Episode 50: April Celebrations

Join Emily as she recaps her delight-filled April 2022. Go behind the scenes on her family vacation, the rebrand of her mastermind, the sales numbers, and more! 

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Hello, and welcome to the EM Makes Money Show. I am so excited. These types of episodes are quickly turning into my favourites to record and that is my monthly celebrations. So today is May 3, and I am sitting down to record and share with you all of the juicy details about April. And what made it feel so incredible. April 2022 is probably like the most magical month that I have ever had in business. Like it just felt so so so so so so so so good. And there was a duality to it as well, because we also had someone on our elevate team quit very unexpectedly. And she was the person who was supporting me in sales. And so it like added a lot more to my plate. And there was like a lot for me, schedule-wise, that felt really full about April. And yet I'm like how the F was this month. So insanely amazing. So without further ado, I will jump right in. And I actually had the idea to wait and share the numbers at the end. So this is a good episode for you to listen to you when you're ready to feel celebratory when you're ready to feel kind of like a buzzy excited, anticipatory energy. And if you're not feeling that way about your life and your business right now, and you don't want to shift into that state, this might be an episode where you want to save it for another time. So for me, I'm always so inspired by Abraham Hicks. And if you're familiar with Abraham Hicks, there's a terminology that they use called a rampage. And she also says that you really shouldn't rampage when you're not feeling on the inside or when you're not ready to shift into a different state on the inside. So if you're feeling really gloomy, or you're feeling sad, or you're feeling angry about something in your life, and you try to force yourself into a rampage of gratitude and excitement, it actually has the reverse effect where it's like your subconscious mind fights against it even more, and you end up reinforcing the gloominess or the frustration. So for me, April felt a lot like one of these rampages and these rampages, if you've ever heard them from Abraham Hicks sound like I'm so excited and grateful for all the incredible things that are happening in my life. I get supported by my husband, my kids are having so much fun. They're in so many different activities every day, it feels like a dream come true. There's something happening that we never thought would happen. And yet here it is, and I'm just blown away by that. And every day it feels like there's somebody new that's ready to work with me and money is just flowing to me so effortlessly. In fact, I've never felt so good with money both receiving it and spending it I get to circulate it we get to have more incredible experiences more money gets to flow to me through align clients. I'm so grateful for that. I want more of that. Yes, please. That feels amazing. And you just go on and on and on and it like puts you in this really high vibe buzzy kind of energy state. So when I look at my list of all these April 2022 celebrations, it just feels like an Abraham Hicks style rampage so we got our tax refund like a big fat check at the beginning of April that just felt like such an incredible surprise and delight like what how how how are we getting all of this money back and we're still leaving some money in to cover our taxes for 2022. So it just feels like so abundant in all the ways we spent a week in Mexico City, which was such a fun vacation was so different than any type of vacation that we've done since having kids because it was really a culture trip.

So if you've never been to Mexico City, it has kind of a European vibe. So you go there to enjoy the architecture, you go there to enjoy delicious food, you go there to enjoy all the beautiful statues and water fountains that are out in the parks. And in the middle of traffic circles, you go there to go to the museums and see all the Salvador Dali, dripping clocks and all the incredible art that's there. Of course, we also went for the pyramids. So we did a day trip out to Teotihuacan, and just experienced all of the incredible energy that's in these places that were built 1000s and 1000s of years ago and just the amazing perspective that that brings. So it was a really special vacation because it felt so different. I also was very much in my feminine receiving on this trip, because a friend of ours planned the whole thing. So I got to feel very surprised and delighted by each of the restaurants that we went to, and all of the parts of the city that we explored, because I hadn't done any research. So I wasn't in the mode of oh, this look different online, or I had this expectation of how it would be I just got to wake up every day and be like, great, where are we going, Oh, that sounds fun. And just be very flowy and in my trust and surrender around the trip. So that was fantastic. And while I was in Mexico City, I felt a little communication with the divine. I had an offer drop in for these strategy, super sesh sessions. And these are a 90 minute one-off call where we really dig into the sort of business structure like what are your offers? What are your pricing, what's working, what's not working? Where do you have team to support you like just kind of all of the masculine energy pieces of the business and understanding what off and what needs to change in order to scale to your next income level. So now at the time of recording this, I've already done three of them. And they have been like straight by your this is like my zone of genius times a million. But I only opened up four spots initially when the idea came through in Mexico City because the pricing that came through along with the idea felt low to me. So the pricing was $333 for a 90-minute call. Now mind you, I have a private coaching trial where for 1111, you get 160-minute call with me plus five business days and boxer together. So I had some doubts around the pricing. Like I trusted that it did feel like the right thing for that offer. But I also felt a little bit like this is low compared to my normal pricing. So I just opened up for spots. That way it could sell out quickly. And I could try the four sessions and see how it went and see how the pricing felt and everything. All of those four spots were claimed within 24 hours. And literally all I had done was like post a couple IG stories about it. So I can't even tell you how much that felt like a dream come true. Any of you who are coaches or consultants and you're a year into your business, you probably feel me right it is a dream come true to think that you could just have an offer drop into your mind that you could post three little things onto Instagram stories and have it sell out within 24 hours. So I was just basking in the gratitude of that and that I've built a business where I can receive so much money while on vacation so effortlessly. Like we also had a new elevate agency clients join. We also had someone rent out our pool while we were gone. So it was like all of these different ways that money was showing up for me and supporting me while we were on vacation in ways that felt so aligned and so effortlessly. It just filled me with so much gratitude knowing that what's in my life now are the things that I dreamed of I dreamed of over the last year, even right now just like tapping back into that feeling.

