Episode 61: Deconditioning Hard Money - Especially for HD Projectors with Michelle Smith

Michelle is a 3/5 emotional projector. She uses her intuitive gift to reintroduce you to your highest self and help you unlock her with your human.

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Michelle: I am so happy now, three years since my experiment that I finally feel like I'm getting to a place where I'm making the most money I ever have in my entire life. And I probably work the least I ever have, aside from when I was like a child

Emily: Yes, that's amazing. So where the story kind of left off, you're working the day job? You've got the online fitness studio and you're over here studying human design.

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Hello, and welcome back to the Em Makes Money Show. I am so excited to be joined here today by my friend, Michelle Smith. She is a three, five emotional projector, enneagram nine, astrology, airy sun, cancer rising, Capricorn moon, and she uses her intuitive gift to reintroduce you to your highest self and help you unlock her with your human design. So Michelle, thank you so much for being here and welcome to the show.

Michelle: Thank you so much for having me. I'm really excited to be here. 

Emily: And I love that you just know your people. And so you're like, I am just gonna lead with all the dates. Here's my whole astrological chart. Here's my exact birthday and time. 

Michelle: Pretty much. I should just start putting my birthday and birth time and birthplace and my bio. So everyone can see if they wanna vibe with me or not.  

Emily: Right. Just go look up my chart. 

Michelle: Exactly.

Emily: So, did you just get into all of this, like as a personal curiosity and then turned business, or how did it all work for you? 

Michelle: It's actually really funny. I, for the people who do know about human design, I have an undefined G center. So it's not super surprising that I feel like I've lived many different lives and had a lot of different versions of myself. So, the past life Michelle, early twenties in college, actually was not spiritual at all. And I always joke that my 24-year-old self, so I'm 30 today. My 24-year-old self would probably think I'm a lunatic and like, not even want to associate with me with all of the card pulling and the crystals and the woo-woo talk that I have. And I was going to school for molecular biology. So I was very science. I actually have my master's in molecular biology and I was so in my, not self, I was so just stuck in the rat wheel of life is what I call it. Just go to high school, graduate, go to college graduate. So I just kind of was like living life for the weekends.

I was hanging out with friends. I feel like I lived, a very surfaced level, I didn't wanna confront anything. I didn't really know who I was. I was just really living it day by day, doing what all my friends were doing and I was not unhappy, but looking back, I feel so much happier now that it's like, wow! but the biggest shift came in 2019. I had just gotten my first salary job, as like a big girl. I was like, I'm an adult now. I have a salary position job. And my husband got a job offer to move across the country. So we lived in Wisconsin at the time and he got a job opportunity in Florida and we both were raised in our hometown. So we're high school sweethearts, my husband and I.

So we were like raised in the town. We grew up in and we had been there our whole lives. We had our group of friends that we hung out with all the time. Our families were there. So it was a really big decision, but we decided to go for it. And we figured, okay, well, I can always move back home if we need to. And I had just started working at that job for six months and I was telling them that I was leaving. So I kind of felt a little frazzled of like, how am I gonna make money when I move? I don't know what I'm gonna do, but they decided to keep me on and they let me work remotely from Florida. So I've been working remotely since 2019, but once we moved here, it was like, my life just came to a crashing halt. Right? Because I was a fitness instructor back home. And like I said, I had my friends and family. 

So I felt like my life was always like doing, I was Aussie. And then when I moved, I didn't have anyone. My husband was gone all day. I was literally working from home for the first time in my life. I was spending more time alone than I ever have. And it felt so uncomfortable. I was that person who was always around other people. I was always social. I never spent time with myself. So I decided to start a business. I was like, okay, well I did group fitness back home. I'm just gonna do it online. Cause my studio wants me to still do some classes.

So then, I got my personal trainer certification and I went right into being like a health and fitness coach. And that's what really introduced me to the self-development world. And then that's kind of where in late 2019, I came across human design randomly from coach online and I looked it up and I hated it. It's funny cause I actually hated it. I found out I was a projector.

