Episode 7: Manifesting $20k in a Week with Shelly Milsap

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Shelly is an executive coach and founder of Nicole Christopher Inc., which provides Strategic HR and Management Consulting for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Join Emily and Shelly as they discuss playing with divine feminine energy to manifest money in crypto, real estate, coaching, and corporate.

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Emily: Welcome to the Em Makes Money Podcast. With me, your host, Emily Wilcox, serial entrepreneur, seven figure business owner, mindset junkie, creator of the money moves wealth attraction program, and a collector of crystals. My mission is to help you attract lasting wealth, ditch the hustle for money culture, and build the life and business of your dreams with an ease and joy you never thought possible. 

Each week, a new episode will air featuring expert advice, live coaching and guest interviews, where we'll dive into the specifics of how much money we make, which money wounds we've healed and how we've tapped into our divine feminine energy to attract more money with ease. We all deserve a healthy, empowered relationship with money so we can experience more freedom, pleasure and joy. So get ready and let's dive in. 

Hey, Hey, I've got such a juicy episode for you today. Quickly before we dive in. Many of you have reached out to ask how we can work together. And I do have limited openings to work with me via one-on-one private coaching inside the rise mastermind. And I've actually even opened up a few spots for human design readings.

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All right. Welcome back to the Em  Makes Money Podcast. I am so excited to have a special guest Shelly Millsap here with us today. Shelly is the founder of Nicole Christopher, Inc., which provides executive coaching and strategic HR and management consulting for profit and nonprofit organizations. She provides executive coaching, leadership development, succession management, change culture and addressing organizational problems.

She is a certified professional coactive coach through CTI and positive intelligence. And she currently has a role in HR at a fortune 100 best company to work. Shelly and I also have a fun connection because she used to work at Eli Lilly as a manager and then a senior national HR role. And I used to be at Eli Lilly doing pharmaceutical sales way back when, so we know some of the same crew. Shelly also founded and direct the delicious ambiguity LLC, which is an investment company investing in real estate loans, REITs stocks, private deals, and cryptocurrency. Shelly has a master's in organizational psychology and a finance degree. So I am super excited. Shelly, thank you so much for being here on the show.

Shelly: Oh, my pleasure.

Emily:  I just love everything about that introduction because it really speaks to this blend of being a multifaceted human, right? You're also a mother, you've got three daughters, you're in corporate America, but you're also doing coaching.

You have these technical degrees, right? And finance and in organizational psychology. And you're using all of this and blending it so beautifully into life and business. So tell me a little bit more, like what drew you to this line of work? 

Shelly: Well, I started out with a business degree as you saw, and I thought I would go into banking. And then as soon as I started interviewing, I realized it seems so dry and sterile, and I just wasn't intrigued. So stumbled my way into pharmaceuticals and then on into HR. But what brought me where I am now, honestly, was a desire for more. And I hit a point in my life where it was a pretty big crisis. I went through a divorce. I was a young mother of three children and realized I needed to get clear on what I wanted for my life and take radical responsibility and move forward into that.

Emily:  I love that, just getting vulnerable right away. So there obviously were some things that you were unhappy with. And so what did you uncover during that process as you were kind of figuring out, like, who am I and what do I want for this next chapter of life.

Shelly: Well, I have always been involved in corporate America and done very well. I feel like I was wired to do performance in any role that I was in and I always got great accolades, but it left a desire to have more of an artistic expression and also mean more to my feminine energy. And as I found myself about, five years ago with very young children, I was working a part-time job and I looked at my future and I said, I want to be able to make more money.

I want to have a lot more freedom. I want to do the things that I love, not that jobs I think will make me money. And I want to have time because I'm a working mother. You could make a ton of money and never be home. And for me, I had a high value of connection and influence in my family's life. So I started looking at my own mindset about what's holding me back and through that work, it's gotten me to a completely different place. It's unbelievable.

Emily:  I can relate so much, like obviously both of us having that corporate background and you kind of touched on it, right? We were in masculine energy in that environment.

Shelly: Yes.

Emily: Would you say that you were operating primarily from the masculine? 

Shelly: Absolutely. I, to be promoted in the roles I was in, I needed to be very successful, incredibly competitive and deliver results. And I would say the higher up I got promoted. I was surrounded by all men. It was wonderful working with them. And I need to  act a certain way to be taken seriously. And I take responsibility for that and believing I had to present myself a specific way, masculine energy to get to success. And that's just not true.

