Episode 36: Retirement at 30-How to Build Passive Income Freedom with Jasmine P. Green

Jasmine P. Green is a million-dollar mindset, sales and business mentor who, before her retirement, helped high performing entrepreneurs to create ultra-premium offers and services.

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Emily: Hello. and welcome back to the Em Makes Money Show. I'm so excited because I am here with Jasmine.

Jasmine P. Green is a million-dollar mindset sales and business mentor who works with high performing entrepreneurs to create ultra premium offers and services. Jasmine, welcome to the show. 

Jasmine: Thank you. I cannot wait to get into this conversation.

Emily:  I'm super excited because somehow we became Facebook friends a couple of years ago. You are one of the most interesting people in my social media. You're a great storyteller. I feel like you've lived like 50 lifetime in one,


Jasmine: I will say for sure, 50. And this one it's only been 31 years. 

Emily: Oh my gosh. You're only 31. You're like a baby and you've done all that. Incredible stuff. And you've already retired one.

Jasmine: Yeah. once , yes. You know, what's interesting, nobody in my family has ever retired at this time and it has not really even been acknowledged. You announced something, you know, maybe somebody will call and be like, Hey, like I heard about the new baby, I heard about the new dog. What kind of it. I didn't really get that, which I wasn't expecting it, but it's kind of, it's interesting because when you think of like retirement, you immediately think like 65 years old. I did it at 30. So that's like half of that. So I think it's a bit may be confusing to some. And even now when I say it to people, it's kind of like, well, what do you do? And I mentioned that and it's kinda like, uh, not really sure how to even process that .  It's not normal.

Emily: It's not normal. It's one of the things that I like about you, the sense that I get is that like, it's not like you're never going to do anything.  You're not going to just join a checkers club, play pickle ball for the next 50 plus years, but it's like, you are an expander and your willingness to say, like I'm retired at age 30. It's just, it's interesting. And it helps us to confront our own, belief systems and our own feelings around what's possible.

Jasmine: For sure.

Emily:  And your family's just like, uh, are you crazy? What's going on? They didn't throw you a retirement party?

Jasmine:  Yeah,  and you know, it's interesting. I recently, cause I had gone off Facebook for quite some time. You might see me in cocoa, which is my little dog she's administered. He's not with me at this particular moment, but we were running on the beach. So, you know, I would post photos like that, but nothing else, like I had nothing else really to give, because like you mentioned, I love storytelling. And when I was working with my clients and really getting them to quantum leap, I really liked to bring people in on that, like that process. 

So it took a lot out of me, Emily, like energetically. It really did, and just felt accountable to show up in that way. So when I said, listen, I'm done. I was just posting a photo here and there. And when I was in Mexico with the dog on the beach or for my birthday, that was kind of like it. And it was so amazing. And I have to tell you this. So I retired, I want to say technically, because I didn't announce it until August, but a few months prior is when it was like official. I was, I just I'm out like it wasn't planned. You know how typically people may have a planner.  Even like a countdown. There was none of that. It was like, I really just had to come to terms with my current state of like, mental health and just make a decision. But it's interesting because I didn't really share a whole lot about that.  And here, not recently, I'm now since what is it's about to be February now I'm able to talk about like.  What's was that like I'm really at this point and I'm so really excited to get into this conversation with you today. I know it's not like, you know, combo surrounded focused on retirement.

Cause it does sound boring. I'm not gonna allow like bored out of my mind for a long time. But I do want to mention like the mindset of allowance, certain just allowing this to be. Just get into this point, just how all of that came to be. You know, I just want people to really put the phone down or put whatever they're listening to down after they hear this and just be like, wow! Okay. So it doesn't have to be when I'm 40, it doesn't have to be when I'm 60 or 75 or 80, I can determine how this works, or how this plays out. That's one of my biggest intentions for today.

Emily:  A  hundred percent.  And of course, we're here to talk about money and women and business and all of that, but it's like, clearly. You'd  had to build your net worth to a place of a certain level of financial freedom in order to make that happen.

Jasmine:  Basically, my investments are what that's, what keeps it going? Things that .

