Episode 68: August Celebrations & Stretches

Join Emily as she recaps her August. Find out how she used the slow time of the year to work on her inner child, celebrate her kids' milestones and add some more money channels.

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I think that's true for a lot of us that we when we're prioritizing our family, we can sometimes then use the measuring stick of money to be like, ugh. Yeah, but the business isn't going that well. And then when we're prioritizing the business, we can sometimes beat ourselves up using the measuring stick of family and being like, yeah, the business is going well, but gosh, I'm not spending enough time with my family and my kids.

And that's no way to live. It's really no way to live. Of course, we can have both.

Hello, beautiful souls. Today's episode is so, so good. And before we jump in, I have some exciting news to share. If you've ever wondered where you're blocking money. This is for you. I've created a free quiz to diagnose your money wounds so you can heal them and unblock yourself to receive more money.

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Hello and welcome back to the M makes money show. I can't believe that it is Friday, September 2nd, at the time that I'm recording this and that I'm gonna be sharing with you all of the celebrations and stretches from August. It definitely feels like time is flying. If I'm being honest, I'm so glad that I take notes throughout the month as to what happened, what I'm celebrating, and what felt stretchy.

I would not be able to recall any of it, like right now, when I think about last month, I'm like, I don't know. It feels like a blur. I know we went to Tahoe and the kids started school and yeah, that's about it. Thankfully, I've got my notes so that we can fill in the gaps and it's something that I highly recommend and encourage because when we're time vending. And there's a lot that we're able to accomplish in 30 days, there's a lot that we get to experience and feel and be in 30. But when we don't write it down, we may forget it. And then all of a sudden it feels like the time is just flying and where has it all gone? And so I'm really grateful to have a written record of that.

It definitely feels like we're going downhill to the end of the year. It's crazy that there's only four months left. For me this time of year feels a little bit the new year sort of energy, where the kids are back to school. And I get to invite myself into a new work routine.  And there was also a new moon in Virgo.

If you know anything about Virgo, "it's very get shit done." It's like an organized scheduled kind of energy. And so I've also just been tapped into that. It's come at a great time to say like, okay, there are four months left in the year. There's plenty of time. And now my kids are back in school. What do I really want to focus on and how can I invite in some sexy divine masculine structure to support me in this?

So that's kind of where my head is at. If you're watching this on YouTube, you will see that all the pretty decorations that I have behind me at my desk are swaying to and fro that's because we're going through a crazy heat wave here in Los Angeles. And. My home, like many, many homes in the south bay does not have air conditioning.

It's normally such a temperate climate. And so the one weekend out of the year where we're all dying and wanting to just jump in the pool every 10 minutes. So I brought a fan from the bedroom into my office and I have it pointed at me so that I'm staying nice and cool during the work day. So some highlights from August and I'll kind of jump back and forth between the celebrations and the stretches.

So one of the things I'm celebrating is that I closed my free Facebook group. It had almost 300 people in it, but it frankly was a dead group. I wasn't feeling inspired to post in there. And I think because of the way that the Facebook algorithm is, it's not like anyone else was really seeing it or engaging with it or interacting.

But I think sometimes we do get a little scarcity around like, What if I closed this group and then I wish I had it back? And what if those 300 people, and it just felt good to be in my power and say, Hm, that's just not the space that I'm gonna connect with these people. So I invited them to join me in a telegram channel.

That's an open invitation for everyone listening as well. You can click the link in the show notes. Now I'm not super active in the telegram channel either, but truth to be told, it is an easier place for me to go. beause I can just leave a voice note or I can just drop a picture in there and I know that you get to see it.

I put a poll in there about where I should host my next retreat. Som It is a nice little way to connect and I've had, gosh, I think like 80 people actually join me in that telegram group. So I'm really just grateful that I've built an audience of incredible people, mostly women who just wanna be connected and don't really care where that connection happens, but are willing to follow me around the internet, into various apps and everything.

It's not something that I take for granted because I remember not too long ago, feeling like I had zero audience. And so even in the closing of a group, there's so much to celebrate. I also met with a data scientist in August, and this is really exciting because it's actually something that I think I must have said something about in a podcast episode at some point.

