Episode 52: Wealth Uplevels Through Identity Integration with Chiara Mazzucco

Chiara is the founder of Bold Self, an empowerment and lifestyle brand for millennial women. She is a high-level mentor to multi 6/7+ fig empires.

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Chiara: All these like, feelings of like, how would bolt's health be living her life independent of her business outside of her business. And all of a sudden he created the spaciousness and you know, which allowed and supported my businesses skyrocket even more within that container. So I think that congruency is so powerful, like at every level. So good, so much fun. 

Emily: And I think, like there are these sneaky limiting beliefs around what parts of me can I show in my business. What's acceptable and I love what you were talking about because it's like, if we can expand the container of our business and expand the container of our life. And then allow them to be in lockstep. It's like it does get to hold it all.

Welcome to a very special episode of the EM Makes Money Show. For those of you who are watching on YouTube, you can see that I actually have an in-person guest, which is so rare, right? It's so in this digital world for us to actually be together in person, it just adds so much extra energy and magnetism. So, I am sitting next to the gorgeous Chiara Mazzucco. How do I say your name correctly? 

Chiara: Mitsuko. You can say however you want. Because in Italian it's Chiara . So, in American people just take it just, Chiara Mazzucco

Emily: Chiara Mazzucco

Chiara: Exactly. Chiara Mazzucco we'll do. Hi everyone. What's up?

Emily: So, Chiara and I met inside of Melanie's Team Mastermind. And as we do, especially those of us that have a four-line in our human design. We need to be friends in person. It's not enough to just be in a virtual mastermind together, but it's been so lucky.

Chiara: We got so lucky that we're in so-called team.

Emily: So, I know I'm so grateful to be in LA where like, there is so much opportunity for soul sisterhood connection. And so we hang out and get together every now and then. And one of the things that's so special and I think often isn't shared and math. It's like the magic of these in-person connections and the stuff that we talk about together. It's priceless. 

Chiara: It's so next level. So like I got here like an hour and a half, two hours ago, we have been talking the entire time, like we have, and that literally was like, we should go put this on a podcast. Literally, non-stop talking about money, business, energetics. This is who we are. It's what we do. It's what we ref on. And like, be like in per the conversation. 

Emily: It is. It's really, really so special. And so I know that there's gonna be people listening that have not had a chance to be in your world or follow you yet. And so I would love for you to just like, give a little introduction who you are, what you do?

Chiara: I wouldn't even know how to answer that question right now. So my name is Chiara Mitsuko. Bold self. Bold self is a lifestyle and empowerment brand for female entrepreneurs. It is for the sovereign. It is for the rebel. It is for the rule-breaker. It is for the power of a woman who wants to create a life for herself of her own. Make a lot of money doing it, living a life of freedom and fun and a likeness. There's a lot of a likeness in my work. I teach courses, we have conferences, we have retreats, we hang out. But really at the core, I think it's a bunch of women really coming home to their power and also like the fearlessness in their ability to stake claim to a life that they wanna make their own which may not look like what other people expect it to look like. So I have a lot of like rule-breaking clients, women that are leading in the industry, disrupting the industry, shifting paradigms, and just being bold and courageous enough to do it. So, that's the work that I do. Me, I just like Bon Jovi. I'm 35, I'm single. I liked the rock and roll and drive around in my convertible and giggle and make voices. And this is my list work. So that's who I am.

Emily: I love it so much. You did a beautiful job.

Chiara: Together now.

Emily: You totally capture the energy. And I get that, like, when we're asked, like, what did we do? And all of a sudden it's like, how do I do this?

Chiara: How do I deal to that. I wake up.

Emily: So beautifully capture the energy. And like, one of the things we were kind of giggling about is how our environment in it's sacred spaces that our homes really like reflect us and our energy. So I've been to your home. This was your first time here.

Chiara: Oh, my God.

Emily: You were like, it's so her.

Chiara: It's so Emily. I want to take you guys like on a tour, be like Emily, Emily, Emily, Emily, Emily. It's all you and it's, like so cohesive and so consistent and so powerful and infused. And it's so you, it's so cool. It's very cool in here.I like it.