Emily: I got it 

Jasmine:  And  without me having to do. Because of that,  going through that divorce was insane. People will be located, 

of  you're retirement, then you have to have, I mean, I, like you said, obviously you got to have something, but I fought for the sake of that. I'm not able to give out any figures.

Emily:  Gotcha. Well, I think what you're speaking to is interesting, which is that it's a little bit of a different mindset, right? Because of what we were taught growing up is that you put away a certain amount for retirement.


Emily : So that eventually when you retired , you've got zero coming in. And money is going out, but you've built up enough of a nest egg that as long as you only live, whatever, another 25 years here, not going to go down to zero, whereas like your mindset was, do I have enough passive income coming in?

Jasmine: Yes

Emily:  To cover the lifestyle that I want to have?  And if so then great. Then I don't actually need to do any revenue-generating activities. And I'm good.

Jasmine:  Yes, because the thing is, I mean, even in like the black household, a lot of conversations aren't even about money at all. It realized when my grandpa, because he was retired military, so he was in this army.

Well, I don't even know how many years, but it was enough for him to be like, that's it. And they cut him a check. So he was able to live off of that without having to do pretty much anything else. But I do remember hearing that, listen, you want to be able to have X amount of millions in the bank save,  So that when you turn this age, you can make an until 90, without having gold stand and the greeter section at Walmart or Kroger or something like that.  So that was it. But nobody really mentioned that if you, because I've worked my ass off and especially in 2019, Worked my, like, literally it was crazy. I had my very first $85,000 a month in my coaching business. Now that was my focus then. So I was able to do that. And based on the decisions that I made, even though my expenses were like high, my choices set me up to be here now where even though they're like the markets have a huge dip, I mean, it is suffering, honestly speaking.

Emily: Yeah

Jasmine: So if you have like, just like a standard brokerage account where you're not doing any active trades, cause I'm a trader, this is true. So I'll make moves in the market, even when there's things like this going on and just prop it off of light when it rises or whatever, do a quick sell off. But nobody really just said like, listen, if you set up this business, that business of that, or if you invest in this, this and that, then now you're pack the income that it brings in. It's just doing, it just automatic. It feels really good to be in this position. And if I wanted to it, depending on if like, maybe let's say the stock market just completely wiped out and it never existed again, or I couldn't invest in certain other opportunities because my money is like placed amongst a lot of different arenas, unless they just all shut down and we got the closed-door closed sign on the door.

Then yeah, I would be like, all right, I gotta do something now, but I really make, and I'm proud of myself for even being receptive to them because a lot of the things, and I know like the questionnaire that I filled out when booking this with you was like, the question was, I believe it said, what was one of, I don't know if this says something about childhood or like, what was one of the stories of your money forward?

Emily: Yeah

Jasmine: So when anytime something came up to me or somebody presented something to me about an opportunity or investing. it would makes me shutter. So,  I'm proud of myself for at least doing what I've done to live a life that I live because I've afforded myself, not only financial freedom, but time and location freedom.

And that's epic. I can go in the world. I want for however long I want to, and just take it from there. So that really does feel good and really liberating. 

Emily:  I love that so much. Are you self-taught in stock markets and cryptocurrencies? 

Jasmine: Yeah. I just found out that I'm a nerd. I had no idea , somebody called me a nerd.I think it was a few days ago. Cause we were talking about NFTs because I've,  based so much that some influencers, you know, people and they know people and they know people, they start to talk and I'm like, oh, Jasmine has helped this thing over whatever. So people are asking me now to be on their team, to launch their NFT collections is crazy. And so I've, self-taught myself all of that. A lot of hours, but to me, I could just couldn't stop. You, haven't had interest in something that you just can't stop going down a rabbit hole, like a stock market, especially with the charts and how to read certain patterns. It is so much fun, but it sucks when you lose, the star yet.

Emily: Well, it's like, you really have to have some healed money wounds around like, not feeling abandoned by your money when it goes,because It just part of the game.

