Episode 5: The Feminine Path to Money with Elé de Posson

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Ele de Posson is a divine feminine healer, speaker, and author. Join Ele and Emily for a deep dive into masculine and feminine energy and how money goals can look different in different seasons of life.

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For example, free your agenda and have a day where you don't do any to-do lists, where you don't have any calendar and you just go with the flow and you just surrender to whatever's coming your way. You allow yourself to receive it and to respond to it. And it can be scary at first because we want to be in control. And we want to show up and we want to do and give so much, but it's a beautiful exercise of surrendering and trusting. And then, because we have no expectations, we start seeing amazing things coming our ways and opportunities because we are magnetic. So the right opportunities will be coming our way.

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Each week, a new episode will air featuring expert advice, live coaching and guest interviews, where we'll dive into the specifics of how much money we make. Which money wounds we've healed and how we've tapped into our divine feminine energy to attract more money with ease.

We all deserve a healthy, empowered relationship with money, so we can experience more freedom, pleasure and joy. So get ready and let's dive in. 

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All right, welcome to the podcast. I'm so excited for this episode because I'm here with a soul sister mastermind, sister of mine, Ele and in my view, Ele is such a beautiful embodiment of divine, feminine energy. And so since that's a big part of what we're talking about here is money and bringing in the divine feminine. I'm so thrilled to open up this conversation with you. 

Ele: Thank you so much, Emily. That's very sweet, I fully received your love.

Emily: Yes. and before we just dive right in, could you briefly introduce yourself so that my audience knows who they have the pleasure of hearing? 

Ele: Yes, so hello everybody, my name is Ele. The person, as you can hear, I have a beautiful French accent. I'm originally from Belgium, but living in Canada. And so I'm a speaker, author and energy healer, and I'm really, I see myself as a spiritual mother to every woman that wants to reclaim her feminine power, to have more ease, purpose, and sovereignty on her life.

Emily: What a beautiful mission to wrap your life's work and purpose around. 

Ele: Deep work.

Emily:  And you're pregnant right now. And baby is coming and just a few weeks, maybe four weeks or so. So I imagine, that's been an opportunity to connect with the divine  feminine energy on whole new levels. Can you tell me about that? 

Ele:  Oh, yes, for sure. Well, I've been on the spiritual path for a very long time, but I was always driving my life in a masculine way, and it's actually a year and a half ago that I started having a dream. Where I would be walking in the streets of New York, like upper east side or something, beautiful neighborhood. And then a man would come to me and invite me into a hotel and then undress me and make love to me and then say he wants to marry me. And then suddenly, I would freak out and be like, oh, wait a minute. I just meet  you two minutes ago. This sounded fun for a second, but it's a bit too much right now. And actually I'm already committed to something else. And so, I would wake up from that dream feeling very guilty as if I just did the biggest mistake of my life, and that dream kept coming back. And I understood at some point that it was actually the man and the woman in the dream where my masculine and my feminine and that my masculine thought he knew what he wanted for my feminine.

And that he was very directive, very authoritarian and abusing because, I mean, imagine walking in the G's of New York and then finishing in a hotel and then having a men proposing to you, you know, it's a bit too much. I think we would all freak out. And so, then I went on a quest of asking myself, what is my feminine actually already coming to?

Because the feminine is actually there to lead. She's the one that's there to express her desires, her vision  and then the masculine is there to serve. So I had a little bit of an imbalance there. So I realized that, and that's when I decided to move into surrender. And to connect more with my desires with my body, with my soul and stop leaving my life with all the shirts I should do that, I should show up in social media to have clients. I should send an email out. I should organize a retreat and instead move with a, what do I feel like doing right now? 

Emily: Yes.

Ele:  And as soon as I surrendered, lots of things started falling and not working anymore because I was creating space for something new to come through. And then I got pregnant. And then, since then a lot of new things have been coming through. So it's really that dream that showed me. It was time to connect to my divine feminine. And that also made me understand that we are so many of us are actually functioning that way. We are so disconnected from our divine feminine, even if I have always been called or people always say that I'm very feminine physically. And in my way, the way I'm behaving and everything, I was still rolling my life in a very masculine way. And then I decided to make it my mission to empower women with that.

