Episode 55: Living a Fulfilled Life - with Money Sprinkles on Top with Claire Chapman

Claire is a leading force when it comes to successful female entrepreneurs' EMPOWERMENT, TRUTH, and FREEDOM. She reunites female entrepreneurs back to their TRUTH in life and business, so they stop feeling empty with their success.

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Hello, and welcome back to the Em Makes Money show. I'm so happy to be joined by the gorgeous Claire Chapman. Claire is a leading force when it comes to successful female entrepreneurs, empowerment, truth and freedom, empowering successful women, Claire reunites, female entrepreneurs, back to their truth in life and business so they stopped feeling empty with their success. Empowered women create a life and a business that is fulfilling and enjoyable all whilst owning and expressing their authentic identity. I love this so much. Claire, welcome to the show. 

Claire: Thank you so much. I'm so excited for today.

Emily: Me too, because I think our work together is so interesting. And so synergistic because I focus a lot on helping women really expand their wealth and you help women who already have the money piece of the puzzle in place, but are missing out on some of the fulfillment or the self-expression or that sort of thing. And both of those pieces are so necessary. Life sucks without money, but life sucks if you have money and you don't have everything else.

Claire: Exactly. And I just share a little bit about my background and my story of how this all came around, was because I followed the typical society path, did well at school, went on to college and so on and got the good jobs and the pay. And then, met the man.  So I have, my husband had the children, had the country cottage and all the cars on the outside, everything that was outside that people just thought was this dream life that I had.

And yet inside of myself, I literally, and I call it, I felt soulfully dead. There was no, I carried guilt and shame for having all this stuff, beautiful family, everything around me that everybody desires and yet inside. Why was that? So say not enough, it wasn't enough for me. I wasn't happy. I didn't feel fulfilled.

There was definitely no freedom. And I used to think I was kind of greedy because I was like, there has to be more, there has to be more, but what I really was seeking, which I didn't know is this whole sense of wholeness from within. And so I had everything on the outside and then one by one, I started to let go of some of that.

So,I let go of my marriage. I found myself in depression, bipolar divorce, two very young children and literally wanting out. It's almost like life was too hard. And I literally heard these words that said, "you have to help yourself". And it was from that point. That I went on, I literally Googled you have to help yourself. And I was like, what does that even mean? And there's the big self-help weld. And that's where the jelly went.

Emily: I love that, it's so interesting. When we have these moments where there's a distinct before and after, before you knew that this entire self-help industry, world coaching profession, that any of it existed. And then after, and it's like, you're never, you can't go back. You can't unring that bell once, you know.

Claire: Literally align like scissors cut the paper or the line in the sand. And it was literally like seconds. I just heard those words. It was literally, people talking about their awakening at your wake-up call. Who said that? What does that mean? We got such.

Emily: So you started on the path of helping yourself. What did that look like? 

Claire: It's been a journey. It's taken a lot of shifting and changing of beliefs patterns. It's literally, like I say, leaving my marriage, but still being in a job though, that was really kind of confined to me and didn't feel good for me, but there was no other partner.

I was a single mom now. I wasn't getting support of my ex, had to pay the bills, had to pay the mortgage. So I literally, again, sacrifices a word. That's just come through. Sacrificing my soul, my happiness to make ends meet, to pay the bills, to support the two young children. And it got to a stage where that was literally like sucking up my soul as well.

So I still had some of that carry over. And the one thing in my life then was after a year or so, I really didn't want a guy in my life. I do want a relationship. It was like Saturday night sat on my own two young children in bed. It was seven o'clock it's like, is this what my life's going to be like now? And I previously in relationship, I was always trying to fill the void that I know now of love. It was self-love that I was craving. I had love for my family, love for my friends, but I didn't feel loved. 

It was like everything outside of me was trying to fill a piece of void that was within me. And so I think from the journey that year of really getting back to myself, really connecting back to my truth, gave me the sense of do you know what? I don't need a man anymore in my life. And that would be, I desire a man. And I was like, okay, if I'm going to do this again, if I'm going to get into a relationship again, then this is what I want. This is how it's going to be. This is the kind of guy that I really want to be with. And I will not accept anything less.