Emily: Totally right. There is a part of us that was drawn to that as well. This is just the way it is. I mean, I liked it until I didn't.  And I can relate to your story as well, because for me, motherhood changed a lot in ways that I wasn't expecting and really caused me to reevaluate my priorities. So for you, you wanted to have more feminine expression and you wanted more creativity. You wanted more work-life balance, more time available for these three beautiful little girls that you had. And so you started doing the inner work and that I assume eventually evolved into your coaching practice?

Shelly: Yes. So I had a part-time job that morphed into a full-time job just for stability and started looking at what do I really want. And also did not want to set my future possibilities on the limitations that this story of being a single parent. And so I had to do a tremendous amount of soul searching on old money ideas that I had that were subconscious. Money's the root of all evil, or you can't want too much money because that might not get a divorce, which is in my case, I put some attachment there to that and thinking I had to work really hard to make money that would require me to be away from the home and my family, just the lifestyle I didn't want. So I, I did a lot of soul searching and inner exploration about my money stories that were holding me back.

Emily: So once you uncovered all of these subconscious limiting beliefs and gained awareness. What were some of the practices or methods that you use to work on releasing them and just wiring in some new beliefs?

Shelly: So first it was uncovering what I really thought in my subconscious, and once I identified those, I would try to tell myself a new story about that and challenge it and question it. Is it true? What could be another possibility? I journaled every single day. I mean, journaling is a huge practice for me in all areas of life, visualization, prayer, my desires, working through things. But I think journaling about those stories and what you want to be true. And also forgiveness. I had to look at money wounds, whether it was childhood issues or even feelings. Wound of my ex-husband left and took all the money, you know, these ideas and really forgive that and say, I can create a new life for my family that's necessary and so powerful. 

Emily:  Did you feel like you were in scarcity mindset going through the divorce that seems, like so fear triggering?

Shelly:  Yes. Yes. But I have to say, I think I had scarcity mindset before the divorce. I grew up in middle-class life. We had what we needed, but I had subconscious ideas about, I needed to be able to provide for myself. I invest my extra resources for my retirement, you know, and I need to have the whole package lined up, which is fine, but there was no, or very little idea about an abundance that, that money is energy. There's a ton of opportunity out there, and I don't need to know how it's going to happen, but that it is available.

That seems crazy ideas to me. As I was forced to face my own scarcity views through my divorce because I was living it out. Can I keep my house? What will happen to my future? I don't want to be a single mom who can't go visit our kids in college. These crazy stories that you tell yourself. And I wanted to be able to make enough to offset the child support I was receiving, but that's again, a bare minimum rather than, Hey, I want to make so much that I can have this life I never dreamed could be possible. So absolutely. I think scarcity mindset is pervasive and it's fear-based.

Emily: Well, I just love that we're having this conversation because it's true for so many of us and it really doesn't go away until we decide to do the work. Right? Knowing the levels that you were at in corporate America, you were making what? $200,000 a year? 

Shelly:  Yes. 

Emily: So that already puts you in the top, whatever, probably 3% of earners in the United States, but you still had scarcity mindset and it's like me too, because it's not based in the fact of our situation. It's based in our societal conditioning, our inner child wounding and all of that. So it's interesting hearing your story and then knowing. Now what you're up to, right? So you're still working a full-time career. You're also coaching. You're also doing some really interesting investments, which I want to dig more into. And man, you look really happy. You definitely have a vibe around you that you're in a more balanced, feminine energy. You're not in hustle culture. So talk to me about how you balance all of that and make it work for kind of this work-life balance that you want to have? 

Shelly: Sure. So the job I'm in, I chose. It because I work from home and this is a way before COVID and I had a huge flexibility. I want to be able to take my kids to school, pick them up. I did have a part-time nanny, but I wanted to be a present parent. And so that was a choice I made the coaching. I've always done coaching at Eli Lilly everywhere, but really starting to get involved in coaching with the CTI and then various other trainings. Because I wanted more and I started having external clients and those I can weave in when I wasn't working like on the weekend. Evenings, and it was just so seamless and easy and fulfilling for me. And then the investing, I had a vision of, I need to get serious about this. I can't just assume that it's going to happen, but I can inform myself and get educated and start making choices and really grow in the understanding of risk exists. And yet when I step into it I grow and it's really about growth. I wanted to start growing as rapidly as I could. 