I honestly feel like I could cry like it just makes me feel so humbled and grateful. The other incredible thing about the strategy super sessions is that three out of the four people who booked were completely new to my world. They weren't people that I knew about or had had a conversation with or they had been in my free master classes or anything before and the fourth was someone that I knew, but we had never worked together. So it just felt so freakin abundant. Okay, what else I also said yes to joining A year another year of the Alpha femme experience, which is led by my coach Melanie and Leia. She has a programme once you're into your second year called the alumni programme. And it just felt like such an easy and effortless yes for me at $10,000 pay in full. And so I said yes to that I paid in full, it won't officially start until I'm done in the mastermind. But I also was just acknowledging my own growth that like paying $10,000 in full for something felt like such an effortless Yes, it didn't really make me feel nervous, I didn't really feel like that stretchy about it. And so it showed me my own personal growth that now it's like, I actually don't feel the stretch or the fear at all at a $10,000 level. So for me, like the investments need to be bigger, which also like puts a little pit in my stomach. But that's growth and evolution. And I think it's important that we don't minimise that or kind of pretend that it's not happening. Because it's like, how I used to feel investing 10k, it might take me 100k. Now to feel that same way. But continuing to put myself in those positions where I continue to grow and expand is important. And for me, although there wasn't necessarily like the expansion through the transaction of purchasing a year of alumni, I know that the ROI is there just be me being in that community. So I felt super grateful for that I got a new one on one client who paid in full for three months that felt so abundant, so magical, so miraculous. And I can tell you like as I'm getting to know her, I feel so humbled and so honoured. Because if we think about our clients as like reflections of us, not in a very literal way, but just in the sense of women of a certain calibre women with a certain power are going to be attracted to a certain level of coach. And so as these women are dropping into my world, and I look around, and I'm like, You are so badass, you are so amazing. Wow, look at you look what you've built. And then it's like, and you chose me as your coach, what like, I just feel so grateful, and so humbled and so honoured all at the same time. And I honestly, sometimes I can't believe that this is what I get to do for a living, I really can't. It's so amazing. In April, I also had so many gorgeous souls jumping into money wound medicine, that felt so those sales, honestly, I celebrate the heck out of them. Because I love that programme. So much. I know how powerful and transformative it is. And by the way, even the women who sign up to work one on one with me, we end up working through a lot of the same things as the money wound medicine. So don't get it twisted. It's only $444. It's an evergreen programme, like it's self paced, you get access immediately. And sometimes in our head when something's a little lower ticket or when it's pre recorded. We think that it's not as valuable. This programme is so valuable. If I were running it live, I will be like charging 1000s of dollars. But I'm so grateful that I get to run it pre recorded and that it gets to be at a more reasonable price point so that more women can jump in and I celebrate the heck out of you when you do it every single time. It does not get old to me. I also really felt like I was nailing my coaching so much in April, and like just feeling so grateful for my channel. And what do I mean by that? I mean, the times when it's so obvious to me that I am a vessel and a mouthpiece for the divine. And there are thoughts and words that are coming through me that are not mine. I feel so humbled by that I feel so grateful when that happens. And it's really helpful when clients reflect that back to me.