It was like a hundred percent or nothing because there was no need to it. I need a guy in my life. And I remember I was working in the engineering industry and all the guys I was working with, "to go online dating", I was like, "never, never going to happen". It happened. And I literally set those energetic boundaries.

I wrote what I wanted in one sentence. My relationship. And within weeks I met my now fiance. We've been together seven years and that was the big thing in my life that, that switched and made me realize, okay, this isn't about what I need anymore. This is about what I desire. And then slowly over time, I managed to walk away from the job and it's like, what am I going to do with my life now? And it's like, well, I turned my life around. Maybe I can help somebody else turn their life around. Hello, coaching industry.

Emily: I love that. And I think that is the story for many of us, right? It's, it's like, whatever that pivotal thing was in our own lives, there's such a desire to help other women with it as well. And for you, it sounds like the money, the cars, like everything that came so easily, was it coming through the ex-husband? Was he sort of the path of least resistance for that lifestyle that you had in the beginning? 

Claire: It was for both of us. And we were pretty equal in our incomes and things like that, but it was the nine to five. It was the job. It was the paychecks that were coming in, but they were doing pretty well. And we both used to work for BMW. It's always brand new cars every nine months, both of us extra ones. So then, family would have it. So, and we had this beautiful cottage that my mom and dad used to own. And then we'd warm off to them and we extended as we have the kids that we've got woods behind us woods out front of us. It is picture-perfect. 

Emily: Gotcha.

Claire: Well, the divorce, it was like, am I even gonna be able to hold onto this? And I was like, this was my home. But I was here when I was single. I was not letting this go. And again, you set these like standards. It's like, no, I'm having this house. Even though the paperwork, everything was just telling us.

There was no way that I was going to be able to keep this house on my own. Even with my parents trying to help how. And literally I just manifested the home, like in the courtrooms, like before it even got to the judge and stuff, like my ex husband just said, right, I'll stay on the mortgage for you, even though it's all yours and paying on the money, blah, blah, blah. And it was just like, it does get to be Apolis to the new relationship that came in effortlessly. I managed to secure the home on my own and it just, everything just kept turning over. It was having all of that stuff and being unhappy. But what that then did was the money beliefs started to come through now, that, and I never knew this.

Obviously, they were unconscious, even though I've always loved money. I always made good money in my twenties. I used to flip property. There was nothing about 60 K 30 K from turnovers of houses. And so the whole story really started on the money front to go downhill. And I think that was because the belief then, was. When you have money? I was soulfully dead. I connected, I had everything. I was soulfully dead, and I think unconsciously, it was, although I've always had the home, Simon's been with me for the seven years, but the money story, and then it was loans. It was hard. Really, really scratch in around, but most of the money then was flowing through Simon, distance with Simon and that's we needed it. And then I know from the energetic flood gates that I know now money would come in and then I would close it all off again, until we need to do.

Emily: it's so fascinating, right? When we start to make the subconscious conscious and we can actually look at it because it's like you were powerfully manifesting in those times, you were just manifesting the thing that you didn't consciously want, which was the money not being there, or it being a challenge.

But it's like if you had, had to choose, do you want the money or do you want to be happy? You were choosing to be happy and it wasn't until you realized, I don't have to choose between those two. I get to have both. Then it got to change for you. 

Claire: That's still quite fresh for me because it took a long time to bring the unconscious into the conscious. I literally had one of my biggest money beliefs shifts. August of last year. And then I made 11 K in two hours, 30 K and six hours. It was crazy, but then it all gate shut off again. And so I've been going through this pattern of the gate. So it's like, what is wrong with me? Why can't stop? And obviously it's the same with the clients like receiving the clients or the nothing.

You say when you felt and you had everything, but you haven't felt whole, complete, happy, joy, freedom. Why would you go back to that? So the pendulum went from this side right over to the opposite where I remember last August. Simon and I were away on this beautiful beach. We didn't even know how to pay the bills the following week. And yet I was the healthiest I've ever been. I was the happiest I've ever been. It was that real duality. Fear of how do we pay the bills? And then just this absolute, like the best I've ever felt in myself for the whole of my life, walked with the duality of that for quite some time.

Emily: What did that look like, walking with that duality?