And then she reached out to me and she's like, "Hey, I'm in your community. And I love what you're doing. I heard you say something about wanting to work with a data scientist, to understand and extrapolate further insights from the money wounds quiz. And I'd love to be a part of that." So that felt like a really cool manifestation. And she gave me some really great insights into some ways that we can even enhance the money wounds quiz to be able to draw more conclusions out of it. For me personally, which I'll use in a book at some point, but also to be able to give more of that data back to you so that when you take the quiz, you'll get even more insights into your money wounds and how they're playing together and what it all means.

So we had some fun camps that my kids were in, in August, a great soccer camp. And a horse camp and a ninja camp. I swear if I could have traded lives with my kids this summer. I don't know about the rest of you, but I grew up in rural Michigan. So I don't know if these amazing camps existed in other places and just not where I lived, but these were not options in the summer.

You were just bored, hanging out at home mostly, or just going to a babysitter and I remember going to one summer camp that was through four H and, oh my gosh, it was like the hottest week ever. And I was excited to be there cuz they had horses and I was all about that. And then couldn't even ride the horses cuz it was so hot and you'd try to go to sleep at night and all you would hear is just mosquitoes buzzing around you and biting you.

And it was not my favorite experience. Now I did go to day camp, horse camp every summer, which was super fun. because you brought your own horse and we had to take care of our horses. We did all the monkeying out of the stalls and all of the feeding and we got to like decorate the stall door and there would be contests for the best decorations.

And like there'd be a talent show. So I have such great memories of that. And it also makes me kind of laugh what my child's version of horse camp is, which is learning a few basic grooming things, but basically the horse is prepared for you and you are just punked down into the saddle and you're not allowed to do anything other than walk.

And it costs $500 for nine to 12. Tuesday to Friday, not even a full week, three hours a day, only four days a week, $500. And you don't even learn how to get your horse ready and you don't do anything other than walk. And I'm like, yeah, at your age, I was like filling buckets of water and trying to figure out how to drag it along the ground because  it was so heavy and I couldn't lift it and I was bucking stalls and everything else. But nevertheless, I chose my to raise my kids in Los Angeles. So little different vibe than rural Michigan where I grew. We went on vacation to Tahoe, which is such a gorgeous location up in Northern California slash Northern Nevada, and really got to enjoy much better weather.

This year, we went to almost the exact same spot last summer, but there had been fires nearby recently and the air quality was atrocious. It smelled like you were inhaling a campfire. At all times the air quality scores were really poor. We wanted to work out and I was like kind of afraid to even work out outside because I didn't wanna be getting all of those particulates into my lungs.

I don't know why. I didn't think to wear an N-95 mask that would've been the smart thing to do, but you couldn't even see across the lake, which is a bummer because if you've ever seen pictures of lake Tahoe or you've been. It's so beautiful, cuz it's this massive, beautiful turquoise blue lake surrounded by mountains and pine trees. Typically you can see across it and there's like beautiful sunsets, but last year it felt like we were on Mars. It was like the sun. You could only see it through this crazy haze. And so it looked like this weird orange color. It was not ideal. So I was very grateful to have beautiful weather in Tahoe this year and just experienced my kids being a little older and more independent JJs, such a great swimmer now.

There was lots that they were able to do activity-wise. One day we rented a pontoon boat and a captain to go with it. And so we got to explore other parts of the lake and it was a double Decker pontoon boat. So there was a slide from the top floor out into the water. So we had fun with that as well.

I'm gonna jump down to some of the stretches from August, and there really is a big stretch from August. You're gonna notice me navigating it carefully from a language perspective. And the reason for that is because this stretch doesn't just involve me. And so while I like being an open book on social media and on the podcast, it's important for me that if I'm referencing other things that involve other people that I'm honoring of their desire, perhaps for privacy.

So one of the things that happened in August was a real triggering and emergence of a pattern that has in my view, been problematic with another person in my life that I've been in relationship with for a long time. And what I have typically done is occasionally addressed the issue in the moment, but then kind of let things go, as things have felt better.

But not necessarily been willing to really address the overarching pattern in the times that things are feeling good in this relationship. I hope that makes sense. So what happened this time is that. In the height of my trigger and feeling really sad and lonely and discouraged and frustrated by this issue.

I had a mastermind call. So shout out to the power of masterminds. And gosh, I could go on a whole riff about just the value of putting yourself in long-term containers and intimate containers where you feel really safe and held over time. Because it is really hard to bring up super vulnerable, tender things, even when that's in place.

So if it's not in place, forget about it. It happened that we had a mastermind call. . And the other interesting thing is that this mastermind that I'm in there are certain weeks where there's 20 minutes dedicated to me and my heart seat coaching. And for me to share whatever is going on. And so at first I was like, oh, there's nothing really to share.

