Episode 24: Belief and Perseverance on the Entrepreneurial Journey with Suzy Ashworth

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Suzy Ashworth is a quantum transformation and embodiment coach for conscious entrepreneurs leaping to 6 & 7 figures.

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Suzy: And I think the thing about being in the entrepreneurial world is that you have to believe in yourself. More than your partner, more than your coach, more than anybody you have to believe in you. Even on the tough days, even on the difficult days. And that first couple of years will always be your topics. So for those of you who are struggling right now, I wanna say, hang on in there.

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Welcome back to the Em Makes Money Show. I am so excited today because I have the gorgeous Suzy Ashworth here. And she is a mom of three beautiful humans, a seven figure serial entrepreneur, a hay house author, an international keynote speaker, and a quantum transformation and embodiment coach, and a believer in miracles. She is among a tiny percentage of black female entrepreneurs to hit the 1 million pound per year, annual revenue mark. And she helps her clients achieve the same. Suzy, welcome to the show.

Suzy: Thank you so much for having me. I feel like my bio needs to be updated to multiple seven figures. Yes.

Emily: Yes, absolutely. I know our bios are so interesting because it's like, as we go through these identity upgrades, we kind of outgrow them. So, that revenue amount is feeling small now. How incredible is that?

Suzy: I wouldn't say small, but it definitely feels good to know that. We've done it more than once now. That feels amazing.

Actually I feel very, very grateful. Very, very blessed. And, looking forward to doing it again. 

Emily: Yes, absolutely. So I'm really excited to learn just like more about your story and how you got into this line of work.

Suzy: So, now I call myself a quantum transformation and embodiment coach, but how I started actually was through hypnobirthing. And before that I was in media sales. So I was in advertising sales for 30 years. And when I had my first child, I got pregnant with my first child. I want it to be able to say to him. "You can do anything that you want. Life is yours. You can do anything you want". I looked around at what I was doing. I knew that I wasn't doing anything. 

So I wanted, I would, I had something, but it wasn't the thing. And so it took me until I got pregnant with my second, to say, okay, if I don't do it now, I'm never gonna do it. And so I left my company and I retrained as a hypnotherapist, a psychotherapist and a hypnobirthing practitioner. And that is really where my entrepreneurial journey started. Eight, maybe nine years ago.

Emily: Oh, my gosh. I love that so much. There's so many parallels. I did hypno babies. What do they fit? Very similar to hypnobirthing, with both of my kiddos and I too, after having my first, was like, okay, time to play bigger. But I didn't actually leave corporate America until after I had my second. 

Suzy: Cause you have the thought and then you get the maternity and then you feel like you've got to go back and then all of a sudden you're pregnant again. And then, and then it's like, no, you could just carry on doing this. And I think the thing is when you have kids, you're like, I don't want to be paid to pay for childcare to spend no time with my children in a job that is kind of mildly fulfilling, that doesn't make any sense at all. So the fact that often, at least for me, my salary was good, but not good when you have to pay out for two lots of childcare.

Emily: Right.

Suzy: So it didn't make financial sense and it didn't make sense to my heart. And so that was a very good thing. When I left, I wasn't dreaming about making millions. I was just dreaming about my life making sense and finding something that felt more fulfilling. So I really am grateful for the kids for that amongst many other things, but I wouldn't have left if it wasn't for them, I don't think. 

Emily: I totally hear that. They' re talk about something that reprioritizes your life in a moment.

Suzy: I have reason.

Emily: Okay. So you left corporate America. You were working as a hypnobirthing professional, a trained hypnotist and therapist. How did that evolve into the work that you're doing today?

Suzy: So I started off, I had an idea. I did a program called B-School, which is run by Marie Forleo. And that program was quite life-changing for me because I knew nothing about online marketing. I knew nothing about the online world and within three weeks of being in that course. I have thought of an idea to create a hypnobirthing program that was online. So there were, there were courses like hypno babies that were like, I don't know, like CDs and things, but there was nothing that was actually an online school. And so I had this idea and I approached a friend and said, "I've had this idea, are you interested in going in on it with me"? And she said," yes". And so we created the world's first video-based hypnobirthing program called the combat school. And I loved it but in the birth world, people are obsessed by birth.