Claire: I scared Simon, scared him constantly. It was almost like I used to kind of live out on the edge just to get the excitement and things. And obviously not knowing about the energetic doors opening for money and closing that wasn't in my consciousness, but I knew there was a belief that all the time that I was happy, I knew what I was doing.

I always knew that I was going to be safe. I always knew that the bills somehow. Would get paid. And so I kind of walked, now and again, I may hit pay for them, but, I think Simon hit more fair. He's like, why do you do this to us? Because, I've invested so much, he was like, do you have to keep investing?

But it has got me to where I am today. I did slow down the investment in a little bit of the backend of last year. So it was also walking with a partner who's fully supporting you. There was limitations with him as well. He then two weeks later had a stroke in his life. So he was out of work for what, nearly seven months he hasn't been working because of the stroke.

Then the money comes in for me. And so we've had this real dance and I've got, okay. And comfortable with the duality. I think when Simon had his stroke and I'm traveling up and down to the hospital for two weeks at a time, he couldn't walk. We were like, this is a whole new sight to life. And yet I was still serving my clients.

I was still making money. And I remember one of my clients then, how you being so strong? And I had to let that land for a couple of days. I went back to her and I said, look, it's not about strong and strength. This is about this deep inner knowing in my core. And I'm all about perspective and the bigger picture.

What happened for Simon in his stroke was for him. This was like a rebirth to life because he'd lived very stressful life. IT consultant, run his own business and things. There was a lot going on in his life that he was given the opportunity to rebirth himself. And so I always looked from that stage and then obviously I've always been, Simon was always the path of least resistance.

So it was like, okay, now I get to step up because he's not here. I'm a manifester. So now it's like I'm in control of all the money. Because he can't even look at his laptop. I'm running the show now for us. And so it allowed me to come through and really be the manifestor and do things my way, not having to consult with a partner and stuff.

So that both of it was like, a blessing in disguise. So I was like, if I can walk with that and this, earn the money and have a partner. But now I'm caring for and help him recover. And doctors in and out every single day, it was like, I can walk with anything. And, and after that, my dad, we found out my dad had cancer, had operations and limbs removed and things like that. And it still like life into the victim mode. That's when you become disempowered and that's where everything crumbles in is a problem. And it really affects us, but when we can come up and go, okay, life happens. But who do you want to be in there? Walking with that. And that doesn't mean like, even with Simon, I've come back from the hospital, I would eat a bit of rubbish because, diets, everything all went out the window.

What I was eating, went out the emotional takeover and I would sit and watch movies. I'd want to be on my own and I would cry. I would allow the human. So I think that's a really important piece. When you're walking through the duality is, allow the human to cry, allow the human to feel the emotions. And then, still remember the truth, knowing inside of us, that we're all here for an experience and then move forward. And I think it was a very similar pattern with the money when the money wasn't there, it was like, okay, allow the human to go, oh my gosh, what if we can't pay the bills, lose the house and go down.

And the big fear, I allowed my human to do that. But then in here, like in this what I feel on this recovery for me from like eight years ago, is this just this inner knowing and truth, that money gets to be limitless. We get to be supported every single time we were.

Emily:  And what you're describing is being alive. And so when you look at, feeling dead in your soul. Think about that as a flat line, right? We flat line when we're dead, but when we're alive, It goes up and down and up and down, right? Just like a heart rate on a graph. And so it's like being able to hold the high highs and the low lows, but like, but you're alive. You're actually there, you're actually allowing yourself to feel it instead of the way that you felt before, which was probably quite a bit just more numb to all that. 

Claire: A hundred percent and then, search in for everything outside of yourself to try. And I think, feel alive, whether that become drinking party and shopping to give you that. And that's what happened. Definitely like with bipolar. That's what happens? You go into the shop. I have this, I have this, I have this. Just to, like you say, maybe just ignite the heartbeat a little bit, give you that kind of sense of "yeah". And then you'd get home and you'd lay all your stuff out and it's like, and the next day you take it all back to the shops.

Emily: Well,  the behavior that you're talking about too, around money and being able to manifest, these large sums or the money always coming through. But on the frequency of need. It's interesting. So I was talking to a mastermind sister about this the other day and what she had. And I'm curious if any of this resonates with you is what, in my body of work, I would call a disappearing money wound. And the energetic signature of that is I don't trust money or money will abandon me. And so it's like, even though you trust yourself and you trust your ability to manifest. Cause she was like, but I'm a really good manifester.