I would never have raised my hand and said, I have something I want some coaching had we not had this structure in place because I was sort of looking at it through the business lens. And there just was not anything on top that felt I wanted help or support with it from the business. But because I had this 20 minutes already dedicated to me, I just tapped in.

I closed my eye and I could feel what wanted to come forward, which was this pattern from this relationship. And so, although I had a lot of resistance to sharing it because it felt so tender and vulnerable, I just shared, and I like totally cried my way through it. And the other women were absolutely incredible in their love and care and support and just honoring of this.

One of the things that came out of it for me was that I actually really wanted to find a therapist and get some support that could persist beyond the finite amount of time where I was feeling triggered because I wanted to break the pattern. Only being annoyed that the roof is leaking when it's raining, but then you can't patch the roof while it's raining.

And then when it's not raining, there's no reason to patch the roof. That felt like the way that I was handling this issue. And I really wanted to interrupt that pattern. And I believe that when we say that we're ready for an up level and we're ready to step into new levels of wealth and leadership and growth and business and personal power universe is going to reveal to us.

The places where we are not in alignment with that, because if we were a full, energetic match for it, we'd already have. So when we're saying that we want something, we have to move into energetic alignment, which really means often doing some cleanup work on the places where we're not in energetic alignment.

And so I felt like this was revealed to me as like, okay, here's something for you to take a look at and I will tell you it felt inconvenient. Afaf I didn't wanna do it. I could notice all of my re. and whenever there's like that level of resistance, you can bet that there's so much transformation available on the other side.

So I just leaned in, leaned into the support, hired a therapist who I've now been working with for a few weeks. And it's really been fascinating because it's like, you think the issue is one thing, and then you get someone to help show you and notice the things that you can't see. and we've been able to just look at some familial patterns and look at some stuff with my inner child and just see where all of that is showing up still today.

And I do believe that this issue is not just me, that there is a piece for the other person as well. There's something that feels so good about saying, you know what? I first just wanna take ownership of my part, my piece in this because if I'm feeling so highly triggered, there's something here for me.

And so it's honestly been a gift to really take a look at it. Although it's been so stretchy. The other thing that has felt like a stretch or a struggle or whatever you wanna call it in August is just feeling the business has been a little bit stagnant. And of course, if I look at the fact like, well, I was on vacation a lot and I was moving a lot.

And like, that was my priority over the summer. And so I wasn't showing up and launching new programs and really showcasing my business and focusing on content creation. I was doing some of that, but it was not the primary focus. And so I can also take radical personal responsibility for the fact that yeah, maybe things did feel a little stagnant or a little slower, and you sort of chose that with your actions, but I just wanna share that here because.

I think that's true for a lot of us that we, when we're prioritizing our family, we can sometimes then use the measuring stick of money to be like, Ugh. Yeah. But the business isn't going that well. and then when we're prioritizing the business, we can sometimes beat ourselves up using the measuring stick of family and being like, yeah, the business is going well, but gosh, I'm not spending enough time with my family and my kids.

And that's no way to live. It's really no way to live. And of course, we can have both, like, we'll have those seasons where it just feels like we're crushing it with money. The business is going amazing. And we have the perfect balance of time with our spouse and our kids and everything, but often.

Particularly, if that's been an old pattern of like not good enoughness or worthy unworthiness, we will weaponize these metrics against ourselves. And so I just wanna share that because I did notice a little bit of that with myself, which is like, yeah, yeah, yeah. That's so great that you're on vacation and that you're spending a lot of time with your kids and that you're doing camp drop offs and pickups.

What about growing your business, your business hasn't been growing well, that little inner mean girl voice is just trying to weaponize business growth against me and I'm just not here for it. Okay. So those were the stretches. I definitely have a few more celebrations. So Jeff and I invested in a new company that felt really fun.

I have been so lit up by more passive. Income streams and just adding more money channels that don't require a lot of my time. So it felt really fun to invest in a new company. And who knows, we'll see where that takes us. I did have several new women join money, wound medicine in August. So here I am going.

Wow. Wow. Wow. The business is relatively flat. And of course, if I look at other metrics, it's like, oh my gosh, I think it was like three new women. Join money, wound medicine without any promotion from me. And like what a gift. What a gift that is, I'm so excited for them. I'm so excited for me. Faye also flew to Michigan by herself.