Emily:  I love that so much and can relate. And I, because I too was, my masculine was running the show and not even my divine masculine, for the most part, in my opinion, looking back, it was wounded, masculine, although there was, there was some divine masculine in there, but I just didn't know any other way. I had forgotten. The play and the surrender and the trust and the world had conditioned me. And I thought that I was getting the results that I wanted from leaning in. The masculine energy, the doing, the leaning forward, the making things happen. And I had lists out the union and I was very organized and I was forceful and I got along really well with men in corporate America. And it was like, it worked until it didn't. 

Ele: Absolutely. And it's funny because we don't know. That we don't know. We're not aware that there's another way that we could be living. That's much more in alignment for us and much more easy. And somehow it's as if we almost have a certain pride to be more masculine, because then we feel like we fit in, in them masculine society. I remember when I was younger, the first time I heard about. Feminine and masculine energy, yin and yang. I was like 23 and I went to do, I went to see a traditional Chinese medicine doctor, traditional Chinese medicine doctor, because I was having issues with my guts. And she told me you have very young energy. You're very masculine. And I was proud of it, because for me being a woman was, are you're hysterical. Your sensitive, you're boring, you wear too much makeup. You're silly. And I was actually very proud to be more masculine. And I remember telling my friends, oh, I just had this appointments. And she told me I'm as masculine. And the funny thing is, that's a story. I share them in the book that I'm writing right now. Is that, or emojo. My little slogan amongst us was always to say only petty fee, which means we are not girls. And by that we meant we are not silly with lots of makeup, high hills and empty brain. He said, recall girls that just want to go out with guys. We are much more than that. And that was the thing we were saying every weekend. We are not girls. It's crazy. Right?

Emily:  I had a similar moment like that, where I was working with an intuitive coach to help heal some of this and bring it into balance. And we were talking about relationships with parents and specifically my relationship with my father. And I said something about how I'm the youngest of three girls. And I said, I think maybe my parents wanted a boy and she said, well, maybe you wanted to be a boy. And when I thought about that, I thought, you know what, that's exactly right. And I remember it now as a child there being moments. And I'm sure that when I was in utero, my mother who already had two daughters and of course they didn't know the gender.

They hoped, everyone was saying, oh, we hope you get a boy. Of course. And so it's like, from my youngest moments, I decided that I would be like the boy that my dad didn't have. And I like watched football with him. And I was, I was doing everything to please feel the gap. That's right. And then it becomes so subconscious. Like you're, we're not girls. It's like you, you don't even think what they're true messages that you're sending yourself. 

Ele: You're doing a huge disfavor to yourself. And that's the thing. You don't even know it, you're not even aware of. So it's, I'm so happy that we're having this conversation because I think so many women can relate to this. And I also have a friend she's a third girl of like a whole family and it's the same. She was also playing the little boy to please her dad and feel the gap. And it's really time because the feminine is rising and we need to heal the feminine before we can even consider healing the masculine because the mask of bean comes from the feminine. The woman gives birth. She comes first, a yin is the grounding. The yang comes after. So we really need to work on the feminine first.

Emily: I love that Ele. Tell me more about that. What are some practices that you love to help heal the feminine?

Ele: So many, we could do 10 podcasts about this. And that's a, that's exactly the topic of the book that I'm writing now, and that I'm actually finishing. I gave myself until next Friday to finish it. So practices to heal your feminine first, it would be to simply have a look at. The characteristics of the masculine, even the divine masculine and the characteristics of the divine feminine. So very simply the divine masculine is doing protecting, giving, providing, whereas the feminine is more receiving, surrendering, creating, flowing, slowing down and being. Just looking at this list, which list do you resonate the most with? Obviously we are more resonating with the masculine because we live in a very masculine society. So just by being aware of that imbalance, I think that's really where you need to start to then be wanting to invite the feminine into your life into heal it. 

So once you have that awareness and a willingness to make a change, you can, for example, have a look at the characteristics of the wound that feminine compared to the healed feminine. So the wounded feminine she's controlling, whereas the healed she surrenders and just starting there. There are so many things you can do, because I think that control is a very, very big issues for women in general.

