Episode 39: Building Pathways To Receive Money Daily with Em Ducharme

Em Ducharme is a business strategist for influencers and experts looking to monetize and scale their audience through digital marketing and passive income. Em shares her unique approach of multiple pathways to wealth.

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Em: Build your foundation first, go one step at a time. It doesn't mean you're not gonna quantum leap, but there's still like work to do to make sure you're strong enough, because maybe someone's gonna say yes to your a hundred thousand dollars package, and then you're gonna pee your pants because you're gonna wonder, like, am I good enough provide this? I've never invested. What do I provide to that person? Cause I don't know what to expect, cause I've never invested this much. So I don't know what it looks like, what can I provide? So you don't even know what you're doing, basically.

Emily: I completely agree. Investing $10,000 a month to be inside of a mastermind, like, and I love it. And the coaching's great, but one of the things that it's done is it makes it so that like my mastermind, which has a similar structure and cost, 2222 a month. I'm like, this is the steel century. I feel so good about my pricing.

Hello, beautiful souls. Today's episode is so, so good. And before we jump in, I have some exciting news to share. If you've ever wondered where you're blocking money, this is for you. I've created a free quiz to diagnose your money wounds. So you can heal them and unblock yourself to receive more money. Just go to money wounds quiz.com and answer six quick questions to get your insanely accurate and potent results. And if you're loving my vibe and want to work one on one to call in more feminine energy wealth, I would love to hear from you. You can shoot me a DM on social media or go to Emily Wilcox.com to learn more.

Welcome back to the Em Makes Money Show. I'm so pumped. I have an incredible guest for us here today. Emdu Sharm is a business strategist for influencers and experts looking to monetize and scale their audience through digital marketing and passive income. Her work has been featured on major media outlets, such as Forbes, Thrive global, The good men project and Business to community. As a former corporate sales consultant for fortune 500 companies, major corporations. Em helped to grow and scale businesses for the last 10 years in various sectors, hospitality, finance entertainment, and e-learning, she's raised millions of dollars in investor funds for the companies that she's worked for. And personally was able to scale her own companies. Pass the multi six and seven figure mark in record breaking time. Em, I love you so much. I'm so happy to have you on the show. Welcome. 

Em: I'm excited to do this. Sorry about it. 

Emily: You know, it's this is so fun. If you're watching on YouTube Em's dog, just, just joined the interview. Did we introduce the pooch? 

Em: That's Goodie. So Goodie lights in the spotlight. OK. So every time I'm on the phone or on a call, she's like. I need attention. And then as soon as the call finishes, she doesn't care about me at all. It's only when, like, there's like. She's like a diva basically.

Emily: Oh my gosh. I love that. Well, so Goodie, is it part of the interview as well. That's perfect. And, you know, the interesting thing about this online space is that I feel naturally through social media, that we just connect with certain people and you are one of those people that I've just felt drawn to. I think you're very magnetic anyway, so I'm sure you hear that a lot and you have a really fun, authentic, vulnerable way of showing up online. That is very interesting. But from the moment I started reading your stuff. I was like, I wanna know this chick. She seems awesome. We have the same name. I feel we meant to collaborate.

Em: I am so happy too. Cause I had noticed you online as well. And I think I saw one time you were reintroducing yourself and I was reading it and like automatically I felt connected to the way you think. And I felt like we were sharing a similar vision for life. And I think we also have a little bit of a background in terms of, we used to be very masculine and then we learned how to be feminine. And as we preach, like it's such a life changer to balance it out, like, it's amazing. 

Emily: Yes, absolutely. So I, I'm so thrilled that you're here on the podcast and I think it's just an interesting testament to how our energy is what always wins. So whether we're connecting with people in person, or even through zoom on social media, it's like just trusting that people are feeling you and the people that you're meant to work with are getting what they need to get. So, we both have this masculine background and then went into entrepreneurship and somehow found our way into feminine energy. As part of the, the transformation. So I know part of your story, but can you share for the audience, like you really came from poverty, your money story started out so differently.

Em: For as far back as I can remember, my mother never had money. If I look at pictures of her, when I was a kid, like she had her glasses or, or glasses were taped with big white tape, because you don't have money to fix the glasses. We really did. I never knew what it was like to have money. I never even knew what money was like for me, struggling was not like, that was the only thing I knew. We didn't see that possible, not to struggle. If we were going to food banks for money, but even though we didn't have money, we were very happy. It's not like living in a very tense place. I'm sure my mom was stressed. She passed away these conversations. I wish I could have with her because life is very different for me now. And my brothers are living it because of me. She didn't have a chance to live it, but I'm sure she was very stressed, but I never felt it. 