They're obsessed by babies, birth vagina's, breastfeeding. Both like all of the things. And I was, like, into it, but I wasn't obsessed by it. What I was obsessed by, was the marketing. What I was obsessed by, was the business building, the brand building, the messaging. And that's what my head was stuck in. And because the calm birth school took off. Very well in the UK, other birth professionals were asking like, "how did you do that"? And so I was like, "fine, I'll show you". And so I started mentoring, birth professionals, and the two things that I took really from hypnobirthing was first, we've got to have a vision, you've got to know what you want, and then you need the tools. And so for me, the mindset, like what's the vision, what you want. And then the messaging that was the foundation, they were the tools. If you can master your message, then you can enroll people in what it is that you're doing. And if he knows where you wanna take them, you know, the sky's the limit. So that's how it started mentoring birth professionals. And has just kind of blown from there.

Emily: That's super interesting. And I love that you had, you know, the insight and the self-reflection to say, like, actually it's the business building that I really love. And I'll tell you, I spent a little time on your website, just getting in the Suzy vibes before this recording and man, I can see it.  Your website is so great. I love the messaging. It's like, super fun and playful, but it also hooks you in and it's very magnetizing. So.

Suzy: Thank you.

Emily: So did you ever go through the phase of, like charging nothing or nearly nothing for what you did or was it like, okay, I made this much in corporate America. This is the number that I, like need to make to take care of my babies. So I got a charge.

Suzy: No. So it's really interesting because the way that I teach people now in business, I did the opposite. So we started off with the combat school. It was a 97 pound product and it was, you know, one-off sales. We weren't getting repeat business. We were getting referrals, but no repeat business. And for the first year, well for my first year in business, I earned minus 14,000 pounds because I was investing, investing, investing and, what learning enough.

The second year in business. And I have to say it took me a year of like, I will learn 5,000 pounds. I will learn 5,000 pounds and this is 5,000 pounds a month. That was my dream. And I still have your app, your passwords, my passwords, or often like my money goals.And my vimeo account is that, one of the oldest accounts I have and that pass, it still remains 5,000 pounds per month.

Emily: I love that.

Suzy: I'm never gonna change that one because it reminds me that, that used to be the goal. And it was really, you know, I talk about this as my clients. I used to get up very early in the morning before my kids would be up, cause they were both sleepers and I would walk around my local park and I would just shout affirmations at the top of my voice.

You will be also, you will do this. You will of, like that. And it was making me laugh. Cause every now and again, there was a hospital quite close to where I lived and there would be people on the night shift on their bikes, like cycling and all of a sudden we'd,, like, come face to face and they must've been like, "what the heck is, who is this? Who is this person"? And I'd be, like.

Emily: But like, crazy homeless lady, wandering park, shouting things.

Suzy: But I was getting into my body so much of what I do and believe in now is about anchoring those beliefs into your bones. And I didn't realize that's so, what I was doing at the time, but that is, I was anchoring in the belief into my cells.

Emily: Yes.

Suzy: So that was the time really when I didn't charge very much. And my first programs, I remember having a launch or I make 4,000 pounds of my first program, which was called the baby business school. And I was like, oh my God, this is amazing. This looks like just, I thought, wow!, I've made a course by myself about business and people have bold self, wow! My first mastermind, I charged 500 pounds for three months and we did a VIP day in person at the end. Although like, when I think about that now, but, I needed to do that. 

Emily: Yes.

Suzy: Then those programs, those courses, they gave me the confidence to know that I knew I was talking about. 

Emily: Yes.

Suzy: So it was in alignment for where I was.

Emily: I totally hear that. And it's really fun to like, still tap into that gratitude. I feel like I've been celebrating my $222 sales, as much as I've celebrated $18,000 days. 

Suzy: 100% it's so funny. I was thinking there was somebody in a mastermind saying, oh, I didn't get any, I didn't get paid for two days in a row. And I thought, and I looked at my two days and I'd been paid 133 pounds on one day and 133 pounds on the next day. And I celebrate both of those payments. And the month before I'd got paid zero on both of those days. And I was like, that is so, so good. Last month I wasn't receiving on those days. This month, I am receiving and that's not, maybe I get to receive even more. It doesn't really matter, but I absolutely, we celebrate the small things. The small things become bigger things all of the time.