I did have a lot of people say I needed to niche down. The way to make money is niche down and become this kind of coach and have a very specific title and target those people through a series of strategies. And I just really didn't resonate with that. And so I've embraced that I have lots of interests and the more I lean into that things I desire. I enjoy them. The more successful I am and they fuel me and I make more money. 

Emily: Well, and the thing is, there's an energetic match for everything. So there are clients that want to work with a coach that's really multifaceted a coach that understands corporate America that understands motherhood that understands

entrepreneurial endeavors that understands investing. And so you're like the soulmate coach for those clients. And there are other clients that are going to be like, what the heck's Shelly's all over the map. I don't know about her. And it's like, that's okay. There's someone else. That's the coach for them.

Shelly: I think it came down to you. This is my life and I want to enjoy it. And so I do the things that bring me joy and fulfill me and really try to lean into my desires rather than make money. 

Emily: And do you know what your human design is?

Shelly:  I'm a manifesting generator.

Emily:  Of course you are. So me too, again, but that is part of living in alignment.

We're meant to have a lot going on and as long as it lights us up, it gives us energy. 

Shelly: Yes. Absolutely. 

Emily: And so it's like, I know for me too, when I'm on coaching calls and I get off, I'm like more lit up. I'm more energized than if I hadn't done the call because it's so in alignment, it just gives me energy. 

Shelly: Yes, absolutely.

Emily: So I want to hear a little bit more about all of the investing that you're doing because again, I think this is a space that's been so traditionally male-dominated, and I think many women myself included maybe feel a little intimidated about like investing in crypto and feeling like, oh my gosh, there's such a learning curve. So talk to me about how you got into all this. 

Shelly: Sure. So I have a finance degree. I didn't really use it except putting money in my 401k through Lilly and once again, I decided I want to start investing. I created an LLC so that I could run me investments through there and have that kind of protection and then also make it a real business.

It's not just occasionally play with it, but I make all the decisions on investing and crypto. I got involved in, in 2016 or 17, funny enough, I was at a coaching training and met someone at a bar. This just goes to show. So you can learn something from anyone who is an engineer and start talking about Bitcoin. And I was incredibly interested. So I said, well, you teach me. And he said, yes, I will. So he, we met up the next weekend and he sat down and showed me how to create a Coinbase account, how to invest, you know, that first 2000. And he started talking me through the various cryptocurrencies that existed beyond Bitcoin. And where they were going and what they were in blockchain. So I think I invested two grand and made 2000 more dollars two weeks later, or a couple days later and thought I was a genius. 

I sold it, which would be worth a hundred thousand dollars. So cryptocurrency, I just kept trading and trying, and it's like, you could literally make a trade in two seconds right now on your phone, if you have it set up it's so the, and as long as you manage and watch the volatility and you're willing to read and learn and take the risk, I mean, there's incredible reward, incredible rewards, so that I've continued to do the real estate there's real estate loans. And then the rates, we mentioned the real estate trust. There's different funds that you or I could invest in. And then you usually get, like, I think one, I got 12% annualized, you know, by putting the cash and it's very secure. 

Another one I would get significantly more and some are even less than that. So it just depends on what their yield is. If you want to be passive and not involved. And then I buy stocks and I'm in the stock market and I invest in private deals. I've just got paid out. In April $278,000. On a deal that had their final payout, but it paid some distributions previously. So the more you do it, the more you learn. And the more you realize that if your money is not invested in sitting in cash or losing money, you got to have your money working for you. And I make more money in investing than I do in coaching because coaching is a part-time and I'm investing. I mean, you can literally make, I've made 30% in one day in crypto. 

Emily: Wow! So what's the net worth of your investments? 

Shelly: My investments currently are 1.7 million. 

Emily: Beautiful. And then Angela, are you just reinvesting whatever you make on them every year? Or do you pull out a for that? 

Shelly:  I reinvest because I don't live off that income. It's all to re-invest. And so my goal is to have so much invested that in five years, I wouldn't have to work at all. I will always work because I love working and I love coaching and being involved in people's lives and being creative and entrepreneurial, but that I want to have set aside so that it's just not a concern at all.

Emily: And when you're considering investments, how much of it is the education and the logic and feeling like it makes sense versus you have an intuitive feeling? 