So I didn't know that wearing boys clothes to go to school as a little girl, because I was using my cousin's clothes because my mom couldn't afford to buy me clothes. I didn't know what was not normal. And for some reason I never got bullied about my clothing or my money and stuff like that. Maybe because that's the way, like I, I grew up in a village, so it was not like there's no rich people there, it's everyone is kind of like on the same level. So I didn't release see the difference. I only started seeing money when I moved to Montreal, Quebec, and I started working as a bartender in a high end restaurant. And then the clients that like I made friends with, and then I would go to their houses and stuff like that. And they had money. 

They were living in nice places and condos. They had nice cars back. I remember back then, like seeing like an Audi, like the car Audi, like, I was freaking out, like it's a Lamborghini. I would be like, I'm in a hobby. It was crazy to be in that car. And I have a Porsche now. So like, I like it's I never imagined that I could like go from like being impressed by a car that's not regular, but like a little bit more iron. To me having a sports car. I never thought that would be possible, but I really come from not even knowing what money is like, like we would roll our pennies before going to the grocery market and like, we didn't have money. I didn't know what it was like. 

Emily: And so it's so fascinating, like to have that experience as a child, to starting to have some ideas of wealth, but it sounds like you didn't feel like, well, if they can do it, I can do it. It was sort of like. Who are these rich people? 

Em: I was, I felt very, very lucky to be in that world, but I didn't think that could be me. I was like, oh my God, I got invited to this thing with rich people. I never saw, like I could be a rich woman. I just saw that I get to get to be invited for me. That was enough. I was like, I'm a cool girl. Because I get invited and then I would go out and then like, we would go to my clubs and then the guys that I was hanging out with would buy bottles of vodka. And I was like, I was the cool girl. It never crossed my mind. One day I could afford to buy my own bottles. Not that I've ever done that because that's not where I spend my money.

Emily: Right.

Em: But, but I, it never crossed my mind for me. It did not make sense to spend hundreds of dollars for vodka in a club, but I got to be with the cool people who did, but I never thought that I could afford to do that. It's never even been an option in my head. 

Emily: Did you feel like your like, sex appeal was your currency at that time?

Em: I didn't even feel beautiful to be honest. I never the way people like, look at me saying I'm attractive. It took me a, like, it's very recent actually that I look in the mirror. I'm like, I'm kinda a smack  like, but  I never really saw myself. I was just like, I've always been a yes woman. I wanna experience things. When someone asked me to do something, I wanna do it because when I live life, I just wanted to live life. I never realized that I like someone told me one time, like when you walk in a restaurant, people like heads turn like your, without even seeing you, they feel your energy. And I didn't know that. And then I started paying attention. Of like when I walk in some place, like my energy people like turn around to see what's going on. So it's very strange. It's something that I had in me my whole life. I just didn't see it as power. I, I didn't notice it and I didn't know how to use it. Now I do that.

Emily: At what point did you start to feel like maybe I could be a rich woman.

Em: Very recently, actually. I think last year when I bought the car. Because I had a Mazda SUV. It was beautiful. Every time I would be in that car, I was happy to be in the car because first of all, I bought it all paid in cash when I got it. So I didn't have to make payments on it. It was mine and it looked nice. And it's a car that looks flashy. Some people thought it was Mercedes and I'm like, no, it's just a Mazda. So it's a car that looks nice. But I never thought I could have a Porsche. And then when I started shopping for a car, I went to a broker and then I, I told him, like my car preferences, then they were like so far, like there's such a big gap. 

People like Mercedes, the SUV that's worth like 40,000 or just one that's $120,000. He's like, what's your budget? I don't have a budget like whatever. And then he found the car. And then I said yes, immediately. He is like, I've never had someone say yes, this fast. I'm like, this is the one I want. And then I, I realized, oh my God, I'm getting a push. I could, did not make sense. And that's when I realized I can't have whatever I want, but until the opportunity came to me, I didn't even realize that could be possible because I never even envisioned that I would have a Porsche, but now I wanna McLaren, like now I know that I'm gonna get a McLaren.

It's very different. Cause when I car shopping, I didn't feel like I could have a nice car. 

But now that I do have a really nice car, I want an even nicer car because now I know that it's possible. So the sky is not even the limit anymore. When you know, you can do it once, then, you know, you can do it again. And I could be even better.

So that's kind of how I am feeling about life now. I feel really unstoppable and buying a luxurious car is what gave me that feeling because once you buy the Luan shoes or once that you paid for by yourself, once you get a really nice condo, once you buy a nice car, like you realize, like I can actually have nice things and then you become more comfortable having them all the way.

Emily: I totally agree. There are certain purchases that become such a, like a token or a symbol of this new identity, like this new version of you. And sometimes it's something big, like a sports car, but I also think that sometimes it's something in the grand scheme of things that's relatively small. But it just, every time you see it, it makes you feel so different about yourself and like anything is possible. So everyone listening, like those are really fun, little hacks to, start to collapse the timeline between who you are right now and who you wanna be. So I wanna back up a little bit and understand, like what made you leave corporate America? Was it scary as hell when you left, did you have a plan? Did you already have a side business built up? What did that look like? 

