Episode 45: Brick & Mortar to Booming Biz Coach with Jaclyn Shaw

Jaclyn Shaw is a quantum energetics coach, leading visionaries in amplifying their power + divine feminine activation.

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Emily: All right,  welcome back to "The Em Makes Money Show".  I'm so happy to be here today with one of my mastermind sisters, Jaclyn Shaw.  Jac is a wildly passionate coach and channel, she's known for taking her clients to the depths of their knowing to their most intimate truth, where they're able to activate their authentic ways through her work, clients develop a deep trust with themselves. 

They eliminate any lingering shoulds, misalignment, and self-sabotage, so they can unapologetically show up to lead in their power. As a human design expert, she guides her clients to step into complete energetic alignment and shows them how to access their sacred creation portal.

The projector in her sees what they can not yet see and together they bring it to life. So Jack, welcome to the show. 

Jaclyn: Hi, I am so excited to dive in and to have this conversation with you. Thank you for having me. 

Emily:  Yes, yes. yes. I'm so happy that you're here. And my favorite thing is to learn about stories from powerful women like you, like, how did you get into this?

Were you always an entrepreneur? What was the journey for you? 

Jaclyn:  Always an entrepreneur, pretty much always an entrepreneur. I try and have a job at one point in time as if this is really not going to work for me. I was like, you know, the freedom, the flexibility has always been such a big thing for me. And I grew up with two parents. 

My mom was an entrepreneur, my dad made his own schedule. So,  I just like, always saw the freedom that they had. And I mean, my mom grew up in a business from startups. I also saw the work-hard mentality and I saw everything like that. 

My parents did to get to where they got to, but definitely, it was just like, I having like the freedom, the flexibility was always like a huge, huge, huge, thing for me. And I started off my entrepreneurial journey actually in the fashion industry, I owned a children's clothing store. So very different. I was like a brick-and-mortar business.

Emily:  If you know,  that we have a baby clothing company. 

Jaclyn: No. I did not. Oh my gosh. I had no idea. That's what for five years until I had kids. I had its children's clothing store and then I had kids and I. Nope, more freedom or travel more flexibility. And that's my dope into the online world.

I started my first online venture when my son was a little bit under two months old and then kind of just honestly,  like fell into coaching. A bet started having my business partner and I, we were building this like an Instagram platform and really just like sharing a lot of our journey. And then women started to come to us. 

We able have both had built successful brands and businesses and we had women, asking us to coach them in business. And at that point we're like, what do you mean? We didn't really even know what the whole coaching world was and kind of fell into it and loved it. And then we've grown and transformed a million times since then. 

Emily: Wow!  That's wild. So you didn't have a coach at the time and women started asking you for coaching and you're like, what is this? 

Jaclyn:  And then all of a sudden, I was at this event with a couple of girlfriends that I met this woman who was a coach. And I was like, what do you do? And she's like, you have people asking you to coach them. Why are you not doing it? And at that time I had a network marketing business. I was like, well, I do it through there, but like what, how else could I coach them? And then, she's like, no, no, like it's this whole industry. And so I was like, can you teach me? And she was like, yes. And so then my business partner and I were just like, let's hire her and figure this out. And we were basically like, shut up. I'm like, Hey, just tell us what to do. We will do it, do it. We'll do everything you say, like, just tell us and we'll go for it. And we did.

Emily: Oh my gosh,  that's amazing. I love this story already. So I'm curious. So like how much money were you making with the kids' clothing store and like, walk me through financially what it looked like to close that and then to start building the Instagram platform and go into business coaching.