Jasmine: Yeah. And just knowing that what goes up must come down. And I think this applies to even people in business like right now, the entrepreneurs listen to us talk is that there's going to be ebbs and flows. And when things are ebbing, it doesn't necessarily indicate that you're failing. There just needs to be maybe some clearing because most of my work with money has been surrounding clearing, or I had to be damned there brought down to nothing so that I could learn a lesson. And once I felt that pain and worked through whatever that was, it was a spring born. It happens, but it is really opportunity to advance in that. 

Emily:  I love that, and that's one of the things that I've always liked about you is that you talk transparently about money. You have always been an advocate for women, really like stepping into their worth, learning how to charge, learning, how to trust in themselves and trust in their abilities. Right? And it a price tag on their work. That's commeasured with that. And it's important.,  like we don't have enough women talking about that, but then you also talk about the worthiness and some of the energetic work that needs to happen around money too. I'm always so happy when I see that. Because again, it's like, we just can't have enough voices talking about this stuff.

Jasmine: You're right. You are so right. And, you know, I told you, I literally bench your podcast. It's just so good to hear the conversation going in a, just a different way, because a lot of people do push the agenda of doing more. Well, if you do more webinars, you'll make more sales. If you do more sales calls, you'll make more sales. And, I mean, I, I've trained some of the most elitist teams on sales I've right now, as it stands, because I even still have past clients reach out to me. I'm like, listen, I did this, or this happened this month and I celebrate them, but I'm just not out here, like posting receipts, like I used to, but we're at like $10 million in sales and counting with the people that I've helped create sales.  And yes, I had to have a sales framework. Yes, we had to know how to show up online and positioning and all these things, but the conversation, most of the time, even on the coaching calls or the mentor sessions was about, it's the thing that people, they want to run away from the most, it's like an uneasy conversation. It doesn't feel good. Even me when we were talking about the figures and I'm like, well, you know, the divorce thing. And I could like, let that be something that's so sore that it could block me moving forward, but I'm just not happy awareness. But If more people would just say, you know what? I got some fucked up energy surrounding this. Let me Intuit. If I need to cry for two weeks, that's fine. If I need to hire someone like you and Molly to work through it, that's great. But it's a non-negotiable and I want to fix it, you know, improve it. They will see results that they write about. But it really is something that cannot be bypass like, that's you just can't.

Emily: Yeah. And it can't just be fixed with more money. And I think that's like the most common misconception, right? Is your clients are like, no Jasmine, like I just need to make more money. That's the band-aid solution. Because if we're looking for money to give us a feeling of worthiness, or if we're looking for money to make us feel successful or whatever, like fill in the blank.

Money can't actually do that. Even if you happen to bring in the receipt, you get the whatever $20,000 pay in full. You're not going to feel like you thought you were going to feel. If you're not also doing the inner work.

Jasmine: This is really true. Something else I want to something is like coming to me. To bring up and it's really like relativity because a lot of people will feel like $20,000 is massive. I had a client tell me once, like, that's crazy as hell. Who's going to pay me $20,000 to work with me, whereas they were okay with the $200 package. It was fine. It was perfectly fine to say it's $200 to call me for 30 minutes and talk. But when I say 20,000 for VIP day, oh that's crazy. So I really want to bring up like relativity because anything is whatever you make it to be perception is everything.

So, if you feel like that too much, then that's what it is. But to further your point though, on saying like, just having more money than a fixed, there's been times in, in my life, literally where I've had this money, just so much of it, but I'm still in a bed I'm so depressed. My grandfather passed away in 2020.

I was sad as hell. I've been there sad. I'm not sleeping at night. I'm waking up and with like full blown panic attacks. I'm calling my therapist. She's over at the time I was in Dallas. She's overseas nine hours ahead for me. And she's answering, you know, to talk me through it. But yet if I wanted to go and buy a Mercedes cash, I could go.  When you make more, you feel better when, if your marriage is shit and you get a hundred thousand dollar client and you still gonna feel shitty. Yeah. You can go to all and get you a Versace or whatever the hell to get you high in spirits for the moment, but that doesn't solve anything. But what is more stuff? My intention is just to be as raw as I can. A lot of this stems from core self-worth, you know, this you're the expert. So we have a lack of an appropriate self-image. We don't really believe ourselves to be worthy and deserving of wealth and success. And we attach ourselves to things like the Mercedes,I mentioned if I own the Mercedes. And I'm okay if I make enough money to buy this certain house on this certain hill in LA or Calabasas, and I'm somebody, we have this attachment to stuff and it's just, you can make the numbers. You can make the numbers. This is the part you can make the numbers, but you will not sustain.