Emily: And then Chiara's like in the midst of buying these portraits of rock gods to hang in her house, which is like, it so her, and I love that we're able to cultivate these intentional spaces because it really matters. And I would love to invite us into a conversation around identity congruence because I know that we both do a lot of identity work. And at the end of the day, yes, it's an insight job. And, and things like our home space, do they feel congruent with the woman that we are the woman that we're becoming, that those things matter when we're at this level, that's beyond necessity. It's beyond the roof, over the head and the right number of bedrooms. Because then does the kitchen sink work properly? And is there a shower with good water pressure? And it's more like, do these things fit with the future vision of us? 

Chiara: You know, what I've also realized is like, you're talking about it. So it's like, I think so there's a few things. A lot of us also create brands based on like, I want to say like the superhero version of us, but you know what I mean? It's like, the amplified higher self next level. For me, I can't sing for shit, but like I love rock and roll. I love the rebelliousness and all the things. And it was always something that I was, like ready and willing to, like infuse in my life and my business and all the things.

There were times in my journey where I felt very incongruent. I felt like there was a version of me out into the world that was" Bold self". And then when I was going through, like even earlier, you know, the story, like I jokingly and lovingly call it, like I was like in a g-string like eating my salt and vinegar chips on the couch with my belly, hanging out, watching supernatural reruns, like nonstop.

That was a little bit of a lack of congruency. There was like a feeling of like, okay, bold self. Is there somewhere, but also like, okay, so that created some friction when I'm lying that up. And I was like, how would bold self live and all the things that was amazing, but it was amazing in many ways it was amazing because I felt like any part of me that was experiencing imposter syndrome. It's like I lived it. I was living it in real life. So I was able to, like remove that from my business, that, that. But also, it was like an effortlessness, like when my life represented me and who I was becoming and what the brand stood for. And there was this coherence, there was that like connection. 

My content became effortless. My programs were inspired by real-life for that. And so everything became kind of picked up this momentum of effortlessness. But then also when I got to the point of like hitting the seven figures and it was like, now what? Right? Was good till seven figures. It's like, I can keep going multiple seven, whatever. But I also was like, what am I craving? And I felt a part of me being like, I want to come alive. I want to come alive. And so now it stopped being just about congruency because that got embodied and all the things, and it started to become of like, what if they made my life like bigger than my business now it was like, can I create all things to not just hold my business and be like a match to it, but like, hold my aliveness, my creativity, my adventure in thing for life like dating and flirting and me being bold. 

What if I'm going, zip-lining doing all these things going out on a date on a whim, like all these like feelings of like, how would bold self be living her life independent of her business outside of her business and all of a sudden it created the spaciousness and you know, which allowed and supported my businesses skyrocket even more within that container. So I think that like, congruency is so powerful, like at every level, so good, so much fun.

Emily: And I think like there are these sneaky limiting beliefs around what parts of me can I show in my business what's acceptable and I love what you were talking about because it's like, if we can expand to the container of our business and expand the container of our life and then allow them to be in lockstep. It's like it does get to hold it all. And any rules or things that we have, it's like, I have clients come in and they're like, part of the reason I hired you is because you're a mom and I love that.

A lot of the coaches aren't and it's like, if I were to try and hide the motherhood part of my life, it would feel so weird because it's a really significant part of me in my life right now in the season that I'm in. And I want to be able to show women how we flow between celebrating of $5,000 payment coming in. And then wiping snot off of nos and being so proud that JJ is staying up on his skates in his little ice hockey year.

Chiara: No, it's all perfect. And like, you know, this, like, I, one of my biggest things I've said, the breakdown before, like the big Easter egg sale or whatever, like my breakdown was literally like, is Chiara being human enough for the next level was the foundational thing is Chiara enough, like is Chiara and Chiara's enough. And it was like, the reality is I do lead rebels energy, like disruptive energy. And then oftentimes means that I have to go places and do things that have not been done in the industry before. If you go to my stuff, if you go to my Instagram, there's literally nothing in there that tells you that I mentor, like other than like my biosis, I mentor multiple six and seven-figure earners. But I don't have like a whole block on like 15 ways to get your next client or like how to, like quadruple your revenue next month. I don't have any of that. And like, I get, sometimes I'm like, oh my God, like just is the fullest expression of Chiara enough. So that's my journey. If I didn't share all of that with my audience. And if I wasn't going through that myself, and if I didn't blend that with my brand, I wouldn't be able to attract the women in the space that desire to be human, the desire to be fully expressed the desire to go where no one has gone before, they're destined to be leaders and doubt and self-doubt and only thing, so it's like art. The truth of who we are infused in our brand is the thing that calls in the people. But there is that fear of like, what should I share? What should I not? But again, even that question is operating within an existing paradigm.