Jaclyn:  The kid's clothing store. So it was actually an interesting story of when I closed that. So brick and mortar business it's like everyone, like, it looks like it was like so wildly successful and all the things. And I was like, every dollar I made felt like I was like, reinvesting it back into the business. It was like more inventory, bigger brands. And I cared a lot of like very high and children like designer brands like we're talking like $200 jeans for your baby. It was located in this pocket in Toronto, just very like high fashion. So it was like, every time I felt like I just kept like reinvesting, reinvesting, reinvesting. So, well, I had so many friends saying to me like, oh my gosh, like you're living the dream and all these things, but every month I feel like I remembered bills being paid to pay. I was like, oh my gosh. And it was like, am I going to have enough to pay for that inventory coming in? And the orders that I made six months ago. And so it was like, successful, but it was always this like juggle of money is what it felt like. There was always this hustle. It was this always like figuring it out. And then during my second pregnancy, the building that I was in was getting torn down. So they're like, you're going to have to relocate. And I just was like, I think. I was like, I think I'm actually just done with this. I had already started my online business and it was going well and I loved it. And I was like, I don't even want to be here anymore. And so I just decided that I was going to close down and I thought I was actually going to go online with that business. And then as I was closing down, I was just like, I don't want to go online. I'm actually like, this chapter is just done. And I remember so many people asking. When I locked the door, they're like, oh, was it better sleep? And I was like, no, it was just actually sweet. I just felt so completely better.

Emily: I totally resonate with so many of the things that you've said because we built our baby clothing company online, but it's still an inventory business. And my agency works with companies that are scaling on Amazon. And we work with bigger brands now, but when we worked with smaller brands, cash flow was always a problem. And for us, with our e-commerce brand, like it was a solid three or four years before we could start taking any money out because it was growing fast. But when it's growing fast, that means that for every unit you sell, you need to buy two or three more to keep us.

Jaclyn:  Literally what was happening with me. I was just like, oh yeah, like, so the demand was bigger, but then I was like, okay. And I really wanted to be known for bringing in, like, there were so many brands.

I was like the first person in Canada that had brought them in a couple that I was the first in North America. And now they're literally everywhere, but I was like the first one, like I went and I sourced them. So then I was bringing in like the imports, like all the things I was like, my expenses just kept going. And while I kept making more sales, it was also with like my expenses growing up at the same time. 

Emily: And then when people are like, oh, you're doing so great for me, at least it sort of felt a little bit like, oh, like, is this success? Is this how success feels like there wasn't even a part of me that was like, no, I'm not successful. It was just kind of confusing.  Maybe this is as good as it gets. I don't know.

Jaclyn: Well, and I had seen like, this is my mom, both my sisters own clothing store. So I had seen those it's like the success is always with the hustle is what I know, success is always with the like, and I don't want to say just making ends meet. Cause it was like, the lifestyle was great, but it's like at the same time that there was no like overflow ever, it didn't feel.

Emily: It's true. There's just a lot of pressure that comes with it.

Jaclyn:  Big time.

Emily: If you've never wired like $40,000 for what you're placing these huge orders and then it's months and months before you sell even the first unit from that order. 

Jaclyn:  Before. totally. And I remember sometimes I'd be like those big orders.

I'm like, Ooh, look at all the trouble for it. So I'm going to put this on my visa. Then I was like, then you're like always being in that. Okay. You're ordering, you're paying for things like six months in advance. So you get big cycle.

Emily:  So you shifted online. You felt really complete with the brick-and-mortar chapter of things. So would you start making money online right away?

Jaclyn:  So, the transition for me was a network marketing company, which I was making money at right away. I had very successful network marketing business. And then that's when women were coming to me and they had seen me have my clothing store. They had seen what we had done my business partner and I, through our network marketing business, my business partner also had a successful business.

This is when women started coming to us, asking us to coach them and right away, this is when we hired this woman who we had met. And we were just like, tell us, we'll just do everything and we'll, we'll do it. And we had zero expectations.  We didn't even know what was anything. And we launched a MasterCard $44 and decided we were going to just run it and then offer one-to-one coaching. We didn't know that courses existed. We didn't know about masterminds. We're just like, this is what we're going to do. And then I remember that first person like saying, yes, it was for five months, it was $6,400 Canadian. And we were like, " We're so rich", and we'd literally made it . And we're going to open five spots and we had six women bucket and we were like, we ran this $44 masterclass. Then we have all these women. And then we were serving them for the next five months and we loved it, but we were like, we can't take on more one-to-one clients. Then we launched a group program and it was like, we had all these things happen very fast. But I think the thing for us was, is like, we didn't even know that this world really existed. So we had zero expectation,  where we were just like, so like, Ooh, we're going to do this and see what happens. So there wasn't any fear that it might not happen. We're mostly in the psych. Oh, imagine if like, wouldn't that be so fun? And, oh my God, if people paid us for this, like this would be our dream. And I think I'd spent so long actually coaching women for free. And then through my network marketing business, not even knowing that it's something I can make money for that. I was just like, oh, people are paying me for this and I'm transforming their life. And we're creating all this magic together. I'm like, yes, please, more please. 