Emily: Okay. And before we fast forward, too much on your story, the first year where you made negative 14,000 pounds. Had you kind of put together a cushion of savings, knowing that you wanted to leave your day job? Was your partner kind of helping float the bills? What did that look like? Cause I know that people will be curious if they're in the same boat of wanting to leave their day job, but like, how is this going to work? 

Suzy: So I started retraining when I was on maternity leave. And so my company that I worked for had quite a good maternity package. So for you people in the States, it's not so juicy, but in the UK you kind of get nine months worth of pay. It's not full pay, but that money was super helpful in that first year. And essentially that is what I lived off of. And then my ex partner, he was, it wasn't an assistant head teacher, but it had, he was like the head of year in the teaching. 

So, his money or my money supported that first year away from work. The first year in business, actual business was tough and it was scary. And I remember getting to Christmas. So I would have effectively been out of work for almost two years at this point, but running my business for a year and getting to the Christmas and not knowing how I was gonna pay for my share of the Christmas presents because his money was paying for the bills and the food and him saying to me, like, "do you not think that you should be seeing clients one-to-one". And I was really clear that I wasn't in alignment with that. And I was really like, "no, I don't". And this is hypnobirthing clients at the time. No. I don't wanna do that. It doesn't feel good. I really want to focus on the course, which is kind of fine in theory, except that we were selling a 97 pound product and it was a week. 

Emily: Right.

Suzy: So we were, I wasn't even getting all of that money, was splitting it. So, it was really for hardy, but for whatever reason, I had decided that what I was doing was going to work. And so I was very good at compartmentalizing and I was very good at having the conversations with my partner, from a place of, I know that this worries you and I understand, and I know that it looks completely crazy, but this is what my heart is telling me that I've got to do. And this is what I'm gonna do. 

So, you either Denise Duffield. Thomas says you are the one that's training off the train at the time he was on the train and now we're on different trains. But, at the time it was hard. It was really hard. And I think the thing about being in the entrepreneurial world is that you have to believe in yourself more than your partner, more than your coach, more than anybody you have to believe in you. Even on the tough days, even on the difficult days. And that first couple of years will always be your toughest. So. for those of you who are struggling right now, I wanna say, hang on, in there.

Emily: Beautiful. Yes. And so was there a point in your business where you really felt like, this is working like it's really working.

And I think this is actually going to provide for my family for the long term. 

Suzy: Actually after I had my third child, a Nooner who is now five. And, that point in time, I was again on maternity leave, but I was trying to squeeze the business into 12 hours a week. And my husband at that time was still working full time. And basically we had an agreement that if I could get to 10,000 pounds a month consistently over three months, then he would give up his job because at the time he was doing 60, 70 hours a week, credibly stressed, lots of anxiety. And I was like, this doesn't make any sense. You hate your job. I love my job.

I'm trying to squeeze everything into 12 hours. You're doing like we should swap. I should be able to do full-time. And you look after our youngest. And it took longer for him to feel comfortable in letting go, but it was after I'd hit the consistent 10K months. And he was like, "okay, I'm ready to do it". And so he left and it was at that point, it was like, okay, like in, for penny and for pound, let's do this. 

Emily: That's really significant because that's not just. Hey, this is gonna work for me, but wow, now our whole family is.

Suzy: For me, that pressure of this is on you now was very motivating for me, for some people that will strangle you. But for me, that created expansion, it was like, okay, let's see what we do. We've got some time now let's play with it so it looks good.

Emily: And I'm curious. Do you feel like you were pretty balanced in your masculine and feminine energy at that time? Because I think for a lot of women, like being the head of household, having the financial pressure and legitimately wanting to grow the business really throws you into major masculine energy.

Suzy: Major masculine energy, totally. And it's only been, I would say in the last two years, that I've really been focused on addressing that balance. But during that time it was all guns blazing. I'm gonna hustle, like it was full on. Everything that I've learned in the corporate world. I was applying like mindset wise, push force, make it happen. All of that was what was fueling the growth of the business. 

Emily: It's like just work harder if I can accomplish this much in 12 hours, imagine what I could accomplish in 40 hours. 

Suzy: Exactly. Exactly. And what's interesting is as the numbers get bigger. It actually you realize that it is impossible.