Em: I, I was not actually, I've never worked. I've never been employed. I don't even know what it looks like to have a paycheck. I've never had a paycheck. 

Emily: Okay. 

Em: So that, that was not my route. I worked in corporate in terms of being a consultant. I've always been self-employed. I, I was a financial advisor that was self-employed, associated with a firm. So I never had a bask. So it's not, I've always had like that entrepreneurial mindset for me. It was just like, when an opportunity comes, I make the best of it.

For example, I have someone that asked me to find, I don't know how many millions, I can't remember financing for a building. And then I pitched it to investment firms in Montreal. And then one of them offered me a position to work with them, as a financial advisor and broker. And then I said, yes, because I say yes to everything. I'm a little bit more picky about what I say yes, now, because I get a lot of opportunities, but for me it was like, I'm gonna learn so much from that. But I didn't like it. And I remember having lunch with my lawyer. I did not like it, but I knew that this was the setup that would help me go so much further in life because of credibility, because of network, because of knowledge.

So I continued knowing it was not a forever thing, knowing that. I needed to get something out of it so I can build something else. Because I had businesses before and I would always get bored of doing something like that's the reason why business coaching is so good for me, cause I can do a lot of different things all the time. I cannot just do one thing. So for example, right now I'm building eCommerce in the baby industry and I'm building it to sell it. Because I know eventually I'm not gonna feel like working on that. I'm because I'm gonna have something else coming up. So my entire life, you would think that I had I'm 200 years old, cause I've done so many things for short periods of time, with very intensely. And now I'm, I'm doing my coaching and I'm building other businesses as well. I never had a job so I didn't have to transition. It was just something that I learned in and then I moved on. 

Emily: Gotcha. Well, you're a human design manifestor, right? So, so you're living very in design. You're meant to initiate a lot of things.

Em: I didn't know. I didn't know that I lived in design. I also didn't know that I was a manifestor and I was manifesting a lot of crap, but now I manifest a lot of things because I know that what I focus on this what I attract and I manifest so fast. It's unreal. So it's very important for me to know that I'm being ver, veery clean with where my thoughts and my processes go. 

Emily: Do you think you'll always be in coaching? 

Em: I think I see myself as being old and having clients stay at my house and me helping them. I don't know if I'm always gonna have a coaching business. I don't know that I'm always gonna do private coaching. But I know that I'm always gonna mentor people, cause that's just within me. I love, like when I get the opportunity to do something, that's gonna make someone feel good. Today I have a, one of my best friend is having surgery, double transplant. And I spoke to her this morning before surgery and I walked her through a visualization yesterday and today, like I, I helped her regulate her nervous system because she's really scared. And this comes so naturally for me and then more, I'm tapped in, into being good at what I do, the more I see the results on other people, the more I like it. 

So I'm not moving away from coaching right now, cause I love it even more every day. But my way of doing it changes, my container changes, the excess of my energy also changes as well. In the past, it was very easy to have access to me now. There's a, an investment that comes with it and I'm very, very clean and have boundaries. So it's, it's different. So I, I imagine, like things are just gonna continue to evaluate this way. 

Emily: That totally makes sense. So I'm curious along your journey with money. What are some of the financial miles 

stones that have stood out to you?

Em: That's a good question. In 2019, I had a hundred thousand dollars cash day and not cash day sales day. That was really big for me. And then COVID happened. And then since all of those clients were drop shipping clients. Almost everything fell apart. And I was really disappointed in that obviously, but it also, like showed me cause sometimes it's not about receiving it.

It's seeing what you're capable of. So even though it happens and I want everyone to know this. Sometimes you're gonna make sells and they're not gonna come through. And it has nothing to do with you. It's really focusing on if I did that, I can do it again. If it didn't work out, it doesn't mean that something went wrong. It's just, it didn't work out. And I focus on knowing that this means I am a match for this. 

So it's gonna come in different ways. It's not gonna come this way, unfortunately, but it's gonna come different ways. And knowing that I could do this much, really helped me being able to believe in things that I don't see. Because it's very easy to know that, like let's say with my funnels, I know that I'm gonna make multiple five figures every month, no matter what I do. So that's easy to project, but last month in December, I made around $300,000 in sales. And without really like, at the beginning of the month, I didn't expect that at all. And then I saw that all the demand out the request, and if everything would've gone through, I would've made over half a million dollar that month. It didn't, but it shows me what is possible. 

So I think in terms of milestones, my first big sales day really set the tone for what I could believe in about myself. And now, like I know that there's no limits, the way I approach things is very different and I don't get disappointed when something doesn't work out, because I know that in one day I can make a whole year worth of salary in one day. So I don't see my promotions the same way. I don't get attached to the outcome of one thing, knowing that there's 365 days in the year, things can change.