I said, I know because in your mind that money is already spent, which feels really good to you. What you don't want is a big pile of cash because there's a part of you that feels a little bit scared that then the money might just go or the rug might get pulled out. But as long as you know what the money is going to go for, as soon as you get it.

Then there's no resistance. The money can come in so easily because it's already been spent in your mind. And that feels really good. But there is an opportunity to build our feeling of safety around the accumulation. So I don't know if that resonates for you or not. It may be a slightly different version of the story. But, it's fun. It's interesting for us to look at some of the energy underneath these things.

Claire: So for me it was very much, so my dad's come from, like a farming background when he was very young. So he's always been the workaholic. They'll work hard. We never went without, as children. I look back now and go, how did my parents give me and my brother? All this always holidays abroad. You know, we had everything we're in all the clubs. We went on all the school trips. There was never anything. That was a no. So we had all of this. So you think, well then how do you have these money beliefs, Claire, that, you know, you were given everything.

But what we saw was my dad was never really around, not that I can remember that much as a child, but it was used to work six days a week, if not six and a half days a week. So, there was always that sacrifice, dad had to work hard for it. So I've always been bought up then, achieving, I got seen for my achievements.

I thought I had to do the right thing. So definitely, going to college, get the qualifications, getting the job, the right job, engineering, it's a skill. And just grafted my way through, even though, you know, my soul probably wanted to be over on a beach somewhere. My brother took a very different direction.

He was like windsurfing and sailing, living in The Bahamas and I'm over here doing the right thing. So my money beliefs. It was about hard work, but then it was always the question of, and this definitely from my, from my dad to bless him, I love him dearly, but it was like, well, you don't need that.

Why do you need that? You don't need that. And it's always been very much like dad would paint the house. Dad was DIY, like, why would you pays somebody to paint the house when you can do it yourself? No, we do it ourselves. So it was like, I've always been brought up with that concept as well.

So I love this house and, you know, we mowed the lawn ourselves. We wash the cars ourselves. So that's what I've always been brought up with. So anything out of that need, I used to justify. Unconsciously, but I remember mom's like, why do you have to justify everything? And it's like, because I always had to have the economical car, the sensible car, and my friends would always have, like the sportier cars and I would have the diesel, you know, normal core car cause dad would help me out, you know, and he was with me and be sensible.

So it was always about being sensible. Desire just didn't exist. It was, what did you need? And so then anything over and above need was like, if I could justify it, then I might be able to get around that. So I've never had the overflow, the abundance, the excess in the family at all the one that's going well at all.

Because now I know that is not to fill up a void that's within me. I feel very wholesome. And that was the experience last year. And that continues that I feel like you say the happy, the freedom, the love, the connection that all comes through from connecting to God, to looking at who I am, my human design, what makes me quirky and unique like that?

You get to the level of who you are. So I have everything in here then it's like, And I remember thinking about this with clients was like, well, what do you love doing plaque? I love shifting the beliefs. I love shifting the old patterns. I love connecting to God. I love channeling. I love the downloads.

Why don't you just help somebody else do that? So then my clients just become. If I'm just doing this for me, then that may happen once a day or maybe a big belief once a week, couple of weeks. But then if I had clients, we could do this work. Every day. So everything then just became an extension of what was in me like an expansion of like with my relationship with Simon, because that was the first manifestation was I had self love within me.

So now when I'm with Simon, that love just gets expanded rather than previously, I had nothing inside to me. So I was trying to find the love in a relationship. And so whether it's money now, whether it's clients and I literally had a client in just now in the Voxer, she was talking about, she wants to seven figures and I was like, okay, where's this coming from? So it was a good question. What do you think that you will get when you have the seven figures? And she was like, wow! that was a really interesting question. And she said, I'm doing it because everybody else is doing it. And she was like, "whoa, rain check". And she's like, but now, cause obviously we've connected her back to her truth and she's starting to feel a wholesome check.