Emily: I didn't think most projectors have that reaction where they're like, no, no, no, this cannot be.

Michelle: I would agree. I think most projectors when they first find out that their projector are like, no, this sucks. I'm a manifesting generator. I remember looking up the types before to see which one I wanted to be. And I wanted to be a manifesting generator. And that was the one I mentally resonated with the most. So, I was like, this is gonna be me. And no, I was a projector and I was like, okay. It felt like a slap in the face kind of thing. And I studied it for a year, so I studied human design for a year behind the scenes while I built a health and fitness business completely out of alignment.

I was doing so much strategy. I didn't do any inner work. I was working 40 hours a week in my remote position and then 20 plus hours a week in my business, because that's what I, that was the mentality I had that I had to work really hard. That hard money wound you talk about. I definitely had that where I was go all in. And I was raised by a single father who is a manifesting generator, so it doesn't surprise me as well. That's what I thought in that this go, go, go do, do, do mentality was what I was raised with. And that's what I saw as well. You would work 60, 70 hours a week so that my mom could stay home to take care of us. As like me and my siblings were a lot younger.

So it was a huge identity crisis to say this workaholic that I have cherished, cause that let's be honest. I valued that I thought it was a good trait. I've always been told I was a hard worker. I always did when needed to be done. It was constantly praised that I was the one who would always show up and I was loyal and I was that one who got the promotion. Cause I went above and beyond and came in when I was off and all of that so.

Emily: For everyone listening please tell me that all the Midwestern people are nodding along because I grew up in Michigan. I'm glad that my ears weren't failing me. Cause I knew you lived in Florida, but I'm like, I hear a Midwestern accent.

Michelle: Yes.

Emily: It's already if you grow up in the United States, you are sort of conditioned to be a generator manifesting generator. And then that Midwestern work ethic and ideal is like very much praised and ingrained into us.

Michelle: A hundred percent. It just felt like there was literally no other option to other than to work hard. And if you didn't, oh my God. God forbid that you take unemployment or God forbid that you take days off. I remember just to kind of give perspective for this. I remember at one time when I was dating my husband in college, we had this huge fight. We had broke up. I was like, this is it. We thought, of course my like 19 year old self was like, this is it, like it's totally done so dramatic. And I skipped class for school that day. And my father was so upset that I skipped class. To just sit in my room and cry and listen to music and be mopy and upset. Cause he was like, you're gonna throw your whole future away because of this stupid boy. That's just like one small glimpse of like the conditioning. From my family, which I know is probably very common across.

Emily: I mean, I don't know how you feel going back now, but when Jeff and I go back to Michigan, there are hard people in the sense that if your car is covered in three feet of snow, then you just fucking uncover it. You just spend 20 minutes, 30 minutes scraping off your car, getting all the snow off. You might need to shovel a path to get your car and then you go to work. And in Southern California, when it rains six days a year, we don't leave the house. We're just like, like we know we could, but why like, why suffer unnecessarily? But that is not the Midwestern way.

Michelle: Totally. I'm so glad that you resonate with this because we talk about this, Scott, my husband and I all the time, like since moving to Florida, I don't know if it's cause it's sunny, cause it's warm. If it's just a Southern mentality, that's completely different than up north. But people are just genuinely happier here. People are just nicer. They are, we call it that like Southern time mentality. They just have like a different view of time.

So they will chat with you and they take their time and they don't push their limit where I'm from, like the Chicago area in Wisconsin, like an hour outside of Chicago. And it's just like, if you're not hustling hard, working hard, going fast, doing as much as you can as quickly as possible. It's like, you're a POS. And it's just, I'm so glad you resonate. Cause as a projector, let me tell you thats completely warped my ideals of work and completely warped my ideals of money because I really genuinely believed that the only way to make more money and to have a lot of money was to literally burn myself out. And it was a repetitive cycle that I lived in for years. And I am so happy now, three years into my experiment that I finally feel like I'm getting to a place where I'm making the most money I ever have in my entire life. And I probably work the least I ever have, aside from when I was like a child.  

