Episode 26: September Numbers with Emily Wilcox

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A look at September numbers for the three businesses Emily has founded.

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 When we look at numbers, they're neutral by nature, right? A number isn't inherently good or bad, right? Like my 99,954 could feel bad to me because in comparison to what is normal in my life and my business, it feels. To someone else, 99,954 would be like the biggest celebration of their life. So we know that the number is neutral.

It's not inherently good or bad. And what makes it good or bad in our minds is the story that we tell ourselves about it. And this is where the inner game is really important. This is where talking about money can be the growth edge. It brings up for us where we're being unhealthy about it, where we're experiencing triggers, where we experience fear.

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I am excited to give an October numbers update, and I will be completely honest that talking about money in my own businesses is still a growth edge for me, . And in order for me to be truly embodied in this work, I have to practice what I preach. What I know, as I know, I know, is that when we don't talk about money, we don't heal our money wounds.

We don't recognize our triggers. We don't acknowledge the. Unhealthy stories that we're telling ourselves around the numbers or the money or the lack thereof and what we're making it mean about us. So even though I know that because it's uncomfortable, there's a part of me that wasn't, doesn't wanna do it either, you know, like it's October 14th today as I'm recording this.

By the time it gets published it'll probably be November. But you know, it's like I would rather avoid it and. There's a reason that we tend to only share what feels like big money celebrations or just keep it all quiet. And it's because, you know, we don't wanna feel discomfort, we don't wanna feel pain, we don't wanna risk judgment, we don't wanna risk being ostracized by our community.

And although I've been building evidence of the fact that that's not true, It's honestly more about me and me, and it's like what I make these things mean about me. And you know what's so interesting is that I almost didn't want to share September numbers, which I didn't do here on the podcast, but I did on Facebook.

and what I'm recognizing is that part of the reason that I didn't really wanna share September's numbers is because the way that our agency works, it's a little bit like, you know, turning a cruise ship, right? Where there's changes that we implement, but then like money is very much a lag indicator, like it will react.

You know, 3, 4, 5, 6 months down the line to changes that we're making today. And likewise, we'll experience the fallout of decisions, you know, after the fact as well. And so I knew in September that very likely, like October was actually gonna be worse. And I think I felt like, you know, if I share September's numbers and then October numbers are less.

Then that's gonna make me look less credible as a business coach, as a money magnetizer, a money mindset coach. Like I had a story around this and it's like, even though, you know, like you can kind of call yourself on your own bullshit, you know, like there's still a part of you that's like, but what if it's true?

You know? So I'll tell you what our number was for October. So in October. Three businesses. We brought in $99,954 cash, and that broke down to 21,994 from the e-commerce business, 73,185 from the agency, and 4,775 from coaching. And here's what I want to share, number one. This was a very low month for both the e-commerce business and the agency.

It's the first month in probably over a year that when you add everything together, it's less than a hundred thousand. Now granted it was only $50 less, but still, and the sky didn't fall like nothing bad actually happened. , and this is where numbers can be deceiving because when we see people talking about numbers, they might be talking about sales and not cash.

That's really common. It's not that either of them are  good or bad to talk about, but just understanding because if you're comparing your cash numbers to someone else's sales numbers, you might be feeling like you're not as far along. Using it as a weapon against yourself when there's actually no reason for that.

The other thing is that when we're talking about top-line numbers, we're not getting the context of profitability at all. Right? And so like even though our e-commerce business is down, like there's been a stripping away and a real focus on profitability and also for Jeff and I like a real focus on where do we wanna align our time and.

I can't force myself to do things anymore just because of money or just because it would be a good business decision. And so the truth is I haven't felt aligned to this business for a couple of years. I kept thinking that we would like grow it to a certain point and then sell it. And it's like actually, the opposite has happened.

like it's a depreciating asset because. It's not getting any time and attention and love. It's not getting any of our energy. And so, you know, I'm actually working with a business broker with the goal of selling it because it's like the things that are no longer in alignment, the things that don't fit the current and future version of us.

Like we get to let them go. And I would say that that has like been a theme that's bearing out in the numbers because even with the agency being down by quite a bit, it's like it's been a shedding away of clients that were not aligned. Frankly, and we've already made huge changes to our sales and marketing process to bring in more aligned clients, and this is the fallout of the misalignment, and we won't see the evidence of the alignment for.

Again, like three to six months. That's, I don't wanna say that's just the way it is because I do hold space for like anything being possible, but that's typically how it works. So it's like, can we allow ourselves to loosen the grip? Can we allow the things to go that need to go? And you know, it reminds me of like Goddess Cali energy.

So Cali is the Indian goddess that you may have seen with either like, Blue or black skin and her tongue's sticking out and she is like the feminine badass energy and she's like the embodiment of destruction. But it's not negative destruction. It's actually the destruction of the old, the destruction of the ego, the destruction of all that no longer serves us so that space can be created for new creations to come.

It's like if you don't weed the garden, how are you gonna plant new stuff? Where is it gonna grow? How is it gonna have nutrients? So when we look at numbers, they're neutral by nature, right? A number isn't inherently good or bad, right? Like my 99,954 could feel bad to. because in comparison to what is normal in my life and my business, it feels low.