You're like if I had 200,000 last year, I can't do double the amount of hours to make 400, 000.

Emily: Right.

Suzy: And so you have to start thinking differently once you get to a certain numbers, because it literally becomes an impossible mathematical feat. So even the mask and embracing is like, okay, something wrong with these masses. So we need to think about the second thing. 

Emily: Totally. I'm so glad you brought that up. Cause I talk about that in the context of the hard money wound. Which is like, effort equals income. 

Suzy: Yes.

Emily: And it's like, we can get to a certain point with a hard money wound cause we just hustle. But it's true then you get to a point where it's like, well, this does not make sense. The math doesn't work or even if it does work, it would mean giving up my entire life. My relationship with my kids, my partner and everything. There has to be a different way. 

Suzy: There has to be a different way. And for me, we decided to go to Mexico and that really was a life changing decision in so many respects that was at the beginning of 2019. And I was really like, there's no way that I am gonna go and spend a year in Mexico. And the kids' memories being, oh, I did this with daddy. I did that with daddy. I did this with daddy. I did that with daddy. And me, not be there because I was working all of the time. And so there was a real distinct, okay. 2019 is gonna be very different in the way that I approach business. And also it really helped with the time difference because it meant that. At six o'clock in the morning in Mexico, it was already 12 o'clock in the afternoon in the UK. And so there was almost a forced time barrier for me, like at two o'clock the day was absolutely done.

And that was super helpful in making me realize that it was absolutely possible to have more time and be in a higher level of receiving mode.

Emily: That's really interesting. So, at that time, when you went to Mexico, what was the revenue in the business?

Suzy: So, 2018 was 469,000 pounds. And so when I give my numbers, it's all gross turnover. So 469,000 pounds, then we went to Mexico and 2019 was 420,000 pounds. And that kind of annoyed me. And it's really interesting because. You might listen and be like, well it's because you were working less it's because you didn't do so much. The way that my revenue had worked, it was minus 14,000 pounds at 125,000 pounds and two hundred and twenty six, four hundred and sixty nine and then 420. And so I had been used to once I was on a roll doubling my income. So 2019 should have been my seven figure a year, almost. And what was interesting is that I wasn't mentally prepared to receive seven figures in 2019. And maybe it's because I had decided we're going to Mexico and it's not possible. 

There was definitely a block. And I talk about the fact that I joined the millionaire mastermind three years prior to making my first million and my goals for 2018. It was 500,000. My goal for 2019 at the beginning of the game was probably a million, but honestly it was set around the 500,000 mark. And so, I had not decided that it was possible for me to work less and earn more. And when I earn less than what I did in 2018, even though I had a magical year, even though we were turning in Mexico. It pissed me off. And I decided that 2020 was gonna be the year that I made a million. And that was the year that we went into lockdown and had a worldwide pandemic. And that was the year that I made a million 1.2 million. So, it was a switch in what I believed was possible for me. And then even though the circumstances in the world absolutely should never have supported me in that shift. I was ready for it and so I received it. 

Emily: I'm so glad that you shared that. It's really fascinating and really speaks to the places where, you know, we create a limiting beliefs, right? Because, if deep down you feel like, I don't think I can relax in Mexico and double my business. Well, then you can't.

Suzy: Then you can't. Exactly, exactly. And, you know, we spent the whole of pretty much the whole of 2020 away, and I tripled my business and I wasn't working. I never worked less and earn more money in 2020.

Emily: In speaking to you and running in the circles that I run in, when you talk to seven figure earners, when you talk to eight figure earners. They all speak to this, right? Because they've all broken down the effort for income paradigm.

Suzy: Yes.

Emily:  And moved into an impact for income paradigm. 

Suzy: Yes.

Emily: So I would venture to say that you impacted. Way exponentially more people and had more impact on each of those people in 2020.

Suzy: 1000000%. And you know, what's interesting is that that is the way that I would talk about it. I want to make a million pounds of impact and we're creating a seven figure impact. That's how I used to say a seven figure impact business. And that's what it was about. And I feel that in 2020, especially my messaging change, I bought in so much more of the energetic work because I really looked at. March happened, the world stopped. My clients are in disarray. 