Emily: Yes, that's amazing. So where the story kind of left off, you're working the day job. You've got the online fitness studio and you're over here studying human design WTF. What does it mean to actually live as a projector? 

Michelle: Yes. So I am studying it, literally living, breathing human design, but it's so funny cause you would never have known cause I didn't ever talk about it at all. I think I was really just trying to figure out what it meant for me. And then October, 2020 was really the pivotal point. I had joined, I had hired a coach to work with on strategy. I was now 10 months into my online coaching business and we were buying our first home. So my husband and I were moving in, we were closing and my stress was at a all time high.

These 60, 70 hour weeks I was working were just not sustainable with trying to move. And with trying to close on a house.  and it was our first time buying a home. So I think that that's just stressful in and of itself. So I decided that was when I said, you know what? This whole human design thing tells me I'm supposed to rest more.

And that's how I'll be more effective and productive. Even though my ego was like, that makes zero logical sense. So, no, and that's probably what stopped me from doing it for a year, but I'd said what's there to lose. I'm stressed out the gill I might as well just give it a shot. So I, instead of working 60 hour weeks, I probably only worked 40.

So I was still cutting back, still working a lot, but less than I had been. And that was the first time I hit four figures in one month for my business. And I nearly crapped my pants, cause I was like, wait, I have worked like nothing. How did all this money come in? So I pushed the limits in November and December of that year and my money just continued to grow and stay sustainable. So that was kind of when it clicked after about three full months of me pulling back even more and just decorating my home, spending time with my husband, cause let me tell you the amount of fights he men I used to get into because I would literally work all day on my computer and then just live in my office. And he'd come in and be like, are you gonna come out and hang out with me anytime? And I think back too, like I was so focused.

I never once thought about how alone he must have felt coming home and his wife's locked away and he is like, I'm transitioning into this new life too. You're the only person I know. And you don't even wanna hang out with me. You just wanna work in your business all day. But so, December of 2020, I said, I need people to know about this. I need people to realize that this hustle and this grind, there's a different way. In aligning to your design really does make a difference. So then boom, I transitioned in 2021 and my business has only boomed and gone up since.

Emily: That's amazing. And so now you are still working the day job, right? But your business has transitioned to really focusing on human design and specifically human design projectors, right?

Michelle: So a lot of my content is focused on projectors simply because I understand you as a projector a lot deeper. Than I can, the other types simply because they are not my living breathing embodiment, but I do share a lot of information cause just as a projector naturally, we're, we're good at seeing how people can live their life better or do things better. Specifically my design and what I have within me.

So I, I do work with like manifesting generators and I do work with other types, but right now I've been focusing a lot on the projector type, because I feel like the content right now that I've been seeing is so unempowering for a projector that I'm just tired of hearing that we need to take naps all day and just like sit in the corner and wait for people to approach us. Cause that's just like, not how it really works. So I wanna empower the projector to feel like they're not less than because they're not a manifestor or a manifesting generator. 

Emily: I love that. I sort of feel like human design is going through sort of a similar thing that enneagram went through where it was, enneagram was so interesting. And then you would start to see memes that were sort of. Almost like a permission slip to be an unhealthy version of your number, you know, like enneagram three and it would be like.

Michelle: Whatever.

Emily: All of these sorts of excuses because I'm in enneagram three. Is that really what this tool is meant for? I don't think so. And it sort of feels human design is having its own little season of that too, where people are trying to sort of oversimplify it so that it's like this easy shareable, digestible content online. But in that oversimplification, it's like as an MG, I'm supposed to just identify with, like shiny object syndrome and, don't hold, don't get mad at me if I cancel last minute. I mean, is that really the take home message for the manifesting generator. Is the take home message for the projector. Take a lot of naps and just sit back and wait for somebody to come find you in your corner and ask you to come play. 