That's something else I've had to learn in my journey. You really want to come from a place of as much wholeness as possible as you're building, because I know what it's like to build from a broken place to fill a void. It just doesn't matter. But I really wanted to just be clear that I know it's somebody listening. Cause it was me. I used to tune into webinars and they would show these massive receipts or, you know, the results like the guys, Russell Brunson or whoever else is anybody, you know? Oh, we got 10 K 15, K whatever. K. It doesn't fucking matter, whatever pay and you're making for it. The place that you're aching from it that needs to be address,  that needs to be healed so that when you do bring it in now, you can make helping investment move. You know, if you do want to retire by a certain age, now you're open to certain opportunities that you wouldn't be being. So it's not, I mean, so.

Emily: Yeah, I couldn't agree more. And the thing is, is like when it comes to doing the inner work disconnected from money, it's like, of course, there are amazing therapists and coaches and everything like you can spend a lot of money doing that. But also they're like killer books that cost like $14 or free at the library that will get you looking at those things, healing your inner child, changing your self-worth. I think sometimes, you know, when you're talking about these big receipts that people are posting, like sometimes it just feels so far away and it feels like, well, I have to have money in order to make money. All of these different belief systems that are really can be disempowering for us. If you don't know where to start, start with some inner work, start with a book that you check out from the library, where you work on loving yourself more. 

Jasmine:  Yeah,  and you know what? I'm really trying my hardest to tap back into that version of me that felt so drastic. That's like the energy of it. It's like dress. Well, I'm listening to them talk and, well, that's easy for them to say because M has, you know, she's a co-founder or founder of two seven-figure businesses. She, this girl was talking about she's 30 in retirement, livings, whoever, wherever she just says she's asked. So that's easy for them to say, I'm really trying to bring myself back to that because I really want to make it clear like I didn't come from. Again, when I, you know, my family found out it really wasn't a call to say, well, congrats, or where are you headed? Or what are you thinking about next it's who she thinks she is, stuff like that.

You mentioned abandonment and not really trust and money. Those were my two biggest man. Those, those, that was it for me because I did not have so naturally when you do not have, you're going to want, but I think both you and I are just trying to get people to see. Is that the energy behind and your intention behind everything. It means that is the thing. If you're coming from a place to build, because you feel like you don't have, and you're broken, you can make the money and that's great. The numbers will come, but they will not sustain. Nobody wants your K one month in the next month. It's like, what happened? You made the money.

You had it in your hand, but because you don't trust money and you feel abandoned by it, that means you blew it. Now. Now what?  I had to, I got to give you your flowers on what you just said, because that's so key. Like if you don't know where to start, just start with you. And again, I know what it's like to be on your last. At one point I was even homeless. At one point, I've gone hungry. I know what that shit feels like, and it doesn't feel good, but I think what really got me, because I want to give people like practical things that they can apply. I've had to really tap into abundance and gratitude. If I felt like I have an abundance of money and remember everything's relative $1 to me, even one U.S. dollar. If I take that to like another country, like, uh, some countries like Africa or even the fucking Mexican peso, if I give somebody a dollar over there, they're like, oh my gosh, like, thank you. I have to start seeing things as I have enough. And that begins to attract and bring in. Enoughness the vibration of abundance and enough net.

We can continue focusing on. What's not fair because it'll continue to go on. So I don't care. And I've said this in so many interviews because people do, I did a live once with somebody and they were like, well, what would you say to somebody who don't have shit right now? You know, they didn't really, they try, you know, if you can run a bath or even take a shower, purse some soap out into your thing, make it ladder up and look at it.