Emily: I love that. And I also didn't know that you had drop shipping clients. So that's interesting. Is that a business model you still have, or that was. 

Em: Well right now, I'm actually building my own with the baby business that I'm doing. It's called Little Boho Baby. And it's, Boho Chic looking a little bit like what you have in the background, but for a baby's room, I love it. It's beautiful. And it's gonna be drop shipping and like, because we're using a fall center, it's not through Amazon though. But yes, that's something that I'm still playing around a little bit. However, because I grew so much as a coach, I seem now to attract more coaches and service based provider because they want to learn from what I did.

So I've been focusing a little bit more on that in my marketing messaging. Instead of other things, you know, what's beautiful is that having so much experience and other things means that, if I need a break from coaching industry. I can go coach in the e-commerce industry, I can go coach in the restaurant industry. I like there are so many things that I can do in the gym industry. I used to have a gym. There's so many things that I can do. And that's what is fun, because we just said that about money. I can see the potential with money, but I can also see that no matter what happens, there's other things that I can do. So I feel very safe that it's not like if one day this becomes irrelevant. I don't mind it because there's other things that I'm really good at and that I've done in my life. So it makes me feel very safe as well. 

Emily: Well, and I feel like that's one of the codes that you've cracked. And I think a lot of the clients that work with you are really interested in the ways that you've developed multiple income streams. And, you know, there's a certain, like predictability and safety to that. That I think many people feel like is missing from their businesses. 

Em: For sure.

Emily: So, I love that. So how did this, like broke girl from a little village end up being a financial advisor to begin with? I feel like there's this gap between like no money and then like. Well, I was the financial advisor for all of these businesses. 

Em: Here's the thing, being a financial advisor doesn't mean that you have money and that's the reason why I didn't really enjoy it. Because I didn't know what it was like to invest a lot of money 'cause I had never done it before. So I felt very uncomfortable managing other people's money because, like I could not imagine putting half a million dollar into something like putting $5 into something is expensive. So how can, like, I, there's a big disconnect for me. I would, I had a hard time because I didn't believe in doing it. So it was hard for me to be successful doing it.

So I was like, they loved me when I came to business development, business strategy, training people, mindset stuff. I was coaching other people, but I was not doing deals very often. And when I was making deals it's because someone brought me investor, I was ready. I didn't have to sell him anything like Hispanic, cause now I can sell things very easily. But because I know it works. I know my coaching works. I've had so much results, so it's easy for me. But to tell someone, to invest a lot of money into a company that I don't know, because my firm is backing it off and I don't know what it feels like to invest. 

That's the reason why I like when we are coaches or like trying to become good coaches. Investing in us is going to show us what it feels like so that we can feel comfortable when other people invest in us. If you want to just have people investing in you, but you're not walking that talk, it's gonna be hard. And that financial advisor. Part of my life shows it, exactly. Cause since I was not comfortable with investing myself, cause I didn't know what it was like to have money to invest. I was not good at it. I was not comfortable with it. So you need to be able to have experience into what you preach. 

Emily: You bring up such a great point, honestly, while you were talking. It made me think of, I used to work for this company where we would sell tutoring packages or like test prep packages. So it's like if you were gonna take the S A T to, you know, get into a good college, we would set you up with a one on one tutor that would go to your home and prep you for the test. And the packages at the time were like around two to $3,000. And I was like 21 talking to, you know, people that lived in really rich parts of LA. And I could not imagine dropping that kind of money or saying yes to that over the phone and giving a credit card. Every time I got a sale, I was sort of like, these people are freaking crazy, like, like I couldn't get my belief there. Now, you know, it's like I only have a seven year old and a three year old. We still are pretty far off from college admissions, but I'm like, like, no problem. Of course I would spend two or $3,000. So, I help secure my kids' educational future like, easy.

Em: Exactly. 

Emily: So, but it's true when there's that gap. It's like, it's so hard to build your belief around it. 

Em: Exactly. I think that's why, like, some people, like are don't see success because they're trying to go too fast. They're trying, like to leap too fast into something like before they're warming up, it's like you're at the gym and you're trying to deadlift 200 pounds, but you have never deadlifted before. And you have not even warmed up. So like we have to trust our own process and our own growth and our own speed because the disconnect sometimes happen when someone wants to get to a certain point and they think, well, if I charge a hundred thousand dollars, then I'm gonna be able to make no clients.

But you've never charged a thousand dollars, like build your foundation first, go one step at a time. It doesn't mean you're not gonna quantum leap, but there's still like work to do make sure you're strong enough, because maybe someone's gonna say yes to your a hundred thousand dollars package, and then you're gonna pee your pants because you're gonna wonder, like, am I good enough provide this? I've never invest. What do I provide to that person? Because I don't know what to exact, cause I've never invested this much. So I don't know what it looks like. what can I provide? So you don't even know what you're doing, basically. 

