Episode 56: May 2022 Celebrations

Join Emily as she shares the behind-the-scenes on why her birthday month was so magical and how much life has changed in one trip around the sun.

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Hello beautiful souls. Today's episode is so, so good. And before we jump in, I have some exciting news o share if you've ever wondered where you're blocking money, this is for you. I've created a free quiz to diagnose your money wounds so you can heal them and unblock yourself to receive more money. Just go to money, wounds, quiz.com and answer six quick questions to get your insanely accurate results. And if you're loving my vibe and want to work one on one to call in more feminine energy wealth, I would love to hear from you. You can shoot me a DM on social media or go to emilywilcox.com to learn more.

Hello and welcome back to the EM Make Money Show. I am here for a solo episode to record my May 2022 celebrations. This has become something of a tradition on the show, and honestly, it's been a practice that has really enhanced my life. So what I do is I just keep a running note. I use Evernote, but you can use the notes feature just on your laptop or your phone, mind sync between the two. So I just open a note at the beginning of each month and anytime something good happens, something that feels like celebrating or something.

I wanna remember. I write it down and wow. Am I so grateful for this? Because I swear so much happens in a month that by the end of it  I would forget. I honestly would. And I feel like it's gonna be such a gift because like next may, I'll be able to go back to the note for this may and just reconnect to like what was happening in the last year, at the same time.

So this month was so freaking magical. Now I just have a little pocket of time to record this because then I gotta pick up faith from school early and we've got a black car service coming to pick us up from the house and drive. To the airport and she and I are flying to Michigan where my nephew has recently graduated high school. And I think this might actually be a Midwestern thing growing up in Michigan. I just thought everyone did this. And then when I moved out to California, people started looking at me weird when I talked about graduation, open houses, but in Michigan, you throw a big party where just tons of people come and it's just in your yard provide some food and everyone brings money really for the graduate. So oddly, or maybe not oddly, we tend to celebrate more the high school graduation than the college graduation. So I think just because obviously high school's like a more universal experience, not everyone goes to college and not everyone graduates. But then also sometimes you graduate college and you were in another state. And so then do you do it in the state that your parents live in or the state that you went to college and what if you've got a job lined up right away? So, anyway, it's just like, I have such fond memories of those and I only have four nephews and it feels really good to be able to be the kind of aunt that's there. That's like not missing these things. So do I think my nephew actually cares probably not, but my sister, this is her first child to graduate high school. It feels like such a momentous occasion. And I'm just grateful that I can be there to support the family. And with Faye, for her, it feels like just a super exciting like mommy-daughter trip.

So anyway, that's a little bit. Going on in my life, a little context here. So I think I'm gonna continue the tradition of giving all this gets about the money at the end. So in no particular order, here are some things that I am celebrating from May. I had two amazing new women sign up for the October retreat. These are both women that I've either worked with in the past, or I'm currently working with just brilliant, smart. Funny charismatic, caring, generous businesswomen, entrepreneurs that are ready to embody their next levels of wealth. So I actually only have two spots left for the October retreat that probably could change by the time this recording airs. But if you wanna hang out in-person, if you are a woman entrepreneur, and you wanna come to Palm Springs in October, I am putting together an incredible wealth activation retreat. It's gonna be so amazing. So anyway, you can slide into my DMS and get the details. The other thing that happened in May, that was really fun is there were a lot of people in communities that I'm involved in that we're looking to hire a coach on money mindset on manifestation. And I was getting tagged a lot in comments saying like, “Oh, you need to hire Emily.” And that felt incredible. It was so incredible, like dreams come true. I remember reading those posts over the last year and thinking I wish I was getting tagged in this.

I wish people thought of me when they were thinking about a coach on money mindset on business growth on scaling to a hundred K months. And now it's happening.  I also made some big updates to my money wounds quiz this month, not to the quiz itself, but if you've done my quiz, you get emails afterward. And I actually linked up those emails so that you get access to the money wounds master class. So it's just an opportunity to go deeper in your learning before you decide whether or not you would wanna jump into my money wound medicine and paid program. So that felt monumental. It's like funny because when I look at it on the little bullet-pointed list, now it's like, yeah, duh, of course. But sometimes these backend tech things and just like making it all happen can feel like a Herculean task in the moment. So I really appreciate that. I captured that cuz now it already feels like ancient history. So I had a lot of new souls jump into money wound medicine this month, both full price. And as part of my special birthday sales on my birthday, I don't know that actually happened on my birthday, but on my birthday was the day that I checked and did the math and became aware of this milestone. We crossed. 6 million in lifetime cash was collected from three businesses from the e-commerce business, the agency and my coaching. What the what? And here's what I wanna tell you about that. You will cross mind-boggling milestones. In fact, you probably already have, and you just haven't been looking and doing the math and adding it all up.

And your brain is gonna go. How, like, how is this a thing? How did this happen? And you will not have the answer. I double-checked the Excel spreadsheet to make sure the math was adding up correctly because it breaks your brain. And I talked to my mentor and she was like, yep. The same thing's gonna happen when you cross 10,000,020 5 million and 50 million.

So get used to it. But it's been such a to really zoom out and to combine revenue streams, and just really look at lifetime revenue. It's been so expansive, highly recommend. As I alluded to my birthday was in may I am a Gemini and I decided to do a bunch of really fun birthday sales. So for five days, from May 20th to the 25th, I was selling all different kinds of incredible offers at all different price points, everything from $11 up to $50,000. And I had so much fun. I felt so abundant so much money came to me during those five days I was in such celebration and it was really fun for the people buying as well. It also busted so many limiting beliefs that I had. Like I don't email my list very often. And then I emailed them 12 times in five days I sell regularly, but I usually sell one, maybe two things at a time. I sold 12 things in five days. I normally would just give people a link so that they can lead themselves to the promise land with these birthday sales. I made people work for it. You had to do something, you had to find something.

