Episode 44: Following Our Soul Guidance To Wealth with Daniela Arango

Daniela Arango is a spiritual mentor for powerful women and conscious leaders building a magical life and business based on their soul’s guidance, using their divine gifts, and fully honoring their bodies.

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Welcome back to the Em Makes Money show. I'm so excited. I have someone that I love so much joining me today, Daniella Arango who is a spiritual mentor for powerful women in conscious leaders, building a magical life and business based on their soul guidance using their devices.

And fully honoring their bodies. She uses energy healing, feminine leadership techniques, and divine channeling to help them reconnect with their inner guidance system and access the full potency of their spiritual abilities. And I can attest to that firsthand because I have been inside Daniella's programs.

So Daniella, welcome to the show.

Daniela: Oh my God. What a magical introduction. Thank you so much for having me Emily.

Emily:  It's a pleasure. Yeah. So I'm really excited that you're here because you always have like such a unique take on everything. And it's one of the things that I love about you is that the words that come out of you are so unique to you and not often expressed. And so there's just like a different vibe and a different perspective and it's so refreshing. So yeah. So I'm excited for you to bring like your cosmic brilliance to this conversation, but also for us to just be able to dive into like your own money story and the identity work that you've done around building wealth.

Daniela: Yeah. So much there for sure. And I want to say, I don't know why this is coming through this. How things come through for me. And just like a thought, like a little linger of magic, like dust from the universe and is coming through that. One of the biggest things about my identity, as you're saying that I do bring a very different perspective and usually just take on that.

It's a bigger, broader perspective of understanding what is actually happening for everybody at individual point. It is so interesting because that has brought me to a journey of really trusting the uniqueness within me, and is basically the foundation of my teachings, which is bringing you back into that unique message that all of us have, because I see that a lot of the times we are in entrepreneurship and we're sharing our magic and doing our thing.

A lot of the times we want to do the right thing. And we're so afraid of doing the wrong thing that we tend to copy, or we tend to value other people more than the value that we bring to our own teachings or in our own time. Energy. So it has been for me a journey and so refreshing because he was more and more and more nowadays that I understand we are our own brand and we are our own niche.

And the more and more we allow ourselves to the way I say it, it's like to sit in the throne of that authenticity that we are the easier it is because they don't have to try to be anybody else would have to try to create anything that is outside of ourselves. We already have everything is just the value. It starts from us.

Emily: Yeah. I completely agree with that in my work with women entrepreneurs. I think often it's the challenge in monetizing. Our gifts is so different than what we expect. So when you think about building like a more traditional business, You think about like the sales and marketing being, uh, like a challenge, so to speak and kind of like building out the fulfillment and things like that when we're actually in alignment with our gifts and monetizing them, like there's an effortlessness around the fulfillment like the ways that we interact with clients. What we do, and people naturally want to come to us. Typically they see us as an expert in that thing. And so the place that I see it gets sticky is around assigning a value to those gifts. And I think that what comes inherently to us, We tend to undervalue like, oh, anyone can do that

Daniela:  Just because he comes so easy to us. So it's like, well, there's no value to it. But the thing that we're missing is that what comes easy to me, doesn't come so easy to other people. I think one of the biggest things that made me realize, wait a minute, like this is a little different, is that I thought that every. Into spirituality than we, I was, I thought everybody wanted it to be a shaman and everybody wanted to be a witch and everybody want it to be magical.

And everybody wanted to do energy work. And I was like, oh my God, this is saturated, right? Like there's no space for me because everybody, every single civilian of this world, once to be what I want to be, because I thought that, of course, I want to be that. So everybody wants to meet that. And the truth is not at all.

Emily: Not at all. 

Daniela: Yes. So then that's the thing is like not everybody's into the things that we're into, not everybody is doing the risk search about the things that we're doing research about. Not everybody's learning the things that we're learning. Not everybody is waking up every day having our lives. So we are so unique. We bring to the table.