We want to control, we want to show that we have everything in our hands that were amazing wives, amazing mothers, amazing friends, amazing business owners. And we forget that we are co-creators. And that it's in the surrendering and leaning into the universe who is then playing the masculine that we are in our strength, in our flow and in our own magnetism. Because if you are in your divine feminine are naturally magnetic. And so a way you can let go of control is to, for example, free your agenda and have a day where you don't do any to-do lists, where you don't have any calendar and you just go with the flow and you just surrender to whatever's coming your way.

You allow yourself to receive it and to respond to it. And it can be scary at first because we want to be in control. And we want to show up and we want to do and give so much, but it's a beautiful exercise of surrendering and trusting. And then, because we have no expectations, we start seeing amazing things coming our ways and opportunities because we are magnetic. So the right opportunities will be coming our way. 

Ele: I love that. I love that so much. And you know, my experience has been. As I've explored this work and embodied it right. Because we learn it intellectually and then we put it into practice and make it more of our energetic signature. And it feels to me like awakening this super power. 

Ele: Yes. It is.

Emily: Right?  And isn't it so funny, like I think about God just laughing at this creation, right? That the aspects of ourselves that we were rejecting, right? These more feminine aspects, because it felt weak are actually the very things that are a complete super power. 

Ele: That's because we have been led to believe they were weak so that we could not be in our power. Because our power is so scary to men, to the patriarchal society in place. And I would even go further and say to church because church and politics, where one at a certain time and you see it in the church and in the Bible, how much women have been pushed down. Right? And so it's rooted in our culture at such a deep, deep level.

We're not even aware of it. And that's why we thought, I thought that being a girl was weak. That's why I was happy to claim only bad if we are not girls, you know, that's why you wanted to be men. And actually if our superpower. And it's a huge power it's limitless.

Emily: And so, you know, when we think about money, which I think traditionally has a very masculine, energetic signature to it, as you went through this awakening of your divine feminine, this rebalancing, this reclamation. Talk to me about how that changed your relationship with money.

Ele: So I had a very wounded relationship with money to start with because when I was younger, when I was about 10 years old, my dad did a bankruptcy. He was a trading agent. And then, in 95, there's lots of things that happen on the stock market. And he lost everything and yet, he had taken big risks. And so we went from being very, very comfortable and privileged. Let's just use the right words to basically having nothing. And my mother, she had her job and so she was able to sustain us, but my dad had huge debts and he did a depression out of that because he felt as if he can sustain his family anymore, support his family. 

That was very hard on him. And so as a ten-year-old, you then see money as the origin of problems and then the origin of conflict between your parents. And eventually they divorced a few years later. And so I had to become aware of that belief first to be able to make money, because I was always saying, oh no, I'm not interested in money. I don't want money. Right? Because I don't want the issues in my life. I don't want conflict. I don't want problems.

Emily: Who wants money when money is the root of all conflict?

Ele: Exactly, wanted consciously, but subconsciously you're never going to get there. Right? So I had to become aware of that and to go even further, I had to become aware that I actually really wanted to have money in order to serve even better. That's really something that my feminine helped me connect with because your feminine is really your deepest desires. And I had to ask myself, I always say that I want to serve others and to help others and reconnect women with their power, but I don't want the money that goes with it.

But that was a lie. That was, again, my feminine being in her wounded, needy controlling states, because I want money to serve even better, to be able to have a foundation one day to donate to NGOs. And now I'm almost on a mission where I want to be that very authentic leader that use the money in a very healthy and spiritual way to show others that it is possible. Because we also, there are on the conscious collective level. We have a general belief that people that have money are greedy and many polluters and use their money for bad things. And some do for sure. But there are also lots of people who use their money in a very healthy way, and that is there to empower the rest of the world and that are trying to share all their wealth and I think that we need more women that show that example. 

Emily: Absolutely,  more money in the hands of women. I firmly believe we'll change the planet for the better and you know, when we talk about what needs to be done with the money, sometimes there is an undercurrent of belief that money is not an unlimited supply. And so therefore, whether we're doing good with money or we're doing bad with money, there's an important distinction because there's only a certain amount. 

So we want to make sure that it's in the hands of the people who are going to do good with it. And I bring that up because money is actually an unlimited resource.

And so even if you just want the money, just because you desire it that's okay. That's good enough. It's good enough. We don't have to have a very noble world mission, philanthropic reason to desire, surplus and desire a lot of money in the bank account. Do I believe that you will do incredible things with more money Ele?