Michelle: Literally, I love that analogy cause I think it's very true. I think although I get out of my bubble and I know human design in general is not very popular. I could go walk around my neighborhood and probably no one would know what the hell I'm talking about. But I definitely think like in my bubble of the online space, it is definitely getting a lot more popular. And I think that, that's a beautiful system that, that changed my life and it can change everyone's life, but I agree a hundred percent, I think that it can get taken outta context, like very, very easily. And it can feel very limiting, feel like it's boxing you in and it can make you feel, you don't have a limitless potential, but you do like, that's the whole point of the design, this to show you that the way that you are is how you're meant to be. And so think is important to say is that everyone has all aspects of the chart through transits, through meeting other people.

So there is nothing that someone has that you will never experience. I experience sacral energy every single day. I'm probably gonna hop off this podcast and be like really hype. Because that's always what I work with my manegen clients, I'm always like, I go clean my whole house or I go make a bunch of content. Cause it's like, I'm using that sacral energy. So I feel just remembering it's here to empower you. And I always say this too. You can take what you want and leave what you don't. There's no rules to human design. You don't have to live your life according to it. No one's gonna shame you. You're not gonna go straight to hell or something.

The universe isn't gonna not shower you with abundance, cause you didn't wait for an invitation like these things. There's people living, so abundantly that know nothing about human design. I think it's really just one of the many tools to use to create more fun in your life to create more stability. It's more confidence in your intuition. And to just know that you are enough exactly as you are. 

Emily: Yes.

Michelle: So whatever tool need to get you there is great human design is just the one that spoke to me. 

Emily: Yes. I love what you were saying about the transit and being around other people, because the thing about human design for everyone listening, you maybe know a little bit about it or a little bit more, but I really only know enough to be dangerous, frankly. I use it with my clients because understanding their strategy and authority really helps me to guide them back to their own inner authority, which I feel is very important. I don't get into specific gates and channels and such with my clients because frankly I would have to be like Googling it and remembering and looking it up to even share it with them. It's just not, I don't know enough. And then what Michelle's referring to as in transits is that depending on what's happening astrologically, like where the stars are in the sky, where the planets are position. It changes the energy that's available and your chart will actually look different on different days based on that. Now the layperson is like way too much for us to consume. 

So I don't think the important part is. Necessarily knowing your transits on a daily basis. But I think what Michelle said is spot on, which is like nothing about your chart actually limits you. There's always different types of energy available. And your chart is really just helping you understand the way that you maybe absorb and amplify that energy or the way that you're transmitting that energy and the fact that it might have on other people.

Michelle: Oh my gosh. A hundred percent. I think what's appealing about human design is how specific it gets. But I think a lot of people jump into the deep end of the pool when they should like, learn how to float first. Which is really like your strategy and your authority and your type. I will die on this hill that if you don't feel a hundred percent confident in your strategy or your authority, not there's nothing else. In your design, that's gonna help you. 

Emily: Yes. 

Michelle: Because 80% of your alignment is your strategy and your authority, even if those were the only two things you ever knew and did, and practiced and experimented with, I am three years brand the founder of human design, the man who transmuted into the world said it takes on average seven years to decondition. And that's every single day honoring your design. So it's likely gonna take most people longer and even non generated types. So not so the manifestors projectors and the reflectors are gonna take even longer, cause we're exposed to more conditioning every single day. So it's such a unsexy thing, cause people want to know like, what's my digestion, how am I supposed to eat? How do I do this? What do these arrows mean? And these things are fun. They're the sprinkles on the cake, but your strategy and your authority. That's the meat baby, that's the foundation.

