Episode 17: Master Your Health, Master Your Wealth with Angelica Ventrice

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Angelica Ventrice has been in the health and wellness industry for over 11 years with a deep passion for helping women achieve their goals in all aspects of their lives.

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Emily: If you're already in health, it's like, where does health stop? Honestly, like. 

Angelica: Exactly all encompassIng.

Emily: It's all-encompassing. It's everything.

Angelica: Right.

Emily: It's like healthing your marriage, healthing your mind, mental health, you know, health with your children, how you feel about yourself, your self-worth, like.

Angelica: All of that. And then all of that plays into your business too. So if you're in like if you have your own company or if you're a real estate agent and you're looking to track more wealth, but you're not healthy from the inside out. But health mindset is gonna have trouble attracting more abundance, so true.

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Welcome back to the show. I am so excited today because I have an amazing guest Angelica Ventrice, who is the founder and CEO of Angelica Ventrice health coaching. She's been in the health and wellness industry for over 11 years. And started her career after she went through her own 35-pound weight loss journey.

So she felt called to help other women transform their lives. Just like she did. She has a deep passion for health, wellness, and entrepreneurship. Initially in Angelica began as a solopreneur in the online space. And now has a full team that works for her. Last year, her business tripled in growth to multiple six figures and Angelica and her team are passionate about transforming women's lives from the inside out through mindset coaching along with nutrition, fitness, and gut health and her flagship fit for life program. Angelica, I am so happy that you're here. Welcome to the show.

Angelica: Thank you so much. I'm excited to be here. 

Emily: So you and I know each other because we're in a mastermind together. 

Angelica: Yes. One of my first masterminds. So I'm really excited. I'm excited to meet all of you ladies. 

Emily: Well, you went from like no mastermind to the hyper mind.

Angelica: Literally. So I have been in like other business coaching programs, but they weren't real like mastermind, like the feel of this one. And, I applied for it thinking that there was an opening. So next year I was like, I'm just gonna apply now to get in for next year. And then I joined another mastermind and then the next day I got into the hypervisor and two masterminds after not being in any it's okay so good.

Emily: That's hilarious. I too, joined thinking I was gonna be on a waitlist for a while and then I was like, oh, okay. Actually, this is really meant to happen sooner than I initially thinking.

Angelica: Divine timing. Right? It's like divine timing. I just accepted it. I wasn't gonna put it off. Cause I knew I wanted to be in it so I was like, okay, it's not gonna be now. 

Emily: That's exactly right. And you know, for anybody listening, like the reason that I'm laughing is because I have actually been in several masterminds and they all have their own flavor, but the hyper mind is very next level in terms of it's very active. So like, if you're out of boxer for a few hours, you might have like a hundred unread or unlistened.

Angelica: I live in Maui, so I'm like six hours behind a lot of you ladies. So by the time I wake up, I'm like, oh man, I gotta catch up.

Emily: Yes, yes. And then it's this real mix of like the most spiritual woo woo stuff you've ever heard insane money celebrations, X-rated sexual escapades and like everything in between, like, it is its own unique experience. So it's just cracking me up to imagine, like, not really having other mastermind experience and then just jumping in and being like, oh, wow! okay. 

Angelica: I'm just rolling with it. I'm rolling with it. I'm a pretty open person. So I like, I'm like, I'm about it, It's fine, It's all.

Emily: So I'm super impressed that you have been in entrepreneurship for 11 years, that you've built your business to the size that you have, and that honestly, that you haven't sought out. This type of support before. So have you worked with, like other coaches and mentors or group programs? 

Angelica: So basically, well, I took my business online three years ago. So before that I was doing all in-person nutrition and fitness coaching. So actually I've only been like an entrepreneur in the online space for three years, but before that, do my own thing in person for a few years. So right when I went online, I went into business coaching, right off the back. Cause I was like, I have no idea what I'm doing and I'm not going to pretend like I know what I'm doing and I have no problem putting the money down to further myself. So invested without having the money. I will say that because at the time I was just, I was charging a hundred dollars an hour, doing the nutrition coaching. And dusted thousands of dollars into my first business coaching program, then moved to their next level, then shifted around different coaches, life coach, business coach. And then I did have some coaching programs. Just they didn't really feel like a mastermind. There was a group of people we have the group calls, but it didn't always feel like masterminding. Does that make sense? 

Emily: Totally.