Emily: That's awesome. I love it. And so that was the beginnings of the company that you have with your business partner, Robin.

Jaclyn: So yes and no. So this is where our story kind of gets interesting. So that's our business at that point, what's called girl tribe and we started off and all the success. Literally, our first year was $350,000 a year. We were like obsessed with everything we were doing. We're putting out, we figured out courses and we did all this stuff, but then all of a sudden we were like, oh wait, we've got to figure this out. We've got to have strategy. We've got to start doing things. And we started implementing funnels and nurture sequences and all of these things. And that doesn't feel fun anymore. This doesn't feel good. And we didn't really have the words to describe it, but we started feeling disconnected.

I started learning about human design.  I was like,  oh,  we're not building this in alignment with our energy. So, all of a sudden we had all this excitement. We were like, yes, please, more, please. And then we put all these expectations on it. We should do it this way. We should bring this in. Oh, somebody else did this and they're an expert. So we got to do it that way. And all of a sudden, this coach who we hired that were like, tell us what to do and we'll do it. We literally did. We'll do it. And so we followed somebody else's way and that worked, this isn't sustainable because it doesn't feel good.

So we literally, burned everything to the ground. The programs went away, the clients went away. The team went away. the brand, like we shifted from girl tribe. Now we are ready to serve women. We're ready to take our Taylor wet, ready to be like grown-ass women. And that's when we launched fem, which was the summer of 2019.

Emily: I think so many entrepreneurs go through this cycle. We like, we want the roadmap, we want the masculine energy. Somebody else just tell me how to do it, but we're doing it from like a wounded feminine place of this damsel in distress that doesn't trust herself, that just wants daddy to show her how it's done. And then you build something that feels terrible.

Jaclyn:  And it was wild, Right? Cause we did it like we did it following our energy to begin with and it had all this success. And then we brought up all this other energy and it didn't feel good. And we literally saw. the income. I wrote down like our first year was 350 K and our second year was 128. And part of that was that we decided that we are burning this to the ground. 

We had a hard conversation when we were like, okay, we put a lot of blood sweat, and tears into this. Are we willing to let it all go? And we didn't and we're willing to not make money from the next. However long it takes. And then I ended up being three or four months and we're committed to building this in alignment. We're committed to building a business that feels good. That's leading other women in a way that feels good for them and for us. 

Emily: So, like going back to what actually worked for you, which is like following the fun and the magic.

Jaclyn:  We're like, we can bring in the masculine energy, but that it's in alignment with us. So then that's when we really started, we were like, we want to marry the masculine-feminine in a way that literally eliminates any should or have to so like, I think the very first thing we launched on the other side, it was called a stripped mastermind. We're going to teach you how to strip everything in your business that you're doing following a should or I have to so that you can lead with this energy forward.

Emily: I love that. And when you learned about human design as a projector, did you? I mean, it sounds like you were kind of in hustle culture before, and I'm curious. If there was a deconditioning that needed to happen for you as a projector in order to get back to alignment with your design. 

Jaclyn: There was definitely a deconditioning, but it was also at the very same time. I was the first time I heard my chart being red. I was the things that I've always felt inside myself, felt known and seen and validated. So,  I wanna say it was easy for me, but because I felt that so deeply. Okay. I'm willing to do this. I'm willing to do all the recoding and then probably the biggest challenge for me is that my business partner is Manny Gen.

So, she's the Manny Gen energy. And then she heard my design. She said, oh, what does this mean?  How are you going to offer it? And how are we going to run a business if you're living as a projector? And so it didn't take a lot of work for her and I to really come to harmony around. Manny Gen and a projector coming together to run this.