So one of the things that happened in April is that I had a new one on one client who actually is a friend of mine as well. And it's been so incredible, like the clarity that she's gotten in the action that she's felt inspired to take out of our coaching container. She just did the private coaching trial. So if anyone feels like one call plus some time and Voxer isn't transformative enough, well, I'm here to tell you otherwise. Because I see it firsthand, so much can happen in such a short amount of time. Anyway, she was so generous in her feedback, like she would just I would say something to her and her response and boxer would be like, wow, like I felt my whole body shift with that word that you said like your channel is so powerful. I can't believe like what you just shared with me. So I have really appreciated having that feedback and just honouring how much I'm nailing it for my clients at also ran my first live programme inside of telegram and just loved it. And my clients loved it. And it was so fun to be off of Facebook and testing a different platform. And it had this really squeaky clean energy about it, it felt like we were all in this little energetic bubble together. And it just felt like such a cosy, safe, intimate, fun container. And yeah, I actually think I'm gonna do a lot more of it. And I might even create a programme about how to run programmes and telegram because I know that a lot of coaches want to get their programmes off of Facebook, but they just don't know where they want to go. And telegram is free, by the way, so it was just cool on so many levels. I also created a gorgeous rebrand for the becoming the becoming as my high level rolling year long mastermind, and I had been wanting to rename it and rebrand it. And I finally did it in April. And like, ah, it feels so good. To me, the becoming is such a powerful name, because it really captures the essence of what we're doing the essence of how much life happens in the space between where we're at and where we want to be. Because the goalposts shift in our lives, and there are so many things that we have now that would have been a dream of ours five years ago. And yet just because we have them now it doesn't mean like check the check, check. My whole life is complete, I'm completely satisfied. There's no next level. No, we just dream into new things. And so there's this evolution, there's this becoming that makes up our lives. There's a becoming around being a wealthy woman, and holding more wealth, holding more power, speaking our truth, stepping into our mission in life feeling so much more joy and flow, balancing our feminine and masculine energy, like the list goes on and on and on. And so to me, the container being called the becoming it holds it all. And that's how I feel about that mastermind. We're not just in there talking about business, we're not just talking about money, it holds all of it. What else. Okay, April was also a really abundant month in terms of my kids getting enrolled in activities that have been kind of on our dream list on our vision board for quite some time. So JJ got to start ice hockey. And you guys, it is the cutest thing ever. This kid just turned four. He is in the league of five to eight year olds, like he had to get special permission and he had to skate for the director of the ice hockey programme in order to be allowed in his jersey like hangs down past his knees like a dress. It's the most adorable thing ever. So if you're not friends with me on Instagram, come follow along and makes money. And you will see in my Instagram stories every time JJ does hockey because I just cannot help myself. I'm in total mom mode of like, oh my God, look at my kid. He is so cute. But the truth of the truth is that he's been doing ice skating lessons, probably for the last three months. And he asks all the time, when do I get to play hockey? When do I get to play hockey. And so the fact that he gets to play this year, like before, it makes sense before he's allowed, it just totally took me by surprise. And I'm so grateful. And that's the way that the universe delivers things for us. It gets to be effortless, it gets to feel like such an unexpected surprise. And I actually cried the first time that you went out on the ice to practice Oh, it felt so good. They also started violin lessons this month. And I also cried during her first lesson because it's been on my vision board forever to have my kids in music lessons. But there was an additional cost there was an expense it just I just felt like a lot and I just had a limiting belief around it. And now it's like here we are doing it and it's fine. And it's like I don't even feel the money leaving and circulating. I'm just so grateful for it. Like I'm just blessing him so happy to pay for the violin I'm

so happy to pay the instructor and also it's like this woman that's running her own little small business and I'm so grateful that like we get to support her so it just feels like dreams come true All around. I also tapped into like so much more effortless content creation on social media in April so I'm super grateful for like I'm seeing new levels of me being able to step into my power and use my voice and share and also just have it feel more effortless where I'm not having to like carve out time to sit down and write it's like things are just flowing through me in a way that feels really really good. It's probably part of the reason that I made so much money in April and so many clients came into because it's like all of this stuff is so interconnected right so I also got a new VIP one on one client so this is like my highest tier of one on one coaching and that has felt so incredible and soul aligned and again like getting to know her I'm just like wow, you chose me as your coach like you are phenomenal. Look at you look at what a powerhouse you are. Look at all the wealth you've created. Look at all the multiple streams of income And I'm so excited to work with her on getting it aligned and getting it to a place where she's also getting to spend more time with her little girl like that, to me is so important because it's so important to her. But it also just feels so good to my mama heart. And I know we can do it. And I know like how much transformation and how much money and how much creativity, she's gonna get on the other side of becoming the woman who has boundaries on her time, and who allows money to flow to her more easily. So that feels super exciting as well. And it's like with these one on one clients, it always feels so magical, because it's like, they're not there. And then they're there. They're not there. It feels like nobody's listening. It feels like nobody's watching. And then boom, they're there in your inbox saying that they're ready and like they want a blink. And it's like, what is this world? What is this life? This is so crazy. So April has felt like a month of gathering so much evidence so much evidence, like these women are coming in at different price points at like higher price points in my business, they're jumping in without having spent a tonne of time in my world without doing something free first without doing a private coaching trial first, like all of these things that could have been limiting beliefs in my business around my pricing, or how long people get to know need to get to know me or all these different things. It's like, no universe is just showing me all the evidence that like nope, it doesn't have to be that way doesn't have to be that way. Like it just gets to come, it gets to be effortless, you get to feel surprised. So now for the grand finale, which is the numbers. So in April Danda. Now $97,407 through the three businesses, there was money, obviously that came from tax refunds and the pool rental and all that kind of stuff. So we were well over $100,000 in cash received for the month. But through the three businesses, it broke down to the E commerce brand did 5312 the agency did 69,412 goalies twelves and then my coaching business did 22,683. So that is my second best month, year to date, maybe my second best month of all time. And what's so cool is that I'm stacking all of this recurring revenue. So it's like I'm going into May I think we've already like, I don't know, 12,000 or $14,000 in revenue on the books, which feels like