I just enrolled two programs and I was like, these predominantly women need me to have my shit together and they need to feel supported and they need to know that their businesses, they haven't just made the worst investment at the worst time in their businesses is gonna fail. Never had more success in my years of coaching then that year, because I doubled down on what I really believed. I knew in my heart that people needed. Which was more energy, more mindset, a more understanding of the masculine and feminine, all of the work that I was doing on myself. I was bringing it to my clients and it was incredible. It was in a life-changing year for so many amazing reasons. 

 Emily: And it's really cool the number of stories that exist like that too. Right? Where we decided we were gonna do it. And so we did, and even though 2020 made no sense, it all completely worked because it was so transformational. We all experienced a collective traumatic event.

Which allows for so much radical and permanent change if we allow it.

Suzy: If we allow it.  And I think it would, I mean, who knows, but being in Mexico and having that leader as well in Mexico, I had done so much healing, so much semantic work. I had journeyed with plant medicine for the first time. There were so many people and things that shifted me. And it's also when I started doing more work with the quantum field, because up until that point, it all be mindset, which actually very, even in the wording, very masculine, how can I stick my way out of this? And when I did my quantum healing certification, it was, how do we get out of the mind? How do we go beyond the mind? What is happening in the field? And having that spaciousness to know that I'd have to make the miracles happening.

Emily: Right.

Suzy: That's happening all around me. I just get to align. I get to tune in all of that made such. I had such a profound change, profound impact on me. 

Emily: And so, 1.2 million was your gross revenue in 2020. Did you have some team on payroll at that time? 

Suzy: So, 2020 was the year that the team grew a lot. So now we just had a team meeting on Monday and we have nine people. So we would have had between five to six people. I would say that the most instrumental people on my team. Well, my assistant and my then the online business manager and we worked together for a year. She changed my life. She was the person who allowed me to work so much less. She took on so much of what I was doing. And when you get to that stage in business, where you allow other people to support you. Move extinct just about, how did I do all of this?

How did I do all of the paper links? All of the stroke links, all of the lead pages, all of the thank you pages or the believer like I was doing, no wonder, I was in full on hustle mode. For three, four years, because I was literally doing everything and then I allowed myself to be supported and then we grew.

Emily: Absolutely. And you bring up a great point too, because when people talk about like, I worked less and I made more money, it can sound really magical or it can sound like complete BS depending on how you receive it. But it's like, well, there's a very logical reason for it.

Suzy: I have a team.

Emily: That's right.

Suzy: It's not magical unicorn dust. Having said that depending on your business model. So my business model is group coaching programs, and that's what I help people create. Create, launch and sell your own transformational coaching program. If you are working one-to-one. Actually, you can just choose to, like, I've had clients who have, put doing calls every week and we change it to every other week. And when they first started, they were charging 5,000 pounds for three months. Now they're charging 40,000 pounds for the year. So with those people, actually, they literally are working less and they're owning more because they're giving themselves permission to charge more for their genius.

Emily: Yes.

Suzy: So it is possible to do that. It just depends on your business model. 

Emily: It's true. I completely agree. And I think, talking about the energetics, which we brought up. When you hire a team.

Suzy: Yes.

Emily: It's like, you're doing physically less work, but you're doing more inner work because in order to receive and order to step into leadership in order to lean back and watch it be done differently than you would do it, like it's all hard work. It's just inner work instead of the building of the lead pages and the sending of the links and the doing all of the things you were doing before.

Suzy: You're also managing all of their energies, you know.

Emily: Yes. 

Suzy: And everything that you enroll a client into. You're enrolling your team into, you're enrolling them into the vision because they become conduits for your energy. If they're blocked, you're blocked. So, there is a whole lot of different work that is being done for sure. And where I am now, I've just hired the equivalent of  ICOO. She will take on a lot of that clearing and making sure that people are on blocks. 

Emily: Yes.

Suzy: So I can step into a new level of visioning and strategizing and expansion for the brand, which I can't do holding 14 of energies and 9 other  energies.

Emily: You're in a fun place. And I can't wait to see how much you grow when this person is like truly in place as a leader, because for us, when we put an operations manager in place because before it doesn't matter how many people on your team and your team for the most part, they're all reporting up to you.

Suzy: Yes. 

Emily: And then the operations person becomes kind of a gatekeeper for your time and energy and they get to be the one to make sure that everything is playing well and problem-solving between the people between the roles. And, it's like the most magical thing ever.