Emily: Yes.

Chiara: Of like, what's there. So it's like, that's not leadership anyway.

Emily: Right.

Chiara: You know what I mean? So it's like an interesting journey that we all get to go through. I coming home to like what that truth is, but the more willing you are to align all aspects of that identity. That's where magic happens. 

Emily: Yes. And it's refinement and it's like it gets to continue to build and grow and evolve.

Chiara: And change.

Emily: There are things now that I notice in a new way, right? I saw a Facebook memory today. My daughter is sleeping. And she was like sleeping in my bed, but from two houses ago and I was like, Eew those sheets. We don't have those sheets anymore, but I remember at a time, like those sheets, like being so luxurious and now it's like, so in that makes it sound so materialistic. 

Chiara: No.

Emily: And it's not. There are things that serve us for a certain season of life. And then as we start to step into this new identity, it's like, this has got to go. This needs to come in. How can I integrate this part of myself that felt like she had to sit outside of things that she was on the sidelines.

Chiara: And that's a perfect example too, with me being like the beginning of my coaching. I was a single mom with, I had my son part-time. I was living in where didn't want to live, etcetera. And I called in so many single moms. It's so many women who were like leaving nine to five, starting. It was like such a match to that. And then fast forward to now I live in LA. My son lives in New York with his dad. We have a completely different relationship. I fly out every month, etcetera, etcetera. So I've integrated the parts where I can, like support people who are single moms, but I'm no longer, that's not if they happen to be, that's fine, but that's not the point of connection anymore.

Emily: Right.

Chiara: Because I've evolved and I've integrated what needed to be integrated. 

Emily: And it's not like the loudest part of your story.

Chiara: It's not, exactly, not anymore, but it was also the very, like loudest in my experience, like shutting off the power in the middle of winter while I'm in the middle of cooking my son dinner. And I give him a bag of popcorn for dinner, and I have an anxiety attack as I light the candles. And like, we play games, see how many sweaters you can find around the house, literally like that with like the rock bottom breaking points. So that part of my story was so real. And so he was part of that. 

Now, I'm actually, what's interesting as, like I'm calling in a lot of people that are shifting dynamics and relationships are reframing co-parenting relationships.

There's a lot of my clients that have co-parenting with partners and stuff like that. And they're coming to me because it's like this next level of women. Getting to be extraordinary mothers and having relationships with their children, but now also getting to choose themselves within a divorce or within a co-parenting relationship. And that's what I've become a match to because I call. "Go around the fire let me tell you a story about how". And now that gets to be the match. So we get to evolve, but that's why it's important to infuse that in our stories and how we show up online.

Emily: And also like the thing that we sometimes are afraid for people to know about us is like the actual thing that someone will hire us for.

Chiara: That's what they want. Cause then they find it and they're like, oh my God, I love this show me like, its like.

Emily: I don't know. If there was ever a part of you, that was, well, I can't show that I'm like a single mom and whatever that is. 

Chiara: Absolutely, there was. 

Emily: Right. It's not like the picture-perfect. I have my entire life together. 

Chiara: And you should not tell men that I had, I was a single mom. I literally, it was not. No.

Emily: And like, I just had that, aha moment recently it's over something stupid, so to speak, which is like, when I started coaching. I felt like I really wanted people to identify me as a coach. And yet all of my experience came from building and operating two different seven figure businesses, one, which was an e-commerce business and one was an agency. And so it was like, I really didn't wanna talk about those things. And Melanie keep saying. Talk about, I'm talking about, and I didn't want to, and then it's like, I've had clients come in and they're like, I hired you because you run an agency and I'm like, wait, why? The very thing I didn't want you to know is the reason that you hired me.

Chiara: It's so good, it's so good.

Emily: But that's, like, true for all of that.