Yes, I do.

Ele:  I do.

Emily:  But I also think that it's just because,  that's okay.

Ele: Absolutely. absolutely. It's just that I give, I set myself really high challenges sometimes, and that's why I know, I want to show another kind of example, because I have suffered from that, seeing that example.

Emily: But you're running sure. And I think somebody want to buy different things. Right? So like, if that's really motivating to you. Then it's really important to connect it in that way at sometimes, I see women where the truth of the truth, that the truth,  is that the desire is more self-centered and I don't mean that in a bad way. I mean that in a very neutral way, that the desires really are focused on self, on family and there's a dance that happens, where women can't claim that. And so then they try to attach their material desires to a sort of noble outcome to make it okay  and that actually distances us from.

Ele: What it is that really want. And I know I've done that too. So it's like if it likes to but  connect to the big mission.

Emily:  If the truth of the truth is you desire things for yourself and for your family, then connect to that, because the fastest way to get to surplus is what allows for all of those things to come to fruition.

Ele:  And honesty with yourself and your why and the deepest desire that's there. And that's what the feminine brings. And if the deepest desire is to spoil your kids so that they can be amazing children and very healthy adults, then you're already changing the world just by doing that, we forget how important it is to raise kids and because they are the leaders of tomorrow.

Emily: So true. so true.  And it's funny, you'll, you'll be getting your opportunities very soon to try a different way. Right? And so I love putting in place little abundance practices with my daughter. Who's six, because that's fun. She's so in her feminine, Right?

As little kids are a little boys and little girls, they're both in lean back energy because they're being mothered and cared for and their safety is provided for. And so they're just. They're little manifestors and little magnets, for have their desires. And so any time they find a coin, she'll run up to me and say, mommy, look, I found this, money loves me. So we say money loves me every week, find money. 

Ele: I love it. So funny.

Emily: I'll definitely do that to my son. It was like all of these fun little practices. And then our kids get to remind us. Oh play, don't take it seriously. Let it be a game. Let spirit surprise and delight us. 

Ele: Absolutely, absolutely.  Because that's, that's exactly what happens when you lean back and you trust and you play, you really are surprised.You really are surprised and it's fun.

Emily:  So as you were healing your relationship with money and changing some of your belief systems from, you know, money is the root of conflict and problems to money as a resource and a tool for impact and for female empowerment and all of these things. Did you find that more money was flowing into your bank account? How did that change your financial stuff? 

Ele: So, yes and no, in the way that I had the opportunity to sell my apartment in Europe and to buy a house here in Canada. And so in that way, absolutely. I have sold this flat in three days. I've sold it for more than I expected. It was easy. And then we got super lucky in finding a house.

Here making a great investment. And the market in Squamish is very intense. It's a very, very high demand. So we really got lucky. So I was completely abandoned and protected from that perspective. But as I was surrendering and going through that pregnancy, I have also slowed down. And so from a professional perspective, I had less money coming in. And so if I was just picking on the paper and my business income. It was, the answer is no, because I made less money. And again, our minds like to focus on figures and facts. And so I made way less money in the last three months. So the first three months of 2021 compared to the first three months of 2020, it could look like a failure, but actually to me, it's a huge success. Because,  I know that I was invited to create something else and to have my energy focused on, launching a podcast and writing this book and focusing on my pregnancy and also rebirthing myself at a very deep level, instead of just serving, serving, serving, and getting clients and getting clients and getting clients.

So it was also a choice,  to actually lean back and trust the universe and see that I was abundant and had savings from the flat that I sold in Europe. In order to allow more to come in the future. Because, I know that's what's coming.

Emily:  Allowing ourselves to receive money in easier ways.

Ele:  An easier way and different ways. And also seeing that sometimes when we talk about money, we just think of business income, but money can come in many different ways from a lot of different sources. And I haven't been surprised to see money coming my way here and there. And from situations I did not expect. But the money, is just an energy in the end. And I have received much more in the past months than just money. And, I think that we have to remember that even if we want the money coming in the bank account. Sometimes we are receiving support. We are receiving guidance. We are receiving ideas. We are receiving in money from an investment are, and that's abundance in general,  to just show you that you are safe, that you are protected, that the universe has your back. And if we just focus on the money coming in, in the bank account from the business, then we can easily miss out on all the other things that we are actually receiving. And that are probably even more important.