Emily: I can totally see that because, I mean, I'm a Manny Gen, so I'm like the world's built for me. I love it. But also, like I was running a little mini mastermind, just like a two day thing last month. And someone in there was asking me questions. I'm like, what's your human design? And she's like, I don't know.

Do you know your birth time, go pull your chart. And she pulled her chart and she was a splenic projector. And I was like, okay, if you've been living your whole life, not knowing that you're a spinning projector like this is all of it just about to blow your mind. And she was like, oh my God, there's so much that makes sense now. 

Jaclyn: Well, this is like, and I coached so many women who like similar and their projectors and they're like, maybe I gave you the wrong birth time. They're like, no, no, I'm sure that that's not me.  I'm sure I'm a Manny Gen. So for me, I was very much, I heard projected. I'm like, that's me.  I knew that was me. So I feel that like, I was just like, I pretty much like draw the line in the sand for things I'm like, I'm living that way. I was like, I am a projector and I want to be a rejector and I'm excited to own it.

Emily:  I love that. That's so awesome. Okay. So you guys burnt everything to the ground, rebuilt as fem. Launched the stripped mastermind. Okay. So the income went from  350 K down to a hundred and something, and then like take us up to present day.

Jaclyn: So at that point, we, I mean, this was like, the burning for me. And in that time period where we weren't making money, like everything in my world, like webinar, I am like fully financially responsible for my family and my husband's I'm in a startup business.

And I was like, it's just like, go time. I was very much living month to month. It was very much like, is the bill going to get paid next month? And I decided to like, invest, this is what I invested in. My first like high-level mentorship. I was like, nope, this is time. I'm all in. I'm like, I'm all in. No matter what, like, I don't care how long it takes. I had felt this thing, oh, I saw this woman online on one live and I was like, I want to work with her and want her to be my coach. And I just went for it, my business partner. And I went for it at that point. It literally, I made that investment. I was $200,000 in debt.

I was two weeks late paying rent. And I made that investment before I paid my rent and it was $12 got left in my bank account. And I was like, just like time to do this. And I like had such strong belief in myself of not like, this is what's going to make it work or any fixing energy. But I was like, if I follow this, like knowing that I have of like the magic that we're going to create, then, of course, I would dive into this thing that I feel called to, because of course it's going to work because I'm all in. And so I jumped, I like jumped, not knowing what it was going to look like. Even though it was like scary as fuck, even though I didn't know like how that next payment was going to come out. 

All of the things when I just like went for it and it like literally changed everything for us. It changed our higher business. I entered this mastermind being like, if we just had like consistent 10 K months to start, it was like consistent 10 K months. And like the desire, the like big desire was 23 months. I was like, oh my gosh, 20 K months. If that's like, what I get out of this year. I'm going to be so happy. And then a few months in, we were like, we kept playing bigger.

We kept like bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger energy. And we then declared that we were ready for like our first million-dollar year and the month after we said that it was like a 10 K month. And we were like, well, that's far off from what's a million-dollar year, like average, like 83 K a month. We were like hanging up. This is like, we have no idea how it's going to happen, but we're just gonna keep leading with this energy, doing the things that feel good, watching the courses we want to launch. Making power pivots along the way. And within eight months of being in this energy and joining this mastermind, we had our first six-figure month and we've just continued to grow from there.

Emily: That's so cool. And do you feel like it was really the identity work of stepping into the identity of like, the woman who is all in, who follows her inner authority, no matter what? Was that a shift? 

Jaclyn: For me, it was like the belief of like being all in on myself. So when I like joined this mastermind, it wasn't even like all in I'm going to invest in this person.

It's like, that was like my like signal to the universe. I'm all in on this myself. I'm gonna willing to do the work. I'm willing to shift from the like, not moving because I was scared or because I was uncertain of what it was going to look like. Or maybe I wasn't ready. I was like, no, I'm gonna start operating as the woman I desire to be. And I knew like I, I knew the power of my work. And so I was like, I'm just ready to step into it and own it. And one of the biggest things in why this declaration on the million-dollar year was so powerful for both of us, for me and my business partner was the vision of the million-dollar business owner. It wasn't outside of ourselves. 