Emily: Yeah. Like echo chambers, right? Where, because we're into things. We tend to like seek out leaders in those spaces. We naturally attract other humans that are into it. And then pretty soon our social media feeds and are like full of people talking about this thing. And it feels like, as you mentioned saturated. Yeah. When really there's a whole world out there.

Daniela: There is a whole world out there. When I noticed that it's like, I go into my friends like Instagram or Facebook or whatever, and they're like, their world is completely different than my world. None of them are like so much into like entrepreneurship and business building and things like that. And not even spirituality. So it's like such a different world and I'm like, oh, wait a minute.

Emily: Yeah, totally. Like two years ago, I pretty much didn't even know the coaching industry existed. And now I'm like, everyone's a coach. Exactly. Actually, I don't think it's really changed that much. It just, my awareness has changed your awareness.

Daniela: So definitely just to bring back to the point of our abilities, being so unique and so valuable it's because the time we spend crafting our work, crafting our art, crafting our offers. So, and not everybody's doing that. Not everybody's interested in doing what we're doing. And on top of that is the understanding that each of us bring a perspective, so unique to the table and that there are things that come so naturally to us, whether it's because we have studied our whole life or because it's simply a natural gift and a natural ability that comes. But wouldn't it be really ridiculous. Like if you really shift and flip the script, we're going to be really ridiculous to try to do something that we're not good at it at all. Actually like any exposure to it. Like if you asked me it would be really ridiculous for me to say, okay, well, if I were to be a doctor, then I would be worthy. And it's like, well, not in my world at all.

Emily: No, it's so true. It's like, there is such alignment. We should be monetizing our gifts because it's great for the world on so many levels. And it's really just invitation into, in my opinion, a worthiness practice and healing, any shame, guilt, things that we like, stories that we have around money and why we can't charge what would actually be a very equitable, energetic exchange for that.

So I'm curious to dive into this with you. Like what was money like for you as a child? 

Daniela: So for me, it was a really interesting thing because we grew up with lots of money and my family all the way until I was around a to nine. And when I was eight to nine, there was just a little bit of key. Things happening. And there was like a huge money influx that came through from selling a lot of properties that we had. Cause we moved from, I lived in Columbia and we moved places because of the state of the country and things like that. So at the time we moved places and we sold a lot of land that we owned. And so there was a lot of like type of, we already had money. But when that happened, like so much money came through and it was really interesting to live through my parents with all this cash and all of this. Oh, my God. That's like, because this is a different thing to have wealth and invested and to have to live a very comfortable life. And that was another thing, like cashing that out.

Here we go. So it was really interesting because after that, I don't think he was handled correctly. So there was a lot of spending. And after a little while, there was a lot of like, oh, oh, so now what? So then that ended up into my parents getting a divorce and my mom going her way, my dad going his way.

And then my mom having a lot of money issues and a lot of unsafety and, and stress and all the things that come with the lack of money and all of that still, it has been an interesting journey for me.

Emily: That's super fascinating. And so I'm curious. As you stepped into entrepreneurship and those money wounds, whatever that childhood conditioning was around money, like maybe coming and going or creating conflict.

How did that show up in your business? And what were some of the things that you did to help change that story for yourself?

Daniela: Oh my God. So many things. One of the biggest ones that came through for me is like, I remember being so afraid of big influx of money because I was like, if it comes, I've got to spend it.

And where is that money going to go? What am I going to do? Of course, I wouldn't trust myself with that influx of money. So I was really afraid to like big influx of money and what that would feel. So I was like, what if I was talking to my partner saying, what if our relationship change? What if I want different things?

What do we need to invest? What do we need to move? What if all this things? So one of the biggest things that brought me to the awareness of this believes was one day, like, remember this. So clearly my partner was taking a shower and I come to the bathroom and I was like, I just need to ask you a question right now.

And I was like, it's right now. So listen to this right here. If we make a million dollars right now, he just keeps throwing the soap and just like I was like, no, seriously, what if we make a million dollars right now? And he was like, where are you going with this? And I was like, no, but seriously, like, oh my God, what if we make a million dollars?