She's like, "well, I just don't need it now. So what's the point Claire"? And I said, "well, what do you love right now"? And she's like, "well, I want to buy a home". And I love who I am and I love my fashion and I love my car. So I said, "well then the six figures", she's already six figures. But then like the seven figures. It just gets to expand the experience. She loves food. And I said, look, it's the difference between always eating a McDonald's because it's cheap and it's on the moment to go into a nice restaurant to then go into a Michelin star restaurant and then flying off on a private jet to the most amazing restaurant, in Paris is always food, but it's the expansion of that desire.

So, do you want, keep eating the McDonald's. Do you want to just go to the normal restaurants, join the Michelin size, or would it be amazing to jet off all over the world anywhere you want to go to have that food that you desire? Okay, now I'm up for that. The money and everything just becomes the expansion of what she already loves and enjoys. So then there's no disconnect. There's no filling a void is just your whole as you are and then.

Emily: Absolutely. It's like when we can make the magic money, which comes from that truly aligned place where it's aligned with the way that we want to be serving in the world and the desires that are just, the heart's desire, not keeping up with the Joneses or what other people will think, or you know, how I'll be perceived once I have it. It has a totally different feeling and money becomes so much lighter and more playful. 

Claire: Exactly. I was remember. I wanted, like the black Range Rover. It was a Vogue back in the day, but then a score and I knew I wanted it. I wanted it because then it would have made me somebody, I would be somebody I would have made it. If I could drive around in a car like that and, once I did the work on myself, it's like, oh my gosh, no, you know, that's not the reason would I like. When do you really want one? And actually the desires are more for a white car, a Porsche, you know, these kinds of things. It's like only because. It came into my vision. I walked into the poor showroom and I was like, instantly like absolutely beaming and so shocked that the vision was exactly how in reality it was how it was in my vision. And I remember at the same time my client messaged me. She was in the range Rover garage and was like, I could buy this outright. I'm sat here in the driving seat, Claire. I feel nothing. And I think that's the difference between connecting back to your truth and feeling whole, and, filling a void or doing it for, like you say, some other reason, keeping up with the Joneses, making yourself feel better.

It's like, two luxury cars, two humans, two souls, and yet two different energetics where this one was just like, you know, I almost don't even need the Polish because even in my visions, like the feelings come through and then here she is. And I couldn't buy that outright in that moment. And here she, as she could have everything and buy it outright and it felt nothing. And it was like, do not buy the car. That's why you have in the car. What's the hole there? What are you trying to fill? And it will come down to, you know, worthy nurse. All those inner things that we're trying to seek. 

Emily: Yes. And I noticed this a lot with my own purchases too, where it's like, they're really driven now by either, like a resonance or a dissonance. And so it's, it's so much more about the energy around the purchase than it is the actual item or the withholding of it. And so, it's like, I, my purse is like from target. I think it costs $30 and I spent $120,000 on coaching, but it's like, the coaching was such a sacral. Yes, for me. And I knew it was, I was meant to be there and I knew that it would serve in the expansion of me and for me, at least right now, like purses don't really do it for me.

So, I'm fine to just buy something. That's a little more utilitarian. I tend to use my purses for like two years until they start getting frayed or whatever. And then there'll be some dissonance because I do notice like, okay, I'm not the woman that has like ratty things. And so then when I noticed the dissonance, it's like, okay. It's time to buy another one. But I think we all get to have that, right? We all have these sort of purchases that make no sense, but make all the sense. And then other things that on paper, it would make sense, like for me to have the nice purse or for your client to have the Range Rover whenever, but energetically. No. 

Claire: And I think that was, when we look at, and this is where I take my clients to where they're at today, what do you enjoy today? And I did this exercise for myself and I was like, I love my home. I love my family. I love the call that I have. I love going away for like, weekends at BNB luxury Airbnbs. And it was like, so then what is the expansion? What's the money? And it's like, well, we get to go away then more often, I can upgrade the car. We can renovate the house again. And then the more money just becomes within the seven bedroom farmhouse. And it's the same so, I'm not a designer clothes person.

I'm not into the handbags, the shoes, it's just like, I just like what I like. But what I love is the soft furnishings. Is the expensive quilt covers and just those kinds of things that I really love, lying the snugs and stuff on the sofas. And, I love watching Netflix. And so for those kinds of things, to be like, this evening, we haven't got the kids tonight. So it's like me and Simon. I know, we're going to cook a dinner. We can snuggle on the sofa. We're going to watch a film. So I want to be sat on a nice sofa. I want to snuggle up with him with nice furniture.