It was like, who would I be? And so the questions that I asked myself throughout that year, it was like, when I was like scared to go live and talk about a certain thing, I was like, okay, if I was making a million dollars a year, but I will be brave enough to do that, would I do this? Would I let that thought live in my head? You know what? I allow that thought pattern to keep going and going and going. If I was like, I had a million-dollar business and I was leading women, I was like, of course not. So it helped me like really. Lice like a bunch of shit away because I was like, Nope. If I was like being the woman, I desired to be, if I was earning what I desired to earn like that stuff wouldn't get to live any longer. So it, it became a way for me to just like funnel into my truth.

Emily: I love that. Well, and it's, I mean, that's like collapsing time 101, right? When you can start making decisions through the place of the timeline, you want to be on the woman who already has the million-dollar business, then the worlds collide much sooner. 

Jaclyn: Big time. And this at this point, women that I was in this mastermind with like no one had had a six-figure month yet. It was like, not even like really a big thing in the coaching industry, which is like shifted in the last few years. And I remember like, there was just so much that I saw and I allowed everything to expand me. And so I remember that there is, five or six of them in, within one month, like hit their first six-figure month. It was like six to eight-week system. Like here, here, here, here. And at that point, I think our highest months, I think that was our highest month and it was 60 K and 60 K to a hundred K felt wildly different to me. But I was like, all I thought was like, I celebrated that and I was like, oh my gosh, if it's possible for them, it's possible for us. And I just said like, we're next? And it was like, we get to the next, not like let's race to get next. Okay. Let's figure out how we're next. Let's make it happen. Next month, I was just in this energy of like, this is going to happen for us at some point in our life. We, this gets that happened in our field. It's like women around us are doing it and we get to do it. And literally two months later, and I still don't even know how, if you asked me two months later, we had our first six-figure month. 

Emily: Well, and one of the things you shared is that you like to celebrate the money before it lands. And I would love for you to expand on that a little bit. 

Jaclyn: So for me, I feel like. Celebration is an interesting one for me sometimes because I feel like if I wait to celebrate, it feels like it's this, reward and I've had to accomplish something. And so then I'm celebrating the results and I like to really celebrate the energy of it. And I feel like I just like when something's coming, I feel it. 

So our first six-figure month is actually a perfect example. So since that's where we're at in this story, I'll go with this here. But we were, it was July. What year is that now? 2020. And I mean, what I can tell you about July of 2020, but the memories I have is like sitting in my business partner's backyard having so many conversations, our kids running around and having like water fights together, us drinking, Rosa, like we just had so much fun.

We were together. We were connected with each other. We were connected with our clients. We were connected with our kids. If you ask me what I sold that month, like, I don't know if you asked me all of these things, like there was zero house figured out in this, but then all of a sudden. It was like, there was this energy and this momentum building and there was like five days, I think, two left in the month. And I was like, I think we're going to have a six-figure month. I just like, feel it. And I was like, let's just go celebrate this. And I sent a message to our coach of like cake and we celebrate it and she's like, well, do you know. It's going to happen like now, but it just feels like it could, and we want it, like, we want it.

We were like here for it, but like, we just want to celebrate like where we're at and how far we've come. And we called the babysitter, like at nanny, asked her to keep up all four of our kids overnight. We packed our husband's overnight bags. We drove up to Whistler. We booked the champagne room. Saber a bottle. We booked a dinner. like we just like wet. And we were like, have this entire fun night plan. And literally on our drive up there, a painful payment came through and all of a sudden, like before we celebrated, but as we were in celebration, like it happened, we hit our first 100 k month. And this has always been for me, this energy of like, when I'm in the energy of like celebrating where I'm at, celebrating who I am, celebrating what I feel is coming, it comes a lot quicker.

Emily: I love that so much. And I'm curious, like, did you have to heal the part of yourself that was like afraid of disappointment in order to step into that, like proactive celebration, because I think for so many women, that's where we get in our way is like, but what if it doesn't happen? Or what if I say it? What if I pack my bag for my husband and tell him we're going to celebrate the hundred k and then there's no a hundred k.