Shelly: I used to be the education, a logic, a hundred percent. And I would say it's 50-50 now, in fact, in, let's see I'm in a mastermind group with some women and one of the women mentioned. Her brother bought the Z cash, gets a crypto coin and she didn't own it. She just mentioned it. And that I needed, she said buy it. And my gut, it said that, and I went and bought $15,000. I knew nothing about it at all. Such it's a privacy coin. And within a week or two, I had made 20 grand. So I'm not saying everyone should go out and do that. You need to obviously consider the risks. You could lose all your money. However, I do think I had been watching the market gets for four years. I had this knowledge of the possibility and I was willing to risk the 15,000 if it went away. 

Emily:  That's interesting. Do you find that having some information helps you kind of get that internal yes or no? Or have you had experiences where you know nothing about the investment at all and you just buy it? 

Shelly: No. And I, the Z cash because I had traded and invested in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Ethereum, and a few others since 2017, I knew I had familiarity with the general crypto market. And because it's a very private coin, I thought, okay, I'm going to try this.

Emily: As we're talking about this, I think that mirrors my experience like with real estate and that kind of thing, where having some familiarity, knowing what a good deal is versus a bad deal, watching the market that helps me get clarity. And I also find that sometimes. Having a lot of nos is helpful too, when it's like, no, this doesn't feel good now. No, no, no, because then when you get the, yes, it's like, you can trust it and it feels so much louder and more powerful. 

Shelly: Yes, it resonates. And you, you go, okay. The door was shut for like, I just tried to buy a rental home. And I really wanted it. It was on my parent's street and it just made sense, but I didn't get it. There are 20 other bits and I thought, well, that's my answer. It wasn't right for me. I just trust when the door shuts, I don't think about it anymore or hang on to it. I move on. 

Emily: Okay. So let's dig a little further into this money conversation. I feel like this is going to be so expansive for so many people listening. So talk to me, we've got the 1.7 in investments, how much are you making through the corporate career and through your coaching practice?

Shelly:  So between those two, I make a little over 200. 

Emily: Okay. And do you have any juicy, fun money goals that you're working on? 

Shelly: I do. In fact, I just, and again, these ideas that we talked about, no, the subconscious money thoughts and a lot of the work I've been doing, I've really only been doing those. I would say the past couple of years, they're relatively new. I set the investment business up in a very masculine. Kind of, this is the right decision, but just recently I've really shifted and seeing these huge wins that came out of nowhere. But I would say the newest money goal is I've been journaling. I'd like to make a million dollars in one year, just through a comment of the work I do. I like it to be effortless. I don't know exactly how, but I believe I've seen the incremental gains in both the investment payouts regularly and re-investing, and also in. More and more coaching opportunities that come my way that are larger paying and group coaching that don't require more time and are more interesting for me.

So that is a goal. And then the other thing I wanted to add is that somewhere within the past year, I read this idea that I thought, it was crazy, but I implemented it and it totally works. It was getting clear on the exact amount of money that you want. And put a very short timeframe. So instead of saying, I want a million dollars this year.

Say, I want to make $20,000 in two weeks. 

Emily: I'm not saying your normal income, or if you have paid clients already, I'm not saying work dividends or all the things that you know that you receive. I have multiple channels of income. I'm talking about new income that you have no idea where it's coming from, but it will happen.

Shelly: So I tried it with five, I thought the idea was crazy and it seemed unbelievable, but because of, I can't remember which book that it kept encouraging a reader to do it. I said. All right. I want to make $5,000 in a week and just extra out of nowhere and it starts small. And, But then like two days it happened and I don't recall exactly what it was, but boom, it came in.

Then I tried $20,000 and I said, I want to make $20,000 in three weeks. And less than those three weeks, the exact amount came in and it was like two different, a coaching client out of nowhere. And then also. I think I did a crypto trade and sold, but again, it was a huge spike. It came out of nowhere. It wasn't expected. And then it just happened again. I just, I had that deal self. I had this passion flux, and I was like, I need a little something to get excited about. I'm like, okay, I'm gonna make 20 grand by May 15th. And again, I did a crypto trade and then I had another client who wanted a group coaching package. For his team, his organization. And it was like 14 or 4,000 and 16,000 boom, 20 grand. So I know it's crazy. And I don't see people because they look at me like I'm insane or it doesn't make any sense, but I'm telling you it works.