Emily: I completely agree. Investing $10,000 a month to be inside of a mastermind, like, and I love it. And the coaching's great, but one of the things that it's done is it makes it so that like my mastermind, which has a similar structure and cost, 2222 a month. I'm like, this is the steel of the century. I feel so good about my pricing. 

Em: Cause you know, you over, over delivery and that makes me feel safe as well. When someone gets into my container and they're like, It's not the biggest investment that I've done, but it's the most rewarding one. I'm like some people tell me, like you should raise your rates, but these ones are the one. I feel very good about. That for me, it's an easy sell. And as long as I love delivering and I love showing up at that price point, I'm okay with it.

It's not always about, like raising your rates and raising your rates for me. That's not what I'm chasing. Some people chase that. That's okay. That's on them. I choose the feeling that I feel when I'm doing those calls. Does it fill, align with the money I received for the call? If not, then that means I need to raise my investment because I need, I need it to feel good. And if taking like time exchange for money needs to feel good, but it doesn't mean that you have to be the more expensive one to win. It's really something that's internal. If it makes you feel good. You don't need to change it. You can, you like, you can be very successful as it feels good. 

Emily: I completely agree with that. There's it, it, it's the alignment piece around pricing that is super important. So, I wanna talk about the ways that you track money, look at money, celebrate money, cause I think what you do is pretty unique in this industry and just the way that you look at it and think about it. So talk to me about it. 

Em: What I realize is it doesn't really feel good for me to track my money. I look at my bank accounts every day and then when I shoot there's an account with too much money in there, I'm like, okay, we're gonna end that. And until then, I don't really track anything. I mentally think about like how much, just to see what's the potential that I'm dealing with, but I'm more focused on like, what's next. I don't really focus on what I'm getting now. I'm just opening more doors. And I feel like a lot of people, which is okay, we all have our own ways of doing things. And they focus on growing one thing at a time for me, I prefer to open a lot of doors. And then when I see there's a door that has a lot of traffic coming in, then I'm like, this door is really good.

Let's see why is, it's so good. When I have, like, for example, I'm gonna take an example with funnels. Cause I love funnels. Funnels is how I started. So I used to strategize and teach funnels to client. I, I was kind of done with few type of containers. And now I sell courses on there and I do coaching, but I don't do them anymore. And I fell in love with seeing when I wake up in the morning, like all kinds of transactions. From trip wires, order bombs, sales from the funnels and all these things. That's what makes me like the more proud, cause I don't need to rely on life promotions. I don't need to track too much. However, energetically. I know that I'm never gonna make like under $25,000 a month, this is I'm not available for less. So if I don't promote all months, I know that I'm gonna make at least $25,000 and sometimes I'm gonna make more. Sometimes I'm gonna make way more, but I feel like for me, it's not being available for less. And then just focusing on opening doors.

Being visible, serving my clients, cause my clients normally when they come in my world these days, so I don't need to have a huge audience. Because sometimes people also what they focus on, is getting new clients all the time. You already have a buyer that said yes, who can say yes again, if you keep providing value. So I focus on making sure my clients are really happy because normally they buy all of my programs or to get in my mastermind or to get all of my programs, but I don't need to, to run ads. I don't need to like extend all the time, my audience, because I burn through my audience all the time. So when it comes to tracking money, I have a goal, like for example, January 1st, I'm like, okay, I'm want to have $150,000. Inside that bank account for a cash down for this year. And now my focus is just every day I look at how much is there in that bank account? So like the bank account, that one of my, like, I think that's my stripe account that goes there. So I look every day and then I'm like, we're this closer, this much closer, this much closer.

So I just focus on that. And then I know that the PayPal is gonna pay all the bills, is gonna pay my employees. It's gonna pay the taxes. It's gonna continue growing. And then after that, I'm gonna invest. And then I'm gonna find a new goal of what's my next investment. What else am I putting money for? And then I'm just gonna focus on that. It doesn't feel good for me to track and to budget it doesn't. I go with my guts, my feelings, my intuition, like, if I want something, I buy it, period. I don't look at the price tag, but I don't buy things that I don't want. Cause it what's the point. I don't want something that I don't want. 

Emily: I love that. I love the idea of just like opening more doors. And the interesting thing about funnels is that it allows you to be in more of a relationship where you're feeling surprised. And delighted, right? Which is a very like feminine energy feeling, right? The masculine structure is already in place and then, you just get to be like, oh my gosh. And just celebrate and receive. 