So that, to me, what feels really nice to me if I just went out and got a designer handbag because that's what everybody's doing. I know it's just going to be sat in a drawer because that's not really my lifestyle. We're out here in nature. I don't need to carry around a designer handbag. It's like we don't really eat out very often because we love cooking.

We love new recipes. I love the whole. Going to the shop. I don't even get, like my groceries delivered because I love the planning. I love the recipes. What do we need to go into the shops, picking it out, cooking it together in the kitchen with the music playing, eating it, serving it up together.

So it's a whole process. There's no point going, I went to this really lovely restaurant to keep up with the Joneses because it's like, GABA that part of the process was missing. I don't do that, but it's not a big thing for me. I would rather just keep getting more wholesome and beautiful organic foods and farm shops.

That would be our expansion. That's where the money comes in. And that's where I was like, you just expand. Money just expands from what already is, what everybody's to a designer. Maybe I will, maybe I won't, it doesn't matter. 

Emily: And that's the thing. And like for everyone listening, this is not about a right or wrong. It really isn't. It's just checking in and understanding energetically, like how it feels to you. And it's like, if it feels expansive, if it feels luxurious, if it feels like it's meeting you at this next level of version of yourself, then there's alignment. And then that's a really wonderful purchase, whether it's the handbag and it sits in the closet most of the year, that actually doesn't matter.

It's like, how do you feel when you look at it? Does it expand you? Are you like, I'm the woman who has this designer person. I know I can use it whenever I want to, or for Claire and I, at least at this moment in time, we would look at it. Me, like that was the thing I bought because, like I thought I needed it. I thought it would make me feel a certain way. And so then it's like where it brings your energy down whenever you look at it. 

Claire: And then you start getting in your head, like, why did I buy that? And then it's like, what a waste? What did I do that, it has done this, instead. It's funny, like some of my favorite, well, my favorite shoes that I own on my wellies, that we walked the dog in nearly every day and in the winter they go for all the mud and I spent like 300 pounds. That's probably like $360 on a pair of wellies. But when I put them on like, they're like slippers, with that my dog just won't sit. So it's like, I'd rather spend $360 on a pair of wellies, it's that I'm going to walk around the woods and I love anyways.

Stepping in the mud and they feel like slippers than to be buying a $20 pair of wellies that are uncomfortable. They're not supported. They're not cushions. They're not, they're more aligned than to go out and buy a pair of designer heels. You know, I love my wellies. 

Emily: Exactly. I love it. I'm so glad that we're on this topic because I do think it's something that, It takes a while. It takes a getting to know yourself, it takes a reclamation, it takes an understanding of your inner authority. It takes a sensitization to your own feelings and your own energy to get to this place. And until you get there, it can feel a little confusing, like, well, do I buy the thing or don't I? Or, there's this question, mark, or this murkiness around it. And so if you're feeling that way and you're listening to this, it really is just an invitation to start noticing more keenly how you feel and just getting curious. And then let that start to guide you. And I know that's a lot of the work that you do with your clients is like, it's this reclamation and this self-discovery and getting to know what truly liked you up.

Claire: And the one that's just coming through really strong right now is honesty. There is no less, no more and no right. And no wrong. It's just being really honest with yourself. I had to get really honest. I love Netflix. I love some of the series on Netflix and they're like my trust TV, but there's when you work in hot, when you're doing the mind stuff, when you've got your family and you're doing all this stuff, it's like, okay, where can you just switch off of everything. And I'm like, I love sitting on the sofa, watching a bit of sunset, sunny sunset.

Emily: I watch that, too.

Claire: I know it, right? But I just get really honest because before I used to feel very guilty, very lazy and justify old mum has worked so hard now. She can sit in front of the TV and it's just like, just own the fact that you love that. Some people love the movies. Some people love jogging, working out whatever that is like my, that's not my downtime. That's my switch off. That's not why. And it was like, just get really honest and go. I love this. And you were talking about, you know, your inner authority, so I'm a spleen nickel authority. So I'm in the moment, like, let's go. I heard it. It's go, go, go, go. My family, my dad just said the other day, he's like, I just realized I'm 46 years old.