Emily: I used to do that. It was like, no, no, that other money, doesn't count. Because,  the goal I set in my mind was to earn this amount of money through my work, through my occupation, through my business. So, That other money came, but that doesn't really count. Boy, energetically talk about dismissing. 

Ele: And the lack of gratitude and staying in the lack mindset.

Emily:  Right.

Ele:  Whereas actually you're receiving so much and maybe you're receiving, you know, like we have received a lot of free things for our baby boy because we have

a nursery to prepare.  And that's also a way we were really, really gifted because then we didn't have to buy it and it's in perfect state.  So if I was focusing again on the money coming in, in my bank accounts, I would feel the lack, but if I'm seeing everything that I'm receiving, then I can see the abundance.

Emily: I love that. And one of the things that I like to do is talk about numbers on this podcast, because I noticed in myself and I observe in others, that numbers really trigger us. And anytime we get triggered, it's an opportunity to examine, what are we making this mean? What story are we adding here? And so I would love for you to share some numbers.

Whatever that is the amount that was flowing in through the business, the end what have you, because people listening are at every stage and you don't feel we can detach the number from our self-worth or the story we can't ride. And you and I are both here for female entrepreneurs to rise in the rise of the divine feminine.

Ele: So let's talk numbers. So I launched my business in 2019. That's when I officially launched it in June. And so the first six months of my business, which are the last six months of 2019. I made 16 K 16,000 Euros. So it was to beginning my, I was launching my business as a coach and I had published a first book. So it was really the beginning. And then the whole year 2020, I made 60 K Euros. So that's like 70,000 US dollars, which is pretty good knowing that we were independent. And that I went into that surrender mode at the end of the year and stopped promoting my work. And since the 1st of January, maybe I made 3 K so nothing, but that's okay. Because I had sold my flats and I sold my flat for a little bit less than 300,000  Euros. I had a mortgage on that, that I had to pay back and I invested most of that money in the house that we have now, but I still have savings. I also know that, like I said, it's so I'm completely okay with the fact that it didn't make any money in the past four months, because I used that time to create, to write a new book, to rebirth myself, to launch a podcast and to nurture my audience,  so that when I am ready. I can start creating that financial abundance in my business again. 

Emily: I love that. Thank you for sharing your numbers and for sharing the meaning that you've attached. And I don't know if you had to do any, any redirecting of your thoughts.

Ele:  For sure, for sure.

Emily:  Because when you at first say, wait a second, only blank. On you, three thousand, what happens? Right?

Ele: Absolutely, and you feel like there's something wrong and you're not doing enough. And you wonder if you're self-sabotaging and you can get into your mind a lot. And then, I chose to come to my center and my center and my soul and my guides were always telling me, no, this is right. You're really invited to be in the void right now. And you need to honor this winter season so that spring can happen, because you're in the winter and you're like, where's the seed and you keep digging the ground.

You're just going to mess up everything.  And that's also part of the feminine is that we are cyclical. And that's why I'm happy to share my numbers because let's have this conversation again in one year. 

Emily: That's right.

Ele:  I'll have done six figures for sure. I know that. And I will. I know that because I'm honoring my winter season right now. During the phase that I'm, that I'm in and the fact that the divine feminine is, is not go, go, go, do, do, do, she's up, down, right, left. Come back to your center and up, down, right, left again. And that's alright. And it's perfect like this. We need these cycles, these regenerations, these rebirths, and we need to under every single step. Then if the mind is saying that doesn't make any sense and you're self sabotaging and you should push more. No,  just trust your body or heart desire.

Emily: Yes, yes.  And Ele, like from a third party perspective, hearing you talk about those books that you're writing and seeing you launch a podcast. And by the way, Ele's podcast, it's called the Sacred Roots Podcast. And I'll include a link in the show notes. It's fantastic. These are really sacred, creative and endeavors. That just like you're building of a human baby and you've birthed this podcast. You're creating this book, like holy smokes. If that's your void in your winter, like, you're really in my mind that you're, you're in spring because you are planting those seeds that will create an abundant harvest.

Ele:  Well, there are growing in the soil. It's just that they're not visibly, you don't see the result yet. So that's why I still call it winter. 