Angelica: I've been into other things. Some of them had great people in it, some of them I didn't really buy, but I ended up leaving, but the hyper mind that I'm in now, and then the other program of men. Both of them are very different, but very great. And that they compliment each other. So the timing worked out. Cause the other one I'm in is very strategy driven and you know the one we're in is not strategy driven. It's energy. It's woo, it's you know, spirituality, like you said, so they actually really compliment each other, but I've been in other things, just not to this high level.

Emily: Gotcha. So I'm curious for you because what I feel like happens a lot in health coaching is that you start out in kind of the trading time for dollars, sort of a situation. And it's very hard to build a multi-six-figure business with a full team. Trading time for dollars. So I imagine that at a certain point you started charging for outcomes and transformations and that kind of thing. Was that a hard hurdle for you? Did you have to go through any, like, worthiness work to kind of get to the pricing that you're at now? 

Angelica: Yes, for sure. And still sometimes inner battles. Making the shift to go from charging people hourly to just charging people for a transformation program was very strange to me because I'm like, well, I'm on the phone with them for an hour. And then I worked there, like everything to me was I was so used to the hourly, you know, so that was very hard for me. I never, I remember the first program I ever had. It was three months. And it was like $1,800. And then I slowly went up to like 2000, 2200 and there's just, you know, incrementally went up, but it was definitely a strange shift for me. And then even as I've grown and we have a waitlist for a program and I've raised the prices even still sometimes there's that little life my worth is. And then it's like, it's those silly things that creep in. We all have the, you know, the cell phone beliefs at times, but just really anchoring in and knowing of course I'm worth it not the program is worth it. That's really what it's about. It's the program is transformational and I have a team of coaches that work under me now. So I'm not doing all the coaching. I do not more what do now is like the mindset and the business. 

Emily: Totally. And I think it is true. It's like we attach our own self-worth to the pricing and it's like, it has nothing to do with that unless we make it have to do with that.

Angelica: Exactly. You're totally right. And it's not a personal thing in a sense, too. It's like the whole transformation, the result, the amazing experience they're gonna have. That's essentially what a client is investing in. They're just not paying for a job. That's not what it's about. 

Emily: And likewise, if they say no to the program, they're not rejecting you personally, because there's something wrong with you.

Angelica: Exactly. That was hard in the beginning too. I remember doing calls and getting like eight nos in a row. And I went from doing in-person sales, my whole life. I sold sneakers. I sold this, I sold that. I was a top personal trainer at the gym because I sold myself well, I have that kind of personality. So when it came to online, I had to do, like on the phone sales. I'm like, I've never heard nos, so much in my entire life. 

Emily: And likewise, like I had a corporate career in sales and then we started a product-based business and it's like, when you're selling somebody else's stuff or when you're just selling a product in general, for some reason, like you don't attach your worth to it.

It's like, no, they're saying no to this product, not to me. And then all of a sudden you go into business for yourself and you feel like you are the product. And then they say no to you. And it's like, it triggers, like every fear of like, abandonment and not belonging and being judged and not being worthy and it's like, ah, what is this?

Angelica: But you're totally right. Because when I did pharmaceutical sales, that's what I did before I got into it.

Emily: Me too.

Angelica: And it's like, it was really, I did really well. I was like the number one rep in the country for one of the drugs I sold, but I didn't have any attachments. When a doctor said, "no", like, I don't know, we're not gonna use your product.

I was just like, okay onto the next. But for some reason, when it's you, your own business, you're attached to it. And we are the brand, you know, so there's a deep level of passion and connection to what we're doing now. So it's very different than.  It's interesting the feelings that come up when you make that shift.

Emily: So before you decided to go online, like what revenue was your business that? 

Angelica: With in-person training and nutrition coaching around 65,000 a year.

Emily: Okay. 

Angelica: So that was a big difference for me. So when I did pharmaceutical and medical sales, I made well over 150,000, but I left that because I was on film. And I, like you said in the beginning, I had that calling after who's in the way of myself that this is what I wanted to do. So I knew making the shift from the medical sales field into health and fitness initially would be a dip, but I was there for it because it's my passion and look where it's led me to today. So you always have to find out your passion.

Emily: No, I think that's a great point and same here, you know, making 150 K plus, a lot of safety insecurity, lots of benefits, right? The company car, the 401K, the health insurance. 

Angelica: So much benefit. All the expenses, like all of the things like, I forgot about the health insurance yet. So many nice luxuries of those jobs.

Emily: Yes.

Angelica: You could win paid vacations if you're a really high breath, you know, like all those things. 

Emily: And then it's like, you switched to working for yourself and you're like, hang on. I wanted like four times as hard for half the pay.