It's not like my business has the potential to make a million dollars. And he's like, okay. So, so what? And I was like, oh, wait, we're in different frequencies here. Because to me, when I think about making a million. I think about holy, I'm going to change my lifestyle. I'm going to change who I am. I need to buy this things.

I need to invest this things. I need to move the money. Like we need to buy cars and purses and apartments and travel. Like for me, it's like, whoa, there's a lot of change. And for him, it's like, we can just have an account if we want to do something about it tomorrow or the day after. And I was like, what? Wait, that's an option.

Daniela: Exactly. I was like, or what have I been moving? Yeah. So it was really understanding that as I grew up for me, money meant because of that time in my life meant chaos in a stability, changes, rushed decisions. So that was one of the biggest things that I have reprogrammed within my system.

The understanding that money can come in and I don't need to be an expert in money. I know need to know what to do with the money, the money doesn't need to go anywhere. Suck the money and then figure it out on own way. That's the biggest ones I have moved through is the understanding that I can be saved and I don't need to move and I don't need to change as the money flows around me or stays with me.

Emily: Yeah. I love that story. I think one of the things that it speaks to. Actually, it's like the mission of this podcast, which is people talking about money because it's not until we say things out loud that it can be processed and like reflected back to us in a different way. Right? Like it seemed totally normal to you until you talk to your partner about. And then basically what he was doing was essentially holding up a mirror for you to let you see that like a lot of the emotion and fears and concerns that you had around it were not just standard normal when things are conditioned in childhood. We think that it's like the way it's just normal. It's just the way it is. And because money is so taboo. And we often don't have a lot of these big money, existential conversations with others. These limiting beliefs just continue to swirl around in our mind like unquestioned. 

Daniela: And I remember, within my own exposure or talk about money. I remember the resistance from my family and so my business and the way I teach now, cause I used to be a yoga teacher for many, many years. And then I moved my entire business online before, right before the pandemic, because I had guidance for my spiritual team. That that was what needed to happen. Even though I had no idea that the client is coming, that it's so right before then I created the business that I have today, but as I created it, I noticed, especially with my communication with divine, they need the talk about money. And what it means truly is because it's not about the money it's about who we are, because money shows us so much about who we are and our conditions and how, what we've been believing in what we allow ourselves to be or not to be.

So I remember like within six months or eight months started talking a little bit about money and I don't necessarily, I don't consider myself a money coach at all, but I do have a program that's called solar abundance that talks about the energetics of money and the understandings of the quantum field.

And when I launched that program, I started talking about my own journey with money and not having a lot of money as I grew up, like after whatever I just said in my own struggles with money. And especially as a yoga teacher, because like I wasn't making that much money, all of the things. And as I started sharing that story, I remember an aunt of mine calling. I need to talk to you very, very seriously, like, okay. And then she said, okay, so I love what you do. All this spirituality, things, all this talk about angels. I love it. But one thing is to talk about spirituality and then this money talks. No, this money talks. It's just not, no, like it's very cheap and it's.

I can't even remember the word that she was talking about, but she was making like a lower vibration. Nobody talks about money. That's very cheap to talk about it. Kind of like, no, and I remember, of course I took a step back and I said, wow, I don't want to sound like all of a sudden I'm just money, money, money.

Because in my family, we don't talk that much about money, even though money is always there in everybody's lives. Every single minute of our lives. We don't really talk about the way. But anyway, so I didn't take a step back because of that. But then of course I did my own work on what that meant and what I actually wanted, like in which way I wanted her to talk about it and why I was actually talking about it.

But I felt the resistance from my family because they were like, no, you are spiritual and serious spiritual people do not talk about. It's very like, no,

Emily:  Yeah. We are so afraid. Right. Of like the judgments of friends and family feeling like our belonging is at risk. And so yeah, the courage that it takes to start talking about money and then sometimes the things that, that opens up allows us to further examine.