He's just realized that whatever you want in the moment player, you've got to go and get it. It doesn't matter what it is. You're going to move the mountains and you'll just go and get it. And if we want to join you, we can. Or if we don't, we don't. It took 46 years for me also, it is understanding that and it's like that. Let's go. That feels good. Let's do this because that's my authority. No, does this feel good to me and my body? Is this a hell? Yes, or. So, I think authority, as well. 

Emily: Oh my gosh. I love that your dad recognized that. You must've felt so seen in that moment. 

Claire: It was like, I wish you stopped to say, like birthdays and things. My family would buy me things and I'm just like, did they even know me? Why would I want this all night humbug when I want to walk over the fields in general? I mean, it was just like, and I used to question and you've just brought it to my attention then I was like, they do now. But I think that's because I've got honest with myself. I owned my true self. And so now they're obviously witnessing that. Whereas previously I would live a conditioned life, a false persona, people please, get into the things that dad recommended or don't do this, or what's the return of investment. Don't do that because this, and just listen to everybody else.

But this is part of the wholeness, feeling whole is when you, like, I do things in the moment. I don't know why, but I know why. I can't explain why. I'm just going to do this thing, feels right. Let's do this. It affects everybody in the family, it's a bit of a tidal wave when I move. But as long as I say to them, this is what I'm doing. And it goes the same with investments. I've just hired my next coach now. It's the same with everything that moves on, but then I also encourage them. To do them as well. 

Emily: Well also very aligned to your human design to be informing and initiating. So I love that. Okay. Well, if you remember, On your entrepreneurial journey, just kind of at a high level, like how much money you made each year or whatever, some of those significant financial milestones where I would love for you to walk us through that. 

Claire: Sure. So I've been on a real financial journey, especially on my own entrepreneurial journey, because there was so much, I think when you're an entrepreneur, it's more now about, I could flip houses. I could sell products. I was running multi-million pound projects as a female in my twenties and my thirties. Then we step into entrepreneurship. It's almost like you can't do anything. So I've been building up on the financials. I think my highest was sort of last year. I think the big milestone that stands out, when I've made $11,000 in two hours, 30,000 in six hours. And then now it's like since to be norms and things between like five and 10 Ks. So I've been an entrepreneur for nearly four years. And I had to get very honest with myself as well, because my client has been an entrepreneur for four years. She's making the millions. And so, I haven't yet. And I've only just discovered another belief just yesterday that explained why the money wasn't consistent, why it wasn't raising up. And that shifted yesterday. So I'm really excited about the financials coming forward. I can manifest money. I can win money where you're talking about the path of least resistance.

I can win it. It comes through. In other ways it comes, there's always money coming in, but it would never come through me. But unless like, you know, I have my big money break last year, so it starts to come through, but it's still very inconsistent. I think the five to 10 K now is more consistent. But obviously, doing the work that I do and help multiple units. Find the fulfilment, amaze shifted the money beliefs. I'm really excited for what's to come this year, really exciting. 

Emily: I'm so excited for you, too. I know it's on the way and I can still resonate with what you talked about, where it's like. We can make so much money through more tangible things. And I see it. I have an e-commerce business as well. And I had that first before we started our agency. Never did I attach my worth to whether or not people bought the thing. It was so much more straightforward and it was like, we were doing, I don't know, $700,000 a year on that business or whatever. And then we start an agency and if somebody said no to a $1,500 a month retainer for us to manage. Everything in there, Amazon business, like it was so under priced, it was insane. I felt like it was a no to me. And I felt so sad over that $1,500, but it's like, that's what happens when we're a coach or when we're a consultant or when we really feel our identity so closely linked to our business. And it's not that we're not the same person that can make a ton of money for somebody else or through products or through other things. It's just that universe is like, okay, well, this is now the path of least resistance to get you to do the inner work. We talk about the path of least resistance with money, but also our higher self is like, okay, well, this is now the easiest way to get you to evolve that hyper-speed, I'm just going to withhold the money because you don't feel worthy right now. And we're going to let you do all that work that you get to do on yourself. 

