Episode 40: January 2022-Numbers Recap with Emily Wilcox

A transparent recap of Emily's January. Find out why it ended up being an amazing and fun month of money. 

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Hello, and welcome back to the Em Makes Money Show. I am excited for us to connect and for me to share a January 2020 recap. January ended up being such a fun month of money. And I want to just break it all down for you. As you know, one of my missions is to talk about money with a lot of transparency, not just talk about money when it's the high month but also when it's not a high month or when the profit margin isn't as great. And this is something that I teach to my clients as well because the more we can neutralise money and like any negative story we have around it and replace it with a positive story about how everything is working out for us, then it really helps to change our relationship with it. And unfortunately, the way that money gets talked about so often in the business world and in entrepreneurship and consulting is either not at all or just this highlight reel that can actually feel really disempowering for the people receiving it. So without further ado, I'm excited to jump into January 2022. As you guys know, I did Catherine's and kina has epically aligned boot camp again in December and just use that as an opportunity to go through all the journal prompts and really feel into what would feel good for 2022 one piece of it was financial was not the whole piece and specifically around my coaching business, the number that felt really really good that felt super aligned was 33,333 per month, which would put my coaching business at a $400,000 Cash year and for actually haven't even had my one year anniversary yet in coaching and so that felt like this remarkably abundant number because it would be coming in on top of other revenue streams that I have as well. So that was kind of the number to like be vibey with my feeling was that would probably grow into it as the year progressed. And so imagine my shock and surprise and awe when January 2022 was more than a $33,333 cash month totally blew me away. And yet like I'm so here for it, right, so much of running a business a little bit more feminine energy is just being in receptivity being open to receiving allowing it to feel safe to receive at bigger levels.

And just like reveling in the magic and miracles of all the different ways that it can come in. So the way that the money came in for me was that one of my favourite clients decided to pay in full for a year of mastermind together. So what an incredible way to start the year. So that was a $20,000 pay in full that came in on January 1 actually remember where I was when I saw the email. And even though I knew it was coming, I will say and okay, I knew it was coming. And I received many $18,000 Pay in falls through the agency. So it's not like we haven't had pay in full around that same amount, but receiving the $20,000 pay in full like in the coaching business. It was a mixture of like, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, like excitement and like, oh my god, this is something I talked to my clients about as well. Because even though it's something really good when it's not something that our brain is used to the most ancient primal part of our brain, the reptilian part of our brain interprets anything different as being a threat to our safety. And so it is really common that even when something remarkably good happens, it feels very unsafe, like that's the way that our body registers it and so that happened to me a little bit as well with this amount. And thankfully, I have got so many tools to create safety in my body and just breathe through it not make it mean anything feel really excited about it.

I tell myself that I'm a match for this that I'm open to receive this and more that I'm open to receive these large painful calls every day, every month every week. So that was an incredible start to January that on its own would have made January an amazing month, I did not have any attachment around hitting 33k. In fact, like just wasn't even really on my radar if I'm being completely honest. Then I flew to Toronto for a few days of sisterhood with a couple of women that I'm in a mastermind with. And we decided to create an offer and sell while we were there, which was so much fun, and so transformative. For me personally, I think for the other women as well. And for all of the women who got to participate in what we offered, the end result of that was almost $7,000 cash being transferred to me, for my share of it before the end of January, there's still a little bit of it, that's coming in February. So when you took the 20k pay involved, almost $7,000 from the collaboration, and then just some of the recurring payments and other things that I had from clients purchasing in January, that put me at a grand total of $34,273. In January, just in my coaching business incredible. Like there's still a part of me that's like, Did that really happen. But I also want to talk to you about what happens mentally when we come up and approach and or exceed these kind of goals that we have. So our brain wants to ask questions around like, Can I do this again? And if we don't think that we can do it again, then we start to diminish doing it once. So there's a feeling of like, well, maybe this was just a fluke, maybe I shouldn't talk about this too much. What will my audience think if I say that I had a $34,000 Cash month, and then the next month, it's only 6000 or 8000. And these are very real thoughts, not just mine, although I did experience them. But also because I'm in a very high level mastermind I see this happen all the time, it happens to women that hit their first $200,000 month where it's like, oh my God, and 80,000 of it happened from a pay in full. So what if this doesn't happen again? So let's answer that question. What if it doesn't happen? Again? Like what if this is the only time in your life where I have a $34,000 Cash month in my coaching business? Do I still want to experience it? Does that mean I shouldn't celebrate it? Or should I celebrate it even harder? If I knew that the rest of the year was going to hover somewhere between like eight and $15,000 a month? Would I still want to have one month that's 30 4k? Like what I still want to experience that? For me? The answer is yes. Like of course, I want to experience that. And like all the more reason to celebrate it when it happens, because who knows if and when it will happen again. Now, I also really believe that my business will grow into that being the average. And I'm really working on being available for this to just be my new normal. And I think when there is like a painful, it can start to feel like oh, but that's a one off. And yet, like in coaching and consulting in particular, it really doesn't have to be a one off.