Chiara: It's whatever it is.

Emily: It's like the person that's struggling with their weight and feels afraid to say that because how can they be the perfect manifestation coach if they haven't, if they don't feel so comfortable in their body. And then their client hires them, because.

Chiara: They're so relatable. You got it, you're not a perfectly, like chiseled. I feel safe and someone

Emily: Yes.

Chiara: Totally. And like, we know that it's and I think a lot of us like, know this on a logical level, but I also think it's becoming more and more and more necessary almost, I wanna say in the industry because of how, I mean, it's growing really quickly. I've been in it just for five years and it's already a completely different thing than it was five years ago. And I think it's with them more like copy-paste. You know that we see out there, which is fine. Do what you gotta do until you find your voice, that's fine. But the more that we see that the more there's like a craving for a bowl, I think a lot of times we will gravitate to me because of the humanness where I'm like, life is messy.

Life is shades of gray. It's okay to this. It's okay to doubt yourself. It's like all these things, you know, it's okay to have a guy run away from you. That's the story part of this human experience of it. And it's like, there's a craving for it. So it's like every part of you that wants to be expressed, that wants to align the truth of who you are and infuse it into your business. I really do believe there's a lot of money on the other side of that. Because there's a whole community of people that are just waiting to be waiting to match that. 

Emily: And by the way, to anyone listening, that's like, but I'm not a coach. So I resisted this in my agency, so hardcore. I was like, no, no, no, but that's the business where we have to be real professionals and we have to be buttoned up and it has to be more corporate feel or whatever. And you know what my team loves the most that they send me their human design charts and I teach them about themselves and how to work together and that they can like book some time on my calendar. And we can talk about how, when a new client starts, they might feel tempted to flip into the wounded masculine energy, trying to over-perform and then like the wounded feminine energy of needing to feel worthy in the eyes of the client. And so again, it's like the pieces of me that I wanted to hide or that weren't welcome in that business are also like the very thing that my team loves the most.

Chiara: I feel like it just frees people, honestly, like it frees people that you've got to be imperfect, you get that? Have a creative, I mean, like, I love, like even with my team, we have such, we giggle, we laugh so hard, like laugh till we cry. This gets to be the way that we build things. That's the whole point of being an entrepreneur. Build it as you want it. We're not, like, stop. We need to not be recreating other nine to five. That's the point that were doing.

Emily: Absolutely. It's so refreshing. Okay. So I want to talk money for a minute.

Chiara: Oh, let's talk money.

Emily: let's talk money. This is, I believe that the mission of this podcast, and here's the thing, the way that you and I talk about money, the way we've been talking about it before we hit record is not normal. It starts to feel normal for us because we've cultivated these incredible little ecosystems where it's normal. But the mission of this podcast is like, to make it normal everywhere. Can we sit around a dinner table and talk openly about money and recognize the places where we have some weird energy around it? because I think part of the reason we stay so wounded in our money story is because all of our thoughts and feelings about it are just held secret for decades and decades. And so no one is able to call us out on how whack it is and how weird it is and how, the way that we just think things are, is actually so unique to us. It's not a universal experience. And so I would love for you to just riff a little bit on your money journey and where you started and where you're at now. 

Chiara: So, my journey, I think it's like very relatable in terms of, I started with a money was about survival. Money was about struggle. Money was about, single mom paying the bills, getting out of the nine to five escape. It was very much a taking Melanie's that like from the bad to good to great kind of journey. And it's like, if it was very much going from bad to good. Not even too good. It was just get me out of bad. That's really where it started. And I think a lot of us that are female entrepreneurs have this ferocity in us we're ferocious.

Especially if we have children, this is survival. We'll make it work. And so what ended up happening is that really, like triggered any kind of achievement wounds and all of that. So then money stopped being about survival because I started making it very quickly. I was very poor to begin. Then I signed on for $40,000 investment and I made $20,000 in like my first 72 hours. That first week I had side ponytail eight, my toe is like, and it was a dating and relationship program. I did not start with business or money or any of that stuff. I coached on what I knew on what at all things. And I started making money and then it was like, then money stops being about survival as much, even though it left all the trickles of the survival pattern. And then it moved into achievement and that stayed there for a while.