Emily: Okay, fair enough. 

Ele:  But I'm at the end of the winter. So, but thank you for supporting me in that.

Emily: And my experience is that babies bring so much abundance to abundance, all the ways. But also money. And I like to just name it because sometimes when we say abundance and wealth and prosperity, I love all of those words. And we're here to have a human experience and part of having the human experiences, having the resources that we need and that we desire. And so it's also, it is money. It's just like it's food, just like it's water. And so I feel like babies come and with them comes all of these 3D  resources that we need and desire. It's like a fun

Ele:  Little portal that opens. And at the same time, I think it's life's beautiful way of thanking us for bringing a new life through us on earth, because life wants us to be abundance. When, when I look at nature, it always reminds me how abundant nature is. That's also an example that I'm sharing in the book. Is that, do you know how many mangoes ten-year-old mango tree produces?

Emily:  No.

Ele: Would you, would you want to guess?

Emily: How many mangoes do a ten-year-old mango tree produce? I have no idea. I'm going to guess 50.

Ele:  You can add a zero to that. 

Emily: Wow. Okay.

Ele:  A hundred mangoes.

Emily:  That's, that's a lot.

Ele: That's huge, and so nature is super abundant and gives us more than enough. And I love that you say that when we are bringing a baby to the world and we are opening a portal, and I think it's really like square of thanking us because our guides wants us to live in abundance,  with our minds because we judge everything and this is good and biden right or wrong, whatever we limit ourselves with our thoughts. 

Looking at nature just reminds me every single day, how abundance we are. And I love this example of the mango tree, because sometimes I just visualize myself as a mango tree as well and how abundance I am and how everything that I'm putting out there is coming back. And it's just an exchange of energy. And it's, it's just a nice image to have.

Emily: It is, it's so beautiful. And living in Southern California, where there is such an abundance of fresh produce. Similarly, we had a neighbor that texted me and said, "Would you like some avocado"? I'm like, and  standing, Yes. Whenever you want to bring avocado? Yes, I will. I will happily receive and Ele  I'm not kidding you. They brought two giant paper bags full, like probably the avocado. 

Ele: Oh, wow. Way more than a family of four could ever put in the freezer.

Emily: So then I got to, it was so fun because it was receiving. And then I got to turn around and give like all of my friends here, some avocado. And it's like, I feel like, something about avocado too, because it's like, a very like, desirable and premium like produce. Right? It costs more. And so as you say, I mean, they told me this one tree, it was like hundreds and hundreds of avocado. 

Ele: It's an overflow. People don't even know what to do with it because it's so much and that's nature and we are nature. And so it's really about aligning with that energy and remembering how abundant we are and how abundance source once has to be. 

Emily: And the reconnection. So are there any practices that you love specifically for calling in money?

Ele: Well, like your daughter. I love the mantra and money loves me. And actually something very simple that I do is that defile my finance file on my laptop is called money  loves me. So every time I need to create an invoice or I want to do my finances, I read that money left. And so that's, that's something fun, you know, it's just a way of supporting the rewiring of the subconscious, because it really works with repetition and then to call money instead of calling money in, I really aligned with the energy of abundance and how that makes me feel. And I try to connect with the emotion of, okay. If I had 20 K arriving tomorrow in my bank account, how would I feel?  I would feel like a princess, I would allow myself to take a nice bath with flowers, essential oils. I would probably wear a beautiful Kashmir nightgown after that. And so then I allow myself to do that. And as you know, I just bought one to actually connect them with that energy. 

So I try to be before actually repeating or asking for it. Of course you have to ask credit as well, especially in human design, when you have a defined throat. It's great to then just pronounce it and say that loud. And so I would say that I say that loud, and then I connect with the energy that the abundance would provide me.

Emily:  I love that. The abundance feels like pampering, like a princess. I, for you, for me, the number one thing that money feels like is freedom. And so then I have to come into, in what ways, right? What would I do time, freedom, freedom of schedule, spaciousness? And as you say, create that in advance. 

Ele:  For me, it's true. It really means beauty and pampering and freedom as well. And so I really kept that in mind when we redecorated and design the house.

So we just moved in and I feel super abundant in this house. 