Jaclyn:  So for me, it's not like it's like, we're going to celebrate. We're going to celebrate knowing that a hundred k is coming. And for me, it's like, I don't care if it comes to this month or next month for three months from Alec. I want to remember the celebrations along the way. And for me the question that I'd always ask myself, I'm like, okay. At the beginning of the year, I was hoping for like, I was desiring, like my big, huge desire was like a 20 K month. What was that? like seven months before. So I'm like, am I going to be disappointed? Am I actually going to be disappointed if I end this month at 91 K?  No, that sounds ridiculous. 

So I would just ask myself questions like that. I'm like, I'm willing to. Yes. I also have a very, just like, I don't really care about people judging me. And so I'm like, I can put that out there. When we set up, put out the energy for a million dollar a year, like, it was like beyond, like we just had 128 K year. It was like, it didn't make sense to say, like, we're going to declare this our million dollar a year. And I was like, what happens if it doesn't happen? Women are going to see that we went through. Women aren't going to see that we own our truth. Women are going to see that we moved with this energy for an entire year. And in fact, guess what happened? We crossed that year $958,000.

So almost a million. So we're like, and it was our million-dollar year. And the thing was, is that mid-December, we had two programs that we were about to launch. We were living in Costa Rica with our families. And we decided we didn't want to. We're like, we don't want to, we want to be here over Christmas and new year with our family. We don't want to launch these programs, even though it makes sense too, because that's going to be the push to have a million dollar a year, like we declared, but that's not how we want to remember it. We don't want to, we don't want to hustle. And so we let it go. We stayed open to the possibility of it happening. It didn't happen. And what actually happened, you were leading a program 14 days later, and it was called the temptress of time and mid-course because it was a three-part course. There was like breaks, a payment dropped in. And I was like, I bet you, that is the payment that like process a million dollars in a 365 days from the day that we had actually declared it.

So we did not have a million-dollar year, in 2020, and we did have a million dollar, 365 days from January 14th. And that for me was just the like release of like, it doesn't matter what it looks like. I was not disappointed that I had $958,000 a year. 

Emily: Right? 

Jaclyn: And so see what I mean? So I'm like, I can still celebrate it and I can hold the disappointment because to me the disappointment is like, are you actually disappointed or are you disappointed because you didn't hit like this thing outside of yourself. That's like that to me feels like external validation versus like, I looked at everything I had created. 

Emily: Right? I love that. So fun. Okay. So 2020 was 958 K. Well, it was 2021.

Jaclyn: 1.3 million as we finished the year.

Emily: That's so great. And then this year, you guys are still having consistent 100 K plus months and your joint business. And then I know, cause we're in a mastermind together that you're also doing some solo coaching and that your business partner also has her own thing going as well. So it's like just opening up more money channels.


Jaclyn: And so, this is for us when we actually first came together, we both had individual brands and then we decided to come all in on fem, which like, of course this is what needed to happen for our energies to fully like merge and to grow together as the duo partnership and her and I are both wildly different and we have wildly different like areas of expertise and how we love to leave that she loves to lead in. And like she loves she's, she's a visionary and she sees people's brands and she's like a copy genius. She has this like way with words. So she helps pull the really get their voice out there and their brand and their business and their elements of their strategy and that masculine energy. I lead in deep in energetics and feminine energy.

And so together, it marries for our clients very well, the like masculine and the feminine and the dance of like the branding and the energetics.

But then there's also like deeper desires for her to like really just like lead women in what she does and her branding. And there's deeper Cyrus for me to leap surely in energetics. So, for example, our masterminds have always been a combo of both. That's been like you get strategy with Rob and you get energy with Jac. 

Beautiful for people who want that. There's been a lot of women coming into our world that are like, I've got like the strategy, my businesses working. I want to elevate now with the energetics. So I've opened. Coaching. That's just purely me. It's one-to-one or it's mastermind style energetics. And she does the same within her own brand. And so it's actually, we're in this new transition again, of women who come into our world that want both of us and want both of our energies can come into like a year long program with us. And then we each have our individual offers. And what you said there it's like, now it feels like it's just like three channels of them, because everything we do is still part of our fam brand. But just really creating this like clarity of channels of like, okay, there's us together. And we're both individuals with different leadership and expertise and desires and visions.