Angelica: Literally in the beginning. In the beginning, but that's what you gotta do. You know, if you want to start your own business and you want to be successful and you want to get into entrepreneurship, you just gotta put in the work at the beginning. We always have to put in the work, but then, there's becomes a level of what we talk about a lot, the hyper mind, like stepping back, attracting clients when you're not working, like that's something all new to me. It's all new to me.

Emily: Do you feel like you were primarily in your masculine energy building your business?

Angelica: A hundred thousand million trillion percent. I didn't even know what the F feminine energy was. Just like, I'm so masculine, I'm so pushy, I'm from New York originally. So I just had that like pushy, pushy, go, go, go. I told you when I, you know, before we talked for this podcast, like my dad was like money doesn't grow on trees, money doesn't grow on trees or whatever that really means. I guess the lack of saving money isn't readily available, basically. Right? You gotta work your ass off to make money. 

So when all my friends in high school were going on ski trips and this and that guess who was working? Me. Guess who had the car before all my friends? Me. Right? Guess who had a job in college, Whenever it was out partying? Me. So I just always like puzzles. That was what I called it. Right? Which is really now looking at it like a fairy lack word. I don't like, I love that word now. Cause you don't actually need to hustle to make great money and it was masculine. Push, push, push, go, go, go. What can I do? How can I grow? Very pushy, pushy, very pushy. 

Emily: So when did you learn about feminine energy?

Angelica: A few months ago. Just kidding. I had heard the terms kind of thrown around since I got into online coaching world, but I never really dove into it because I wasn't there yet. And my mindset, I was just so focused on growing, growing, growing that I was, I was like, I'm asking feminine. And in my head, I'm like, I'm probably more masculine, but I never really dove into it till I'm actually this year after doing awesome.

So I wonder, like a spiritual journey, do I lose? And I felt like some of the messages she gave me now looking back on it, because you make the connections kind of after, like it comes, kind of comes together. And now looking back on some of the messages she gave me, I feel that they were directly related to me calling and more feminine energy. She gave me messages of like, freedom and we just, the words came up that really are related to feminine energy.

Emily: Interesting. So that was kind of the start of, like this exploration of the feminine energy. 

Angelica: And then I got a friend, refer me to Melanie's world. So then I got, you know, I did something to town and all those programs and here we are hyper minds. So that was like, that was the start of it. This year.

Emily: Wow! That's so interesting. So I'm curious you find, because for me, I built my businesses in masculine energy as well, and I had a team. What I found is that, although I had a team. So I did have some support. I still maintained a pretty high level of control over what was happening.

And I often I was delegating the work, but I wasn't really delegating the decision-making or the pressure and the outcomes of those decisions, because I really still wanted to be in my masculine. It was like, you do the work, but you do this work exactly how I want it. So I'm still in control. So I'm curious if any of that resonates with you or if you found a way to be more in your feminine, through having your team?

Angelica: It resonates with me and I'm slowly finding a way to be more in my feminine. It comes down with learning how to empower and lead my team better. You know, when you become an entrepreneur, no one really teaches you how to be a leader and things about company culture. And that's really what this other mastermind I'm in is helping you a lot with it.

So being a really great example, we're reading them leading by example, empowering my team. And I feel that as me, shifting more into a feminine energy there, instead of like, here's the task, do it. And if it's not done the way that it is, like you were just saying, right? That's very massive, very pushy. So learning how to develop the company culture, get them tied into my vision, all of that in and of itself like that kind of movement there. I feel, I'm moving into the feminine energy. Does it make sense?

Emily: Totally. And I'm so excited that we're, like, connecting on this now so that I can kind of like be behind the scenes on your journey. What I found was that until I healed the underlying energetics, which was my desire for control and my desire for relevancy, my need to feel important.

The more masculine tactics actually didn't really help, right? Because like you can read every book about empowered leadership and how to get your team to step up and make decisions and this and that and whatever. But if underneath, 

Angelica: Right. 

Emily: It's like, if our subconscious mind is like, but that means that I have to let go of control and I really want control because that's what keeps me safe. Probably not going to execute on that very well. 

Angelica: No, totally of course my subconscious has shifted and I know that I'm a better leader and better CEO when I relinquish a lot of those controls. Just like giving things away that I don't need to be doing and trusting in my team that they can do what I got to do.

Emily: Absolutely. And that's when we, like really step into our feminine energy, magic's you? Right? Because it's like when we feel more supported and there's more space for our creativity to flow through and we get more magnetic. 