Em: It is true. It, it is true because every day, like I'm gonna be like at the grocery store and I hear things. Then someone bought this require $47. And then I'm like, well, thank you. You just bought my sandwich. It's just fine because you know what I notice I get, I'm more generous even because sometimes like, let's say the other day I was at Starbucks and I gave the girl a $50 tip for my coffee on top of the coffee. And then she is like, why? And in my head I'm like, cause I just made like Winnie grand today in $200 sales. I was like, that's why, but I didn't say that. Right? But like I, I just made so much money. And I wanna give back because all these transactions I'm like, I just, it makes me feel even more generous. I just wanna hand money to people now.

But, but because I see them all the time and when you just like, once in a while, you make a big bunch of money, it's harder because you, you're not really sure when it's gonna be the next time you make a lot of money. So you, you feel a little bit like, let's make sure, like everything goes well before we spend it. Cause we don't know. But if you are used that every single day you get ding, ding, ding. You're like, it's OK. I'm gonna have more day tomorrow. That's fine, like dig it. So I think that's how like I spend so freely because I just see money all the time coming in. So it makes me feel like that's okay. Because tomorrow we will make it.

Emily: I love that so much. And it reminds me of, you know, the analogy that money is like blood. And so it really needs to circulate. You know, it's like blood that just sits somewhere in our body is actually super detrimental. It's only doing its job if it's moving and with money, it really grows through circulation too.

Em: It's true. It's true. And it's also like the trust that you have. When I invest my money, like, I don't need money in my bank account, cause then it doesn't make big. I want my, my money to be like bunnies, like reproduce yourself a lot. I am not looking go like, go through your thing and then come back with a lot of beat. So, like I trust and not every investment that I did worked out. Sometimes it worked out like years later and I had completely forgotten about it and I'm like, oh my God, dividend, I didn't, I forgot that I put money into this, cause it's been so long. It's been this long, so it's not everything that's gonna work out, but I'm never focusing on yesterday.

It's always like, I'm just creating more opportunity. So I'm always available for more money. I'm not available. If that money is less, it's less like RIP. There's nothing I can do, but I can create more. I can create even more. So it's, are you focusing on saving or are you focusing on having more? Cause if you save there's you can only save the money you made, more as no limit. 

Emily: Right. I love that so much. I, I know people listening are gonna be like, what are your favorite investments? 

Em: So, it's fun, like my least favorite investment. So I'm gonna start with that.  The sad story. So in 2012, 2013, I bought Bitcoin. It was $300. Nobody knew what it was. And then I had for a few years. I didn't really have to work. 'Cause Bitcoin like came up and then I put a lot of money into, a platform that was automatic trading with enter, artificial intelligence and then the, the platform stole everyone's money and the founder disappeared. So I like, I had to go on the trip. So like, you know, like a heartbreak. It was worse. 

I had to go on a trip to like, that's when I started my coaching, like my online business journey, cause I was on a trip and I'm like, okay, like we can never, again rely on something. We are not in control of Emily, never again. So, I have a little bit of PTSD when it comes to trading. So for me, if I put money into, stocks into kryptos, NFTs or stuff like that, cause I will soon again have a mentor for that. So I will, again. But it's gonna be money that I'm ready to lose because I never wanna feel this way around losing money.

I don't wanna feel like I'm being abandoned by my money. I wanna feel like that's okay. You were not like we were just playing, it's not my life, my life investment. It's just gaming, my favorite investment. So I started getting real estate last year. And even though I'm not gonna see the return right now, it's, I felt very safe knowing that, like, for example, I bought a land in a lake.

And I feel very safe. It's huge and I don't know what I'm gonna do with it, but it's there and it's not going anywhere and it's not gonna walk away from me. So that, that is something that makes me feel good. 

One day I'm probably gonna build a really beautiful cottage, cause it's right behind my brother's farm. So that's an investment that feels very safe for me. And then when it comes to investment that I enjoy investing in myself obviously is the one, the thing that brings me the best results, to be honest and, and investing like with a different way. I used to invest wanting to have something that the person have, and it's not anymore. So, I'll give an example yesterday about a, a coaching session, cause I recently became single. I'm, I'm working on my healing. I'm working on my attachment type, cause I'm very avoidant with relationships and I wanna fix that cause like I'm not gonna like meet a lot of prince charming and then send them away every time.

So I, I know what work I have to do, 'cause I'm hyper aware and because my work made me understand how to heal, but I still want someone like there's a, an expert in the industry that I respected. And then I bought a session with her just out of curiosity for her to see if she can see something and not seeing that's gonna speed up the process or make it even more fun or make me go like, oh my goodness, that was all I needed. And it's not, I don't invest anymore with pain. I don't invest because I wanna meet a man because I am a very happy single. But I'm always looking to grow though as a person. So when I invest in programs and in coaching, it's from the place of desiring to learn more about myself, cause I'm obsessed with myself. I like look at this.  

Emily: Also very aligned as a manifestor. So if you're human design manifestor and you're not obsessed with yourself. You're doing something wrong.