Whereas the conditioning, right? Like that when you're talking too much about money, it means that that's all you're into. Or if you talk to you a bunch about money, it means that you're like nouveau reach. Like it's only like the new money, people that talk about it, the old money people, we don't talk about it. Habit and all kinds of conditioning comes up. And so I think it's such a powerful reclamation when we can see it as conditioning. I think about food and it's like food and money are not that different. They're both a resource that's really required for our survival. They're both something where we want more of it or higher quality.

We want to have great experiences with it. And with food, we talk about it all the time. We talk about what we're going to have tonight for dinner. We'll plan a dinner for next week. We'll connect over food. We'll share recipes, and yet with money. It's like, oh, but we don't talk about that and why

Daniela: Exactly. But I think what I have come to realize about the reason why we don't talk about money it's because money is the shadow of the collective. So the money or money in general has the potential. To make us great meaning to give us the resources, to create incredible things in the world, but just equally how's the potential to show our deep as dark as desires, and also create just as the opposite, really horrible things.

Because there's so much power, not the money has a power because what we've forgotten is money doesn't have power money. Doesn't say I go here or I go there. We say it goes here. And he goes there. But because we believe that giving ourselves that kind of power can reveal so much about who we truly are.

That's the ladder of shadow to be revealed. So if we talk about our beliefs around money, we will know so much about who we truly are. That that's scary when it's.

Emily: Yeah, and you bring up something so interesting. Right? Which is these sneaky ways that there's resistance both to money, but also just to like our soul's evolution.

And though our brain is like so sophisticated in all of the different ways that it keeps us safe. So it's like, well, if we don't talk about money, if we don't go there, if we don't go after big money, then we're safe because we just stay in the status quo.

Daniela: And this is so good about. Talking about this. I hope that I can articulate as well, because I still yet, haven't been able to really put into words the kind of experience that I'm moving through in this moment. And it's all about safety. So I live in Sweden with my partner and we live in a very small apartment. Actually. We've been wanting to move, but I've been doing investments in my business. So we haven't yet moved to a bigger. And during this winter, I'm from Columbia and I lived in Miami and I lived in LA and I live in many, many lakes, super sunny places.

So for me, the winters in Sweden are quite tough. And this is my third winter in a row in Sweden. And I felt like, oh my goodness, I really need a break from the darkness and from this to have my energy back and to continue to create and build business that I'm building. So I've decided that. I spend the first three months of the year of 2022 in Miami.

Emily: So you want to spend it in Miami? 

Daniela: Yes. I want to spend it in Miami and I want to spend it in Miami, have most of my family and most of my friends, because I went to high school here and all the things. So I wanted to, I had this vision about this beautiful apartment by the beach, which had incredible. And the building, it's kind of like a resort, so you have all the amenities and all the things. And I was like, this is going to be so great. And I'm going to be there for three months and it's going to be so magical. And of course I manifested the apartment exact department that I wanted the exact price that I wanted, the exact experience that I wanted. And here I am. So I come here in this apartment that I have now for three months, that it's beautiful and it's everything that I wanted and all of the things and the first two weeks or so, I feel like I cannot.

I feel like so much pressure to enjoy this, because this is not going to happen again, probably because I did this and this is just like by road. And also, so it was pressure of like enjoying it, but who can endure things when those are pressured to enjoy, because you're afraid that it's going to go away extra.

So anyway, I was just like, oh my gosh, so much pressure. And I've noticed that within those two weeks, something else was happening in my brain. Well, what was happening? What was happening was that I was already, instead of holding the vision of this being my reality now, which. This is kind of business that I have, and this is the kind of money that I have.

This is what, the things that I can do everything, but instead of holding that and the next step of my business, that my business right now, it's like definitely a new level, like legitimately another level. So instead of holding that vibration, I was slowly and gently and very sneakily starting to.

Trickle-down to this smallest, I could make myself. So I started thinking, well, if this doesn't work out, I'm just going to go back to my little apartment with my partner. We can stay in that little apartment for as long as we can, because we own that apartment. So we don't need to pay anything there. If I don't sell anything else, then it's okay.