Angelica: Yes. Space is that space. It's just like really just from joining the hyper mind and being around like you guys and then the other people, my other mastermind. There's been this shift in my energy of just like, upleveling and having more creative space for myself and it feels really good. And then it just feels like the clients are magnetically flowing in. 

Emily: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Okay. So I wanna rewind a little bit, so three years ago, you had built your in-person business up to like around $65,000 in revenue?

Was it just you, so was that basically all take-home pay? 

Angelica: Just me, yes. Me, driving to my client's house.

Emily: So then you take the business online, you hire coaches. So again, in a way you're kind of taking a pay cut, right? Because you're taking some of that income and reinvesting it into coaches and figuring out this next phase of business.

So walk me through like, what that looked like from a revenue perspective and how you were able to start growing with the online component. 

Angelica: I was a solo entrepreneur for almost a year. So I handled up to 30 clients by myself, so I did everything. So I did the sales, I did the marketing, I did the coaching like, well, you know, in our programs, very, very involved.

So after that first year, I forgot what I did. I think it was around 80, 82, maybe my first year, and then, decided to hire one coach. And then we kept growing. So then, hired another coach and I, we just hired another coach. So that income. You know, so it was like 80, then it was like 215,000 and last year it was like 700,000.

Emily: That's quite the growth curve.

Angelica: So that was last year. There was a few things that happened in 2020 that attributed to the growth that, I think women. A lot of women gained a lot of weight during COVID. People were looking for a sense of community. And my tribe is just that, it's a very high level community. And I started a math, I started like a referral program and all those things just growing to grow. And then I hired a COO who's not with us anymore. But so now I have three coaches, an executive assistant and a sales assistant. I'm in the process of hiring a sales closer. So I could be removed from sales.

Emily: We have that at my agency as well. And I feel like that's actually one of the places where CEOs and founders are slow to remove themselves. So.

Angelica: Totally. My closing ratio is like a hundred percent. Of course I've been scared to remove myself for so long. And like January I tried it, the women, I didn't like them. I was like, no, they weren't closing they didn't get my vibe. And then, you know, so, I, basically I've held myself back this year because I haven't wanted to hire out for that position. I know that I'm fully aware I haven't run ads because of that, because I'm like, it's just me, you know? So there's those things. So I'm ready, I'm ready now from work.

Emily: I love it. So is this gonna be your million dollar a year, million plus?

Angelica: We're not on track at the moment?

Emily: Not yet.

Angelica: Not yet, but I believe anything is possible. So I'm not running, I'm not really an out, but I'm not on track. I'll put it that way. So I'm pairing very close to where I was last year at this point.

Emily: Gotcha.

Angelica: And speak with my financial planner. And he's like, you know, this year you have reinvested a lot of money into yourself between this mastermind. The other mastermind, I invested in a brand manager for a little bit to redo my brand, my colors, my logo, and all that. There's been a lot of a copywriting coach. Just it's been a year of like, growth and investment in me and the business personally and professionally. So, what I'd love to hit it of course. Am I gonna be upset? No, because I know it's pop.

Emily: And I find that too, that like growth is non-linear. And especially when you're trying to build something, that's quite a bit bigger than yourself. Meaning you're starting to operationalize the business. You're starting to remove yourself from some of these roles, like sales, etcetera. It often is kind of this stair-step. And sometimes it's, like, it feels like one step forward, two steps back and then three steps forward. And I love Melanie's Slingshot analogy because often it is like that. Right? You've got to hire the team first. You've got to invest first and it's like the slingshots being pulled back, the revenue made in debt.

Angelica: You're right. I forgot about that analogy. That's what it's felt like for me this year, I've had some major debts. I was very scarce and very lucky when I had those debts, because I was saying, and I know Melanie hates this word again.

I've done it before, why can't I do it again? I hit six figure months last year. Why can't I do it again? And I was comparing myself hard to those ones last year and all that comparison and all that neediness to hit the million dollar run rate every month. Push that energy away. Which now I'm fully aware of, but at the moment, you know, months ago, I couldn't see it. And that was me being totally in the masculine. Right? I shouldn't see it. Why can't I do it? I've done it before. Why can't I do it? I've done it before. Playing, playing, playing in your head, like, right? So that, forget the word again. What's next? Moving forward, like you said, yes. Hiring the team, stabilizing the team, setting my business up to be sustainable and predictable.

Emily: And you're right about it being masculine energy, right? When we're in our masculine. And then things start to feel like they're not going according to plan. What does the masculine energy do? The masculine grips harder. 

Angelica: Exactly. That's exactly what happened.