Emily:  I think it's really beautiful. And watching you kind of navigated,  it in such a conscious way, I think can be healing for so many women too. Right? Because healing, the sisterhood wound seeing women collaborating, seeing women, then also being able to do something separate, but still a part of. But it's not like a breakup, there's evolutions and coming together as a new way.

Jaclyn: Well, and this is the cool thing too, because we've definitely had people online be like, oh my gosh, like what's happening is I'm not going to exist. Why are you guys building your personal brands? You know, they feel this and we're like, no, we get to do both. We get to have this and this and her. And I, like help each other in our individual brands as well. 

Our team supports all three brands. It's like, it's all part of fem to us. So it's like our team supports the things that I do through my personal brand. Our team supports the things Robin does, we support each other. And that I think is so healing for so many because it's like, we've heard this for years, women rising together and it's like, no, we truly can.

Emily: And I see it as like, there's so many bands that don't break up. But individual members will still let go do a solo album. Right? And then come back together with the band and create another album and touring separately, touring together. And it's like, why can't it all work?

Jaclyn: Totally,  and we serve people in very different ways and all three brands as well.

So I think it's really clear for people when they come into our world that they're like, this is the type of experience I'm looking for, or this is, or this is, and there's like zero competition in it. Then there's like, zero question. Who do they belong here? Do they want there? That's a projector. I also,  typically, like, see, and I'm here to guide people. So that's all, sometimes he will come to me and they're like, I want to like work with you and like deeper in this. And I'm like, actually, like, I think this would be the best fit for you. And sometimes that means like going to work with Robin first and then we get to dive deeper.

Sometimes that means starting with me and then going to work with Robin. Sometimes that means working with one of us and then going through like a fem offer. So it's like people really do float all around the places because of once you're in our world, we do offer so much. You can really get like the energetics, the strategy, the brand name, the copy, like everything with us, but everyone's path looks different.

Emily: So you talked about having a team to support you, and I want to just touch a little bit on profit margins are just kind of like what the expenses look like in your business. Because I think it can really open up the audience, everyone listening to the possibilities, because you did have those moments of being 200 K in debt of investing ahead of where you are at.

And I think many of us have that in our story and it's not specific to coaches, right? Every business typically has the phase where you're spending more than you're earning. Then you start to kind of right the ship. But I do think one of the unique things about coaching is that often our margins are so good.

Once you get up to the point that you're having 50 K plus months. So just share a little high level around what the margins look like for you. 

Jaclyn: So currently our income is anywhere like our range is like a six-figure to like between that 100 K and 200 K mark and our expenses are currently with our team 35 to 45k a month. And so that includes a high level of mentorship. That includes our entire team. So we have a podcast producer. We have someone who's on, like full-time with us. That's serious. Started to pick up for me. Sorry. 

Emily: That's okay. We'll edit that out. 

Jaclyn: She's all of a sudden running and I'm like, oh, she wants to talk money.

Does she? Sorry, we have a podcast producer. We have someone that's on board, full time with us. That is like client relations. She likes us everything in the backend of our business, we have a VA, we have someone that creates a lot of graphics, a social media person. So we have a lot of support in the backend of our business. And then we have, you know, our expenses of running our business, like all of like our website and things like that. And then one thing that we really invest a lot in it's like experiences with each other and with ourselves. So we ha we celebrate a lot. We have weekly, we have what we call fem days. Go and create an experience together. And sometimes that's doing something fun for our brand, like doing like a massive photo shoot. Other times that's like hopping on a helicopter and going for like overnight excursion. We really, we just had experiences with each other and within our business.

Emily: That's so cool. I like what a life and thank you for sharing so transparently about that, because I mean, basically you're at minimum 70% margins, right? And sometimes upwards from there. And then obviously there's a split between you and your business partner, but that's such a healthy business. So congratulations to the two of you for everything that you've built and it feels like 2022 is going to be even bigger, better, like just next level. 