And even like in the agency work, right? We could get a big client every month that wants us to build out a storefront and a bunch of creative and just pay as 1015 20k just as like a one off creative. Like those things happen. They do exist. And so rather than write it off, it's like can we celebrate it and be really available for it and understand that we can be a match for an amount of money without knowing how it's going to come in our brain really prefers predictability and routine and knowing what to expect. And yet in a feminine energy business where we really want to be available for magic and miracles. We can't make magic and miracles predictable. That kind of defeats the purpose of that energy, right? Like there is a surprise and delight element to it. And we can get used to the idea that I get a big financial surprise every month. Like somehow in some way, money comes through that I wasn't at all expecting that there was someone waiting to pay me and wanting to be my client, even though I had no idea that they existed and that they were interested in working together until the moment that they slid into my DMs or until the moment that they click the Buy button and I got the email receipt with the payment. Like those things do get to happen. Where we sometimes put blocks in the energy is by looping on this idea of well, what if it doesn't happen again? Oh crap, what if it doesn't happen again? Yeah, in fact, I have no idea how it's gonna happen again. So I shouldn't celebrate this too much. I probably shouldn't talk about it too much. It's probably just a fluke. You see how that totally changes the energy and really diminishes the accomplishment and actually puts more distance between us and being a match for moving forward. So the other thing that I like to do in my coaching business in particular is play with two different energies. There's the energy of like, oh my gosh, I haven't even been doing this business. For a year, and I hit a $34,000 Cash month, like I am such a badass, this is so amazing. I get to work with the most incredible clients. Like I can't believe how fast this business has grown like this just feels amazing. And I also like to play with the energy of of course, like, I'm the kind of woman who's already built to seven figure businesses. I've already had six figure cash months in multiple businesses, like of course, I'm doing a $34,000 Cash month and coaching. Of course, it happened fast for me, because I'm a seasoned business owner, like so both energies can be helpful. And I think it's just kind of dialling up, whichever one feels better. So like, if you're ever feeling wobbly in your business and feeling like Oh, but I'm still new. And I'm still learning. It's like, Yeah, but how many years? Have you been on this planet? Like, how many other things have you done that are helping you in this current experience? Can you tap into that a little bit? And like, kind of dial up the feeling of like, oh, yeah, I do have a lot of good expertise. Oh, yeah, of course, I've got great skills, of course, people want to pay me. And sometimes it's really fun to be in the energy of like, oh, my gosh, I'm so new. And this is already happening.