To someone else, 99,954 would be like the biggest celebration of their life. So we know that the number is neutral. It's not inherently good or bad. And what makes it good or bad in our minds is the story that we tell ourselves about it. And this is where the inner game is really important. This is where talking about money can be the growth edge.

It brings up for us where we're being unhealthy about it, where we're experiencing triggers, where we experience fear. So , my mentor, Melanie Ann Lair, talks about baby goddess and baby goddess being this kind of like a childlike voice inside of us that like is our, you know, it's like it is our inner child, right?

And it's often the voice of our fears or our frustrations or whatever. And so like my baby goddess can be. Oh no, this is not okay. This is not good at all. These numbers are way down. Everything's falling apart. We're not safe at all In a month. We might not have a roof over our head. Oh my God. Oh my God.

Oh my God. Mom, mom, mom, mom. Do something to fix this. Right? I'm not gonna lie to you and say that that doesn't. . So I think it's less about completely eradicating the voice of fear, the voice of baby goddess. Like what will other people think when they see these numbers? They're gonna think you're not any good.

Maybe you're not any good at business, right? Like that voice might still be there, but like, is she calling the shots? Is she calling the shots? Or can I create safety for. And then tell her to go play, right? Like she's worrying about grownup things. The grownups have got this, she's safe. Take a breath, it's all good, and go back, , go back to playing.

So I do have those moments for sure. Like if I wanna look at the evidence that things are not working, I can create a story for that. But I can also create a story that everything is working. Everything that no longer serves is falling away, and that everything that's in full alignment is on its way.

Right? Oh, you know what I keep saying? These are October numbers, . These are September numbers. Oh, Lord. October. We're only 14 days in September. Numbers okay. Anyhow. in September. I launched a new program and you know what? I had people who have never bought from me before buy. I have people that I've never even consciously interacted with buy.

I didn't get on a sales call with them. I didn't DM them. They just found me on the internet. And clicked on the link and purchased, and I delivered an incredible program like Money Wound Medicine was so good. I healed so much for myself within that program, and the people who are in it healed so much for themselves and it's still happening.

It's ongoing. That is evidence. That's evidence of everything working out. That's evidence of. So many people noticing, listening and being ready to buy without my awareness. So it's my choice whether I disregard that and say, oh yeah, but those were small purchases or, but is that actually gonna happen again?

Well, you don't have anything scheduled to launch in October, so is that even gonna be the same? That's my choice. If I wanna go down that rabbit hole, or if I want to say my audience is building every day, like this podcast is getting new listeners every day. My social media following is growing every day.

I'm learning how to use my voice more powerfully every day. And it's all good. It's all happening. You know what's happened at the agency? We hired an incredible salesperson. We've gotten some incredible leads. We've put out proposals to like ideal brands that we're so excited to work with. So does that mean that none of that matters?

Of course not. It all matters. It all matters. It's all great. Things are good. Life is good. It's all happening for. And that's how I choose to see this. And I think often when we can just like look at our worst fears and say them out loud, they're not so scary anymore, right? Because if the part of me that wants to withhold the fact that September was a down month from you.

That means one of two things. It means that either I want you to buy from me. I want you to potentially become a client of mine, and I want you to think of me as something more than I am. I want you to have me on a pedestal so that you'll buy, or it means that I don't trust your power. I don't trust that.

If I have a month that's less than a hundred thousand dollars. That you can't still make an empowered decision, that you can't still decide that I'm the mentor for you. That you can't look at things in a broader context, that you can't see and experience and feel my power, my expertise, my heart through anything other than financial results, and I'm just, I'm not willing to believe.

and I don't want to false advertise. If you choose me as your mentor, it should be because you feel there's a connection that I activate something in you that when you hear me speak, you think that more is possible in your life, that you feel that the money is closer, that you feel that you too can build businesses like I have.

That activation actually has very little to do. with how much money went through my bank accounts in September. But those are the fears. And so my opportunity is to decide whether I'm gonna let the voice of fear run the shots, or whether I'm gonna lean into that and poke holes in that story and be vulnerable and jump on here and hit record and share it.

And obviously, you're listening to this is evidence of the latter. Like, I am here to be authentic. I'm here to be transparent. I'm here to heal my own money wounds. And I know  I feel it in my bones that a time will come when this amount of money seems so ridiculously tiny. But then, you know, You know what will happen is there will be a hint of it when it's like, oh, I was at 1.2 million a month, and then this month was a $900,000 month.

Can I share that? That's like a 30% drop. What does that mean about me? Is that safe to share? Am I still worthy? Am I still a good business owner? Will people still see me as a credible? So this stuff doesn't actually go away at any number. It goes away when we heal, what we make the numbers mean about us.

So that is my Ted talk on my September numbers. Let me know what landed for you. As you listen to this, screenshot it tag me on social media, send me a dm, let me know. I would love to hear from you anytime that I get DMS from fans of this show. It seriously makes my day, so feel free to drop into my inbox and say hello and I will talk to you again very soon.


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