So once your kids are seven, they can do the unaccompanied minor program, which is where you get to walk them all the way to the gate. And then there's a flight attendant assigned to them that takes them onto the plane. They get special seating. The flight attendant checks on them during the flight. And then there's an adult.

Who's picking them up, waiting at the gate, right when they get off the plane. So she flew to Michigan to visit with my mother-in-law and boy, did that feel like a milestone and also for Jeff and I. It definitely was like walking ourselves through our own anxiety and also just really trusting and really trusting that Faye wanted to do it and that she was capable and that it was all gonna go well.

And it did. So what a freaking milestone. I have a kid old enough that she flew on an airplane by herself. What in the actual, oh my gosh. I read so much great fiction in August. I just dove into so many delicious books and allowed myself to get lost in those storylines. And there is nothing better than a great piece of fiction.

On the beach in the summer, I will fight you if you disagree with me on that. So I recently just launched a merge, which is a popup mastermind that's happening between now and the end of the year. So that felt so good to get back into the launch energy after not really launching a whole lot over the summer.

I also hired an incredible spiritual bookkeeper for my coaching business. So, of course, we've got bookkeepers for the agency and the eCommerce business and everything, but I was desiring a little more financial team support in my coaching business because it's grown so much and oh my gosh, I found the most incredible woman and.

She's so spiritual. She uses crystals and she's got money, mantras and rituals that she does to help infuse the back end of my business and my money with just extra energetic ju. How incredible is that? And I really believe thats part of our emergence into the 5g and beyond is just having people in every type of industry.

That are keyed into the spirituality and energetics of their profession. And they offer that as a gift and as part of the service, and perhaps people have been doing this more quietly or hush hush in the past. But I love that now. It's like, I'm a spiritual bookkeeper and I do money rituals and I infuse all of the money practices with crystals and energetics and mantras.

And for someone like me, that feels like such an easy thing to say yes to like, I really desire that. Lastly, my kids started back in school and both of them are absolutely loving it. Faye just loves her teacher. It's so interesting to see her now that she's been at the school for a year, just feeling so confident and like stepping into more leadership.

It's been really beautiful to witness. And every day she just comes home and says that she had the best day ever. So I'm super grateful for incredible schools and incredible teachers. And with JJ J's preschool, like there is no bill that I'm happier to pay. I'm so, so, so grateful to have that. Okay, so we're gonna wrap up with the money.

So for August, the eCommerce business that is winding down did 2,384. The agency, these are not final numbers, but close enough, 76, 1 0 6. And the coaching business did 11,872 for a grand total of $90,362 in. August. So grateful over the summer that I have businesses that primarily operate on recurring revenue.

I can't tell you how much groundedness safety, and security, stability that gives me and us, our family to really be free to make decisions based on fun and play and pleasure. and not be making decisions based on how do we create new money right now, such a gift, highly recommend. And if you feel like you want some support on that, like if you have a good business, but you wanna take it to the next level or you wanna change your relationship with money so that you don't feel like you're working so hard for it, or you feel more like your business is supporting you, instead of you supporting yours.

That is the stuff that I work with my clients with all the time. And that usually happens in the becoming mastermind or in one-to-one. So these are for women that have a seven-figure vision that have businesses that are off the ground that are making money and they just want to scale and amplify that, but do it in a way that really honors feminine energy so that there is a lot of fun in play and support.

And. Not just, how do I make a million dollars as fast as possible by treating myself like a workhorse? So if that's the vibe that you're looking for, I definitely invite you to slide into my DMS and see if either of those containers are a fit for you with that. Thank you so much for listening. I so, so, so appreciate it.

Your support of this podcast means the world to me. When you guys slide into the DMS and tell me about the ways that you listen to how much you like it, which episodes have meant the most to you. It just absolutely makes my day. So I just hope that you can feel my heartfelt gratitude to you. And I can't wait to talk to you again soon. Bye.

Thank you so much for tuning into today's show. Before you go. I have something fun to share. Now when you leave a review of the podcast on Apple, Spotify, or YouTube, take a quick screenshot and send it to hi@emilywiltalk.com. You'll be entered into a drawing to win a free one-on-one boxer coaching day with me and you help the show reach more new listeners, such a win-win. I also invite you to follow me on Instagram at Em Makes Money and to jump into my free telegram community, The Money Club, which is linked in the show notes.  Until next time. I'm sending you all the magic money vibes.


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