Because I can, maybe I have like a lot of team members right now, so maybe I don't need them all. Like I just started to like, literally like trimmed down my business. My accounts, like everything in my mind saying if this doesn't work. So I started just literally, even though I was in this reality, physically, my body and my mind felt more comfortability in my old life. Then he felt here, even though this is way more comfortable.

Emily: Well, and also just reconnecting with the story that you shared earlier to me, feels like your body was having a trauma response around an upper limit. Right? So it's like your old story is. When things get really good when they're at their peak, that's when everything is about to crumble. And so your brain was like, okay, well let's make a plan for the crumbling and the undoing, and let's make sure that you'll be safe with that. 

Daniela: And on that, it's how we are no longer in that. It's how we start to mess up the quantum migration mess up the energetics, mess up everything. So I literally had two weeks where nothing came through because that migration was responding to what my body was, then a vibration off and.

To me, it's so fascinating because things can shift in an instant. I remember sitting in the balcony, watching sunrise in the same apartment two and a half weeks after all of this is happening while it's happening, all that I'm doing this whole time. I was regulating my nervous system because I knew that there was a lot of change.

I wasn't really necessarily aware of the pattern until I was, but what I was doing was regulating the nervous system because it was a lot of change. And one morning I woke up, I went to see the sunrise outside in the balcony. I'm sitting there and all of a sudden I'm in connection with the divine and they're showing me this pattern in images.

And I was like blown away. I was like, oh my God. And then in that moment, I remember coming inside and by guidance, they're like, you've got to shift that energy and it's. For what you really want and what you're ready for in this moment. And I remember making a voice note, I'm never going to forget this, making a voice note on my phone about what I was available for. And I just went on, I'm available for this, and I'm available for that. And I'm available for this, and I'm not available for that anymore, but I'm available for this and I'm available for this. And that just went on a Ram for about 20 twenty-five minutes. And I literally felt like I was wearing a different body in that moment.

And since that moment. It was like a different lens, different set of eyes. The next day client comes and ideas come in. I have shifted the entire structure of my business, which is insane in the last two weeks for a whole new way of allowing that next level that I was talking about to actually come through.

Emily: I love that. And I love the specificity in which you shared the story, because I think often when we're receiving guidance from our higher self and our spirit team and everything, we attach an expectation to what will happen on the other side of it. Right. So it was like this idea of going to Miami for three months and it felt so good and it felt so aligned and it felt like my higher self is leading me there.

Great. And so then. I think that when we follow this guidance, everything is just going to immediately, like the sky is opening and it's going to be amazing. And it's like, however, our higher self wants our growth and evolution. And so in order for you to be a match for that next level, you had to go through the dysregulated.

The two weeks of feeling like I, in lack, and I've got to enjoy this extra. And why do I not feel very comfortable here? And why am I fantasizing about everything going to shit in my life, in business, in order for you to like see and heal that old pattern, which is not resonant with this next level. Have you.

And so first then all of the great ideas do get to come in and now there's like these new clients and there is this massive up-level, but we often think that we'll just follow the divine guidance and we'll just get the new clients and get everything with trauma healing and the shadow side. Yeah.

Daniela: And actually, I literally just gave a masterclass in this about awaken your soul about the understanding of how the messages and the divine guidance comes through. Like it's not linear, we don't understand. And that's what we do. And the thing is understanding that when we are being led into how. The path. And one of the biggest codes about the master closet I was teaching was one of the sabotage patterns that we have regarding is it my intuition? Is it, my ego is in my soul.

It's in my divine team. Is that Willie believed that unless it feels good. It's not our soul's path. It's not our divine guide. And it's like, wait a minute. Like your saw once you to be at your highest, your soul wants you to be outside of your comfort zone. But you're saying that unless he takes you through your comfort, it's not your soul.

Like it makes absolutely no sense. And it's not to say that it's a horrible horrific path, right? Because we will be safe. Like our soul will never ask to jump out of a window. It's never something that. Side of our safety, but it is outside of our comfort. And a lot of the times, the reason why we have dreams it's because if we didn't have that dream, you wouldn't go there like, if I didn't think that coming to Miami was magic and that dream, that is a lot of the times, especially talking about money. I actually tell my clients, it's not about the number. The number is like insensitive is like the future saying, you can do this. So it's about what the number activates in us, what Miami activated in me.