Em: That's so funny, but I love to grow. I love to learn about myself. I'm very curious, like, that's why we've been this way. Let's dig a little bit more. So that's where I invest from. But these are really fun investments for me. Because you, you see the return so much later on, and then you don't even notice that that's the return. I'm sure that some people buy your program. It changes their lives and they don't even recognize that it's because of that, because the transformation happens over time when you start the work and it doesn't like it's not immediate. So sometimes they don't even notice. They don't even know that because of you. Everything is different now because it's way later that it happens at the big transformation. So I, when I invest in coaching, it's always with, I don't wanna see results right now. I wanna see results forever. That's my, that's what I focus on.

Emily: I love that so much. You're probably such a great client. Your coaches must love you. 

Em: Honestly that's I, all of my coaches told me I was their favorite client. That I'm a manifestor. So I'm obsessed with myself. So of course I'll say this, but I, I think I'm a good client. I'm trying, like, I think everyone should make the effort of being a good client, because, as a coach, when you see a client, do the work and believe in the work. And even though they don't understand, maybe why. They still do it because they trust you. It's the best gift. The money is the exchange, but the best gift you can do to a coach is actually implement what they teach you and embody it. Because when I see someone like I have a client who it was like a project at first, I'm like, we're gonna have a lot of work to do.

But now she is a transformed woman. She's so magnetic. She's so free. She's so liberated. And she's so beautiful to watch. I'm obsessed. I look at our stuff. I'm like, I can't believe this happened. I can't believe you became this. You went from like, to like person. And this is the best gift for us, is to see the transformation. That's the reason why we do this. So, so I think, if that can encourage client. To show to first of all, trust into the work and then she's like, don't be afraid of showing your transformation because we wanna see it. That's like, that's our biggest gift. 

Emily: Yes, yes. And releasing the timeline. Right? I think often we want the transformation to occur within the container, like while I'm paying you right now. So I want the transformation right now, but just trusting that we have a whole lifetime. 

Em: Absolutely. 

Emily: So I, I feel like, you know, people may be listening to this and feel really curious about where, where are all these people coming from that are walking through your doors, so to speak. So how are you finding the people that are coming into the funnels? Cause I think for so many, the challenge early on in business is like, feeling like crickets, you know? Where, where are the people? I have something to offer, but where are the people? 

Em: Well, if you are beginning and you don't have an audience, the funnels are, it's not the best focus because funnels are like when you're established. So I have funnels that, for example, on my website, the traffic, like I direct traffic on my website. So when people listen to me on podcasts, when they read magazine articles that I wrote, or that I'm featured in, they get on my website. So it's very clear. And then people get in my zone and then I make my free things to be so valuable that people like fall in love and share about it.

It's not a lot of people make the mistake of their free thing as words free, like nothing, because while it's free, well, that's the point? It's your first impression. 

You wanna impress the person you want them to understand clearly what you do. You want them to see your energy, see you in action, because that's how it's gonna like for someone to like decide after 12 hours of knowing you to invest like $40,000 into your stuff. It needs to be a really big first impression. It cannot be like, I'm gonna send you a checklist PDF that looks like everyone else is online. It's not gonna convert the same. It can work. It's just gonna be longer. And so my freebee, I make sure that people see me in action.

They understand how I can help them.

They understand what I do. What's my vision? What's my value? What's my energy like and then if they're called to do they will. So people find me through referrals, they find me through traffic. So this is what I call alternative marketing. So when you are using other things on just social media. So when I go to events, when I speak in summits, when I speak on podcasts, when I do my magazine articles, when, I, I get invited for guest experts into, into master mind. That's how people find me and also asking for people to share about you is so powerful. I used to not do it because I was my masculine, the masculine doesn't need anyone to share. Right? Because I got this. I don't need you. Now I'm like, I want to encourage people to share, not just because my message is powerful, but because I know how powerful it is for the person sharing when we share we're vulnerable and we're like, Hey, I just got transformed by this coach. 

It shows how much we work on ourself. And I trust people that do the work. If you  present online that you don't do the work because you were born perfect. There's probably not a lot of trust established, like there's so much power in being vulnerable. There's so much power and showing all sides of you, not just the per picture, perfect side. So I think that's really important. So when you ask people to share, I remember. I used to ask people to share that one person would share it last time. Earlier this month, I did a thing called the leader with Neil and I asked people to share, and I couldn't keep up with the number of people, sharing my stuff, tagging their friends in it. Creating connections and introductions. I could not, I was like, wow! but it started with one person doing them. And I continued asking and now people do it because like, when you invite someone to do something, they're like, actually my friend would love this. Let me ask her. But she would've not even thought about sharing. And so you say it and it clicks, I'm gonna share it. 

Emily: Yes.