If you are not listening to your sacral or if you're not waiting and honoring your emotional waste, if you don't know how to healthily healthy express your emotions as emotional authority, like that's literally all I've been doing pretty much for three years is learning how to honor my emotion. As an emotional authority, and I'm still digging into that hold healing that, working through that. But I feel like that's not what people want to hear. And it's really interesting cause I was just having this conversation with another human design mentor and she said something that stuck with me and she said, "I don't think a lot of people want to decondition". I could see that, I could see them just wanting to know their human design to kinda like validate things that they like about themselves. But then kind of ignore the things that say, the way that you're living isn't correct or aligned. 

Emily: Well, anything can end up being used a tool for the not self. And it's like, pretty much for all of us, like when we're in our head, we're in our not-self. And so it's the intellectualization of the human design.

Let me just learn a lot about it, but I'm not actually gonna put it into practice or embody it. Well, that actually just keeps you in your conditioning further get into your body. How do you feel? Where do you feel it? Whether you ride an emotional wave, whether it's your sacral, whether it's your spleen, it's all in the body.

Michelle: A hundred percent. Oh my gosh. That was me. Please like learn from my mistake. I studied human design for year. My life did not change. So if you feel like human design has not changed your life, probably cause you're studying it and you're not embodying it. 

Emily: You're taking the next up approach to human design, which is like not super effective.

Michelle: No, it's interesting and fun, but not effective. Doesn't change anything. And I'm living proof of that cause I lived that for a year. 

Emily: Okay. So let's talk about money because I actually love that you are doing both right now and you can talk about If, and when you think that will change, but I actually feel like so many people feel rushed and pressured into quitting the day job, and that it's not necessarily the most healthy thing for the nervous system. So I'm always really happy when I can bring guests on here. That are showing what it looks like to do both and actually enjoying life doing both.

Michelle: I know, I feel like a unicorn.

Emily: You lot money and like what you're doing, what your work schedule looks like, how much you're making and just how it all feels for you.

Michelle: Totally. So, I definitely feel like a unicorn cause a lot of the entrepreneurs I speak with, have that have a day job as well, hate it. And they're like really hustling to get out. And I feel like that's such a different energy than where I'm mad at because I am really leaning back and saying," Okay Universe I love my day job". Once my business is ready. You'll make it ready. Right? But, yes, so kind of like where I'm at. I feel really grateful cause I do have. I manifested a job that I have, the flexibility that I have. 

So I am able to kind of work in and outta my leisure, which so many people are like, how do you work a nine to five as a projector? Well, I work it in spurts cause I work remotely. So I will spend an hour or two, just boring and I get so much done and then I'll pull back and I'll go for a walk and I'll do some yoga and I eat. So I definitely work in like time blocks, throughout the day. And I do the same with my business. So I time block an hour. I usually only allow three hours of work in my business a day at the most. 

Emily: Okay. 

Michelle: Sometimes it's only two. So for example, I used to work 20 plus hours a week in my business where it's like, now I'm working 10. I never work past 5:00 PM because I love being able to cook dinner, go to the gym lounge on the couch with my husband. And I always laugh. Cause the whole reason I started my business was to have time freedom to spend with my husband, yet when I started it, I was using all my time to build it. And I could have literally created that time freedom I wanted, but I, so I feel really blessed with the way that my business has grown.

Cause It's been very stable. It was pretty much like once I hit an energetic or a money minimum, it doesn't really drop far below that. So I don't have that dramatic income in my business. It's very, very steady within, I would say 10% of itself each month, but my biggest struggle is definitely feeling the rush of it being more so I wasn't happy with my sustainability.

So it was like once I made that thousand dollars in my business, I just kept making a thousand dollars and then I went up to 1500. 1500 went to 2000 and then I consistently started making like 2,500 and then a 3000 would sneak in there and a 4,500 would sneak in there with just my business. So that was a big lesson that I had to learn was just being happy with where I'm at being happy, because there's always been a point where I, a $3,000 month or a $4,500 month was a dream to me at one point in my business. And now, it's the norm. So I know that over time, my baseline's just gonna keep growing and I think sustainable is sexy. I know that like people have like these really dramatic months and it, it kind of gets me sometimes where I'm like, I would love to like a 10K month just in my business and just 20K month just in my business.