Emily: The masculine tries to control more.

Angelica: It made it worse. It was like, I was pushing, I was pushing. I was like, let me do another one, let me do another one. And then they were going shitty. And I was like, finally, I was like, step my back, step back. So it's all a learning experience. I was upset about it. I'm not upset about it. I'm grateful for the team I have. I'm grateful for the money that I make. I'm grateful for what I do. Changing women's lives all over the world. So it's a very fulfilling career. I feel totally aligned and I know what's coming.

Emily: Yes and aligned for sustainable growth, right? Because you probably could be doing more of these roles in your business, but there's a part of you that's like, this is not scalable. I'm gonna burn out. I can't run ads if I'm the only person taking all the sales calls and still need the visionary of my company.

Angelica: Right. Totally. Just having a little bit of space recently, it came to me to create a new offer out of cycling one day at Maui on this long ride that I was doing, I was like, oh, I want to do this. I felt the calling to do, like a six week thing. So I just recently offered it, like I've never done anything like that before. I've always just had my one program and done some business coaching on the side, but now I decided to, like, I can do whatever I want to do, but I never thought that way before. I'm like, I can do whatever offer I want.

Why have I been so boxed in it's being around you ladies and seeing that you guys have a bunch of different things? I'm like, I'm offering a six week intensive. It's purely, mindset. It's pure, like literally for just a woman who wants to change work on their mindset. So fitness it's known nutrition. It's zero gut health. It is all mindset that excites me just in my last basket box. Just like, now I feel totally aligned to do that, you know, and I didn't do, like a full blown launch with it. Cause it just came to me last week, but I'm really excited about it and I'm excited for the next one, you know, so.

Emily: Totally. It's like letting ourselves play again.

Angelica: Play and there was no play. Exactly.

Emily: And like I found that for myself in my business where it's like. Hang on, like I've built this business and yet I still feel like there are these rules. 

Angelica: Yes. Track like I felt like Jack by these rules and I'm like, well, I can do whatever I want.

Emily: What rules are they?

Angelica: We put the stipulations on ourselves, you know, or, or, or, you know, for me, it's coming from the, I don't know if you're too familiar with the health coaching brawl, but every health coach, I know you've ever talked to know. We all basically have kind of a similar premise program. It's either a three month or six month It's your flagship. You get the high ticket clients, you know, so it doesn't matter if you have a big following or not because you have these high ticket offers. Right? And it's just been so one dimensional for three years. I mean, I went from three months to six months. That's the biggest change you made and we've elevated the level of mindset coaching you do.

But other than that, like, it's been kind of the same premise and I'm just like, I'm writing for something different and I'm ready to let my coaches take the lead. On the fit for life program and me really moved into the business and mindset project space. I feel totally aligned with it and ready? No, I'm not a millionaire yet, but I can certainly help a lot of ladies go from zero to 10K months. You're 20K months, you know, I've done it before, so.

Emily: Absolutely. Absolutely and it's like, in just giving yourself that freedom, that ability to try something out and like it works if you didn't love it. Okay. You never have to run that again.

Angelica: Exactly, exactly. It's just, I haven't played in my business. It's been so one dimensional. And so maybe it's box in, maybe just so, like pushy in that sense or just box in. That's the exact words.

Emily: Well, it's like the sense that I get is that there was a lot of structure, right? It was like, we have this plan. This is what works and let's not deviate from that. How do we just do it more and bigger to make more money? And it's like, sometimes that works, but sometimes the masculine only gets you so far. And then it's like, you have to create space so that you can receive the inspiration for the next iteration of your business. 

Angelica: Exactly. And looking forward for,  Fit For Life and seeing, having to grow, how can it shift, and we've incorporated, like breathwork and more mindset coaching and offering different levels of programs, which will be exciting for our clients as well. So, the shifting that. And then bringing in more other things, like I said, the six weekend times of the week, which I'm excited about. So just little shifts, little shifts.

Emily: I love that because it's like, if you're already in health. It's like, where does health stop? Honestly, like.

Angelica: Exactly. All-encompassing. 

Emily: It's all-encompassing. It's everything.

Angelica: Right.

Emily: It's like healing your marriage, healing your mind, mental health, you know, health with your children, how you feel about yourself, yourself worth.

Angelica: All of that. And then all of that plays into your business too. So if you're in, like, if you have your own company or if you're a real estate agent and you're looking to track more wealth. But you're not healthy from the inside out, but health mindset got to have trouble attracting more abundance since your world. That's really teaching the ladies how to clear, clear their guts and clear their minds to be able to attract that.