Emily: And this is the divine feminine. So I'm so glad that we're having this conversation because the old paradigm was money is okay. If I want to make $20,000 by May 15th. What do I need to do? How is it going to come in? I got to get really specific. I need a 10 point bulleted list. And the feminine is like the land of possibility and magic. It is not the land of how, the how never makes sense. The how always comes about in crazy ways, but just holding the vision, holding the feeling of it like, oh, this would be so fun and allowing yourself to be surprised and delighted. And I had something like that. Similarly to where, as we were talking about before I hit record, I just joined a new mastermind and it's a $120,000 investment over a year. So it's $10,000 a month. And the day that I verbally committed to it. So I didn't even know for sure that I was in, but I felt like I was.

To me, it felt like I'm all in. I can feel the energy of this. I know what's going to happen. And then I was like, okay, spirit, wouldn't it be so fun if you brought the 10,000. And just a really interesting way, like surprise me. I have the money to pay for this. It's not, like I said, yes, I'm going to do it. And I have no idea how the money will come, but I thought wouldn't it be so fun if the money actually didn't come from my savings account or my checking account. If it came from just something totally different. And then like two days later, I logged into my bank account and I see a pending deposit from the IRS for $12,845.

Now we had already met with our CPA to do our taxes. And at that time, she was still waiting on a couple things. Cause we've got like multiple businesses, but she was like, okay, I have you guys like almost at breakeven, you're going to, oh, just a little bit. And like, we have not gotten a tax return in years. It just doesn't happen. She didn't even tell me then that she had filed our taxes. Didn't tell me that we were getting a return. So it's like my jaw hit the floor, like, wow! Here's $12,000 that appeared out of thin air that I had no idea was coming our way. 

Shelly: That's incredible. And it happens over and over. It really does.

Emily:  And that's the thing is like playing in the land of possibility, right? Because someone could say like, well, Shelly, but like you just did that crypto sale or, well, Emily, like tax returns are only once a year and it's like, that's not the vibe. 

Shelly: No, exactly. In fact, that 20 grand example I gave one of the payouts that contributed towards it was over $15,000, random distribution from a deal. I had no idea what's coming. It literally came out of nowhere. That is the intention, but I would add that it's important to set the intention and then be in the right mindset and energy to take inspired action. So it's not strategy, but it is continuing to do the work, plant the seeds, you know, the kinds of things that we're still doing work. We're still coaching clients are investing. But, not getting hung up on how the results will come, that we just press, they will come and be open to receiving and we can block them much if we have received them too.

Emily:  I'm glad that you touched on that because one of the things that I really love about your story is you have so many channels open for money to flow to you and to everyone listening. This is a good opportunity. I invite you into an exercise. Grab a pen, grab a piece of paper and write down all of the different ways that money could come to you.

Just do a brain dump and then notice the places where you resist. Cause I've done this myself recently and I uncovered a lot of resistance around like lottery. I don't buy lottery tickets. I don't do scratchers. And I was able to really trace it back to a specific childhood events that made me feel like it wasn't okay for money to just come serendipitously. So that's something that I'm working on healing. Like I bought a scratcher from the gas station the other day. And I didn't win and that's okay. Because what it's about for me is sending a clear message to God universe spirit, that I am now open to receiving money through that channel. Talk to me more about this, this receiving wounds. Did you have any receiving ones that you worked through?

Shelly: I did. And I think that in this past year, I've become more aware of, how deep that was, but I've always been a very self-sufficient driven kind of alpha female, get it done. And even in being a single mother and having to take care of everything. I really had to look and learn about the different energy masculine and feminine, and that I learned to shift more effortlessly between the two that I can be in masculine mode in certain things. And then shift back into feminine mode and risk for safe care, support, love, money, God's love, like things that I don't need to do something to earn it. It can come to us. And I think especially for women who are very accomplished and driven, I think that there is probably in all of them and wound of, I need to do more. I need to perform more to be worthy of the promotion, the respect. The position I want. And the more we can let that go and trust that we are the more welcome because we block it. 

Emily: Totally. The martyrdom doesn't work. Once you get to this level, when you want to play in this level of just abundance and fun and feminine money, it's true.

You know, we can't be the martyr and we also can't be taking care of everyone all the time. And so often for us high performing women, we're in our masculine energy at work, we're leaning in, we're getting shit done. We're making big moves. Then we're mothering our children, which also is masculine energy. That blew my mind. When I learned that, unlike me. 

Shelly: I was like, what. Okay.