Then I took the path in that transition and that process and that evolution, we are going to move through so many things that we will not understand it until we do a

Emily: Hundred percent. It's like you feel this little. Whisper this idea around like pricing something at a price that you've never done before.

And so you go with it and you put it out there and then no one buys it. And it's like, I don't understand. I was following my intuition and I put the price out there and it's like, yes. And did you get to experience. What it was like to be the person that put that price out there. And is there a piece that needs to be healed around rejection or nobody's listening to me or I'm insignificant.

It's like, just by following the intuition, it doesn't mean that we're going to get the outcome. We think, which is like, oh, I followed the whisper. So I'm going to get a client at this new price eventually. But sometimes the thing that needs to be healed.

Daniela: Exactly. Yeah. It's like, There and then get more than we didn't even know was possible. A lot of the people, when they say I want a 50 K a month, 100 K a month, usually they go past it when they do, they go pass it. So it's not even like, you will get it, but you can buy pass, but that number activates in you. Right? What that number requires from you, the healing necessary for you to hold that frequency.

Emily: So let's talk a little bit about numbers. I always think this is really fun for everyone listening to just experience your journey through the lens of money. So you were trading time for dollars as a yoga teacher. Then you started your business. If you just want to sort of say like your annual earnings or any big financial milestone that we can kind of get a sense of how it's been for Sure. 

Daniela:  I actually have a really fun story about this. So I remember as a yoga teacher at the time I was making around 2000 a month, that was what I was making. And I remember I started to just have many ideas of not just teach a yoga class, but I wanted, I really love holding a space for people. And I have a way of making people feel they're safe to experience the full range of who they are. So it is really normal that in my classes, people will have really big spiritual awakenings. They will cry. They will feel out of things and will find themselves. So I started to create. Workshops that were called Shaq to hood workshops. So we're two hour workshops. I will go a little bit deeper into that integration of what the experience ending my yoga classes. And at the time I also had been to Bali to work with many shamans and healers and energy workers. And I had started doing energy work like one-on-one sessions. So I just started adding on to just the one-on-one yoga classes. And I started adding the one-on-one sessions and the workshop. And I remember when I got the idea of starting my business, I was guided to do talking about messages from the universe to quit half of my yoga classes. And I was full-time yoga teacher at the time in one class, it was just like that half of the classes drop them because you need a space for what's called.

What the heck is coming. I got, I was like, what? So then I remember, and then in that moment I said, okay, but I am not willing to cut my earnings. So I will still make 2000 a month. Even if I drop half of my classes, I don't know how, that's my vibration. What's what I'm available for. And I went off the grid, which is usually how people get to know me and how people find one classes and all the things I went off, social media completely for three months as I was guided to do so by divine guide.

At the end of the three months, I seriously look back at my statements and I was making 2000, even though I had quit half of my yoga classes. And even though I wasn't even promoting myself on marketing because I was not on social media at all, how that happened, I have no idea, but I was, that was my vibrational match.

So when that happened, I launched my business in November, 2019. That was the first launch that I put together for a program that was starting on January, 2020, which right before the. And in that first launch, I made $17,000 and I was like, what the heck is going on? So that was like a huge jump on my income.

And I loved working with people. I love online teachings in that world and I was just guided tours at, and I loved it. And ever since the first year, we were like, I don't know, 2000, 3000 and away from six figures. And the second year of my business, we made multiple six figures. And here we are on the third one. We'll see.

Emily: I love it. That's awesome. Well, and you've had what? $40,000 a month? Maybe more? I don't know.

Daniela: So our biggest sales has been 50,000 and on cash months, we have been really close to 30.

Emily:  Okay. Awesome. Yeah. So I love for people to just see the growth and how long it took. You know, there's so many different examples. Some people had it big right away for some people it's slow and steady.