Emily: Yes.

Angelica: They go hand in hand for sure. 

Emily: I'm curious about the gut health piece, because there's obviously, like a lot of good science around the physical aspect of the gut, but I'm curious if you also work with, like the energetic piece of that as well.

Angelica: Just my masterclass this past week, it was called wealthy body breakthrough. And basically I've taught the two vital aspects to forever weight loss, the physical side and the metaphysical. So the physical side is what you just said. Gut health, following proper nutrition, getting your workouts in, getting your steps in drinking of water.

Then there's a whole metaphysical side. Our issues live in our tissues. Right? Teaching the energetics behind how you talk to yourself, your level of self worth. Right? What do you say to yourself on a daily basis? When you look in the mirror, what do you believe about yourself? What stories have been holding you back?

There's all these beliefs and feelings that get trapped in our gut. Lots of trauma, lots of energetic trauma that we've been holding onto since we're child, even since we're in the womb. Right? And that stays with you for a long time. And if you don't do the energetic work to clear that out, this is why a lot of women get confused with gut health.

They're like, well, I'm eating really healthy. I was reading, eating really healthy too. And I got Wiki gut. I in practice what I preach. I meditate. I walk, I eat healthy. I take rest days, but it was unresolved childhood trauma, unresolved stress that I had, just so many things get caught up, all those feelings in the gut. So, there's two sides to weight loss. The metaphysical is a big, big, big one I teach and that a lot of, a lot of women don't realize most people go into a weight loss program. They lose it away, but they gain it back because they never did the energetics and the mind set up.

Emily: I love that because I have a sense that you probably get a lot of clients that come in for the physical result and thinking that all of the tools are going to be physical tools and then they're probably blown away. By all the metaphysical, because that's what truly creates the physical changes and gives them more joy, more peace. 

Angelica: Totally. Totally. As I've progressed in my content, I do talk a lot about mindset. So I'll get a lot of females not saying like, oh, I was attracted to you because I see your program focuses on mindset, but initially like maybe even just happened. Six months ago, we were getting a lot of like what you said, like, yes, I lost weight, but I can't believe how much my mindset shifts. And I never knew I needed so much mindset work, but now we're actually getting more women coming to our program strictly for the mindset. Yes, they have weight to lose, but they're like, well, I wrote what really resonated with you is like the fact that you do focus on mindset and gut health like a lot of programs don't make that connection.

It's something unique. It's a unique, unique angle. That's the stuff that lights me up. That's the stuff that creates the law. That's the stuff that creates a long lasting transformation. I have to learn that the hard way too. I lost 35 pounds of weight, but I didn't do any work in here. Did zero mindset work. You didn't have to lose in the weight. I was very unhappy. I was very lack. I was, I was still stock. And I had to do that in a work, get a lifeboat, see a therapist, read the books. Do the things, work on myself. It's hard, so hard, right? That's how I learned all that. So I was like, it's not just about the weight.

Emily: And I kind of see it, like I work with women a lot on money and I kind of see the parallels because. In the same way that like, let's say you lose the 20 pounds. What's the first fear? Can I keep it off? Right? You hit your first 20 K months. What's the first fear? Can I do it again? 

Angelica: Can I do it again? Can I sustain this? Totally. They go hand in hand and a lot of women who have, you know, money blocks also have weight loss blocks. Go hand in hand for sure. A lot of the women who say to me like, well, I can't afford your program right now. I'm like, well, that's also why you have 30, 40 pounds to lose because you keep telling yourself you're not worth it. You have a bad relationship with money. You can afford whatever you want to afford. 

Emily: I know all of this is so connected. There is no such thing as, like a business hat and a personal hat and all of that. 

Angelica: I agree.

Emily: It's like we only have one body with one mind. 

Angelica: Exactly. It's all connected. So connected. And that's really my message for, for a lot of businesswomen that I speak with, like, want to grow your business, have to work on your health. So connected. You may be doing well now, but imagine if you felt what every morning, imagine if you had energy. Huge changes. 

Emily: Absolutely. And I'm so thankful, like I've always had such good health and I've been inside of group programs where people kind of decided whether they were gonna focus like through a business lens or through a health lens and the program. And I was actually amazed at how many people chose the health lens and then we're sharing like, just really debilitating and chronic illnesses that they had. And you know, it gave me so much gratitude because it's like, when you have great health, you take it for granted. But if you don't have your health, good luck growing your business, how can you?