You have an abundance of bubbles on that thing. And if that's all the updates, you need to tap into that because that'll put you on the abundance frequency, you have to be Harriet. And that is just, I mean, that's real. So start honestly with you, go on abundant time, go around. Is what's there in abundance if it's oxygen, because the thing is we don't think about breathing air.

We just know that. And what really changed the game for me with money is when, if I could just feel like it is just there. I trust to take, I knew that shit was there. I'm not running around and trying to find oxygen. Cause I know it here. If you can get on that same with money, then it literally changes everything. Honestly.

Emily: I love everything that you said so much, you know, I think often people are looking for these really dramatic answers and it's like, you went from having times where you didn't have a roof over your head and you didn't have enough food to eat. And yet the key was looking at what you did have feeling grateful for it, seeing abundance, where you have it. And then you didn't say this, but I'm going to add it to the equation, which is kind of a joyous expectation or anticipation of what's to come. 

Jasmine: That's it, that's it, man. You know, it's interesting to be in this position because when I'm saying these things to you is taking me back in my mind and it's verifiable. I have Facebook friends. If you ever, I know that like you're busy, so you may not have time with Brogan comments. But when I make certain post and some people will be like, listen, jazz, I'm proud of you. I'll say it 10 times over to this day that most likely somebody who's given me something to eat. Who's giving me a ride to work in the past.

Who's been there to, you know, take me clothes shopping. I have literally been at the bottom. And so I just, you know, cause some people can come on cause they, I know for some folks, like they kind of romanticize the, you know, I ain't come from shit sore and real, and it's hard to even still not get triggered by some of it, no matter what situation that you're in, it's just a shift of how you see things that will change it.

That's it, it isn't somebody dropping you off. For now you sign up to the next webinar. That's going to show you how to max out your leads next month. It's great to know. And what Emily's saying is, is really what it is.

Emily: Wow, I'm so grateful that you're on here and sharing your story because I have a dramatic, like rags to riches story, and I'm really aware of like how many privileges that I had. You know, two-parent household being white being in America. Those three things alone, you're talking about having advantages that already put you in the top 1%. But I think what's interesting is that despite different circumstances, it's like when you talk to enough people who have cracked the codes with money, it really is.

There's a universal truth that transcends race country, circumstance, upbringing. It's like, it's just capital T truth. 

Jasmine:  Is what it is. Yeah. It really is what it is. And I also know what it's like to land on the truth, because if we just don't keep it 100, because we've both, we've had successful business, still have them still doing other projects or doing things. So we're very driven women. What we have in common is accountability to sell.  Because a lot of people, they can't do that. They much, much rather somebody, I don't have the mom and daddy to, you know, they signed off on some papers for my grandparents to raise me. I don't come from that. But what I will say is that at one point in my life, I used to blame my shitty mess on them. I used to blame no daddy, wasn't there, you know, my mama, whatever, fill in the blank. Right? So it's a lot of victim energy in that. And when a person can truly say, you know what, I am going to take full responsibility of myself. from here on out, we're talking about if something doesn't happen, it's on me. You and I both know that that really is the success.

Emily: Yes.

Jasmine: That it really isn't.

And so talking about, you know, doing the inner work, working through the wounds, you can only really participate in that in your fullness. If you take responsibility of yourself. This can't be by passed. That's it. We can't keep blaming. 

Emily: So let me go back for a minute to your divorce, because this is something that's financially devastating to pretty much everyone in one way or another, not to mention emotionally devastating, spiritually devastating. And I've seen in some of my clients who have gone through this, that it really affects their relationship to money because it's like, if you have it,  you almost feel like you're penalized for having money. And what I've seen is it creates almost like a self-sabotaging sort of thing where it's like, I almost don't want my business to look successful because it's being valued and I'm going to have to give part of it and that kind of thing.

So I'm really curious how you were able to navigate that.  Just from a mindset perspective. And I know it's pretty fresh. So if you want to come on here and change your story in a year, I'll have you back.