But I know it's gonna happen, but the sustainable growth, I think, has been really secure for my nervous system. I think the universe was like, that's what she needs to feel safe with this. And then for people who also work full-time job, I want to remind you that your attraction for money includes that money. That was something I didn't ever let myself see. So I never would count or consider the money I made for my full-time job as money that I received for the month. And now I sit back and I'm like, I let myself feel like crap. When I was making, thousand dollars months in my business, when I was really making $6,000  for the month. But I, for some reason that $5,000 I made at my full-time job didn't count. Cause I don't know.

Emily: Right.

Michelle: I have no idea why, I thought that. So now, I look back and there's been plenty of 10K months. There's been plenty of 15K months where I had, like bonuses from work and random checks and all these other ways. Money flowing into my life, but I wasn't letting myself actually feel good and feel that was it. If it wasn't coming directly from my coaching business, if the money wasn't coming directly from my coaching business, then it didn't count. And I felt so in lack, I felt so I felt like my business was a failure. I felt like I wasn't successful. And as a projector, that's the whole thing. 

So once I was able to kind of like really work through those beliefs, I am abundant. And especially now that my business is like matching, bringing in nearly what my full-time income brings in. I'm literally doubling the amount of money in a year that I bring in by literally working so much less than I ever have. So, I feel like I've had a really long journey with money and having the day job, I think has really helped me be able to grow my business in a way that is aligned with my business. Because I don't have that pressure to make money so that I can pay my rent. And I know, I think that that's kind of where people are very different.

A lot of people could see that as that pressure's good. Cause it'll get you to do things and take risks and kind of like get what do the things you need to do. So it gets done. I prefer keeping my nervous system regulated and not needing to feel that, oh my God, if I don't make the money this month, I'm not gonna be able to eat and I don't have to. And I don't have to work anymore between my two jobs. To make that happen either. If that makes sense.

Emily: And one of the things that I've always really loved about you just through our relationship on Instagram is that you really do unapologetically celebrate your financial milestones. And to me it feels like such a permission slip for so many women in this space that are having four figure months. And don't feel like there space for them to celebrate because it feels low comparatively. I think that's such a disservice to self, it's a disservice to money. It's a disservice to the clients that paid you that money that you're so excited to serve that you are celebrating privately, but then you don't feel like you can celebrate it publicly. And so, I'm really grateful to you. And I think that you're paving the way for a lot of women to really just own where they're at. And it's, that's the thing that actually amplifies and allows more money to flow and more situations to come into your life that feel worthy of celebration. 

So, and I also just wanna talk a little bit on the piece of lot, like sustainability versus big months. And the truth is, I suspect that you could have the 15K or the 20K month if you really wanted it, cause like you're probably not really offering something that aligns with that. You could put together a 20K, V I P, one on one program or like package. And you might get that 20K pay in full, but I think just honoring the part of you that's, it's not just that it happened that your business is growing through sustainability. It's like you've actually made choices that are in alignment with that. Whether consciously or subconsciously, right? In what you've been offering, what you've been promoting. How many spaces you open up for certain things, all sort of dictates what our business growth looks like? And that's wonderful. Perfect. 

Michelle: Thank you. No, I think that this year's been, definitely the year of, where I have consciously been more aware of creating offers in a way that feels good for me and the way that I like to run my business. Not just, this is the way that people do it in the coaching business. So this is the way that I need to do it, right?

So, I definitely have taken a step back and said, "okay, what do I enjoy doing"? I really enjoy the content. I really enjoy creating things on the back end. So I spend a lot of time doing those things that I love. And I think it's so important for every entrepreneur, right? To really see, like, what do you actually enjoy doing?