We moved in four weeks ago. I think every single morning when I go downstairs and I have my coffee, that my tea actually don't drink coffee. And I just sit on the nice marble table and I love fresh flowers, fresh roses really make me feel abundance. And then I turn on a candle. I look at the roses, I smell them and I have my tea and that's for me, like, I feel so abundant and I know that. Vibrating that for 10 minutes every morning is just connecting me with one. Yes, of course, as well. 

Emily: Yes, I love that practice. And you know, I think where, where some people get hung up is they look at those beautiful roses as a symbol of abundance and then say, but where is it? But where isn't, it's not in my bank account yet. And they almost. You can use the roses as a punishment, or you can use the roses as a symbol of it's already a here, if I align to it and there's more on the way. Right?

Ele:  And that's where surrender comes in. That's where you have to trust. And that's also something that pregnancy taught me in so many different ways. I mean, I've been through such a personal growth process, spiritual growth when you're pregnant, but also. Just the house that we bought. I think that every single week, some people were telling us it's not going to work out. 

Either it was the mortgage broker or that the realtor or someone else that said it's not going to work out .The money is not going to come. You're not going to have the mortgage. You're going to have to pay this  and we just decided to keep surrendering and trusting and believe that it was going to work out. And so sometimes things look very scary on paper. But actually they're perfect. And same for the pregnancy. So many times doctors have told me your baby's breech are going to need a C-section. Now he's not growing enough and this is wrong and this is not okay. And I was surprised because I felt that he was in the right position and I felt that he was active and healthy, but because they are the doctors. I wanted to believe them because obviously they have more experience than me, but then I actually I'm 36 weeks pregnant and everything's fine. And he's super healthy.  

So, sometimes, things on paper look like they're not okay. And like the worst is going to happen. And then our minds focus on the worst, but it's really a practice of surrendering and coming back to our center and trusting. So if you connect to the roses, but you don't see the money coming in yet, and you've just lost a job and the circumstances may be really, really hard. I would invite you to trust more,  because there is really a lot of magic in the uncertainty. It means everything is possible. Everything could be happening and everything is reorganizing itself for your highest good. 

Emily: Yes, yes. And when we can stay in the divine feminine, it's like, okay, spirit. How are you gonna get  us out of this one? What surprise do you have in store? What plot twist is coming our way? And it's like adding a little bit of playfulness and humor, even in these situations that feel so serious and heavy allows us, I think, to stay in that feminine energy, to lean back and just. To trust, but also to know that it is going to be something wild. right?

Ele: That we're not expecting otherwise we would have figured it out already. There's no way we can figure it out. We only perceive, I don't know, 1%, 2% of reality with our minds and there's so much more, so much more, and it's really leaning into that and trusting into that and allowing source to be the co-creator domestically.

And that's going to come with this solution. 

Emily: Yes, well, I cannot wait to read your book. When it comes out and see all the pictures of your beautiful baby boy when he's here. And I'm sure that everyone who's been listening is going to want to follow along on your journey as well. So can you share the best way for people to get a hold of you or follow along with you?

Ele: Of course. well  they can follow me on Instagram. My is Elizabeth. And they can listen to the podcast, The Sacred Roots podcast. And then very soon I will start talking about the book. The Path of Femininity, which is probably going to be coming out sometime in September.

Emily: The path of femininity. I love it. I can't wait to read it. I wanna order an advanced copy. So let me know when it's available.

Ele: I will let you know. I think pre-orders will be for something sometime in December. We still have to discuss that with them, with the publisher. Exciting times.

Emily: Wonderful, thank you so much for being on the show and sharing your beautiful energy with us and gifting us with so many ways to really reconnect with the feminine energy. It's just been such a pleasure. 

Ele: Thank you so much, Emily. I had a lot of fun. So thank you for inviting me.

Emily: Thank you so much for listening to today's show changing the way we think, deal and talk about money will change the world. I truly believe that it starts with you tuning in and it spreads when you share this show on Instagram and Facebook and tag me at Em Makes Money and you know, what moves the needle the most.  Just taking just a minute to leave a five-star review on iTunes. This show isn't free to produce. So let's multiply those dollars invested to help this show reach a bigger audience each week. 

So thank you for your help. I really appreciate it until next time. I'm wishing you health, happiness, and boatloads of money.