oh my gosh, and I thought that I was saving the numbers until last but actually, they're like two more crazy things like to tell you about I'm telling you this month, this month, this month this month, like how is this my life? I did a luxury client VIP day with one of my favourite clients at the Ritz Carlton in downtown LA. How is this my life? How do I get paid to spend the day at the Ritz Carlton to do a spa treatment at the Ritz Carlton spa to eat the most delicious meals, I had someone come in and do an incredible sound bath and breathwork healing experience for us. I customise these days to my clients. So this day was like a perfect blend of relaxation and business strategy. We came up with at least three different tweaks or new ideas that are like million dollar plus ideas for this client and her business in her life. It's so intangible. It's like I don't know what ideas are going to come out of these luxury VIP days. But I know they're going to come I know everything's going to shift both on an energetic level. And on a strategic level, like the subconscious mind and the conscious mind. These are like quickly becoming my newest favourite thing to do. So I will be opening up a few more spots this year. I'll probably do one in Lake Tahoe. While I'm up there in August on vacation. I'm going to be in Sedona in September, so I'll probably do one in Sedona as well. So if you're listening to this, and you know that you want to do a luxury VIP day with me jump into my DMs and tell me because the spots are going to be really limited. And so I want to make sure that I'm giving like first preference to the people that are like oh my god, I know for sure I wanted and then the last exciting thing is that my husband Jeff got his new truck. So he ordered a Ford F 350 superduty. Like every feature you can imagine truck over 400 days ago, like 405 days ago, he ordered this truck he got so fed up at one point in the process that he cancelled the order. Then months and months later, he gets an email saying your truck is about like has a production date scheduled. And he was like what and he called the dealership and he was like did you cancel the order? And they said no, he was so excited. Again. It was like the universe to surprising and delighting us with a totally different plan than what we had in mind. So it was like he thought he was gonna have to wait an extra year for the truck. But then it turns out that his original order was still in place. So 405 days later he finally got his truck She's so beautiful. The kids named her midnight because she's all black. He has like more custom aftermarket stuff scheduled that he's gonna get done on this truck. But he is just like a kid in a candy store. And it feels so good to our family because we sold his other truck about eight weeks ago. So we've been a single car family for eight weeks, which we've done remarkably well with, if I do say so myself, but also, it's taken a lot more energy to plan the logistics of our family. So we are so thrilled to be a two-car family again, and to have this really abundant vehicle upgrade. April. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, I receive more, please. Now May is my birthday month. So I'm already tapping into the magic of May. And I can't wait to fast forward a month from now and be recording an episode celebrating all the incredible things that happened in May. But for now, you got to hear all the behind the scenes of all the special things that April had in store, I honestly hope that it was inspiring for you in one way or another whether it was the money or the experiences, the vacation, etc. If it was just the feeling like your life gets to feel this magical your life gets to feel like this fun, surprising, delighting experience this co creation with you and the divine. And that is so much how I feel. And I really wish that everyone who desires to have this feeling that they get to experience it as well. So I love you so much. Thank you for listening. I hope your APR was just absolutely incredible. If there was something amazing to happen that you wanted to share, slide into my DMs and let me know and I will talk to you soon.

Thank you so much for listening. Bye. Thank you so much for listening to today's show. Changing the way we think, feel and talk about money will change the world. I truly believe that it starts with you tuning in, and it spreads when you share this show on Instagram and Facebook and tag me at and makes money. And you know what moves the needle the most, taking just a minute to leave a five star review on it. This show isn't free to produce. So let's multiply those dollars invested to help the show reach a bigger audience. Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it. And lastly, if you want more connection, more and EM Makes Money Style riffs, and a safe place on the internet to talk about money, jump into my free Facebook group, the money club. It's linked in the show notes. Until next time, I'm wishing you health happiness and boatloads of money


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