Suzy: I can't wait.

Emily: So I feel like your business is going to go through another exponential transformation, but as it is, right?. Are you on track for 2 million this year?

Suzy: We have done, just over 1.5 million in cash. And it might 1.9, 5 million in sales, which is just crazy. We did 1.8 million in sales last year. And I have a feeling, my feeling is, is that between now and the end of this year, which is gonna be 2021. Whenever you listen to this, we're planting so many Incredibles. I feel like 2022 is gonna blow my mind. I am so excited about it.

Emily: Because the momentum continues to build. And so it's like at the same time that you're receiving more cash, you're also just planting so many more seeds. You're reaching so many more women. Who may not buy until next year.

Suzy: Next year.

Emily: Or whenever they're aligned. Timing is, but the momentum is already in play.

Suzy: The momentum and you know what I like to say that we are the generate and the conduit. And so with momentum, I picture it almost like just a big ball and the conversations like this build the momentum. And sometimes when I don't wanna be in building mode, all I need to do is sit back, relax, and just allow the momentum to carry me. So I can either just be a channel for work or I can build it up. And I think that knowing that it's just so helpful. But nothing needs to be happening. My hundred and 33 pound days are like yesterday and the day before. But the energy that I hold is the energy that I hold, you know? And in that energy that the magic is being made.

When you're early on in your business, like 133 per day or zero pound a day, that feels stressful. It feels like it's never going to happen. It feels like what if it happens again, the next day, the next day. And it's like, no, that is not, you get to let go of that. And that is what I was very good at doing, in the early days is not believing because on my spreadsheets, you know, I track my money every day on my spreadsheet. It was like, no, no, no, no, no. 97. No, no.no. All of the days. And then such a short time later, it's like 200,000-pound months. It's incredible. It gets to be like that for you. And I think that the first two years it can feel like it's not gonna happen, but listen to these podcasts, listen to these interviews and be inspired because we're not magical. We're, we're all magical and nobody's magical, you know, that's it.

Emily: Right. Absolutely. And you know, with where your business is now, where you're trending towards your first 2 million pound year, I would love for you to just talk a little bit about what wealth feels like right now, where it still feels maybe a little sticky because I think often we feel like. I'm gonna get to this certain number and I'm just gonna feel insanely rich, like why even make more money? I'm completely good. All of my money mindset problems have been solved. So talk to me about how it feels for you. 

Suzy: So while it feels like being able to choose in a way that I've never been able to choose before, there are many, many things now I get to enjoy and not worry about. And that feels really great. It feels really incredible when I took my kids on holiday for the first time on our own, to be in the most beautiful villant for them to be able to say, "can I have these swimming goggles"? And we'd be like, "yeah, of course". You know, just, of course it's fine. And there were times when it wasn't like that. 

Many, many times when it wasn't like that, that feels like real wealth. And I love that, where it feels sticky is that you're right. You can get to a certain number and everybody's number will be different and there'll be a voice in your head. That's like, well, why do you need any more? Why do you need to keep doing that? You could easily have an incredible life earning a million a year. Why do you need more? And the answer is that you don't need. And my expansion lies in knowing that it's okay not to need and it's okay. It's more than okay to live into my desires. And lots of the time, of, you know, I work with some clients and I have to work with it, on clients because obviously, it's a reflection of where I am.

It is that place of, can I be content and want more? And the answer is, yes, like to desire more is in our DNA. I believe that we are all individual expressions of source and sources to creative. Sources, just creating, creating, creating you look at nature. Nature is just creating, creating and creating it. It's not like I'm going to limit myself to the tree.

Don't say I'm going to stop here. It just continues to grow and expansion is growth. And for me, what I am learning and leaning into and what has been so helpful even in the last couple of months is expanding the vision. And so I used to talk about, and still do, wanting to be part of a tidal wave of positive impact.