Angelica: I mean, you can only grow to a certain extent, you know, like if you're going to hit a block, cause you're going to feel, they'll just feel so lethargic. So fatigue, headaches, you know, all the things I call them for. 

Emily: So I know it's so critical. So I'm curious, going back to some of the themes that we were talking about around money, how much are you paying yourself currently? Because I see in the online space a lot that if we talk about money, we talk about top line. And part of my mission is to just bring more transparency around. We might be celebrating a hundred K month and let's be real, a hundred K didn't go into the personal bank account, right? 

Angelica: So I've learned to use my business, like enough that I've been able to hit my financial goals. So I pay myself. It's around 9,000 a month.

Emily: Okay. 

Angelica: And then everything else, you know, besides what goes into my employees, everything else, the extra all goes into things like masterminds, business coaching programs. That's really where I like, bulk of my money this year has got. 

Emily: And outside of reinvesting in the business, investing in your team and then also investing in these masterminds and mentors to grow your business. Is there anything that you do to grow your personal wealth?

Angelica: I have a financial planner and he handles all of that. So basically we have a meeting once a month. I'm not a numbers person. I like money, but I don't like trying to like, divide it here to buy it there. It's not my jam. I don't know. I have a financial planner. I have a payroll woman. So basically me and my financial planner, we meet once a month, we have the buckets and he puts the money into the bucket. So there's like stocks, there's retirement bonds. There's all the things. So 

Emily: Gotcha. 

Angelica: It's not money. I was touching the type suit opposite, but it's for long term like long term investments and very risky. I tell them to invest very risky because I don't need it every time soon.

Emily: Gotcha. That's great. It's nice to have that support. What do you feel like were some of the biggest money wounds that you had to work on healing in order to get your business to a multi-six figure, you know, three quarter of a million dollar level?

Angelica: Definitely. There's more than enough. There's so much abundance in this world. And when you come from a mentality of hustle, hustle, hustle, money doesn't grow on trees? That was like, ingrained in me to feel like there's not enough, even though I know there's millions of women in the world to help. There's so much money, money is energy.

I know that I feel it. I believe that, but I think still the deep seated, like this is what I grew up with, right? From the time I was like, who knows when my dad started saying that. So, that was definitely one of them. I don't really feel I had any other ones. I never felt like I don't deserve money like that. I never felt that like, I don't, I'm not worth it. I rarely don't really feel it. That it's more than getting away from the hustle mentality. And that there's not enough because there is enough. There's enough.  

Emily: I call that like the hard money wounds, right? We have to use to work hard. If you want to earn more, you have to put in more effort.

Angelica: Exactly. That's my thing. It's like, I have trouble, like, even if I'm sitting on the beach on a Friday and I've done some client check-ins, I'm like, Hey, put your phone away. And just like lay on the beach. I have trouble. Taking the step back. Cause I feel like I always need to be doing something that's part of control, which is what you and I talked about earlier. So, it's a control freak. It's the high achiever. It's perfectionism. it's all about. 

Emily: And I'm curious, cause I had this one too, and as I unraveled it for myself, part of it definitely was just the hard money. Right? You've got to work hard for it. But what I also recognized was that there was another layer of it, which for me was. If I work hard for it and other people see me working hard for it, then when I have it, I won't be judged for it because they'll know I've earned it. 

Angelica: That's interesting, but that's not one that's come up for me a lot.

Emily: Okay. Okay. So there's not a part of you that's worried that, like your family or your friends are going to judge you for having more.

Angelica: My family and friends don't even really understand what I do.

Emily: I hear that, but like, if you're driving around in the G wagon and flying first class and that kind of thing, there's no feeling of, like my friends and family aren't going to relate to me or they're going to judge me for that. 

Angelica: I already feel like they probably are judging you for that. So.

Emily: You've already made your peace with that.

Angelica: I made, I made my peace with that. I already know, based on some of the comments they've made to me that they're judging you for it, but it is what it is. It's my life, my money. 

Emily: So how do you think you made your peace with that?

Angelica: Because some are very different. And as I've grown into this online space, and as I've grown into entrepreneurship and as I've grown mentally and gone through my deep spiritual journey, I'm just very different from them.

I come from a background with parents that I love them. They raised me well. But they're very negative, very lack mindset. So I know that we don't relate in that sense. When I got my brand new Jeep that I paid like monthly cash for brand new, like where the nice Rubicon that I've been wanting to get, my mom saw a picture. She's like, "well, hopefully your clients don't get jealous". That's what she said. And I said, "no, my clients complimented me on the car and were really happy for me". So do you see the difference in the mindset? I was excited to share about it. She wasn't excited for me. It was just right instantly negative pop. So when you say, how did I make peace? I made peace. Cause I just accepted. This is what it is. We're not on the same level, energetically for that type of stuff.