If you really enjoy having one-on-one clients and you really enjoy, like maybe not being so visible. That's gonna be a way different approach than someone like me who loves creating content, loves being visible and wants to spend more time doing things like that and creating like blogs and, and passive courses and things like that. So it's just, and it's like, no way is right. And no way is wrong. You just have to figure out which one works for you, which one's gonna light you up the most. Cause that's where you're gonna make the most money. And I wanna just, thank you for the recognition of celebration, cause I was definitely someone who did not celebrate where I was for a long time.

I was always looking at the next step, never feeling satisfied with where I was, always comparing myself, always feeling like where I was wasn't enough. And I remember specifically it was, I think it was in around July of 2021. I had a failed launch, one of many. But I had my first big one where I really had done a lot of work to prep for it and no one signed up and it kind of really catapulted me into this. I'm never launching again. I hate group programs, even though I did the work and the next one I launched had like 10 people in it, so it was fine. But I remember specifically I had a session with one of my human design mentors and we were talking about this, how I always was looking for the next thing.

I just decided I'm tired of feeling like for where I'm at and who I am. Just because someone else has $20,000 months, doesn't make my $2,000 months any less important, cause it's the most money I have ever made in my business. Right? So I'm gonna be excited about it. And even like when I hit 2000 followers on Instagram, that was the most I've ever had.

I'm gonna celebrate that cause I'm tired of feeling like shit about it. I don't wanna feel about my life. I don't wanna feel about the money that I call in. I don't want if I feel like about anything about myself anymore and the more that I just don't celebrate these things that people might consider nothing or small or, this doesn't matter. Other people have it so much. You could say that till the day you die, someone will always have more money than you. Someone always will always.

Emily: And you will. By the way, until you heal it.

Michelle: Totally.

Emily: You will. I mean, I just, like, I just had a $30,000 cash month and part of me was freaking out and so excited about it in my coaching business. And then part of me was, but in the circles that I'm in, that's not that big. 

Michelle: Who cares.

Emily: And by the way, that was like in addition to 120K in my other business and whatever but point is, it doesn't matter the numbers, it's like the part of our brain that wants to invalidate things. Is still gonna be present every step of the way. And so it's us like making a conscious choice to say, "actually, I hear you and I'm choosing to celebrate and I'm choosing to freak out and I'm choosing to take up space and share this because it's meaningful". 

Michelle: Yes. I think that that's a beautiful example of taking up more space. And I always just think of that quote of someone ahead of you, someone who's where you want to be is never going to judge you.

Emily: Right. 

Michelle: So they celebrated their 2K month they celebrated, right they're 2000 followers. Maybe not as publicly, but they know that feeling. So it's like, who are you hiding this for then? The people that are judging you now, they're already judging you. So it just celebrate and take up space and be happy for the things that you accomplish. Cause it's so worthy. And exactly like you said, "that's how you would call in more". And the same thing. That's where I feel like I'm at now. I've gotten so clear. I think that that's definitely a big thing for projectors is we just have a hard time seeing ourselves and having a hard time, seeing the value that we bring, because the value of projector brings is very different than like a generator or a manegen your value can be physical.

You create things and you can make things grow really quickly and manifest things very quickly. Whereas for a projector, our guidance. Comes through helping you do that. That's our gift. So we don't inherently always see the manifestation of those things right away. It might take a little longer, so we have a hard time being like, oh wow, I actually am good at stuff. One sentence you say can literally change someone's life. And then boom, like there's so much power in that, but we don't always see that cause of the way society, conditions, us to think of what is valuable. So really just starting to celebrate the littlest things. Has been a huge shift for me to attracting more clients, more engagement, more inquiries, more follower, more money, like everything. Cause people feel seen, like you said, like for the first time they're like, wow! if someone's celebrating 2000 followers, that's great. Someone's celebrating a 3K month. That's great. And I just like wanna pull it back making 3, 4, 5k months in your online business, is like what families? That's the average income for a family of four in the United States.