Often people talk about the ripple effects. And for me, I don't want to be part of the ripple. I want to be part of the tidal wave from where that's been expanded to. Is the work that I do, touches people who might never know my name and that for me, while it might be true in some aspects now. That piece at the end feels so much bigger and that feels really juicy and exciting. And that feels like that gets to be my story. And so the number that I was playing around with at the beginning of the year is 10 million. I want to create an eight-figure business. And when I put that in the context of that mission, a tidal wave of positive impact that touches people who might not ever know my name, that 10 million is a drop in the ocean. And so that feels so expansive and juicy and exciting. And it's not about how much money I've got in my bank account. I know that I'm always gonna be well looked after. I know that my family gets to be well looked after, but that money is representative of the story of creating impact that touches people on a global scale. And so 10 million, which might sound like a lot for some people. For me, it's like that's just the beginning. We haven't even got started at 10 million and I'm excited for that journey.

Emily: I love how you beautifully painted that picture. And I think it's very similar to what does it, Maslov's hierarchy of needs where often the amount that we think is what we need. It is a need, right? So it's the amount where we're thinking about our survival is taking care of our safety is taking care of and what you're painting a picture of is, yes. And once that happens, it actually opens up a huge world of possibility. That's so much bigger than my needs and my bank accounts.

Suzy: Exactly. And, you know, just to talk a little bit more on the sticky basis, because you were very helpful with this for me. And I realized that in order for me to fulfill that eight-figure company, one of the things I have to let go of is being visible and allowing people to see my success. And there is the ego money wound. And even at this level, you know, people will think, oh, I feel well, I have seven figures. You don't haven't, money is ego wound. And it was so funny, like really just unpicking the or why don't I want to feel visible in this way. Why don't I wanna share about this part of my success?

Why don't I want to celebrate? It's because I don't want to be seen as one of those disgustingly rich people who are completely selfish and, or completely up themselves or completely whatever it is, I don't want to be seen as those people. So I wanted to keep myself below the radar. I wanna keep myself looking very humble. I can spend on some things, but we don't want anybody to see it. That has to go in order for me to really step into that eight figure Suzy with ease and grace without the purse. So that's some of the stuff that I'm playing with right now. 

Emily: Yes. And thank you so much for sharing that because it's true. Our money won't stop shouting at us and they start whispering. And so it's like for you, it was just this little whisper of, it feels really good to drive an older vehicle. Can I actually book the nicest Villa for vacation with my kids? It's not a business expense. It's like the little whispers where you have to say like, hang on a second. What's really going on here?

Suzy: Exactly. I say it's the micro refinements to a stage where it's not. Big, big old, very obvious money blocks. It's like the micro refinements will make all of the difference.

Emily: And I love that. You're connecting that to your mission because it really is true. That 10 million is a, quite a small amount in the grand scheme of things.

Suzy: Yes.

Emily: And it can also feel big inside of our body when we're holding on to a fear of judgment and a fear of what it might mean about us to earn that. And so it really is just these little refinements so that you can come into alignment with that vision. While I am, like, so excited and, like, honored to be on the journey with you, it's really fun. And I know that everyone listening is gonna want to follow along and like, stay connected with you as well. So can you talk to us about where you hang out on the internet and where people can find you? 

Suzy: Yes. So I mainly play in the quantum success hub for conscious leaders.I work on Facebook, which is my free Facebook group. And then on Instagram, you can find me on Suzy, S U Z Y underscore Ashworth and my website is Suzy Ashworth.com.

Emily: Beautiful. And for everyone listening, if you want to take a screenshot as you're listening tag Suzy and I let us know what your key revelations were, what you took away from this conversation and go follow Suzy, she's incredible. If you haven't already realized she has got so much magnetism, she totally has the voice of a hypnobirthing professional. And she's doing big things in the world. So Suzy, thank you so much for being on the show. 

Suzy: Thank you so much for having me. It has been a blast.

Emily: Yes. All right  and we will come again soon, bye. 

Thank you so much for listening to today's show. Changing the way we think,feel and talk about money will change the world. I truly believe that. It starts with you tuning in and it spreads when you share this show on Instagram and Facebook and tag me at Em Makes Money. And you know, what moves the needle the most, taking just a minute to leave a five star review on iTunes, the show isn't free to produce. 

So let's multiply those dollars invested to help the show reach a bigger audience each week. Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it. And lastly, if you want more connection, more Em Makes Money, style, riffs, and a safe place on the internet to talk about money, jump into my free Facebook group, the money club. It's linked in the show notes. Until next time. I'm wishing you health, happiness, and boatloads of money.



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