It was like almost like an Easter egg hunt in order to even get the link, to buy things at a discount. And I actually believe that we sold more than we would have if I had just given people the. So many ways in which we hold onto evidence of how things need to be in business. And when we allow ourselves to dissolve that and have fun and just play and do something different and then create new evidence from that, it honestly is so expansive.

And I feel like a different person. I know that sounds dramatic, but I really feel like a different person. After going through that experience, I had 29 sales in five days with $6,027 and cash collected. I just did the math on that for this podcast. So also grateful to my podcast because otherwise I might not have spent the time to go back and crunch all the numbers, but it's really cool to witness and look at it all.

We also got two new, amazing clients with our agency and one is like a total household name, just an absolute dream like bucket list client. So that feels amazing. And another one that verbally said yes, and is gonna start probably here in June. So business is feeling good on that front. I crossed a hundred thousand dollars cash for the year in my coaching business. So five months, a hundred thousand dollars cash, which to me means that like a logical predictable outcome is that I do $300,000 cash in my coaching business this year. And 500,000 half a million would be in the field of possibility. It could happen. The compound effect is going so quickly. Like the momentum that's building in my coaching business is unreal. I had so many people purchase from me during the birthday sales that had never purchased from me before. And then after spending either one call together or a day together in boxer, they're like, oh, I wanna hire you as my coach. So I'm actually feeling that all of my one-on-one coaching spots are gonna sell out in June. Then I'll have a paid waitlist. So people will still be able to join and start paying, but then their start date for coaching will get pushed out a bit. Also the stuff that dreams are made of, I truly am still processing. May I feel like a different person. And also when I stop and think about it, it still just knocks my socks off.

It blows me away. There's a part of me that can't even believe it, but it's true. It's like the OMG. And of course, it's those two frequencies together. Like, oh my God, And also, yeah, of course this is gonna happen. So I also had a fun getaway to pass a Robles, which is like wine country with Jeff and two other couples, and then headed on up to Napa valley for an incredible sisterhood visit with my bff from a past life, Kimberly Rose Pendleton. She's also a coach. Many of you probably know her and follow her as well. And like, we just had the best time, both of those trips. Unbelievable. And it felt so good to know that my kids were in good hands. Like I have an incredible friend who comes and watches the kids. And she brings her dog and the kids love playing with the dog and they go to in and out and they, they do all these like special little traditions together.

And I feel really grateful, really so supported in my life. I received so much birthday love from my friends, my family, my clients, like one of my clients had this incredible, like Mayan astrology reading done for me while she was in Mexico and sent it to me. You guys a year and a half ago. I had this like breaking point moment with the agency where it just felt like we had so many misaligned clients and there was so much friction and they wanted so much from us and it just felt bad like checking my email felt bad and I'm like, something has to change. Cuz there are people that love their clients. They go golfing together. They go to concerts. They go out to dinners, like what is going on here? And now here I have this coaching business and like every client is just a soul mate client.

And I love, love, love, love, love, and adore them. What else we had the best Memorial day here. We just had like nonstop pool parties and we hosted friends and we puppy sat an adorable king, Charles cavalier puppy named pixie. That was so fun. Cuz my daughter wants a dog and I'm like, yeah, probably not gonna get a dog right now, but we can puppy sit, truly feeling and acknowledging myself this month for how good I am at coaching, like I can spend an hour with you and understand everything that's working and not working in your business. I can feel into where the energy is stuck, where you're misaligned. I can help you identify and see what's next and what needs to happen and everything changes. And I'm seeing it for myself. I'm seeing it reflected back to me in clients and I'm just blown away.

We also wrapped up a great softball season for Ms. Faye. We found a new preschool for Jude. I get to do fun collaborations with my friends, Kimberly and Kiara. My parents came to visit and we had a really nice time together. I'm just breathing into that one. I feel really, really grateful. So many people lost parents during the pandemic and my parents are so healthy and that we get to make memories together.

I just cherish it more as years go by not knowing how much longer we'll have together, hopefully many, many, many years, but also just being so grateful for each one of those visits. They had her first violin recital. She was so brave and she totally rocked it. She's only had five lessons and she was brave enough to do a recital. And I got to do a fun full moon glow event with one of my newer besties. And it was her idea and that feels like such a dream come true also because I wanna be doing witchy stuff with my local friends. Like I wanna be doing all the moon circles and all the rituals and feel like I don't just have incredible friends for that online, but that I have those people here in my community and in my local network. Okay, let me tell you the numbers. So for our agency, we collected 118,000 2 0 2 in cash. Coaching, $30,203 cash. E-commerce $5,924 cash for a total of $154,329 cash in May. Thank you. Thank you. Thank. I receive more leave. And on that note, I gotta run and pick up my girl. So thank you so much for listening.

I would love to hear what you're celebrating from May. It's a prompt that we are putting monthly into the money club, which is. Our free Facebook community. So come join, come play. It'll be a safe space for you to share all of the great things that are happening in your life. I love you. Thank you so much for listening and I will talk to you soon.

Bye. Thank you so much for tuning into today's show. Before you go. I have something fun to share. Now, when you leave a review of the podcast on. Spotify or YouTube, take a quick screenshot and send it to hi@emilywilcox.com. You'll be entered into a drawing to win a free one-on-one Voxer coaching day with me and you help the show reach more new listeners, such a win-win.

I also invite you to follow me on Instagram at Em Makes Money and to jump into my free Facebook group, the Money Club, which is linked in the show notes until next time I'm sending you all the magic money vibe.


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