Claire: I remember saying to me, she said, "you know, you're going to do this all probably the way that you don't want it, you're going to do all the healing, all the inner work, you're going to feel, like, so amazing and be so connected". And then the money is just going to pour in. And I was like, I know, but I would like to get the money as I'm doing all the healing as well. And I think this is the point, like this is my journey. It doesn't have to be that way. Don't think for a minute, you need to go off and be healed and the money will come through because. It doesn't work like that.

The healing is forever going. The depth is deepening. My message is always deepened in. And we never know the unconscious stuff that holds us back or holds the money back is just. It blows my mind. So if you're an entrepreneur, you just started to know you're going to find everything that's in the unconscious.

It's gonna come out. You worth, your happiness, like everything that you connect around yourself, your childhood, like money is going to come out. It's going to get so dope on a silver platter. So a little bit of resilience in that some strength, and you need that desire, don't you? That you know, what's inside of you and the work you're going to do, because it's going to be days where it does get pretty hard. On what you're driving through.

Emily: Absolutely. And it's like an, every journey is different. And to me, that's one of the special things about this show and getting to highlight so many other women entrepreneurs is like just being able to honor and witness everyone's journey through the lens of money, but the money is representative of so much more. And the only people who are being really loud about their money story typically are the ones where it did seem to happen fast and easy and big. And what that means for the rest of us is that when our story isn't fast and easy and big, it can feel like, well, is there something wrong with me? Am I broken?

Am I cut out for this? And so I'm always so grateful. When there are women entrepreneurs on this show where it took time, where it was up and down on the way up, where there were some curveballs, because I actually think that's most of us and there's so much value in being earlier on, on your journey. And just knowing that it's okay. There's nothing wrong with you. You're doing awesome. Just keep going. And the money will come. The money is on its way. Just keep serving, keep showing up, keep doing the inner work and it's all working out. 

Claire: And I always keep coming back. It's always about the money and this is nothing to do with the money, all about the money, not about the money. I remember trying to sell, like something for $33 and couldn't, and then selling like a month program for six K and sold it. And sometimes you try and sell the six K and you can't, you can sell a hundred K like these are the, when you start looking into the beliefs and the patterns, it's just like, this doesn't make sense. And it makes you click and go. It's not about the figure, it's not about the money. It's about what do you connect? What do you make that mean? I've got a client right now. She's like, I always love to keep a million in the bank. So her goal is to keep 3 million sheep. I've just bought a house. My dream house I've already got $50,000 left.

That's like a lottery to some people 50,000. So it just shows it doesn't matter what level you're at. I got another client, who's six-figure earner, multi six figures sat in the bank and, feeling empty. So, and then, you know, I'm nowhere near them financially. And I just love my life. I love who I am. And so it's all about the money, not about the money and when we can come to this balance and understand that when we feel whole and complete, and there's nothing, no void to be filled. And then that gets to be expanded and we allow money to be the support money to be the expander.

Emily: Amen. Okay. So for everyone listening that wants to connect with you, where's the best place for them to find you? 

Claire: So, I'm out on Facebook. Personal profile is Clare Chapman, and I'm on Instagram, Claire underscore Louise underscore Chapman. 

Emily: Beautiful. And we will pop those links in the show notes. So everyone listening, go follow Claire. If you took something away from this episode, just screenshot it, share it, tag both of us. We would love to hear what landed for you. And it's always fun to then reshare you as well. 

So, Claire. Thank you so much for being on the show and just sharing. And you've got such a unique infectious energy and your zest for life. It's just very palpable and I know that everyone's going to want to follow you and be in your vibe as well. So thank you so much for sharing that with us.

Claire: You are more than welcome. Thank you for the invite. Yes. And I would love to hear, like you say, from some of the listeners, what really landed for you? What stood out for you? What ignited something within you would be amazing? 

Emily: Absolutely. Yes. So to everyone listening, thank you so much for tuning in and we'll see you soon. Bye.

Thank you so much for tuning in to today's show. Before you go, I have something fun to share. Now, when you leave a review on a Podcast on Apple, Spotify or Youtube. Take a quick screenshot and send it to hi@emilywilcox.com. You'll be entered into a drawing to win a free one-on-one Voxer coaching day with me. And you help the show reach more new listeners, such a win-win. I also invite you to follow me on Instagram at Em Makes Money. And, to jump into my free Facebook group, the money club. Which is linked in the show notes. Until next time. I'm sending you all the magic money vibes. 


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