For me, this is so amazing. I'm collapsing time like crazy. I can't even imagine where my business is going to be in a year if I did this in less than a year. So it's just like allowing yourself to play and allowing yourself to tell more empowering stories. And again, a lot of times people don't talk about money, because they have a very disempowering story around it. So to talk about January as a whole, I told you what the coaching business did, the agency did 80,007 21 And our E-commerce brand did 7000 306. Now for our ecommerce brand, this is like super low. And that's actually because we're winding down this business. So that business is not going to exist beyond 2022 Unless something totally changes and something that I'm really not expecting, but it's been a long time coming. And it this is an invitation to let go of things that are no longer serving you things that don't feel aligned things that feel like an energy drain, did the business make a lot of money over time? Yeah, it did, like lifetime earnings for that business are almost $3 million. But when you look at profitability, because there's cost of goods, because there's advertising, like there's so much that goes into that business, you know, of course, not all of the 3 million was profit, in fact, like most of the 3 million was not profit. And so one of the things that I really love about the coaching business is that it is so highly profitable, there's not a lot of overhead, I don't need to have a big team, I don't need to pay for a lot of expensive software, really the biggest overhead is just paying for a coach. And I do actually consider that like kind of a required business expense. Because I just believe that like if you are a coach or a consultant, and you don't have someone in your corner that you're processing with, or you're continuing to do the inner work and improve really just makes it so much harder to grow your business. So that is an expense for sure. But other than that, like it's a pretty low overhead business. And so I eat a high profit business for me in 2022. And beyond like profitability is a huge focus. Likewise, even with elevate our agency like an $80,000 month is not our biggest month by any means. However, we've been able to really streamline our payroll and get more efficiency with our team. And so it was actually a more profitable month than some of our bigger months. So if you add those three together, you're looking at $122,300 in January from all of those different sources. And that feels really great because I definitely feel aligned to six figure multi six figure months. And I'm so here for more of the money coming in through the more profitable revenue streams. I had a lot of ego tied up in our E commerce business for a long time. And I felt like I really like needed it to be successful because for me, it was part of the story around like our ability to help other brands sell on Amazon and our ability to like run a successful Amazon agency. And what I was really missing is the fact that like no brand is going to be successful when there isn't aligned energy like when it feels like an energy drain when there's no interest in working on it when there's no passion for it anymore. And so even though I was missing all of those key ingredients I still was making the fact that like the recipe wasn't turning out very well means something about me mean something about our agency, our worthiness, our ability to deliver results for clients, I had mountains of evidence to the contrary, like we have generated millions upon millions upon millions of dollars for the clients that we work with on Amazon. But again, it just goes to show like where there's a disempowering story and when I was able to release that and just say like, because we haven't really felt passionate about the brand for a couple years like we really didn't invest the time required to navigate having an E commerce brand during a pandemic didn't have a case All of the supply chain challenges to navigate all of the inventory restrictions that happened with Amazon and like, it's okay, it's actually really okay to release it. And, you know, trying to hold on to that was costing me so much in terms of energy that could have been redirected to things that actually light me up. And so now it's like, yeah, I can actually really easily talk about the fact that that business made $7,300 In January, which probably put very little in our pocket again, when you take out all of the expenses, but it's like, that's okay. It's really okay. And that business is going away. So as you hear me talk about my numbers, I hope that inspires you to have a conversation with a loved one with a friend with one of your business besties. And just talk about numbers. And notice the places where you feel like you need to justify or defend or even be little, can you imagine me talking to someone and being like, oh, yeah, you know, the coaching business was at $34,000 a month. But you know, that really was because there was one big pay in full and there was a collaboration.

So you know, it really was kind of like an odd month, can you feel the vibe of that the diminishing of that. So notice, if you're wanting to diminish some of your results, or if you're feeling like you need to justify why a number was so low or defend something, and it really just is an opportunity for you to create a more empowering story. It's like when we say it out loud, we get to hear it. And it's like, the other person is holding up a mirror for us. And we get to experience what it's like to have the story inside of our head be verbalised. And if we don't like the way it sounds, we get to change it. Like I'm so thrilled with the way the year is starting, I'm so thrilled with how I feel about money, it just feels like there's a lot of momentum and that money can come to me from so many different ways. I'm excited with all of the new clients that are coming into my coaching business. And it doesn't matter whether they're paying $111, or they're paying 1000s of dollars a month, like I just see these all as seeds being planted as opportunities to serve opportunities to connect with more women entrepreneurs, I really believe in my ability to create rapid transformation to be able to give some laser precision coaching in a single session that can totally transform that person's relationship with money or their business or whatever is happening in their life. And so actually, this feels like a good time to make an invitation to you. So if you've considered working with me, here's what I would suggest I have an option on my website, and it's called a private coaching trial, it costs $1,111. And you get one private call with me a one on one call. And then we do 10 days together in boxer which is like a walkie talkie style app where there's like talk and text and voice memos. And it's an opportunity for us to connect for you to experience what it's like to be in a coaching relationship with me. And the best part is that if you decide to hire me as your one on one coach, if you decide to join a mastermind with me, if you want to join a programme of mine, I will apply that 1111 to whatever you decide to do next. So it's actually like, in a way a free opportunity to get a one on one call with me to get 10 days in boxer and then to decide what you want to roll that 1111 into as we continue to work together. So I'm just making that invitation because I would love to connect with more of you who've been loving the podcast and who have been enjoying my energy. And let's make this the year that we get to know each other more personally that we get to support each other. And I am really a huge proponent of like walking the joyous Path to Wealth. So whether that's six figures, seven figures or beyond for you and your business, I would love to be walking that path with you shoulder to shoulder guiding you in the places where I'm strong, where I have experience and pointing out to you the places where you know you're getting in your own way. And that's really the beauty of these coaching relationships. So I hope you enjoyed this January update. Let me know what landed for you and I'll talk to you soon. Bye.


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