It was like my masculine fault. Very, like, I felt very comfortable in that especially once I was building momentum and it was attaching my identity and my worth and being able to do things quickly. And I was, I was growing until I woke up. And so this, I started my business in 2017 and it was 2019 or so at the beginning. No, it was at the, sorry at the end of 2019. So, beginning of 2020, that I woke up and out and doing it this way. I had built, half a million-dollar business in my masculine. I was so working on, like pain points on things. And so much of it was this on like scalability. It was like the old school, like in the coaching world of like, taking a group program, leveraging your group program, getting your support with coaches, blah, blah, blah, following this template. And I hated it. I hated myself for it. And I was also feeling myself at the edges of I'm tired of this. 

I'm just exhausted. Money's not fun. Right? And I feel like that's, like, the motright. And then we're like caught in the loop because our identity is touched and God forbid her lifestyle has elevated with it. And it's like, I've got to keep that up. And no, look at it, there's like new coaches emerging coming out of the vagina. Having six figure months. And you're just like, and they just started and it dumped the whole thing. It's really all about, like our own journey and falling and all the things. But in 2020 is when I first started working with Melanie and I was just basically like, I want to do a completely different. And so then, there was a period up until I want to say, like, we'll say 2021 and easy parentheses was really about the year of coming home to my mastery and around seeing how my inner work was a match to, like more wealth. And it was also about me releasing any old patterns. 

Any beliefs that I had around what I needed in order to, so like, okay, well, like it just was any kind of remnants of survival or achievement or ego or any of that were shed in that year. End up being a seven-figure year. And then the shift now into this year, which we are on track for a million in 6 months, which is, like, insane. And it's like blowing my mind and it's all the things, but the coolest part about it is that as you've seen is that. I've transitioned into the experience of money in fun play. So there's two parts of it. There's the fun and the play and the like just the giddiness of it, which has been so fun. We get the random list ideas. 

We put them out, we make a bunch of money, but everybody has a good time. And then on the flip side, the money is now. It lives parallel to the legacy and the vision and the impact of like the reach. So it's no longer about, six-figure month or multi seven-figure business that has that level of impact that is changing so many lives of women coming together, coming alive together and building this community together, like doing life together, being rebels together, having fun together, falling back in love with ourselves together. And that is now what money is attached to because like, even like all these extraordinary months that we've been having all, I'm literally sitting there going, like, I'm gonna make the conference in September so much fun because I'm seeing like all this extra money, I'm like, Ooh, you get a red carpet, roll that out and put the things up to this and this, like, I can see all these ideas. It's not about, I've hit this number at this month. It's now about like, we can make the experience even better. It's now about, I can bring my team members on full-time, it's now about that. And so, that to me, it's a minute journey, but that's been kind of my experience in the last, let's say five years.

Emily: I love it so much. And honestly, I feel so honored to be behind the scenes on a piece of it. And I think that's one of the juicy things that I love about masterminds is, like, not just seeing people post and go, oh my God, this wasn't, whatever I want, but it like, really seeing all of the thoughts and feelings in the becoming that happen behind the scenes, like in order to be an energetic match for that.

Chiara: You just saw.

Emily: And just really loving you and loving the women that are like hitting these incredible milestones so that it isn't about a competition and it isn't about achievement. 

Chiara: But you know, also.

Emily: Because there's a lot of people that actually stay in that moment. 

Chiara: No, for sure. That's fine. And also those are usually not the people that keep making more because it also takes like you get to that level and it's actually your willingness to like, heal both parts that allows you to catapult into more money. All the parts of us. If we were just talking about how, there's all these women were like seven figure earners, and it's like now a six-figure month doesn't feel worth celebrating because other people are hitting it. And I'm like, have we forgotten that we are now, we're talking about a hundred thousand dollars. And like it's not a hundred K a month. It's all a hundred thousand dollars. 

We are already the 1% of the 1%. And you know what, so-and-so hitting her hundred K faster than you did, does not take your experience of the hundred K away. And every time you do, you give your power away. And so we talked to him, we are willing to do that. And we're also the kind of women that will show up and be like, wow!, why am I not celebrating this? What's going on? I'm feeling a little bit of a thing around this and this. And it's like work through it. And that's what happens. That's why when you skyrocket on the other side of it. 