Jaclyn: Oh my gosh. 2022 feels like for us with all, like, this is the thing our business key continues to change and continues to transform as we grow. And this is the thing that her and I are both committed to is there's so many things in our business that works. And if it doesn't feel like it works for us, like we pivot. So even currently right now, we're we havn't.  We don't take on one-to-one clients together. We don't have a mastermind together. One thing is that we both wanted a lot more space in our schedule. And so one-to-one clients wasn't allowing us to do that. And again, that's the, so people ask us the question. Well, you've had six-figure months with one-to-one clients. What is that look like without? and so we were always allowing our energy to lead. We're not doing live launches of our courses anymore. So from a client perspective, there's new ways to work with us. And there's ways that kinds of work with us for a long time that they can't anymore, but every time we commit to following our energy and what we feel is right for us. All of a sudden, like we create something bigger, a bigger idea comes in. We create space for like that next level vision. And I think that's what this year is all about for us. And I think that we're going to see some incredible things and, you know, collapsing of timelines and, and a lot of quantum energy because of like the decisions that we've made over the past four or five months to make these like, huge pivots in our business. So I'm late except to see what 2022 brings for us.

Emily: Definitely. I feel like your story is a huge permission slip around like just permission to grow permission, to evolve and like the trust that the money will meet you at each level, that the clients will meet you at each level. Even if it's your own playbook, you still get to burn it. If you don't like it anymore. And then, Write a whole new one. 

Jaclyn:  And one thing that I truly believe, like with what you said there, that I often that I think that people could always like benefit from hearing. We said, trusting that like the clients will come and that the money will come and that we'll all be there. My belief is that there are already women out there waiting for us at every single level that we desire to grow into. And that's true for me. That's true for you, that's true for everyone listening. And I think sometimes we have this idea. Well, if I'm going to raise my prices, if I'm going to stop, do not offer, and I'm going to move here. I have to bring people along with me. I have to convince these people to come over here. or there's like, oh, there's this idea of like, then people have to grow with me. Yes. Some people are going to grow with you. Some people are going to grow with you in your business. Some of your following is going to go with you. It's some people aren't, but there's already people waiting at your next level.

They're waiting for you to step into it. So you can charge $500, $5,000, $50,000. There are people out there waiting for you at every single level for you, like actually fully own and step into your power and your truth and your energetic alignment with it. And so that to me is always the like game to like play. And that's where like this like expansive energy comes in as like, oh, who's going to meet me there comes already there waiting for me. So it's not this like, ah, I gotta bring people there. It's like they already exist. And so I start talking to the people that I can't even see yet to the people I desire to lead to the people who I know will be moved by my work, because they already exist. They're waiting for me to upload my game. 

Emily: I love that. It just totally flips the idea that you have to build it on its head. Nope, it's already there. You just have to meet yourself at that level.

Jaclyn:  You have to meet yourself in your power and you have to like trust in it and you don't have to be willing to lean in, in my opinion, like lean into the uncertainty of it and to not need to see it all and be able to figure it out because we can't have these quantum leaps, if our humans running the show.

So it's really being able to like, follow your own energy and just trusting, trusting, trusting, trusting along the way. And for me, I'm like, when we do the work for ourselves, it's like easier to trust ourselves when we build this path of like, okay, I've done this before. I've followed my spleen of kit. If that's what it is. So, you know, when I follow my intuition before, this is what happens when it's like, we're doing it from a place of like our truth, not following like the shoulds or expectations or what we think we have to do. It starts to become easier to trust ourselves when we continually do it.

Emily: Well, I have no doubt that everyone listening is going to want to connect with you follow along on your journey. So tell everyone where you hang out in the best places for them to follow you.

Jaclyn:  Yes, of course I'd love to. I hang out mostly on Instagram. So personally that's Jacqueline underscore shop underscores, lots of underscores in here or for the wild fam is our duo business with Robin as well. So mostly on Instagram and also Podcasting is always my favorite place to be. So we have the fam podcasts is where you get more of this.

Emily:  Awesome. Well, we will throw those links into the show notes so that everyone can follow along. Jacqueline, thank you so much for being on the show. This was just us, I loved spending this time together and I know that it's so valuable for everyone listening as well.

Jaclyn:  Yes. Thank you for having me. This was amazing. And I'm so yeah, just happy to be in the space and to be connecting with you and to everyone who's listening as well. 

Emily:  All right. well, thank you so much for listening to the show and we'll talk to you soon. Bye. 


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