Jasmine: Oh, and like comeback, because it's always great to watch the journey. So I'm happy to, if you're happy to have me, I'll say that mindset, what the hell was going on?

Cause you're right. It's still fresh, but it's like, it was one of those situations and I can absolutely say this you're emotionally come over, done. And then it just took a long time for the paperwork for the judge to do his part. Right? I'm like, oh, I'm still, I'm so broken. I'm so sad. No, no, no. I'm so good. It wasn't, in fact it was one of the greatest gifts that could have been granted to me all of 2021. Honestly, it was just really like, okay, you are, it's like somebody who was there when things really greatest. And then now, you know, you guys are apart and it was really, it was initiated on her end feed me and this, I guess, in other terms, like she has it going on. So you're just, you know, feeling like. I'm missing out. Where's mine. I'm missing out, um, do this, like I will, things will be said to me, like, we'll remember this and you need to pay me this, or you're selfish because of this and you out here buying this. I heard that like, so now you just, cause I'm not really one of those people, I'm private in a sense of like, people just know what I want them to know.

That's it, I'm not flossing like a car or underwear or new fragrance or things like that, but it does make you be like, okay, I just need to not, it's not okay for me to do this because somebody is watching me, somebody looking on, like they're owed a certain thing that was really thick with paperwork. You know, you gotta be transparent  You, I mean, unless you want to go me and jail.

Jasmine: I can't do what I'm scared of because at the end, you show up. For whatever reason, like, why are we showing us this shit that's over? I don't get that step.  I was really not about that. So, you know, I was transparent and I had to just really ground myself. I spoke with a lot of my spiritual advisers. There are certain rituals that I did. I did a lot of spiritual baths because the thing was, it's always been hard for me to do things for myself. The fact that I'm even letting myself just travel the world and have these dope experiences. I've come so far,  because I never really saw myself is like. A good reason to spend money on like myself it's whole nother thing, but it started messing with me there because I'm like, oh, let me just sit in the house now where let me not take this trip to Miami, because if I post a picture I'm in Miami, then that shows that I'm making money. I don't know if that's okay. I don't know.  It's just really weird. I wanted to deny myself something. I just did it anyway and just kept it on the low I didn't post. I didn't say anything. I just kept it to myself. Especially if I'm doing like interviews that talk about like certain earnings or certain figures. It's just not, it's not the thing for me to do because I don't want anything to be opened up. I just want to live my life. I have an incredible girlfriend. She's fine. As hell we traveled the world. I don't want no problems. 

Emily: Yeah. You want that chapter to stay closed? 

Jasmine: I've had clients too, in the past, they were working with me while going through it. And it was so grueling. And at certain points before my situation came to a head, I couldn't understand it. I have, I'm able to have a different conversation about it, just going through it. 

Emily: Well, And it sounds to me like from your answer, like you didn't let it affect your ability to make money?

Jasmine: Oh, no, no, no, I couldn't. I really couldn't because look like this, say for example, cause you know, I'm going to invest it. So let's say one of my avenues is a stock marketing, even though how I feel waking up in the morning has no direct impact on the market. It does. However, impact my ability to trade an option contract. It does affect my ability to see another opportunity or another one. And so I. Really.  I don't play. I just really don't round with that because I've come from nothing. I don't want to go back like that stuff still there, you know, in the back of my mind.

So I don't ever want to, if I'm aware of it, Emily, cause you know, some stuff you're not aware of, but energetically, it was so taxing. The guilt was crazy. It wasn't like, oh, I want you back. I had to just get, I guess, crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy focused and crazy grounded.  I let him mess up my flow. Cause it will, spiritual advisors were telling me like, look, you know, this, isn't going to fuck your money up. If you really let it sounds like.

Emily:  I love that because it's whether it's a divorce or something else, like, well, you know, part of this human experiences that we will have things that feel so unpleasant in the moment, you know, when you're already to the other side where you're like, oh yeah, that was a gift. Right? And we usually always get there with the unpleasant things. It's like during those moments, if we can navigate them in a way that's as clean as possible and where we don't tangle up other shit with it. Cause that's what I see happens a lot of time with money. Money is just money. But for some reason we entangle it with our worth.