Emily: Totally. And it's like when we can kind of live and let live, or Bernay Brown talks about, it's like your little, your postage stamp people, and it's essentially like you take a one inch by one inch piece of paper and you can write the names of the people that you care about their opinions on them.

Angelica: Right? There's like two. I mean, it just sounds like a lottery or anything when I say this, but I just, I stopped caring and it could be because when I was younger, I got made fun of a lot. I was overweight. I had acne, it was rough for me, like as a child, even into high school. So I always cared what people think. And I was so self-conscious and then I went through this whole transformation and now I'm the complete opposite. I don't care, either like me or don't like me. Either feel my energy or you don't feel my energy.

Emily: That's interesting. It does feel like maybe you were actually able to heal a lot of that stuff through the health journey. And whereas for some people they're healing it through their relationship with money. For some people it's something else. Right? But for you, it was like that health transformation allowed you to heal a lot of the judgments. 

Angelica: Yes. 

Emily: Stepping into your own sense of worth. 

Angelica: Totally. That's why, when you say like, what are the big money wounds?

The only one that really pops out to me is that the money doesn't grow on trees, the hard hustle you gotta work hard. That's really the only one. But you know, I never dreamt about being a millionaire when I was a child. I never, I didn't even really know what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a makeup artist and my parents were like, no. So they were like, you should do speech therapy to speech therapists, make a lot of money. And I'm like, that sounds horrible. I didn't want to do that. So I went to like business and communications and then sales, sales, sales, sales. So it's just, I've always done sales. Yup. Yup. Yup, yup. 

Emily: I know it is. It's super interesting, like these windy journeys, right? And it's ultimately for our own personal evolution. Right? And so I love money because it can be such a great activator that gets us to look at things and so can health. And so can use other things, and then sometimes you see people that get all of their money seemingly pretty easily at a young age. And it's like, well, what the heck? And it's like, ultimately their curriculum is just a little different. Which is you're getting the money. So then you can see that the money isn't everything. Right? There's still the health. There's still the relationship. There's still the happiness that's aside from that.

Angelica: All the other pieces.

Emily: Right. And then a lot of us do it in reverse where it's like, we got to start nailing our relationship with self and others and stepping into our power and our impact. So that then we can call on the money and be happy when we have it. 

Angelica: Exactly. That makes sense. So I guess that I've stepped through the health journey, stepped into more of who I am and owning my power. You said, still healing. I mean, we're all still healing and growing and working on ourselves. It works. Never done, never, but having the openness and awareness, like what I want, what I don't fault, what I stand for, what I don't stand for, what I'll tolerate, what I don't tolerate. And having those boundaries in my life has kept me sane and healthy.

Emily: Sane and healthy and like powerful and impactful and you know, able to hold space for and health. So many more women transform their lives. On that note, I'm wanting you to share how people can follow you and find you, because I just feel like there's so many people listening to this podcast that are wanting to know more about what you do and how they could work with you.

Angelica: Awesome. So the easiest way to be on Instagram or Facebook. So, Instagram it's Angelica V. Fit For life. And then Facebook is just my name, Angelica Ventrice. So you can send me a message on Facebook. You could send me a message on Instagram. I'm often on both of that. So, and if it's not me, it'll be myself assistant, but we have a very prompt response time. So we will, we will answer you promptly. Any questions you have, happy to answer them, but health, nutrition, mindset, anything.

Emily: Perfect. I love it. And we will throw those links into the show notes as well. So Angelica, before we part ways, any final thoughts or any last message that you want to share with the audience?

Angelica: Yes. You can do anything you want to do in your life. Literally it would be anything you want to be. You can do anything you want to do. So it might feel a little bit of fears, a little bit, little things coming in your brain holding you back, but really do anything you want. Just follow your gut, follow your passions, and you'll attract whatever you want to your role. Well, abundance and spotty, happy life, anything.

Emily: Yes. I love it. Thank you so much for the conversation today. Thank you to everyone listening. As you listen, tag Angelica and I on Facebook, Instagram, let us know what was most impactful for you and until next time, thank you so much.

Thank you so much for listening to today's show. Changing the way we think, feel and talk about money will change the world. I truly believe that. It starts with you tuning in and it spreads when you share the show on Instagram and Facebook and tag me at Em Makes Money. And you know who moves the needle the most.

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