Daniela: There's a thing about that too, that even though I've had six figures, The figure years. And I had a really, really, really big success from the very beginning. I've had months where I make 1k or 2k or 3k, especially the first year.

And especially because I'm inconsistent in human design, I am a reflector. So I don't have the energy of always being on and always being on a launch. So that has been one of those. Learning curves of my energy and how I work, because I can not be on all the time. And I have periods that I need to be in hibernation because those is when I actually recharge for what's next in the business.

So understanding that even though I've had a lot of great success in my business, I've had a very low month and that means absolutely nothing because the next month I come in and there is a lot of money coming through. So it's a steal, a learning curve for me too. Those waves of money, but whether he happened right away or didn't, I usually never made a lot of meaning around whatever happened that month or didn't because I, for me, I'm in a different calendar than a month.

Emily: I love that you bring that up. And our mentor, Melanie talks about that, like up and down on the way up. I think that's true for so many of our businesses is that when you look from month to month, it feels zig-zaggy or crazy. The yo-yo, it's hard to make sense of it, but then when you zoom. It's like the trend is still up, up, up, up.

So can we feel good about that? Can we continue to be a vibrational match for more and let go of the need for it to happen within a 30 day calendar month? Exactly.

Daniela: Yeah. The first year we'd been incredible and I had no expectations. And then the next year we doubled it, even though we had months, I remember, especially towards the summer of 2021, I had this personal time in my life where I would just want to be by myself.

I didn't want it to be on camera. I didn't want it to be teaching. I just wanted to be with my own energy. And we still doubled the business, even though I had a month where I barely worked. 

Emily: Yeah. Not amazing. I love that. Incredible

Daniela: That understanding once we were a match for something, we are a match for it. And I think that's one of the things that a lot of the times can keep us like six sagging is the inner sending that like when we become a match of something and we're able to tap into that vibration golden. And when we don't, like, I just had my story about when I wasn't holding what I was already in the. Then we come in much for something else. 

Emily: It's so true. Like using the evidence in our favor, like, well, if I've done it once, I'm a match for it, period. Exactly. Yeah. So you put out so much incredible content. You have an amazing podcast, a beautiful social media feed. I know that people listening here are going to want to connect with you directly. Can you share like some of your favorite places to connect with people?

Daniela:  Absolutely. I'm usually on Instagram the most. So in my Instagram. I am Daniella Arango. And I usually put out a lot of content and a lot of incredible information. My podcast is amazing and Emily has been in it. So she go and listen to our episode. And also I have a free meditation that I want to share with all of you so that you just experienced a little bit of my energy. I feel like a lot of the feedback that I get. My energies. That is an experience. So I love just giving people that activation of being in my energy. And this is a beautiful meditation that I recorded in the portal of February 22nd, 20, 22, quite intense and quite beautiful.

And there's a meditation to clear and to recharge into our fullest potential and fullest powers. So remember who we truly are and. That's, I will leave that in show notes for some of you that want to connect in that way, but find me on Instagram. And if you're coming from Emily's podcast, make sure that you say that you're coming from it.

I would love to hear from you. And it has been a pleasure to have a conversation with you. I'd love you so much, Emily. And it's been such an honor.

Emily: I love you so much. So excited for everyone to connect with you. And thank you for the gift of the 2 22 meditation. I'm going to take you up on that as well. I love your guided meditation. So any last words of wisdom that you'd like to share with our audience? 

Daniela: One of the things is that we've got our, remember, it's like, it's the journey of discovering. A journey that even the lows teach us so much and even lows are beautiful and the highs are too. So just the understanding of like when he comes to money, it's not about getting somewhere. It's about really seeing that evolution as evidence of everything that we've collected, the memories that we've created, the person that we continued to become that is unlimited in potential. 

Emily: Thank you so much for that guest. And thank you to everyone listening. If this. Landed with you. Comment tag, Daniella and  on social media and let us know what the key takeaway was. And we would love to connect with you there. Thanks for listening. And we'll talk to you soon. Bye.


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