We entangle it with all of these other things in a way that we don't with food, for example, which is also another thing that we need to survive. But like, We don't make it mean something about us in the same way that we do with money or oxygen. You, like you said, you always know what's there. You're not going through divorce being like, I don't know if there's going to be enough oxygen like it just still gets to be there. 

Jasmine: Yes. So, you know, it's like you're tapping on the trust thing because certain things has happened to me in my life that has been attached to money. It just, especially in my twenties. I had to just heal through those things and just take away its meaning does not mean that I'm not worthy of having nice things.

And, you know, I was speaking with a coach of mine, even in therapy. I was working with a therapist like heavy in 2020, because that was when all that stuff was hitting the hand, my grandfather passed it. It was just really hard. I'm so driven. I'm so driven. So ambitious. I can do, if I say I'm going to do it, I get it done.

And a lot of that comes from a, you know, it's character Bravo for that. But most of it, the majority of it was a trauma response. Self to be worthy in therapy, a blew my mind because it went back to my birth parents putting me up for adoption, you know, nappy me on Facebook and be like, oh, and it's like, that pushed me to this level to make the money that I've made to make the moves that I've made.

You know, so what drives us is interesting, what we attach, you know, certain meanings to, and when we become free.

Emily: Totally, the whole trauma response lens is fascinating. Like the more, I look at it in, I tend to like have a fond trauma response in a lot of things. And it's like, it's funny. Cause it gets you pretty far like being a people pleaser.

Like it's not the worst thing in the world. Like deciding that you're going to work hard. It's not the worst thing in the world. You just get to a point where you're like, Okay. I don't need to be doing it from that place of trauma anymore. Like the behavior can still stay if it serves, but it no longer has to be associated with this thing that my inner child thinks that she needs, right?I can give her love and worth and unconditional acceptance.

Jasmine: That awareness is a gift. And it's my hope that anybody who's listening to this, they can just be open to that awareness. If you don't even know it, you know, maybe of course, you know, you can talk to somebody like Emily to help it land because you seem extremely gifted with this conversation.

I honestly like, you know, I'm connected to a lot of people and how you do this, how you really insert your magic into people's lives. So I would just like, you know, just tell anybody if you don't have the awareness, just invite it. Don't freak out. It's Indue timing. Just be receptive to the awareness itself if you have.

Emily: Yes. I love that so much. And I feel like we could refer another hour, so maybe there'll be a sequel to this, but also I really want to give people a chance to follow you so that, you know, when you are feeling more called to, to storytelling and just sharing where you're at, like I saw a post recently about maybe a little NFT offer and 

that had me intrigued because I know nothing about this stuff, but I would just hire someone who does, and I was like, oh, Jasmine's into this. Okay. This is interesting. 

Jasmine: Very deep M you, you have no idea. And I mean, with you saying it, like, I'm about to just amp up. Cause it's so exciting. Wow. So as I saw, I'm definitely, I mean, I'll be on clubhouse talking about that.

He's like, yeah. So for right now, Instagram is where you can see what I'm up to. I'm also writing on medium now. I just posted my first article and it went bananas. I was like, wow, that was crazy. So many people want to figure out like how to, you know, get into the space of NFTs. Follow me on medium Jasmine P.  Green on Instagram, Jasmine P.  Green.

When I'm ready, I'll be back. And we'll just see what the next chapter it looks like.

Emily: Yes, I cannot wait. That's when we'll have you back on when you're ready to announce the next chapter and we'll chat about it. Thank you so much for coming on here and sharing your story and to everyone listening, take a screenshot. As you're listening to this episode, tag, Jasmine. And it still landed for you and Jasmine, thank you so much for being on the show.

Jasmine: This was really dope. A wonderful way to end my night. It's like what? Almost nine o'clock here in London. It really well just being able to share the space with you. So thank you for facilitating it, inviting me and you know, making this happen.

Emily: My pleasure. So to everyone listening, thank you so much. And I'll talk to you soon. Bye. 



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