That's not something to shake your head up. That's real money. When I talk about my business now to like my friends back home and like people outside of the industry, their jaw literally drops. And they're like, that's what you make from that thing you do online. And once you kinda like take a step back and you remember that we're in this bubble in the online space, that can make us feel like we're not enough, just cause we're, we're seeing other people, but it's still so valuable. 

Emily: And not to mention when we make the money and it truly is in addition to another revenue stream. I actually think it should be and can be the easiest to celebrate because it's when you started hitting 3K months. Okay. That's adding $36,000 in cash into your household when your needs were already taken care of. But if you had to live on this 36,000, that's gonna feel more like lack. It's actually gonna feel harder to celebrate that. It's just like the bonus. It's like the money sprinkles on top and same thing. My coaching business is pretty new and I did 95,000 cash in the first year. And I'm like, this is amazing. I added like a hundred thousand dollars. In cash into my household, doing something I love. But if my household had to live on the a hundred K in Southern California with kids in preschool and everything else, it would've felt like lack. It would not have worked.

Michelle: Totally.

Emily: So it's actually the fact that it's the extra money that it's like this new revenue stream. It's this layer on top that once we get over all of our hangups, Is the easiest to celebrate. 

Michelle: Totally. Oh my gosh. I know like I'm on track right now to literally match and probably more my full time income. So literally just me, I'm doubling and I'll be bringing in like over a hundred thousand dollars just myself. Cause I make about like 55 between, I think I like 55 to 60 in my full-time job. I'm gonna match that this year with where I'm at right now. And that doesn't include my, right? And I live in the Panhandle, Florida. So, cost of living here. Significantly cheaper, even in the Chicago area where I'm from. And then my husband, I mean, he is, then we can't discount the money that he brings in from his job. And he works getting promoted into sale. 

So we all know how sales just he's like, here's this random paycheck I got from this sale. Here's another one. So it's just, in, I think the best part of having my full-time job is really being able to do the energy, work around money in a way that really feels safe. So that we can call in, cause it's easier for me to make, I'm gonna make that thousand a hundred thousand dollars. Right? And I'm gonna have that energetic minimum where I can know that I can call that in. So then when I feel ready to leave my job, when I have a kid or when it feels right. I already know that I have the ability to call this money in.

Emily: Totally. 

Michelle: It's gonna happen.

Emily: I'm right there with you. Well, we could just go on and on and on. Maybe we will at another time, but thank you so much for being on the show. I feel like it's been so fun to just riff on human design, but also talk about what it feels like to celebrate every dollar. And you put out fantastic content on social media. So please share with everyone how they can follow you. 

Michelle: Thank you. This has been so fun. So, you can follow me. I hang out the most on Instagram or TikTok. My handle is your human design coach on both platforms. And please come hang out. I'm always posting. I'm always visible. That's what I love to do.

Emily: Awesome. Go follow Michelle. Her content is so fun. She makes all kinds of great reels and does all these voiceovers and everything that are just like fun and playful, but also I feel really help people to embody their human design and decondition so thank you so much for being on the show and to everyone listening. Thank you for tuning in, as you take your lessons from this and have your learnings and your aha moments, please share and tag Michelle and I, so that Michelle's project herself can see how her words and her guidance are changing things for you. And we can really start to feel the impact of this episode. So thank you again for tuning in and we'll talk to you soon. Bye. 

Thank you so much for tuning into today's show. Before you go. I have something fun to share. Now, when you leave a review of the podcast on Apple, Spotify, or YouTube, take a quick screenshot and send it to hi@emilywilcox.com. You'll be entered into a drawn to win a free one-on-one Voxer coaching day with me. And you help the show reach more new listeners, such a win-win. I also invite you to follow me on Instagram at EM Makes Money and to jump into my free Instagram group, The Money Club, which is linked in the show notes. Until next time I'm sending you all the magic money vibes.


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