Emily: Absolutely. And I know we could riff about money all day, all night, like forever, forever events.

Chiara: The time already. It's been.

Emily: I don't know, but here's the thing. So, Chiara and I want to invite everyone listening into a depth around this conversation, and this is something I've actually never done on the podcast before. So it's really fun to like, be creating this invitation, but we had this idea of, we know this isn't gonna be a one and done, because how could we possibly capture everything that we have to say in a single

podcast episode, not possible. 

Chiara: Literally. time is fine by us. We have so much

Emily: We have so much, so we want to create more depth around this conversation and invite you into a little more intimacy around the conversation as well. And so what that's gonna look like is a one-time money and mimosas.

Chiara: Oh, my God! Wait. So it's going to be so fun. I'm gonna come back here. We're gonna set up, we're gonna have our mimosas. We're gonna have this incredible conversation. You can bring your mimosas like we want you, I mean, if you don't like one of our tea, like we're all friends, right? You can have hard whiskey. If that's your vibe, like we're all just hanging out. But I feel like that will be because I really do believe that like some of the most activating conversations come from this like rep and like from these reps and like to be a fly on the wall to talk about like the, like the real stuff, and then the crazy big results that like, or on the other side of it.

Emily: And what it really takes to make it happen in the fears and the insecurities and everything like, and so the thing about this money and mimosas conversation is that it really still is a sisterhood girlfriend chat, but like you get to be in on. We're not gonna be in teacher mode. We're not gonna be in coach mode. We're not gonna be fielding a bunch of questions. if you wonder what Chiara and I talk about when we hang out together, if you wonder, in the intimacy and the sacredness of sisterhood. The ways that we talk about money and what we've gone through and what we're going through and how we see it and how we feel it and what we're calling into our next levels of ascension, that's money in mimosa. That's what, this is going on. 

Chiara: We can talk about that too. We can talk about, like what we're calling in, like how we're calling it in. What, like we're actually doing. Because I think that's really valuable as well.

Emily: Absolutely.

Chiara: Sharing, like really being like, this is what I'm putting into place. This is the work that I'm doing around this.

I think there'll be I can roll again.

Emily: Absolutely

Chiara: Do you wanna come?

Emily: Do you wanna come? Open invitation. So, tickets are going to be $55 because we want this to be such an easy yes. If it feels like you want to be in on this conversation, you get to be, and you'll get lifetime access to the replay as well. So if you know, you want to be in on the conversation and then you look and you're like,

Wednesday, June 1st at 11:00 AM Pacific time. I'm on vacation or whatever. 

Chiara: It's fine.

Emily: You still get to, like energetically connect at a date and time that works for you. So we'll throw the purchase link into the show notes and if you're following Chiara and I on social media, I'm at EM Makes Money. Chiara at Bold Self. We'll talk a little bit about it there too. The ticket prices are gonna change by the way. So.

Chiara: And this is going to come out, I think like a week or so before the actual, right? So then.

Emily: So I'll give you like 24, 48 hours to slide in at the lowest price and then the price will move up accordingly. 

Chiara: I'm so excited.

Emily: So that's the call to action. If you're wanting to connect with us on a deeper level and learn some little behind the scenes, sisterhood chat about money and join us.

Chiara: Or just watch us giggle and make voices. Cause especially with a little bit of a little bit of champagne, a little bit of juicy characters come out and have a good time.

Emily: Yes. I love it. Well, thank you so much for being on the show. This was so fun and it feels like such a fun part one. And now we get to be in the anticipation of part two, which will be the money and mimosas.

Chiara: Perfect.

Emily: And by the way, if you're listening to this in June 1st has already passed because I get that podcast live forever.

You can also buy the replay. So the link for purchasing the ticket will turn into a link to purchase the replay. So even if you've stumbled upon this. A year from now, you get to slide right in. And I think that's one of the incredible things about this content creation is that like, it does get to live forever and the energy that's infused in it, stays, it's like a little time capsule and so. 

Chiara: You will get to watch it like, oh my God look at us in June.

Emily: So, thank you. Thank you all so much for watching and listening to the show and we'll talk to you soon. Bye.

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