a couple of agency relationships and was having a bad client experience. So with one of them, I reached out to say, "Hey, I really don't think this is working. Can we work something out?" I even asked if I could buy myself out of the agreement. And I never heard anything back.

In the meantime, I updated my business credit card with my bank. And when the next payment for the agency didn't go through, I started getting nasty messages with legal threats via email.

It's pretty fascinating, isn't it? I had written a really heartfelt email with potential solutions, and they didn't care to respond at all.

But the moment the payment was declined, which can happen for so many reasons (a new card number, etc.), the response was threats of legal action. Forget being polite and assuming that it was an oversight.

Now I may actually record a whole episode on this because I feel like there's a lot to unpack, and I honestly kind of want to spill the tea here because I think there could be some good learnings in there.

We also had some good friends going through a significant challenge in their marriage and navigating a separation.

We ended up having one of them stay with us and are so happy to be a soft place to land for them. Still, with that said, we're all energetic creatures, and adding new energy into the household, particularly when it's someone who's moving through a lot of grief and sadness, just made it challenging and an extra energetic drain on the month.

Lastly, I had to navigate a little bit of disappointment with a couple of women who had really expressed significant interest in joining my Fruition Mastermind. Interestingly, both of them reached out, and it turned out to be a communication snafu that was divinely guided (as it always is).

I think this disappointment doesn't get talked about enough.

It happens even in feminine energy sales, where I want women to come in of their own volition. I want their sacred, yes. I want their regulated nervous system, yes. And although I would never do anything manipulative or pushy, it doesn't mean that I don't feel disappointed when there's a woman who expresses interest, who I know would be such a perfect fit for a container, and she doesn't join. AND I know every other coach feels that way too.

Now, what about celebrations for January?

First of all, I have fallen in love with TikTok.

I never thought I would say those words. I never thought it was a channel that I would be on. I never was on it as a consumer, but I have fallen so hard for this channel. I love it so much, and I have gone viral, which is so wild!

It's just been really incredible to see the power of this channel. And it's just really, really fun.

I'm now at the point where my TikTok has surpassed the number of followers that I have on Instagram. I've been working on Instagram for two years! I am a new kid on the block with TikTok.

So that's been super duper fun, and it's a reminder to follow those intuitive nudges and try new things.

I've also really been feeling my own power and cultivating some new beliefs around that pretty effortlessly. Even if I'm not showing up in places all the time (meaning online), it doesn't matter because when I do show up, there's such a potency in my energy that people feel very magnetized. They want to read and consume what I'm sharing, they want to join my offers, and they want to be a part of everything that I'm doing.

It just feels so good to be so anchored into that belief.

This leads me to my content creation, which has also been feeling effortless in a way I have not experienced before.

And it's interesting because it's also been paired with a month where my schedule has felt much more full from the agency perspective. So I just haven't had time to overthink content, plan out content, or do anything spectacular with content.

But what I have done is just shown up in my potency and in my authenticity, and with whatever feels real and whatever I have time to create. And it's really worked!

January has been full of all the kids' activities. And I mean all the activities. We have violin, both kids are now in Jiu-Jitsu, Faye is doing softball, and JJ is doing winter soccer. Faye is also playing basketball, and JJ is about to start tee-ball. So every weekday afternoon has activities, and there are multiple activities on each weekend day. And yes, it's really full, but Jeff and I love it. We were intentional about it. We knew what we were getting into, and it's just been so fun.

It's been so fun being in this season and really rolling up our sleeves and being super involved and hands-on with all the things that our kids are doing.

And then, honestly, going to Miami for a retreat with a mastermind I'm in was such a gift, a celebration, and a stretch just in the most beautiful, beautiful way.

It was my first time meeting three of the women in person, and we got a gorgeous penthouse in Hollywood, Florida, on the 41st floor, with wraparound, incredible unobstructed ocean views, and a private beach club that we could use.

Now I lost my voice for the entire retreat. But, even without a voice, it was such a special time. It was challenging but also so divinely guided as an opportunity to listen more, let my energy lead, and be more in my presence.

I ended up having just such a profound cracking open, and I really needed those women to be supporting me. They helped me see what I couldn't see about my vision and the ways that I want to feel financially supported, the things that I want to let go of, the ways in which I want to show up more all in for this coaching business.

It feels like my soul mission, my life's work. And it's not always getting as much attention as I really would like it to get and as it should get. It's really asking for some rebalancing, and I couldn't see it until other people saw it and showed it to me.

We all need those people in our lives that can reflect back to us and show us what we can't see on our own.

The retreat really helped me gain clarity around going all in on my coaching business and what needs to change in order for that to happen. And I think I was scared to say it and feel how much I wanted it because I was scared it wouldn't happen.

And as much as I wanted to let go of some of the financial responsibility for the agency, it felt that I would be putting more on my husband's shoulders and that that might be creating conflict in a way that I didn't want to create.

Nevertheless, the desire is there, and you can't unsee it once you've seen it. So I was super grateful for the opportunity to get that clarity.

I came home just feeling resolute, feeling lit up, and it all ended up unfolding in such a beautiful way. I didn't talk to Jeff right away because I didn't have my voice, and I was also just sitting with it.

But after about a week and some powerful energy healing from a friend, I just mentioned to Jeff that I really would love to go all in on my coaching business. That I believe there's so much more financial potential, and there's so much more that I could be doing that I just can't right now because my schedule's not as freed up.

And he was like, "I would love to support you in that. Yeah, let's make that happen!"

It was such a good reminder of leading with feminine desire. I wasn't like, "I want to get out of Eelevate, and Elevate is sucking all my time."

I just shared my desire, and the divine masculine through my husband stepped up to say, "Yes! How do we make that happen? I want to be a part of making that happen."

So he started talking to me about timelines, how we can do it, and how he's happy to start taking on the sales calls at the agency.

I felt so loved and supported at that moment, and it was a reminder that we don't have to rush these conversations.

When we let the energy lead and we trust in our desire. Doors open, and things unfold in really beautiful and aligned ways.

I'm also celebrating myself and my willingness to try something new! I actually got getting hair extensions in January!

It was something I really wanted to try, and I'm absolutely loving them!

I'm also celebrating that my booty is getting bigger!🍑

This one is so exciting because it has challenged and broken down every limiting belief I've ever had about my body. I feel it's just unlocked this whole new world of possibilities, not just regarding my body... but everything!

There has just been so much abundance in January, including seeing Abraham Hicks in person for a four-hour workshop. I just feel so much gratitude for the incredible gift of those teachings and how pivotal they have been in my life.

And when I shared my seven top takeaways from seeing Abraham Hicks, that video went viral on TikTok. It's now got almost 51,000 views, and it's brought in thousands of followers.

And, of course, I ALSO talk about money for January. The agency collected $69,690, and my coaching business collected $22,952 for a total of $92,642 cash.

And to top it off, both businesses are getting more and more profitable, which is exciting!


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