Em: So I think it's important as well. If you wanna grow your visibility, ask people to share about you. There's nothing attached to it. They don't have to do it. You're not forcing them if they want to, they can, and then it's gonna help you reach more people without paying money for it.

Emily: I love that so much. It's so true. And it's something that you can do at any phase in your business. But just trusting that it doesn't mean anything about you. If the numbers start small.

Em: No, we all start at zero. We all have to go through the same milestones. Every one of us, the people that are have a million followers started at zero followers in their account. We cannot compare ourselves to other people, because then we're focusing on other people, not ourselves. If you want results for your business, focus on your business. Don't focus on someone else's business. They're focusing on theirs, focus on you. 

Emily: Absolutely. So I, I wanna close out by talking about money wounds or limiting beliefs around money.

Em: Okay. 

Emily: What were some of yours that needed to shift for you to step into this version of Em. 

Em: So my mom was really scared that money would change me. And like, I remember she had a best friend when I was a kid and then we moved out to a different region. And then, when she got sick and she knew she was dying, she wanted to call her. So we found her on Facebook and she saw that she had a, a convertible car. She didn't wanna talk to her. She was like, she has money now. She changed. And, and I like, oh my God. I wish my mom would see that I changed into amplifying who I am and I'm in I'm I was always a good person, but now I'm a good person that can do good. And this is something that I made sure never happened. 

Because there's such a thing as new bullish, which means people that just started making money and then they buy all kinds of things just because they wanna spend it just because they wanna show it. They like burn their money. It, it's true. It like money can change, can make you lose your vision. Because for a minute, you're like, it's like, you're, you're drunk from the high of having many. And when you're drunk, you make bad decisions. So I think it doesn't change who you are, but it can make you make mistakes because you lose focus. I made sure that I kept my focus until continuing being a good person.

My mother passed away and I'm, my family don't have money, so I wanted to be able to provide for them. My little brother just started with a therapist this month. And I'm paying for it. And I'm so glad that I have the money for that. My other brother had, needed an emergency surgery because of his tooth. And I paid for it. It was multiple thousand dollars. He didn't have any money and he didn't have insurance. So without me, could've not like, I don't know what would've happened. Probably would've been hospitalized. So money has made me be able to take on my mother's role a little bit, like to make sure that my brother are safe and supported and provided for. And that's amazing. And it didn't change who I was. I just had more fun now, because I got to do more things. It never changed me. So that was one of the thing. it's not, I believe that I had, but it's a belief that I made sure that would never come true. 

Emily: I love that. That's so beautiful. And you know, I think this is a perfect time to talk about where people can follow you online. Because one of the things that I love about you is you actually share a lot of these little stories. You take us on a journey through your social media. So if you have loved everything that Em has had to say, and you wanna follow along on the journey, where's the best place for people to connect with you?

Em: Facebook and Instagram are the place where I'm the most active, I think a little bit more Instagram. Actually it's hard. It depends how I feel. So either Facebook or Instagram or both, you can follow me there. Emdu Seon, send either. So that's probably the, the best way right now. 

Emily: Perfect. So we'll make sure those get in the show notes. And then I also want people to experience your funnels, cause we talked about that a lot. So what's the website that they should go to. 

Em: Of course. So I have this free course that like in the same vision and, and philosophy that I just shared, that's called five days to 5k and it's a feminine energy and masculine strategy. It's like kind of a mix. So you see a little bit of all the faces and all the, the things about me and my passions all in the same free course, which is five hours of content that's amazing. And you can find it on my website, MDUsharm.com and it's draped when you get in. 

Emily: Amazing. Em, thank you so much for being on the show. This has been so fun. Do you have any parting words of wisdom for our audience? 

Em: Okay. Everyone always asks me this. I never know what to answer. What I'm gonna say today is I'm gonna say, if anything in this call made you feel. The next move for you just became clear. Don't hold up. I said something or I said something that made you, like, I know exactly what's my next move and go do it, honestly. So many people are sleeping on their next move because they're scared of it. If it came very clear during this call, go do it today. 

Emily: Yes. And then screenshot that you were listening to this podcast and tag the EMS, MD sharm and Em Makes Money and let us know the move that you made so that we can celebrate you.

Em: Yes, can wait.

Emily:  All right. Thank you so much for listening and we'll talk to you soon. Bye. 

Thank you so much for listening to today's show changing the way we think, feel and talk about money. We'll change the world. I truly believe that. It starts with you tuning in and it spreads when you share this show on Instagram and Facebook and tag me at Em Makes Money and you know, what moves the needle the most taking just a minute to leave a five star review on iTunes.

This show isn't free to produce. So let's multiply those dollars invested to help this show reach a bigger audience each week. Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it. And lastly, if you want more connection, more Em Makes Money, style, rifts, and a safe place on the internet to talk about money, jump into my free Facebook group, the money club. It's linked in the show notes until next time I'm wishing you health, happiness, and boatloads of money.



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