Emily: Right. I know like the mother identity in some respects, you think is the epitome of the female. But when you look at energetically what's happening, it's like we're being the boss of our household. We're telling these tiny humans what needs to happen. We're leaning in, we're taking care of them. They're the ones receiving. We're the ones giving and the giving us the masculine energy. Then pretty soon we're mothering our husbands and, just give, give, give, give, give, give all day everywhere until we even forget what it feels like to receive. So of course, money can't come in as easily because we're resisting it. We're not making ourselves available to receive. 

Shelly: Yes. And it, it takes some concerted effort. I think for women who have not allowed themselves to receive, you know, there can be the opposite, some who only receives and they really struggled to have agency in their life. That wasn't my challenge.

Emily: Right. Right. Totally. So this fun goal that you have of having a million dollars flow to you during a calendar year or during the 12 month time period, I mean, it feels to me like, man, you're, you're like so well on your way for that, do you feel like, do you have any resistance to it? Are there kind of some next level healings that you want to do around your relationship with money to help call that in?

Shelly: You know, I think initially when I started journaling about it, it felts, there was some thoughts of like, who are you to think you're just going to make a million dollars easily? Or what else are you going to offer to make a million dollars? And, or should you even want a more million dollars every year? Or you could go 20 million, you know, but I realize that feels like a challenge, but an appropriate challenge to me. And I need that. And I also, I have some work to do about just not really caring what other people think about it and learning to trust and be open and believe that, that will become a norm. And then we'll elevate again. I feel like I need to constantly be raising my idea of what my minimum threshold income is, whether you know, and I've done that with clients where I've raised prices, because my time is more important to me now. I've had people say, why does that job make so much more money than that job when it's not as meaningful? And I said, no, people pay for value, whatever they get, they will pay for value. So, yeah, I think I do have some work to do, but at the same time, it feels exciting.

Emily: I love that. And I'm curious too, with raising three girls, as you've worked on your relationship with money, have you noticed any changes in your parenting and the way that you talk about money with your kids and what that looks like?

Shelly: Yes, absolutely. Because I would say when I was married, I, felt very overwhelmed with young children. Three girls really close in age. I was working was in grad school at Columbia consulting. And so I handed over the finances to my ex because I couldn't handle another emotional burden responsibility. So I really knew nothing about our finances. I was totally in the dark. And I would say since then, I'm very open with my girls. I tell them like, if I have a win, oh my gosh, I got this new big client situation. Or I just made 15 grand on a trade. I will tell them I showed them. I talked about it. I don't think money makes me any better. It's not my identity.

It's just fun. It's like a game. And what it does is it allows me opportunities. I would love to be able to do more with it, buy a second home in Spain and host retreats for women. So they can also get refreshed and nourish and learn new things and all these other ideas that I have, but it requires money to do it. So it's,  I want them to feel empowered. I'm trying to get my 16-year-old to a, she already has a job in Ambasz or is saving to invest, but I would love for her to start buying crypto too.

Emily: That's so fun. I love it. Well, this has been such an enlightening conversation, and I just want to thank you for coming on here and sharing with such radical honesty. It's this type of transparent talk about money that is really going to Uplevel the planet because it allows all of us to examine and heal our own money wounds. And I'm so excited about it because I just see the rise of feminine energy and I see women gaining more money and power, and that's a good thing for everyone, men included, because it really is going to help balance the planet and usher in this new era. So thank you for being a part of it and for sharing your story. And I know that people listening would love to follow along with you. So what's the best way for them to reach out and follow along on your journey. 

Shelly: I have an Instagram account and it's Shelly Millsap. So S H E L L Y M I L L S A P, or they can find me on Facebook.

It's Shelley Foster Millsap. I really don't have a huge, significant online business presence. It's more the work I've been doing. And I've again, just kind of let that go. That, It's not really about the website, it's about the work and the transformation and the income that I'm making that smart, exciting for me. But I would love to connect with your powers.

Emily: I totally like busting more limiting beliefs right here. So you're making several hundred thousand dollars a year. You have over seven figures in assets, and you're not really doing that much on social media. So I love it because for people who desire to grow their audience and their impact and their income through social media beautiful. But it doesn't have to be that way in. Shelly's a perfect example. But I do love your posts because when you do post they're juicy and filled with all kinds of great mindset shifts and celebrations. So definitely go follow her. 

Shelly: Thank you.

Emily:  Alright, Shelly, thank you so much for this conversation.

Shelly: My pleasure. It was good talking to you.